Blog: My Spiritual Journey
by FlyingSwan

My Spiritual Journey

A look at events in HealerGeorge's life, which lead up to his current life journey

Date:   3/28/2005 3:40:03 AM   ( 17 y ) ... viewed 2465 times

My spiritual journey began when I was 22, taking a Business Studies course. Exam time was upon me quite suddenly and I was finding if difficult to sleep. Instead of tossing and turning I decided to make use of my restlessness and began looking through the local paper. An advert jumped out of the page at me. There staring back at me was an introductory lecture on Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

I attended the introductory talk in Ormskirk, Lancashire and later learned the technique of meditation in Southport. Little did I know at that time what this advertisement was going to bring to my path. The changes - let alone the lessons - that I was to attain from this wonderful lecture! My story continues…

The following summer I attended a weekend course at a spiritual retreat. The course leader suggested that I consider going to Switzerland on work-study. This involved working for food and accommodation and course credit, with the opportunity to see and hear the Maharishi giving lectures in the evening.

How could I pass up such an opportunity? Turned out I stayed in Switzerland for the next three years. This was a very enjoyable time of my life with people of my own age, all with a common interest. The most noticeable thing I remember was the power of the atmosphere. By that I mean the spiritual energy that was created by 3,000 people all practicing meditation in close proximity to each other. I started to notice the advantages of this energy in terms of co-ordination between one's thoughts and what the environment around you needed.

At the time, I was in charge of maintenance for all the accommodation and I wanted to design a form for people to report maintenance problems. I decided that this would be very useful and started to go about my day's work. As I was walking down the corridor I was asked to have a look at one of the printing presses. I managed to fix it and the person in charge of printing said, is there anything I can do for you in exchange?

So I explained about the forms I wanted printed and showed him a sample. He said, come back later in the afternoon and I should have them ready. I walked a little further down the corridor and, just as I was passing the Communications Office, the door opened and a bag of rubbish was just being put outside. On top of the rubbish was a clear plastic display case with two compartments, which was ideal for displaying the forms.

I set up the display case next to the mailboxes, for the whole site, later labelling them and displaying the forms. I watched this idea materialize effortlessly and naturally as though it were all co-ordinated by a greater mind than, at the time, I thought my mind was. That is really why I thought this a special time. Life was magical! Problems just did not seem to exist; life flowed effortlessly from one achievement to the next. I did not need to worry about money as all my needs were taken care of by the organization.

After I had lived in Switzerland for about two and a half years I became friendly with one of the cooks named Dorothea. During our free days we would go off walking in the mountains and we had a lovely time together. Relationships within the organization were frowned upon and very soon we were found out. Dorothea was sent to Arosa, a ski resort up in the mountains, to work in one of the course hotels. Though, as it happened, I was still getting the “support from Nature” and two weeks later I too was sent to Arosa, to repair the damages in the hotels as each course finished.

I did not realize at the time, but this relationship was to play a big part in my evolution. As I got to Arosa I went to see Dorothea. This was not very straightforward as the Movement had its own police force called the “wims” who guarded the entrances to the hotels. The hotels were either male only or female only and it was the wims' job to keep the two apart. Well, being a young male myself, I used my creativity and, as Dorothea´s room was on the first floor, I took advantage of a drainpipe that descended alongside the balcony and we spent the night together.

The next morning I left her room at 6 a.m., before everyone was awake, and returned to my own room. As I was entering my hotel I met a man on the entrance steps and one look said a thousand words, as I was probably looking quote rough with bags under my eyes. It was not until three months later that I realized the significance of that chance meeting on the steps of the hotel. I had finished my three years' work-study and now could go on the course I had been working for.

You have probably already guessed. The man on the steps was my course leader. By this time Dorothea had returned to Germany, where she lived with her parents. As you can imagine, during my course I was lovesick nearly all the time. My weight almost halved and I found the routine of the course very tiring. Though on the spiritual side I think this was meant to be, as I found my intuition and powers of telepathy became very acute. I found I could feel the meaning in the words as Dorothea wrote to me. It was as though I were in the room looking at her as she wrote her letters to me. I always knew word for word what she had written, and reading the letters just confirmed what I already knew was there.

During this time my consciousness became very clear and with Dorothea's help my sixth sense was developed, as we would go off astral travelling together at night in our dreams. We would dream about the future after the course was finished. I also noticed my sixth sense developing in other ways. I noticed that if I shook hands with someone, I was able to read their thoughts and knew what their intentions were. This seemed to explain the tradition of clinching business deals with a handshake.

Dorothea came to see me in England when my course was over. We both found that I had been changed by the course and we decided to go our separate ways for a while. Though over the next two years we stayed good friends and it was towards the end of the second year that I noticed another very odd thing happen in my life that I find difficult to explain. I was living at Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire. That was the national headquarters of the Transcendental Meditation organization in the UK.

Dorothea and I had decided to give it another go and I wanted to meet her in Germany. I asked the person in charge at Mentmore for permission to go and visit Dorothea in Germany, but he refused to let me go. That evening, as I was sitting in group meditation, it was as though all my loneliness and love for Dorothea came to a head. I could not hold this wave of emotion back and I burst into tears. But in the split second I burst into tears there was a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder in the sky above Mentmore. There was no meteorological explanation for this. It was as though the environment were also releasing all the frustration and anger as I was letting go of it at the same time.

Even today I feel a connection between what we feel and what is happening in the environment around us, and that it is ever present in our lives. A few weeks later, after this release of tension within myself, I was sent to Skelmersdale in Lancashire to help set up what was known as the Ideal Village. This was to be a large group of people meditating together in a more normal family atmosphere.

Two days after arriving at Skelmersdale I was sent to pick up a few people at the train station. That was the first time I set eyes on my wife Debbie. I lived in Skelmersdale for ten years setting up two very successful businesses while at the same time bringing up three really lovable children with Debbie. After ten years we decided to buy a farm in the Snowdonia National Park and let our children learn about Nature first hand.

In a way I look upon my time on the farm as me doing my “hermit in the hills” bit. The farm was quite isolated and I was free just to be, enjoying nature around me. I learned so much from the animals and found that they even managed to speak to me. You may ask how? That is a very good question. I will give you an example.

As a farmer I would quite often feel inspired to have a look around the farm. I say inspired because I would sense there was a problem. On this one occasion I was being guided into a field I knew to be empty of animals and, that being the case, there had not been a reason to visit for over a month.

The farm was quite large and therefore I had an ATV, which is like a four-wheel-drive motorbike. My dog always found a comfortable spot to sit on behind me. The field in question had high cliffs and tall bracken, making it very difficult to see more than 10 metres ahead. I had driven all around the field and was sitting in the middle just listening to the wind in the trees and the sound of running water in the streams. The nagging feeling would not go away! There was something wrong, but what?

I started off to have a last look around, letting the dog off the lead to see if he could help. Immediately the dog's ears perked up and off he went with me in tow! As we came over the hill my eyes caught sight of a ewe that had pushed her head through the fence to reach a luscious green blade of grass on the other side, only to get her head stuck in the wire as a result of such frivolousness. But as I came closer I was given a very big surprise. The ewe had just given birth to a little lamb, which was still alive but unable to get to its feet.

I acted quickly, placing the baby lamb beside its mother to feed, keeping her occupied while freeing the mothers head from the fence. A few minutes later they both walked off together as though nothing had happened. But a lot had happened! It was certainly not a coincidence that I was in that field. My intuition took me there just as the mother gave birth to her little lamb. Could it be that the nature spirits were guiding me? Or was the ewe able to send me an SOS by telepathy?

This has happened many times, with the sheep having their heads stuck in the fences. On each occasion I was sent a message. Sheep can only live about three days without food. Therefore somehow they were able to pass the message on to me, as I found many live sheep in that position, but I never found a dead one. Which proved to me that the system worked, but what was the system? The system is the field of consciousness we all find ourselves in. Most of the time it helps us to achieve what we want to achieve but now and again it is time for a change.

I found myself amidst a welter of change about two years ago, when the Foot and Mouth restrictions suddenly paralysed the farm. I had 700 mouths to feed, the sheep had to eat! Just 6 months later the farm went under the auctioneer´s hammer. How dramatic that was! The lovely young couple who bought the farm, only heard about it two days before successfully bidding. Our financial life continued to collapse around our ears. At that time our daughter Lucy was at a Catholic boarding school which she loved. Debbie could see no way of staying where she was and keeping Lucy at her school, so she moved to Tenerife.

I meant to follow her, but our financial situation became even more complicated and I had to stay behind to salvage it. The upheaval of this time left our family of five neatly peeled of our skin like oranges. Anything to do with financial security had gone. It was a totally fresh start for all five of us. Thus it was that I found myself with two homes separated by a huge expanse of ocean. Returning from a trip to Tenerife I wrote this about my experience:

The day I saw myself…

Oh what a day! It started with me flying in to Manchester from Tenerife at 5.30 in the morning. It was a nice sunny day, the birds singing and the wind rustling the leaves of the trees. Instead of going home I had to drive to Machynlleth, mid-Wales, for a court hearing in the aftermath of the sale of the farm. The hearing was quite emotional for me, as I had to relive that ten-year period recalling that the farm had been much more than just a job for us. I had truly put my heart into it, and our son James had done the same.

The real magic of the day started when I went to church that evening.

As always the love that was in the room at the Bangor Independent Spiritualist Church shone through and had a supportive effect on all present. The medium gave a lovely philosophy talk and had moved on to the section of mediumship. As always, while the medium is giving messages, I look within myself with my eyes closed, a little like meditating. I just opened my eyes when he finished each message, in case he might want to come to me next. The chairman announced to the medium that there was time for one more message. The medium came to me: "You have a lovely energy surrounding you and a quite unique way of coming out of your body and looking back on yourself". I do have the experience of astral travelling a lot and could relate to what he was saying.

He then went on to describe all the angels that were surrounding me that were guiding me on my path! Again, I could relate to this, as I feel the presence of spirit around me like cobwebs or angels' wings brushing against my body. I think he seemed to be referring to an event that had happened the night before while I was in Tenerife. A young couple visited Debbie´s house wanting a healing. The young man, Neil, was suffering from Hepatitis C, leaving him with a failing liver. The doctors only gave him six months to live. When the couple arrived Neil was looking stoney faced, as though he were carrying all the problems of his life and the world on his shoulders.

I thought the best way to proceed was to try to relieve some of the tension first before administering him healing. I suggested that we do a visualisation meditation, balancing his aura energy that surrounds the physical body. We began the meditation and, as I usually do, I started by taking the attention inward. First by becoming aware of the feet on the ground, checking for tension in the muscles, then working through the rest of the body relieving tension and relaxing the muscles. I then made the couple aware of their breathing by noticing the life energy coming in with each inbreath and the stale energy leaving the body with each outbreath.

By this time the silence had descended on the room, leaving it filled with love and light. I brought their attention to this silence and described some of its magnetic qualities. I got them to try to find the boundaries of this silence. Was it only inside the body or did it extend beyond? I invited them to notice that although this silence is silent, it seems to have liveliness to it, a kind of grain. We played about with this love and light that we all felt deep within our hearts. I then took their attention back to their feet and started to grow roots out of their feet to connect their energy field to the centre of the earth. I opened each of the energy centres in the body - the seven chakras - washing the aura thoroughly with each coloured light in turn.

By this time the energies were really starting to develop. I continued to describe my understanding of how the body worked. I got them to visualise the forever-magical life process. An egg or cell in the mother's womb being fertilized; the egg dividing again and again, producing many cells from within itself. As the number of cells increases, seeing them start to specialize in all the various components of the body. Some form the skin, some the bone, some the organs of the body. I then drew an analogy between a piece of paper with iron filings on it and the cells in the body. The iron filings are all random until a magnet is brought underneath. Then the life force of the magnet holds all the iron filings in place in a balanced and harmonious way. In the same way the life force in that growing baby holds and co-ordinates all the cells to grow in a balanced and harmonious way.

It is only the stress of living life that upsets the natural balance of the human system. In the case of Neil he seemed to be carrying more than his fair share of life's burdens with him. So I got him to forgive all those people that had wronged him in his life. I got him also to forgive himself for all the people he had wronged, and asked him to visualize all that stale energy leaving him, returning to the roots deep within the earth. Again we washed the aura with the light from the chakras, visualizing each energy body being repaired. In this visualization we also included his rents and tears; this light was mending all his wounds. The energy bodies being left in perfect balance and perfect harmony one inside the other. In this way forming the energy field that holds every cell in the body in perfect harmony and perfect balance, performing its natural duty in an effortless, natural way.

But the real magic of this visualization meditation came when I started to focus in on his physical problem of the liver.

As soon as I mentioned the word 'liver' there was such a presence in the room. Every cell of my body started to tingle and I felt that we had some very powerful healing helper come in from the spirit world to help in this process of healing Neil's liver. We started the healing in the meditation by thanking all the cells in Neil's body for all the hard work they had done over the years in keeping the body going and maintaining the peace and harmony that exists within him.

We focused down on the liver itself and thanked all the healthy cells for all the extra hard work they were doing to keep the liver functioning. You could almost hear the waves of appreciation received back from them for this loving thought. With the energy field repaired and the help of all the healthy cells in Neil's liver, I then asked for all the cells that were not healthy to leave and be replaced with healthy normal ones. I asked for some of the cells to be sent out as scouts to try to find spare material in the body to carry out the repairs needed.

I then started to close the chakras and continue balancing the energy fields in the body. I slowly got the couple to be aware of their surroundings again and gradually become fully conscious of their physical body and their surroundings. We then went on to do the physical hands-on healing and channel the universal energy in the normal way.

On the way home from church, I was passing along a particularly lovely wooded stretch of road. It was late evening on a beautiful midsummer's day. The trees and grass looked so full of life energy. In my mind, I contrasted this with the same scene in winter and realized that what I was looking at, was life itself. The flow of energy, love and light that is the spirit of creation itself.

I then remembered the court hearing and seeing all my possessions of the last ten years leaving me. But these possessions were now unneeded energy like the trees in winter, dormant. Life is that which is living, that which flows from your heart. That which is in the here and now, life itself, like me driving the car along this wooded road - the flow of energy. That realization took away the pain of having to say goodbye to my past 10 years of life. I was shown what is important, that life energy which flows from the heart, that lets me live my life and experience all whom I meet in the present moment of here and now.

What a realization this was for me. To see the love of creation in all things within me and around me and - in reality - of me too, as there is only one of us in the whole of the universe. Only one life force, only one creator - that which is God itself, experiencing itself in its many diverse ways. Let love and life flow on. The nice thing about letting go of the farm is that it has let me follow a new direction, using my healing powers and helping other people who have not yet seen the joy of life lived in the moment.

Life is like a living pendulum. We live in a field of opposing forces and our appreciation of this is our experience of life. We see this field as pairs of opposites: for example, hot and cold, up and down, in and out, happy and sad, good and evil and, last but not least, right and wrong. But usually we experience these opposites in varying degrees, which makes them more like a pendulum swinging on a fulcrum.

We then need to ask, where are WE?

If our awareness is based at the fulcrum, then we experience all that living brings us, as an experience of life from a non-changing and non–moving perspective. But if our awareness is situated on the swinging end of the pendulum, we see our living and our life as ever changing and the events in life leave deep impressions on the mind. If we condensed all the swinging of the pendulum throughout a lifetime - or even from the beginning of time to the end of time - into the moment of now, what we would get is a ball of pendulum swinging in all directions around us. This would then look more like a ball of experiences around us. At this point we can see all of living´s choices around us in our life. We see that the path of life did not lead anywhere we could not have chosen to go at any moment. There was no right or wrong path but just the experience of life itself that we gained by taking that path.

It is the journey that is important and remembering that progress takes place through change. Without change there would be no evolution of the 'now' moment, also without change we would soon get bored with the things around us. Your life is very precious just as it is. Know that God only brings us blessings. Whether events seem positive or negative, they allow us to experience the contrasts that make living life so beautiful. Be yourself in the moment and enjoy the experience.

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