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Sacred Food News

1:29 PM
February 16, 2007

Sacred Food News

Sacred Food News.
A place to send
"A Love Letter to Joe the Farmer."

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Sacred Food News

Sacred Food News.
A place to send
"A Love Letter to Joe the Farmer."

1:29 PM
February 16, 2007


Follow UP!!

This is a place to
send "A Love Letter to Joe the Farmer."
Follow up, Leslie

Lots of Follow Up here for me.
It am reminded of the quote by through
about plant a seed, expect miracle.

Wouldn't it be something,
to have the Enchanted Garden work really
find a home in this community of Sacred Food

Other Blogs about Sacred Food


Joe the Farmer CD Cover
Tells the Story,
CD Cover, first draft,
and draft of Book Cover:

Love Letter to Joe the Farmer:

The Cover of "The Comeback of Joe the Farmer"
A draft:

His Trials and Tribulations,
The Freeze, updated to 2007 event:

Joe Meets The Enchanted Gardener,
The New Layouts for Pages will look like this:

A page from the original story,
Joe's picture was in a store,
but not his food:
This will be redone for the new layout:
Joe the Farmer Picture/Storybook

Sacred Seed Meditation,
of interest to Arlin Wasserman
for use on his site is here:

Sacred Foods News is a periodic publication
reviewing recent news items concerning food faith
and our future. It is a service of the Sacred Foods Project .

If you would like to submit an item
for the next release, suggest an individual
to receive Sacred Foods News, or discontinue receipt
of the Sacred Foods News, please send it to .

Private Labels Looking to Go Halal
By Suzann Audi
Dr. Javed Rashid, IFANCA staff, recently
attended the Annual Private Label Trade Show.
The show, an event of the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA),
was held at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago,
Illinois on November 12-14. The expo demonstrated that supermarket
chains are giving a leading role to their own labels (private labels),
and branded products will soon find themselves against stiff competition.
There is a growing trend among private label manufacturers
to get certifications, such as organic and halal.
Consumers are attracted to organic, healthy,
halal, kosher, and ethnic flavor labeling, though certifications
are not only a marketing tool aimed at consumers.
They also add to a company’s portfolio
to impress customers like Walmart,
Safeway, Kroger, and Albertsons. Retailers, wholesalers,
manufacturers, brokers, and supporting agencies were present
at the show. Both food and pharmaceutical private label manufacturing companies
and international companies had booths in the PLMA expo.
For more info, visit

“Tzedek Hechsher” Not a Kosher Issue, Many Rabbis Assert
Kosher Today
Reacting to an article in the weekly Forward, “Orthodox Slam Effort To Monitor Conditions at Kosher Factories” (February 9, 2007), many rabbis reached by KosherToday did not consider the new proposed Conservative “Tzedek Hekhsher”
to be an issue for kashrus. The Forward piece turned the issue of a proposed new certification on the basis of social issues to be the latest spat between Conservative and Orthodox rabbis. But even the Conservatives said
that their proposed new hechsher would not deal with kashrus but rather with working conditions at plants producing kosher. The Conservative position followed an earlier article in the Forward that reported on alleged unsafe working conditions at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa, a fact that was later disputed by Rabbi Asher Zeilingold of Minneapolis who traveled to the plant with a Spanish speaking congregant of his. Rabbi Zeilingold certifies the non-glatt kosher meats at the plant.

"It's not that we don't care about those issues, but we rely on the federal government," said Rabbi Menachem Genack, who heads the kashrus division at the Orthodox Union (OU). He noted that agencies such as the Department of Labor and Occupational Safety & Health Administration already keep watch on workers' pay and working conditions. “We don't want to impose more on those companies
than is required by law," Genack said. Other rabbis also saw the new certification
as more of an oversight on the already considerable protection offered to workers by government.

Many of the kashrus officials felt that a new certification that broadened the definition of kashrus would only lead to more confusion in the marketplace. Rabbi Yosef Wikler, publisher of Kashrus Magazine, told KosherToday that the Tzedek Hekhsher “has nothing to do with kosher certification and standards,” which is why he would not include the certification on his widely heralded annual list of kosher symbols and certification that numbered nearly 750 in 2006. Rabbi Wikler, who lists Conservative and Reform certifications on his list, agreed that the Tzedek Hekhsher would only lead to more confusion for consumers. One rabbi complimented the concern of the Conservatives but suggested that they “first should have visited non-kosher plants “which are basically no different than kosher ones” and in any event should
be issuing their hekhsher for any Jewish businessman who employs workers, and not just a meat plant in Iowa.”

Florida farmworkers take aim at McDonald's
By Tom Brown/Reuters
IMMOKALEE, Fla., Feb 14 (Reuters) - A coalition of migrant farmworkers
is taking its fight against wages that leave U.S. tomato pickers in deep poverty to the home of McDonald's Corp., the world's largest restaurant company.
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, comprised mostly of Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants and based in this hardscrabble town in the middle of South Florida's farm country, came to prominence in the 1990s by exposing a series of farmworker abuse
and human trafficking cases. The group's real claim to fame came in March 2005, however, when it won an unlikely agreement with fast-food chain Taco Bell
and its parent Yum! Brands to pay a penny more per pound of tomatoes. Yum! agreed to the hike after a four-year boycott but coalition leaders hope
to avoid such a stiff fight in the case of McDonald's. Instead,
they say high-profile protests like two planned for next month --
coupled with McDonald's brand recognition and often repeated
adherence to "corporate responsibility" --
will shame it into matching the Yum! deal.
If the coalition gets a so-called "pattern"
agreement with the undisputed U.S. fast-food king, the hope is that the whole fast food industry will follow, giving a big boost
to workers whose wages have essentially been stagnant for 30 years. To read the full story, visit


Upcoming Events

2007 Sacred Foods Conference
Chicago, June 5-6, 2007
Cenacle Retreat Center
Join with religious and nonprofit leaders engaged
in the work of food, faith and our future. Look for
updates about the conference program and
registration materials as they become available
in this e-newsletter. You can subscribe
to the Sacred Foods e-newsletter
by sending an email to

Farming with Values that Last
Laurelville Mennonite Church Center in western Pennsylvania
Feb. 23-25, 2007
Fred Kirschenmann – organic farming pioneer and agricultural visionary –
will headline Farming with Values that Last 2007,
a sustainable farming conference. “Standing on Common Ground”
is the theme for this fourth annual event at the intersection
of Christian faith and innovative farming that builds farms, families and community.
The weekend will feature singing, worship, Bible teaching,
reflection, practical and inspirational workshops,
and ample time for building relationships an
d hearing stories.
Workshops: Fred Bahnson of Cedar Grove, NC, gardening as community building;
Greg Boulos, Pittsburgh, producing on-farm energy;
Claire and Rusty Orner, designing on-farm non-profit enterprises; Kim Miller, practical farm business planning; and Joe,
Mike and Naomi Costello, essentials of establishing a
local market for beef, grain and an on-farm bakery.
Full details:


A Jewish Ethicist's Approach to Eating in a Fast Food World.
Sandra L. Fischer, an ethicist studying at the Hartford Seminary has published A Jewish Ethicist's Approach to Eating in a Fast Food World, available for download at

The National Council of Churches’ Earth Day Sunday Study Guide
The National Council of Churches’ Earth Day Sunday theme for this year is “The Food that Sustains Us” and the accompanying study, action, and worship resource for congregations is “Our Daily Bread: Harvesters of Hope and Gardeners of Eden.”
It asks congregations and individuals to speak with their legislators about food justice, buy local, buy naturally and organically produced foods, and to use
CFSC’s Farm to School program to ask community institutions to source food locally.
More information and a link to download (for free) can be found here:

Communications with Arlin are here:

Arlin, I am very impressed with the most recent issue of Sacred Food,
I just received.

I am working very hermet-like to prepare materials for
"The Comeback of Joe the Farmer," a children's story and CD--at first
of digital images--about one fourth generation of family farmers
and their "No Matter What, Never, Never, Never, give up" attitude
based on faith and belief the Mother Earth would bring better years.

Our work very much dovetails in so many ways.

I want to remind you of this email you sent me last August.
I am prepping now materials to bring to the Organic Center Fundraiser
at The Natural Product Expo West.

An alliance between the art,writing, and teaching I am putting out
would be most appreciated.

I now have the #1 Blog on the #3 Health site.

Please take a look,
You are welcome to use various pieces of my art to promote the
Sacred Food Project.

Start here
with "The Comeback of Joe the Farmer" project:

Newson 8/11/06 8:09 AM, Arlin Wasserman at wrote:


Thank you for the note and also the Sacred Seed Meditation. May we post it on the Sacred Foods Website (and include your website link if you would be so kind as to pass one along).

I’ll be adding you to the email news list for the Sacred Foods project, which just launched last month as well.

I’m also glad you got a chance to meet Dr. Chuck. I had the pleasure of working with him several years ago to launch the Organic Center for Education and Promotion. His dedication and depth of knowledge is unmatched.

All the best,

Arlin S. Wasserman
Changing Tastes


From: Your Enchanted Gardener
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2006 14:25:18 -0700
To: Arlin Wasserman
Subject: Re: Sacred Food Project--I would like to help

Keep me posted on the success of this project.
This Spring I also met Chuck Benbrook.
I provided him with a CD of my farmers' Market foods.
The plan is to use my photos on the Organic Center Website.

I was able to get locally grown fresh picked
organic strawberries in our local Whole Foods Market
in Hillcrest, San Diego, this Spring.

That farmers foods are continuing in the store.

Best Wishes,
Leslie Goldman

Your Enchanted Gardener

on 9/27/05 9:29 AM, Arlin Wasserman at wrote:


Thank you for your offer to serve as an advisor to the Sacred Foods project. Our initial Advisory Council has set some criteria to use in seeking additional advisors. At this time we are seeking people involved in food certification or food policy from the faiths not already represented on the council (including Orthodox and Conservative Jews, Muslims and non-Catholic Christian traditions), representatives from halal and kosher certifying agencies, and individuals who work in senior positions in at companies that produce food for religious consumers in at least several states.

It’s not clear from the materials you sent if this describes you. But let me know if it does. Or, if your work and networking turns up people who might be good members of the project’s Advisory Council, please let me know.

I also appreciate you sending along the other information. Store Wars definitely is one of the great flash videos of the year and Deborah Garcia’s film is the best work to date on technology and food. (I may be biased since prior to working on Sacred Foods, I helped start up a nonprofit with Chuck Benbrook, whose interviews are sprinkled throughout the movie).

Thank you for interest and willingness to volunteer

B’shalom and an early shannah tovah,

Arlin S. Wasserman

An Enchanted Gardener
at Your Service!

Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener,
SEES and plants SEEDS of success
for super RIPE people and their DREAMS.

Snailmail address:

Leslie Goldman
c/o Enchanted Garden
6008 Arosa St.
San Diego, CA 92115

Links at


invite you to join the Enchanted Garden Club
and make contributions for photography and
various products and services offered.

My work is supported internationally by a network
of Sacred Earth Keepers who join the Enchanted Garden Club.

and sign a Declaration of Interdependence

New and renewing members Winter-Spring '06 included
Anthony Zollezzi , Natural Food entrepeneur, co-author
of "How Dog Food Saved the World," Charles Benbrook,
chief Scientist for the Organic Center, Ralph Bronner, Bronner's Soap,
and Burak Akalin, CC&R Manager for Aramark.
Burak is starting the new Aramark organic division.
Celebrity activist Daryl Hannah, also joined the Club.
On-going support continues from many. Updated Sponsor list
and member list will be forthcoming online.

Coaching and support came from Chip Colling, advisor,
and Mark Victor Hansen, who offered a scholarship
to the MEGA Marketing Seminar.

Enchanted Garden
Projects Summer '06:

1. Further grounding the Enchanted Garden
Intentional community, a living lab to establish
the Enchanted Garden on earth.

Summer '06 I will make progress establishing better health practices
including water exercises and less sitting,
simpliying and organizing my office and community structures,
decluttering our basement,
and taking steps to purchase this property outright,
and creating an overview of book projects on the shelf
that are ready for other collaborations.

We will re-establish Enchanted Garden Parties beginning June 24.
I will collaborate with Scott in creating a puppet show from the
story called "Joe the Farmer." I will collaborate with Mary Rose
through supplying her with materials to bring out
"I Never Sat on My Bucket," the story of Harpo,
the Master Food Maestro. The book will tell the story of his
Health House by the Sea. I will plant the Seed Dream
to change the street name Ventura Place to Harpo's Place
in Mission Beach where he lived for many years. Seed
Dream: "The Return of Harpo to Mission Beach."

2. Further support for local organic farmers.

Spring '06, Enchanted Garden Projects included paving the way
for "The Return of Joe the Farmer." I established for the first time in history locally grown
freshly picked produce (beginning with strawberries) entering our local Whole Foods Market Hillcrest.
Sponsors for this E.G. Project include Andrew Zollezzi, author of "How Dog Food Saved the World,"
Other sponsors will be forthcoming.

I, and Chef Hermann Schaefer received an honorable E.A.R.T.H. Award for bringing three lunches
of locally grown organic foods in the Hilton San Diego Resort summer '05. The intent is to
open the pathway for locally grown food at the Hilton. An event
--Planting two trees at the HIlton San Diego Resort-- will take place in August.
This will include a Seven Love Cures poetry reading for guests at the Hotel.

Keep up with the History
of Peace on Earth:

PLANT YOUR DREAM BLOG, has more than 240,000 hits

The Plant Your Dream Blog is my main communication tool.
You are invited to gain insights through my nakedly
honest approach to expressing what is alive
in me moment by moment.

I plant heart and Soul inspired Seed Dreams on my blog
through advancing Organic Celebration. Plant Your Dream
Blog records the history of peace on earth
as expressed through people, products, and events.

Bio Notes:

"A magic day he passed my way and while we spoke
of many things Fools and Kings, this he said to me,
'The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be
loved in return.' " -- "Nature Boy," written by eden
ahbez, recorded by Nat King Cole
in 1947.

"Do you remember, a lifetime ago,
when Nat King Cole had a hit song
called "Nature Boy"? It told about
"a strange, enchanted boy"
who wandered far, very far,
and when he met you,
he taught you many things.
I've met that boy,
or someone very much like him,
and he is now a man known as
"The Enchanted Gardener..."
I may never be the same."
--Paul Froemming,
Montecito Journal,
July 16, '99

An ambassador of Heart and Soul, Leslie's influence
is expressed through poetry that inspires intimacy
and photo images that record the history of Peace on Earth.
Leslie was given a U.N. Peace Medal in 1982 for the work he would do in his life.
His mission is growing the Enchanted Garden, a name for our Renewed Earth
that he encourages each of us to plant with heirloom organic seeds
and fragrant herbs growing in harmony with our deepest seed dreams.
His message in '06-'07 spreads through Seven Love Cures,
poems that appear as 8 1/2 by 11 inch laminated Post Cards.
Words men need to know and women want to hear,
these writings are heart remedies for women and men alike.
They are nutritional supplement that belong everywhere.
Vitamin “L”--"L" for Love--is his game.
“Gardeners make better lovers,” Leslie says,
"It's time for each of us to be one of Mother Earth's
World's Greatest Lovers now.
Are you open to love?"

Contact info:
Your Enchanted Gardener
to Join Leslie email list and receive

go to

From: Your Enchanted Gardener
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:45:26 -0700
Cc: Susan Saxe , David Rafsky
Subject: Sacred Food Project--I would like to help

Hi, Arlin,

I just got your email address from Susan Saxe.
Please send me information about the Sacred Foods Project,
goals, and a progress report on this project.
I would like to be an advisor.

I am just coming off an International Feng Shui Conference.
One of my projects was bringing three days of Locally grown organic
and biodynamic foods and other heart and soul inspired natural food products
into the Hilton San Diego Resort. Our lunches were co-sponsored by the Hilton
and called "Organic Celebration at the Hilton."

Please look over the attached Press Release.

I am also including two very important links
for films:

The Future of Food :

The film was instrumental
in helping Mendocino County be the first in the nation to outlaw GMO foods.

Presently, there are 15 states that have passes laws to outlaw local communities
from banning GMO foods. I am working on seeing that this does not pass in California.

The second film, viewable on line is Store Wars.
You can view it at

Enchanted Garden Projects to grow Omen Barley, Shavuot Wheat,
make A Sacred Challah can be found on my own site here:

Please be in touch.

Leslie Goldman,
Your Enchanted Gardener

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