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Lucid Dreaming

Be Careful What You Ask For

Date:   4/6/2007 5:06:24 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 2980 times

A few years ago I was well into the practice/discipline of 'Lucid Dreaming.'
My main motivation was to seek direction in my life and path as a 'Healer'.
I had been teaching tai chi, qigong, meditation and healing techniques for a number of years, and the successes I had experienced with the healing of several of my friend/client/students, over the years, inspired and motivated me to want to do more, as a healer.

Two students, in particular, were dramatic indications that I was on the right path. One, a gentleman who had been on heart medications for 12 years, was told by his doctor that he didn't need the medications anymore. The only thing 'different' he had done was take one of my basic qigong courses, for 8 weeks, and after a year, his heart condition was simply gone.(!)

An older woman came to me for private lessons. She was in her 70's and had been diagnosed 15 years before, with 'fibromyalgia' and 'chronic fatigue syndrome'. She had heard of the healing powers of qigong and became one of my private students for a short time. (12 weeks.)

On the final day of our time together, I decided to do some 'Healing Energy'-work on her back, which was troubling her, as it had been for many years.
The Energy healing technique I used at that time was a combination of the traditional healing techniques I had studied over the years, Reiki, Therapuedic Touch and Qigong Healing (known as 'External Qigong Healing').
I had developed my own style, so to speak, which was an eclectic, intuitive method that relied mostly on emptying oneself and allowing the energy to flow where it would, naturally.

During the session with this woman, as I worked on her back, I suddenly could 'see' a strange, putrid-colored 'mist' coming out of her back where I was focusing my energy. She began to moan in discomfort and pain and asked what I was doing, as she could not see what I was up to, behind her.
I told her to be silent and just wait it out. Her moaning increased in intensity and the 'mist' seemed to grow fairly large and distinct as it exited from her back. I 'wafted' it towards the nearby open window and it flowed out with the slight, summer breeze and was gone. Her moaning stopped. She stood up quickly and turned around and said, 'I don't know what you did, but for the first time in 15 years, my back is not hurting!'

I saw her again, 5 months later, after the course had ended, and she had lost 30-some-odd pounds,(she was quite overweight before) had not had a single back-pain or reoccurance of her 'fibromyalgia' and was so energetic and happy that I barely recognised her. When I saw her, I thought she was her daughter!
These incidents demonstrated to me that the path I was on was a valid and worthy one, and so, in this spirit, I pursued the practice of Lucid Dreaming- to increase my knowledge and to learn what I could from the depths of my being.
One night, during a lucid dream, I asked to meet a guide. Soon, I saw him through a stand of trees.

He was facing a small pond with his back to me.
I moved through the forest to stand by his side and asked him; 'how may I help the sorrowed'? He continued to gaze out into the water as he replied; 'You have to go to the other side', he said.
I was confused by this and asked him to clarify. He responded with the same words; 'You have to go to the other side'!
I awoke and pondered his words. In fact, I meditated on this dream for several weeks.

Not too long after, in May of 2005, I fell very ill. I was bed-ridden for 7 months, unable to walk. I gained about 60 pounds of fluid. Finally, after 18 months of doctors' visits and cat-scans, bloodwork and the like, I was diagnosed with 'hepatitis C-related kidney disease'.
It turned out that at the age of 2, I had developed pernicious anemia and needed to have all the blood in my body changed, to save my life.
In 1951 there was no knowledge of hepatitis C in North America. Some of the blood had been tainted with the virus, it seems, and 54 years later, the 'Silent Killer' in my system became known, as it destroyed my kidneys and turned me into a dialysis-dependant person.
I have gone to the other side, now.

It's really not that bad!

Lucid Dreaming is the process and practice of becoming aware of the fact that one is dreaming while in the midst of a dream.

To develop the skill enables one to plumb, or 'mine' the depths of their own mind and can be a great path to awareness and awakening for the spiritual 'seeker.'

If one wishes to practice this ancient method of communing with the subconscious, the steps are as follows;

1-Keep a 'dream journal' -within arm's reach- beside your bed. Also, a small, portable tape recorder can be used to record your dreams when you have awakened from sleep.

2-Do not jump out of bed immediately when you first wake up, but get into the habit of 'drifting' in that space between sleep and consciousness when you begin to awaken.
This can often allow our dreams to become more vivid and clear.

3-Before going to sleep at night, tell yourself that you will become conscious while dreaming that you are dreaming. Have a question or task in mind that you would like to accomplish during this state.

4-Purchase a small amount of the herb 'Mugwort' -from a herbalist shop. Sew the herb into a small, cloth bag. This is known as a 'Dream Pillow' and if it is placed under your pillow at night, as you change position during sleep, the pressure placed on the dream pillow will cause some of the mugwort to be released into the air that you breathe. This has been proven to stimulate certain functions of the brain that enhance dream recall.

(Mugwort is also used for the Chinese medical treatment known as 'Moxibustion'- which is the burning of herbs on specific acupuncture points.)

Lucid Dreaming is a wonderful metaphor for life itself. It has been said that 'Life is a Dream.'
If this is so, it would make sense that we could achieve a great deal if we Awaken to the dream!

A neat trick I learned from a friend who had attended some dream workshops in California is to drink a glass of water, three times a day, in which you have stirred a tablespoon of powdered ginger.
To make it work, you need to avoid refined flour, white sugar and pork.
I tried it, and after about 4 days I began remembering 5 dreams a night with amazing clarity.



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