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Got Migraines?

Magnesium versus "Migraine Prevention Injection"

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June 13, 2018 -

"Allopathetic medicine continues to dance around magnesium deficiency conditions using more and more expensive and invasive drug therapies even though enough research has been done to show that magnesium can treat and prevent migraines that are due to magnesium deficiency.

Here is an excerpt from The Magnesium Miracle (2017):

By 2012, Dr. Mauskop had sufficient clinical success and had published enough about treating migraine with magnesium to title his paper “Why All Migraine Patients Should Be Treated with Magnesium.”[i] Dr. Mauskop enthused that “all migraine sufferers should receive a therapeutic trial of magnesium supplementation.” As he explains, “A multitude of studies have proven the presence of magnesium deficiency in migraine patients.” Double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have produced mixed results, but, as Dr. Mauskop writes, this is “most likely because both magnesium deficient and non-deficient patients were included in these trials.” Clearly, if researchers wish to show that magnesium deficiency is a cause of migraine, it’s important to test for magnesium deficiency using the Ionized Magnesium Test beforehand; otherwise, the result is a seriously flawed study.

Dr. Mauskop agrees with my statements in that we do not have a readily available reliable test to determine magnesium deficiency. He is right when he states that Serum Magnesium levels are “entirely inaccurate.” As he notes, the Magnesium RBC test is more reliable. This test is available to the public at a very reasonable cost of $49.00 from online companies such as

Unlike other research papers that hem and haw when it comes to conclusions, Dr. Mauskop’s paper makes a declarative statement: “Considering that up to 50% of patients with migraines could potentially benefit from this extremely safe and very inexpensive treatment, it should be recommended to all migraine patients.”

The newest drug out of the gate is an injectable called Erenumab (Aimovig) for migraine prevention and the topic of a Medscape article[1]. Erenumab is a calcitonin inhibitor. Well guess what? Calcitonin’s job is to decrease the level of calcium in the blood by suppressing parathyroid hormone. Guess what else? Magnesium does a better job of directing calcium out of the blood and into the bones and teeth where most of it belongs. Do a little more thinking and it will be obvious to you that suppressing hormones in the body is a really bad idea!

The original study that allowed the FDA to consider approval of the drug included 246 patients with refractory episodic migraine. Results showed that a 50% or greater reduction in mean monthly migraine days was achieved by 30% of those treated subcutaneously once monthly vs 13.7% of those receiving a placebo. OK, let’s do the math. If you subtract the number of people responding to placebo, ONLY 16.3% benefited with reduction in migraine. Sit back and think about that for 2.3 seconds before you scratch your head that doctors actually think this is a breakthrough drug! And the price tag is $6,900 per year!

Let me repeat Dr. Mauskop’s statement “Considering that up to 50% of patients with migraines could potentially benefit from this extremely safe and very inexpensive treatment, it should be recommended to all migraine patients.”

What makes more sense to you – using an injectable drug at a cost of $6,900 per year or … magnesium? Promoters of the drug crow that insurance will cover the cost …and we wonder why health insurance costs are doubling every couple of years!

If my words echo your experience or that of a friend, take heart and find out more about magnesium and migraines by Googling my name and migraines.

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Carolyn Dean MD ND
The Doctor of the Future®[2]

February 5, 2019 - An Important (WAPF) Book Review -

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic—Complete Guide: How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medications
By Angela A. Stanton, PhD
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Very few people could read this book and not learn amazing things and valuable information about migraines. The author herself has a lot of firsthand experience with migraines and has developed a protocol that works consistently for her and thousands of others. As always, it is critical to understand what the real problem is.

One thing to understand is that those prone to migraines have brains that are structurally different than those of everyone else. Migraines are not due to mental illness or psychological problems. They are not all in your head. Stanton does not see migraines as an illness so much as a different kind of brain that requires different support. In fact, those prone to migraines have special abilities that are quite surprising. These include the ability to hear a whisper in a distant room; distinguish by smell the difference between bacterial and viral infections; smell type 2 diabetes; taste chemicals in broccoli, spinach, and other foods that could be toxic in larger amounts; have highly sensitive peripheral vision; and so on.

Another fundamental thing to know is the role of voltage in the brain. When voltage gets too low, bad things start to happen. The migraine-prone brain uses more voltage than other brains. This can lead to weird problems like zapping computer keyboards, cell phones, digital watches or your pet cat. So what causes voltage to get too low?

One of the main things is a high-carb diet. Carbohydrates interfere with electrolyte levels that are critical to proper voltage control. How does one fix this? There is no drug, herb or pill that addresses the core problem. Balanced electrolytes are essential. One of the first recommendations is chicken soup. Chicken broth is the perfect electrolyte. Salt is very important. Migraine sufferers need much more salt than other people because of the higher voltage requirements of their brains. Contrary to popular opinion, Stanton warns that Himalayan salt is not a good option. It contains lead and mercury and maybe other things you don’t want.

Stanton also points out that calcium and other minerals are an important factor in electrolytes, and calcium is fat-soluble. That means that calcium alone won’t do you any good. It needs to come with fat. She recommends cheese or whole milk (that’s whole milk, not white water lowfat milk), and she even recommends adding extra cream. Because carbohydrates are a major problem, she recommends a high-fat diet in general—milk, cheese, meat, eggs and so on. It is all very consistent with a Wise Traditions diet. She emphasizes that salt and cholesterol are your friends, not poisons to be feared.

Stanton also has interesting things to say about some of the popular diet fads. She has not been able to find any two people who agree on what exactly a paleo diet is, so that is of no use. Vegan and vegetarian diets are too low in certain essential nutrients, and she has no help to offer anyone who must adhere to those diets. Low FODMAP diets are also no good. Between the nutritional advice and the exceptional insight into the true nature of migraines, this book is an easy thumbs UP.[3]





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