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Fresh Energy in the Biofield: Tiffany Barsotti

Fresh Energy in the Biofield: Tiffany Barsotti.
Had my first phone time today with a leading edge Integrative practitioner I admire, Rev. Tiffany Barsotti.

Date:   7/27/2017 12:42:18 PM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1647 times
Exploring Tiffany Barsotti website and her work.

I want to look at my history of working with expert intuitives. That history is quite profound. In my 30's, for more than 5 years, I helped advance the career of one of the most popular Trance Medium's of our time, whose work was at the level of Edgar Cayce.

The word "Trance Channel" may have well come out of our early brainstorming sessions.

During that time, I was really spoiled. In private, as well as public sessions at the Swedenborgian church, as well as the old Cedar St. convention center, we saw our medium's name up on large billboards. The entire Conscious Commerce of our New Age community shifted because of the preliminary work I, William Aura, and our team did. Suddenly, souls who were born to do intuitive work were putting out their shingles and going into business. Those were the late 70's and early 80's. We were in a time of great innocence and New Age Community. San Diego became one of the key cities in the birth of the Holistic Health movement, and my ally David Harris, gathered the nation's top speakers to the Mandala Conferences.

How was I spoiled!

Those were the beginning of my Enchanted Garden installations. Through the help of friends, including Randyl Rupar, Amatra Barbara May, Sanda Everette and so many more, we created large rooms that rose from cement floor that for three or more days became an oasis of plants, flowers, living baby herbs, and harp music.

It was in that room Town & Country San Diego Convention Center where UN Assistant Secretary Robert Muller fell asleep on a Larry Jacobs bodyslant cushion.

He woke up from my 15 minute nap completely disoriented. He had just arrived in an airplane from New York.

"Where am I ?" He said.
"you are in the Enchanted Garden," I told him.

He paused and said (paraphrase), "May the Enchanted Garden be everywhere!"

On the way out of the conference, a few days later he was followed by the press.

They want to his story.
He was on the run. He had come to the conference to give her United Nations Peace Medal. He turned to the press and he said, "if you really want a story, talk to Leslie."

Before he left he pressed something into the palm of my hand, without saying anything. Then I was all alone.

I open my hand. He had given me one of his United Nations Peace Medals.

On this morning, decades later. I woke up feeling lonely. I was not looking forward to a biopsy on my kidney renal mass that will likely occur next week. I had to do a rush to make sure my appointment to see one of UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center was confirmed on the book for August 7.

This is the time of year when I get my life back through challenging myself to drive my 68 VW van from San Diego to Santa Rosa for the #heirloomExpo, The National Heirloom Exposition that will be held September 5–7, 2017.

I've been having some bleeding this week. Every time I do, it's like a red light, that makes me think twice about going on the road. Thinking twice about going to the Heirloom Expo appears to be my modus operandi. There's always something Condition that appears to be standing in my way; but then some kind of miraculous remedy shows up.

Today, July 27, I received glimpses of some of those miraculous remedies showing up through Tiffany Barsotti, One of the leading edge practitioners of what is now being called @Biofield Science.

Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog

4:08 am
July 27, 2017
Updated 10:13 am

More on Tiffany..

Rev Tiffany Barsotti HEAL and THRIVE is a leading edge practitioner of healing with deep knowledge of the emerging field of Biofield Science. We spoke july 27. She breathed new life into the horizons of my outlook related to my present health opportunity to improve kidney function.

I look forward to exploring her work.
I believe in her and what she does.

She inspired this writing.

Tiffany came on my radar at the Consciousness and Healing Initiative - CHI event last fall. Her interests reminded me of the esoteric work of Dr. Bernard Jensen, who was not only the American father of Iridology. He had great interest in color healing and studied the great work of many souls whose contributions are now are resurfacing. Thanks to Shamini Jain for indirectly introducing us.

Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog


A post addressed to
Golden Drake and Rev Tiffany Barsotti
and to all on the journey of raising consciousness
Through healing.

See you all this Sunday at
Ultralight Beam a Benefit Concert for Golden Love
Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center, 2-7 pm.

I will be reading Portions of my poem #MomentOfAwakening during the first six minutes.

We will be planting ancient wheat to create a knowing that in the midst
of our darkest hour, we awaken to realize there's nothing wrong with us.

#MomentOfAwakening is here:

To Golden:

We are really on a consciousness ride, Golden. I am sure we are not doing this just for us but to fulfill our mission.

Here is an update I was writing to Tiffany Barsotti, who is on the cutting edge of Biofield science. I have a appoinmeny to see her next week

If I do this procedures medically, within the next few weeks , I will likely not be able to take my annual healing journey to Santa Rosa for the #nationalheirloom expo. National Heirloom Exposition (7th Annual) is sept 5-7, 2017. It takes about eight weeks to recover from such a surgery if it looks like that is what will be suggested after a biopsy.

I like to be in the area of Santa Rosa a number of weeks before the event to help promote this not-to-be-missed historic event that follows a few weeks after the Oregon Eclipse 2017 gathering. August 21 we will have a total solar eclipse. Our world can be entirely different after that six minute darkness if we create a strong enough intention and ritual around that moment.

I'm committed to save our sacred seeds. That's the intention of my yearly journey.

I always get my life back when I do this trip. It is an initiation for me year after year.

I have a confession or two, Golden.

My mother died when she was around 52 of cancer.

They cut off her breasts. The cancer finally went down into her hips.

A number of years later I started to have hip problems. I was very close to my mother.

One of the reasons I have been so supportive of you is that for me it's been a way to honor my mother.

Healing is on so many levels.

Ultimately my life is about so much more than the time I spend in this body.

I already came in having been a healer many times.

I've had countless opportunities and I'm profoundly grateful to have contact with you and with so many precious souls.

I have been uplifted my entire life not only through turning my breakdowns into breakthroughs, but also raised up high by leaders who have been esteemed.

I've been well trained in this life and my attractions guided me to soul family I was meant to help as well as learn from.

I would like to believe as my new ally Rev. Tiffany Barsotti is saying, I do not have a life-threatening condition. If I could believe that 100% I would be in tremendous shape in my head right now.

My healing team member
Jennifer Rae Fitzhugh
is also coaching me to remember my connection to the divine and to the daily miraculous. She cannot imagine me missing this year's #HeirloomExpo.

She reminds me that I have a massive crop of ancient wheat that the kids and the adults at the event and along the way could work with, separating the chaff from the inner ancient kernels. Wouldn't it be something to create a healthier pizza in Miguel Elliott pizza oven??? Last year his Cobb over was right outside the kid pavilion at #heirloomexpo.

I can see us sitting down to a lovely dinner, eating some of the squash that's grown especially for the expo.
Everybody could have a tiny sliver of the healthier pizza.

Campaign to Grow a Healthier Pizza. Win Back Our Sacred Seeds

That's a vision I see and seed!!!

You, Golden, are doing important work.

You are beautiful as always, bald or with gorgeous hair as you overcome what they are calling cancer.

My own renal mass has not yet officially been diagnosed to that point.

For me my condition is a little kickstart to get on with getting the #LeslieGoldmanLegacyWritings organized and available.

Part of my current work is helping to create better understanding between men and women.

I love to share publicly and I get healing from that.

I want to remain open to miracles at this time. I have many healers on my path and prayer warriors.

To Tiffany:

Tiffany, good talking to you this morning of July 27, 2017.

I started a #PlantYourDreamBlog post and scheduled 90 minutes for august 3 Thursday aug 4-5:30.

The consultation to do the biopsy is Monday July 1.

They may not schedule a biopsy for a couple weeks but will attempt to get me in sooner.

I have an appointment aug 7 with part of the surgery team.

If I did the surgery I would be in recovery for eight weeks, according to the surgeon.

My preference would be to have confidence that this is not life threatening and that I can postpone the procedure till after my trip.

I would leave around august

Ideally, I would like to feel confidence that it's ok to delay these medical procedures and do my trip.

I would like to find ways to shrink the Renal Mass using the moringa cbd formula I am using and other procedures you might recommend.

I have made dietary shifts. The creatinine level went from 3.1 in may, moderate to severe kidney function to 1.09 July 24. 1.12 is the high normal.

I heard what you said about your ability to help with pointing out cause.

You also thought lymphatic drainage was important so the dissolving mass would have somewhere to go.

I do have kidney stones in the kidney. I had two lithotripsy procedures a few years back.

There is also some bleeding I experienced Monday and Tuesday that is now stopped likely due to shepherd's purse.
No pain. I have released blood clots in the last month likely three times.

I want to know as well if the thermal imaging would give us more info that would be helpful.

This is the link for #PlantYourDreamBlog entry so far:

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