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Cured myself! Forget the PHARMA

I CURED MY IBS/Candida THIS IS WHAT I DID. ** Forget the PHARMA, do it naturally with GOD'S GIVEN HERBS..

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Published: 12 years ago


First thing i did was get a bowl cleanse from GNC called triple cleanse.

Then i changed my diet to no Sugar causing anything (no fruit just sour apples limes lemons), no refine anything, all organic meats ( Antibiotic in meat aids in Candida), no root veggies they are Sugar forming, just tones of greens, and super healthy food...

I was on Antibiotics for Acne ignorantly 7 years.

It destroyed my digestion, caused systematic candida, and leaky gut...

so i had to rebuilt my digestion, kill the yeast, flush my system, replenish the good bacteria, and continue to kill the yeast, flush and rebuild..

I was malnourished because of the candida, it damaged my ability to absorb minerals, and vitamins. I had IBS, constipation then diarrhea and still felt like i didn't finish pooping...

So i got some Dr. Schultz super food, and tons of supplements, i must have spend like $800 in 3 months...
I was excessive and it worked.. I bought only organic food and healthy stuff..

I took all kinds of yeast killing things... Books are the bible cure for candida (it is a little pocket book), candida cookbook, and another one (forgot)...

I learned about new herbs and grains and how to cook healthy. I literally made the girl at the health food store tell me what it all was and how to use it, cook it..

I did enemas with a pint bag from wal-mart (you can ask for them at the pharmacy) or you can buy those enema bags that are pink and used for another thing, filled it with warm distilled water and also put a capsule of pro-biotic in the water I used the one from Jarrow- Got it directly to the bowl..

I bought kiefer drink, ate tons of yogurt too..
I did them 2 a week and passed mucoid plaque covered in foam, i was pissing yeast foam too..

It was working!!!!

It is important that you are killing the yeast but getting it out of you quickly, the living yeast eats the dead yeast and continues to grow... You gotta be serious and eating tons of fiber and doing the enemas..

I also did P&B shakes (psyillum seed with benodite clay (sonneys))

You can also get that super seed by garden of life, and a great site is

I had my self of a strict schedule of all the supplement and altered anti fungals each week so the yeast didn't build resistance. I took Solar Yeast cleanse, and followed the directions plus Three Lack..

The living yeast eats the dead yeast and grows..So it is important you are getting it out of you.

Die off is gonna happen so make sure you drink lots of water and even put some of that clove, walnut hull, worm wood in it. Just keep flushing and drinking your teas...

I drank senna tea, and that taheebo (sorry spelling) and did everything... I drank detox teas too.

Make sure your supplements are powerful and not diluted or old. Most kits don't have the potency you need so create your own variety rather then buying a candida kit.

The IBS is from the candida.. Also could be from vaccines and your body attacking the intestines. Try Liver Flushing once you are through killing yeast and back to a healthy bowl movement.

Read up what your poop means.. I was having pale red poops, so i new my bile ducts in my liver were clogged..
But after flushing so much things got better..

After three months i changed my tastes buds and junk food was soooooooo gross.

I ate keenwa (quinoa) with tons of garlic, i took caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract (Solar Yeast cleanse), Swedish bitters in my tea, 9 grain cereal by bob's red mill, brown rice, fresh homemade hummus, i ate so healthy and killed so much yeast outta my body..

Research foods easy on digestion and different things that help you absorb what you need to..

Every vitamin and mineral needs something else to process things.. Start learning about this and take a little bit here and there to get your body working again..

I lost 30 lbs in three months, gained my energy back and cured my IBS, killed parasites, and passed mucoid plaque.

I scheduled everything example...

First thing in the morning i took pro biotic on empty stomach with lots of water, then i drank some cleansing tea, or senna tea, or what ever was on the list for that day. Warm drinks help you go poo..

I ate a variety of food to get my nutrition back.. Took my yeast killers and three lack packet, then drank super food and water with stuff in that..

Twice a week i did deep enema, I took ginger baths, detox baths, body brushed to drain the lymph nodes, and just kept reading.

Thanks to Shelly Cat she helped me soooo much!

I learned about herbs and just took my health into my own hands..


I had such bad candida it was making me forgetful, depressed, joint problems, tired, always wanted junk and sugar...IBS ETC..

I read cure zone 3hrs a day for 3 months, then just had a passion to study this. I want to be certified in helping people..


I was on Antibiotics for 7 years and NO DOC EVER TOLD ME A DAMN THING!!! NEVER CHECKED MY RECORDS, NEVER ASKED ME ANYTHING....Just gave me a laxative for IBIS and then a pill for the diarrhea..

Forget the PHARMA, do it naturally with GOD'S GIVEN HERBS..

I learned that my Acne was from candida to begin with, at a young age i was always getting strep throat, and that started it all... Vaccines most likely contributed, plus i was never breast feed when i was a baby..

Years of illness Antibiotic illness caused me to have serious Acne at 12... At 15 I had rosaeca, then got on Antibiotics and was a mess..
If only i new about pro biopics I would have never had such bad skin..

So this is my story and protocol...

Hopes this helps you...

Feel free to ask me questions

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