Update after 2 weeks of cats on raw meat diet. by sunshine p .....

Cats love the raw meat diet and are healthier too.

Date:   10/1/2007 6:39:43 AM ( 15 y ago)

Update – 2 weeks in.

I set myself three objectives for this experiment with the cats on a raw meat diet, herewith an update what happening with the moggies.

1) Do my Cats like Raw meat?
Yes they love it. Especially liver. No problems in getting them to eat it all, although they don’t like it straight out the fridge. Its best warmed upto room temperature, but I am training them to like it cold too.

2) Have my cats become very healthy & happy cats?
Again Yes, the cats are ever more relaxed and happier than before. Coats are even sleeker. They still moult fur as per before. They have upped their kill rate drastically. Almost everyday we are presented with a gift, mostly birds which they only used to catch a few of. It is amazing that this increase in kill rate has been so noticeable after only 2 weeks on the raw meat diet.
I must conclude that their speed, movement and reactions have become faster now.

3) Has this had any effect on MY health?

Yes big time – I will post separately on this as lots of things happening.


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