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Ancient Dietary Wisdom - Recently Discovered!

A look toward early beginnings of both human and earliest Homo ancestors and how we originally nourished ourselves - absolutely free of every conceivable "processed food", dietary dictate as well as religious dietary laws!

Date:   7/27/2018 6:03:13 AM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 1315 times

October 1, 2020 - Revisiting "Wisdom" -

"...Wisdom emanates from everything, even the very smallest things. A snail has more Wisdom than the greatest logician or scientist. But the greatest wisdom of all lies in our body."[5]


So far the "Wisdom" that two foundations and a number of practitioners have articulated upon regarding the findings of Weston A. Price has been essentially surmized and crystalized into certain principals and formed with considerable scientific knowledge. However - the actual ancient wisdom did not really work this way because it was firstly embodied in the people, literally in their bodies, and that living inner wisdom was supported and expressed directly from generation to generation.

Knowledge is not wisdom! Knowledge can be formed about wisdom but it is not the same thing. The wisdom in the body is superior to knowledge about the body and it is this wisdom that needs to be recovered for Humanity's survival into the future. This underscores why mothers to be need to prepare their bodies for pregnancy well enough in advance of getting pregnant. This has always been the way of wisdom in the ancient cultures. Our modern culture does not teach this. The consequences for lack of wisdom are enormously incalculable because once a child has suffered from insufficient prenatal development, a difficult birth, no colostrum from mother's first milk as well as no breast-feeding for the first year or more of their life these accumulated insufficiencies are typically difficult to reverse - if at all! The lack of wisdom also typically opens the door to more detrimental impacts via numerous vaccinations and the like that can cripple immunity and compromise neurological functions throughout the body.

These are terribly difficult lessons for Humanity! The lessons likely become exasperated under the current state of the world which is causing additional consequences for Humanity! When will people reach the point where they have had enough? ......... When will people realize that the body's wisdom is superior to any and all knowledge and supposed reasonings emanating from so called health authorities? .........

January 22, 2020 - Tom Cowan, M.D. -

Conventional Medicine Can't Explain How They Work -

"Weston A. Price, in his global search for people with perfect teeth, found that all of the 14 groups he discovered who fit his criteria for having perfect teeth (and the corresponding robust overall health) included some sort of animal products in their diets. What many people don't appreciate, however, is that the traditional way of consuming animal foods was quite different from what occurs today. In contrast to today's muscle-meat-only approach, traditional people always ate in a way we now call nose-to-tail. In other words, they consumed the organs, bones, brains, etc. In fact, considerable evidence suggests that for most traditional people, organ meats were considered the most nutritious parts of the animals and were consumed first and by those in need of extra care or support.

This approach also corresponds to a long history of healers who treated their ill patients with homologous animal organs. In other words, people with heart problems were historically treated with the heart of an animal, thyroid problems were treated with thyroid extracts, and so on.

Throughout my three-plus decades of practicing medicine, I have consistently noticed that treatment with the homologous organ preparation often is effective, even when normal medicine claims it can't possibly work. For example, I have seen scores of hypothyroid patients effectively manage their condition simply by taking a non-hormone supplement containing desiccated thyroid preparation. To most endocrinologists, giving a person with low thyroid function a medicine that contains no thyroid hormones makes no sense. Yet, in many cases, the result is normalization of symptoms and blood tests. I can't say I'm sure how this works; I can only assume that substances or energies that the person suffering from hypothyroidism is missing are provided by the organ preparation. It could be thyroid proteins or iodine or something that we haven't yet discovered.

Another example is the use of beef heart extracts to treat patients suffering from some heart dysfunction. Again, it is not clear yet what the 'active ingredien' in the beef heart is, although one guess is the high level of natural CoQ10. What is clear is symptomatic improvement can be clear and rapid.

Over the years I have experimented with various forms of organ preparations. One issue that kept coming up was the purity and sourcing of the raw materials. Most of us would never choose to eat feed-lot animals. it only makes sense, then, to choose grass fed, non-hormone-fed animals as the source of our organ supplements as well. ..."[4]

July 27, 2018 -

"... in 1999, 2.5-million-year-old stone-tool cut marks on animal fossils were reported from the Bouri site in Ethiopia, along with percussion marks made on bones when early humans smashed them open with stones to retrieve the nutritious marrow inside. Even with this new evidence, though, the correlation persisted, and this package of new traits—larger brains, stone toolmaking, and meat eating—still seemed to emerge in our earliest Homo ancestors around 2.3–2.5 million years ago.
Making tools almost certainly helped toolmakers survive. Toolmaking would have facilitated access to a wider range of foods and the ability to process those foods more intensively or efficiently, likely making them more palatable and yielding more calories. In the case of meat and marrow eating, toolmaking would have opened up new sources of food higher in protein, fat, and calories than many other foods available in African savanna landscapes."[1]

Inspired by the following to search the above: "... I was reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Harari, PhD, and the book states that the first tools used by Homo sapiens were for the purpose of cutting animal bones to retrieve the marrow." -
Carol Hopson
London, UK[2]

“The first evidence for tool production dates from about 2.5 million years ago, and the manufacture and use of tools are the criteria by which archaeologists recognize ancient humans.”[3]

I'm looking forward to adding more "Ancient Dietary Wisdom" here!




[3] “Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind” By: Yuval Noah Harari

[4] In subscription email with Subject: "Organ Preps as Medicine Has a Long History."




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