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Gore Calling me?

8:03 AM
February 26, 0

Gore Calling me?

The Former Governor
of California asked me

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Gore Calling me?

The Former Governor
of California asked me
to be his Historian.
I said "No, I want
to be Your Enchanted Gardener."
I imagine other leaders
of our nation will be
asking things of me soon.

8:03 AM
February 26, 07

(L) to (R)

Former Governor of California Gray Davis,
Your Enchanted Gardener, John Vasconcellos,
former Senator and Assemblyman, the man who
brought Self Esteem into the political arena.
Taken at the Governor's Reception, 2003.


I was once asked by the former governor of California
to be his Historian.

The incident occurred at a reception in Sacramento
that he was hosting.

Many popular legislators were there.
Number of the ones I admired were women,
who all flocked around John Vasconcellos
at one point. He deferred being hugged,
but at their request, allowed this for a photo.
he was highly admired for supporting women
in politics, and is loved by many in public office.

I was wearing street clothes that night.
and so was John Vasconcellos, one of the most
esteemed elders in California statesmanship circles.
Vasconcellos was highly respected by both parties
in a time in California political history when
senators and assembly people would stay in office
for many years. They had to learn to work together.
They developed great comaraderie over the years,
and John, referred in one article as a Don Quixote type,
was among our greatest political leaders ever in

His current Legacy, as he was termed out, and
it was time for his retirement, was to create the
enormously important organization called whose
agenda is The Politics of Trust.

John has visited me here at the Enchanted Garden
Intentional Community twice. He is a senior
member in the Enchanted Garden Club and one of
my closest emotional allies when I need a friend.

John entered his Personal Growth work at the same
time he entered Politics many years ago. Now
he knows his health agenda is taking care of himself.
He has a lovely adopted family of teens that give
him much love. The love and care he showed to his
colleagues and staff was a model for all organizations.

During that week I had run of the Capital in Sacramento,
I saw many things. John invited me up and I atayed
at his apartment.

I went with him in the morning. His first
stop was playing racquetball, and then we went to work.
I had a place to sit in his office. I followed him
around into meetings. I recorded all this with historic

The night we went to the Governor's Reception,
he likely may have had no intention to go.
He certainly was not dressed for the occasion.

We already went to one brief party in a restaurant.
He wanted to give best wishes to a former staff person
who was leaving town.

Then, in the car, he turned to me and said,
"Would you like to go meet the Governor?"

I said yes, though my own Self Awareness about
Professional Decorum can be lacking. I am more
a garden person than a Suit and Tie person.
My feet, to my discomfort, do not fit in normal shoes.
This has something to do with the way they spread.
Sometimes, normal shoes irritate me.
I may need my own show maker to ever fit in
normal shoes. IT may be easier to continue wearing
open sandals and socks, and account on it that
others I meet will go deeper into seeing me
than the lack of appropriate shoes I wear for
professional situations.

That night I met the governor, he went beyond
my appearance. My behavior was very unusual
as it can be. It is very possible for staff people
to misinterpret or misperceive why I am doing something.
And then again, as most men in this age of transition,
it is possible that I can be subtle energetically
inappropriate with women, though I pride myself
on the feedbacks a mile long for women who have
praised by sensitivity.

I am author of The Seven Love Cures, words that
men need to know and women want to hear. These
have come out of deep listening.

I have never been married, and yet I am close
friends with the majority of close intimates
from the past. Most would write in a recommendation
if I ever wanted to meet someone new, but
to the tell you the truth, for more than six
years, I am content with the close relationships
I currently have.

That night, it was my sensitivity to women,
that helped win the heart of the governor.

His beautiful wife was there.
I had my camera. The Governor was a tall man
and lorded above his wife. I asked him to sit
down. I had her stand in back of him, and be taller
than he was. I wanted to honor her.

His wife was became an incredible ally.
She had written a book about the Capital Cat.
She was one of the greatest friends that
children in California could have had.
She was a keen advocate of literacy.

I had never been too involved in politics.
That was one of my intentions for the week
with John. I wanted to make peace with politics.
I did in that moment.

The Governor had been in intense budget issues.
I knew nothing about what people thought of him.
I only knew to give him compassion and understanding.
He was a very likeable man. He was so taken with
my heart felt extending out to him, he is said,
"How would you like to be Historian?"

I thought for a moment.
I said, "No, I would like to be Your Enchanted Gardener."

We continued to talk.
I knew that the Governor's Conference for Women
was coming up. I thought it would be good
to read one of The Seven Love Cures there.

"Because She is a Women" is a document that
one day will be in more than one million places
where women go to honor Taking Space alone.

As the poem says,
"In the infinite wonder of the life of every woman,
is the moment to be celebrated that she takes space,
that she learns to relax into taking space."

Another line says,
"A man is a gentleman when he understands what it means
for a woman to take space."

I am convinced that every time one man and one woman
increase in understanding, we are taking one organic
step closing to making this world an Enchanted Garden.

John Gray, a former companion to Barbara DeAngelis,
a really great teacher of relationship, once wrote
a book that inferred men and women are from different planets.
I do not believe this. I believe we sometimes misperceive
each other and are delightfully different.

In the very act of coming to some kind of understanding,
we both grow. This creates Soul Growth.
This brings the Enchanted Garden from the realm of
Seed Dream to the work of plants and planting a safe food future,
true earth based Homeland Security.

Last night, Hollywood, through its Oscar vote,
gave Al Gore its Blessing, and served each of us
one billion of us who watched, the message that we
each are compelled now to take personal responsibility,
not only for understanding each other better,
but understanding how to live on this beautiful earth
that is based on increasing our understanding of how
feminine principles.

The Soil itself is the equivalent of the womb,
and people like Dr. Bernard Jensen, and my long time
friend Mark Victor Hansen know, that we are each compelled
to learn how eat from our own gardens.

Now the Mandate goes out.

It is time for Earth Intimacy.

This means being intimate with who grows our food.

We are each asked to become Enchanted Gardeners
and to come to see that the Soul and the Earth are Soilmates.

There is not a person in this country who cannot
grow something for themselves each day, even a sprout.
There is not a single person who cannot have a little bucket
where they take what is defined as waste as come to see
it as Worm Food. There is a Jewish Text that speak about
us all ending up as worms. We can extend our time
on earth now, through making friends with worms now--
earth worms.

Why fight for Holy Land overseas
when earthworms will grow as much Holy Land for us
as we need? Why have set a goal this very moment,
to begin worm composting?

Al Gore and Hollywood have set the template
for alerting us to the need to take on Global Warming.

As Your Enchanted Gardener, I want to show you how
to personally help "Chill Out Global Warming."

Vitally important, as my friends at Whole Foods Markets
now know, is supporting Local Agriculture.

Not only grow some of your own food,
but being on a first name basis with the "Joe the Farmer"
growing the rest of your food.

I am currently working on "The Comeback of Joe the Farmer."
This is a Children's book for kids and their parents.

It is an archetypal story based on the life of
Joe Rodriguez, Jr., one local San Diego farmer.
It shows his struggle and revolve to do his best
in spite of continuous natural calamity and man-made

This book will be a profound success.
The digital images from the CD will be included
in Videos and looping through Power Point Presentations
before the eyes of some of the most Heart and Soul
Entrepeneurs of our Age who are in the Natural Products

They will be eating some of Joe Rodriguez's locally grown
fresh picked strawberries that night, while seeing the
hands of a beloved farmer working in the field and
making a safe haven for ladybugs.

If we do not increase in understanding now--
if we do not go the extra organic step to understanding
what may now be called unusual behavior--
we may likely we Premature Worm Food ourselves.

We were born to live together as men and women
on Earth on this beautiful Enchanted Garden Planet.

Next weekend, I will be recording images for you
of a vital conference in my own city that will
assist others in establishing greater understanding
for local foods.

This summer, I am committing to garden more myself
here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community.
I welcome you to come and join, as we take up
Al Gore's mandate to become earth intimate.

If the Academy Awards this year could go green,
why not every conference, every MEGA event?

If a major corporation as Whole Foods can make
peace with their local Joe the Farmer, why not you?

May you increase in understanding today,
and become the World's Greatest Lover on this Earth
for this Earth. May you be known
as the Prophet Job, for your Return to
all that is truly abundant in your Wise Years,
May you become a Lover of Humanity through what you
do in your own backyard, second only to the Man himself
that God loved so much.

Your Enchanted Gardener,

A Love Letter to Joe the Farmer:
Supporting your Local Joe the Farmer
is essential now to "Chill Out Global Warming"
where you live.

Recent Blogs on Global Warming:
Sweating Polar Bears:

Labor Saving Devices:

We came very close to passing a law
this summer in California that would
have paved the way for GMO foods.
That same law has passed in many states.
It is time to increase our understanding
of Seeds and how vitally we need them
to be heirloom status.

Sacred Seed Status?

Green Lodging Advanced,
It Pays for your Conference
to be Green. All Conferences
can have organic food if they
tell want. Support Your Hotel
in taking on local vendors whereever

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