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When Miracles Are The Norm

Date:   7/28/2007 11:59:07 AM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 2911 times

I have had several people, good, well-intentioned souls, no doubt, that have suggested to me that my kidney failure can be healed with the power of my mind. The suggestions include prayer, affirmations, positive thinking and actions.

Some of the same people have also asserted that my condition is a result of my own thinking and actions, in other words, their theory states that all illness is a result of 'negative' thinking, feeling and doing. ('Karma'?)

I do understand, somewhat, the dynamics and implications of 'psycho-somatic' conditions, but I also know that there are many other factors that effect one's physical condition that are far beyond the capability of the mind to effect.

For a time, several months, just after my condition became diagnosed, my wife, cat and I moved to a small island off of the coast of Vancouver Island. We lived isolated in a small house in the forest there. There were no street or traffic lights on this island, not one! At night, when you turned the lights off to go to sleep, it was so dark that you could not tell the difference if your eyes were open wide or shut tight. Even during the daytime, it was so incredibly quiet and peaceful, you could hear your heart beating. The deer would come right up to you and you could feed them by hand and pet them, if you were quiet and gentle enough.

I abandoned all of the medications I had been prescribed for my condition. the Prednesone, blood pressure pills and sleeping pills. I only took vitamins and Colloidal silver water, daily, along with milk thistle.

My days consisted of recording music, taking short walks, piling firewood, reading,
feeding the deer, napping and meditation. Daily, during my meditations I would visualise my kidneys healing, becoming whole, regenerating and recovering from their trauma.

One morning, after several months of this quiet, healing and nurturing lifestyle,
as we were sitting on the front deck drinking our morning coffee, my wife was preparing to go to work in the small bakery where she had secured a position, so we could afford the move to the wild, when the telephone rang. It was my nephrologist. (Kidney specialist.)
He advised my wife that he had looked at my most recent blood tests and had come to the conclusion that I needed to begin dialysis, immediately, or I would die within a few days. Apparently my kidney function had dropped to 10 percent.
I was in 'End Stage Renal Failure' -as they call it.

We moved back to town (Victoria) and I began the treatment that keeps me alive.

The suggestion that my condition is a result of what I have manifested in my life is an insult to me, and to all the other patients that suffer from this condition.
Granted, there are some who have brought about the failure of their kidneys due to the ingestion of foods that are not what a health-conscious person should consume.

Diabetes, a condition that can be largely attributed to diet, can also cause the kidneys to fail. High blood pressure, too, can also do the same.
But, there are also genetic factors that can bring these conditions into one's experience.

I am not trying to imply that I am 'special,' but it is a well-known fact that my condition is because of a blood transfusion I was given at age two, to save me from pernicious anemia, carried the hepatitis C virus, which was not known about in 1951, when I received the transfusion. I carried this virus in my blood and body for 54 years, living a normal, active, relatively healthy lifestyle, until at the age of 55, I was struck down with the first symptoms.

So, how does a two-year old 'manifest' pernicious anemia? There is a huge segment of the human population in North America and Europe, that have taken the power of positive thinking to another level. Unfortunately, that level is not on Reality's map, and is really just an example of the complexity of the human mind and how some, out of fear of sickness and death, insist on developing and maintaining concepts and ideas that help to make them feel that they have more control over their lives than they really have.

Many illnesses can be postively effected by prayer and mind-power. But these are the illnesses that come about due to emotional imbalances, mostly, and could be described medically as 'psycho-somatic.'

There are many other factors that cause and effect illness and disease. To say that 'any illness or adverse condition of the body can be cured by the mind, 100 percent of the time' is to live in a fantasy that is about as real as the world of Harry Potter.

If this premise were valid, it should be brought to the attention of the many amputees around the world so that they could grow their limbs back.

Perhaps that would be possible, if scientists would clone a lizard with human genes,
or, a human with lizard genes.

There is, in this life, for some at least, a need to approach the sanctuary of Surrender. It is not 'giving up,' it is Acceptance. With acceptance, one can get on with their life and live with whatever condition that they are burdened with. They can enjoy the good and great days and moments, free of fear, guilt and dread and they can make the most of the time they have left, however short or long that time may be, rather than wasting their time by beating themselves up for getting sick or asking a non-existant Supreme Entity to 'heal' them, or at least tell them what they did to deserve such a fate.

This is the True 'Miracle.' to be as full of life and joy as a human can be, regardless of one's state of physical or mental health.
This is True Healing, and it is of the Spirit, not the mind or body.

The question then rises; 'if miracles are the norm, are they still miraculous'?



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