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"Nothing More Is Needed Than Being Heard & Taken Seriously"

Therapeutic "fulfiilment" through "dialogical relations".

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Article "Becoming Dialogical: Psychotherapy or a Way of Life? By Jaakko Seikkula University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Originally posted 6/15/2016[4]

I've just started to be introduced to the work of the Finnish psychotherapist Jaakko Seikkula by way of his article on Becoming Dialogiic.[1]

I can't tell you how validating this is for me now. I have blogged on dialogue before with a quote of Dennis Klocek. The article I'm reading now adds considerable substance to the ideal of dialogue!

" I see it, dialogue is not a method; it is a way of life. We learn it as one of the first things in our lives, which explains why dialogue can be such a powerful happening. Because it is the basic ruling factor of life, it is in fact very simple. It is its very simplicity that seems to be the paradoxical difficulty. It is so simple that we cannot believe that the healing element of any practice is simply to be heard, to have response, and that when the response is given and received, our therapeutic work is fulfilled (Seikkula & Trimble, 2005). Our clients have regained agency in their lives by having the capability for dialogue."

"The mind is a continuous initiating and responding of voices speaking to each other. Voices are the speaking personality, the speaking consciousness"[2]

"... authentic human life is the open-ended dialogue. Life by its very nature is dialogic. To live means to participate in dialogue: to ask questions, to heed, to respond, to agree, and so forth. In this dialogue a person participates wholly and throughout his whole life: with his eyes, lips, hands, soul, spirit, with his whole body and deeds. He invests his entire self in discourse, and this discourse enters into the dialogic fabric of human life, into the world symposium."[3]

December 9, 2016 -

In my pocket calendar I also quoted Seikkula:
"... Nothing more is needed than being heard and taken seriously and it is this which generates a dialogical relation. And when - after a crisis - we again return to dialogical relations, the therapeutic task is fulfilled because agency is regained."

Dyads give form to the dialogical "spirit" so that all which needs to be expressed can be heard! A few years ago I realized this therapeutic nature of Dyads while working with my Dyad partner.

This "form" can be a great support for many people who although they are verbal may not understand the cyclic nature of communication/dialogue.

December 22, 2019 - Deep Attentive Listening in Homeopathy -

The "Hero's Journey" of One Woman: Torako Yui -

“Once upon a time ago, I … nearly died by colitis." (Torako then mentions some physical details) "Yeah, I was dying at that time. 

But, that time … I wonder why … I too much working hard; because I had the belief that I had to work for that company, because I got money from a company … I have to give the loyalty of my life one hundred percent to them. So, working, working, working so hard.

Where come from, such kind of idea? ………
My mother taught that. ‘You have to work hard. Humans should be working hard in order to get money. Even women work hard.’ This is my mother! My mother so hard, like a soldier. So she hasn’t got any love. softness, kindness.  ‘Torako, come.’" (As she gestures an embrace.)  

"Never! Always, she’s hitting me! ’Not a hard worker.’ Also, if I did not get 100% mark in mathematics, she hit me.

So therefore, such kind of teaching from mother life is very difficult... In order to overcome, you have to do so hard study, hard work.

This kind of wrong information - forget it!" (She gestures with her hands open around her head and as if grasping the whole of it and casts it off down to her side.) “This is your information, your thinking; not me!

So, I overcome this one." (She smiles!) "Since then, I’m so healthy. Mother, don’t tell me anymore because I want to be my own life. I have my own soul. So my body, my heart, also my soul. This is me, not belong to you! Thank you for making this body. However, my soul, my heart, is nothing with you. No, no. It’s me!

My life … I want to get my life myself! ………

If you do this, your immune system so up because God help(s) you. And then … I become a homeopath. I love this job! This is my fate to be a homeopath.

So, thank you for my ulcerative colitis." (That IMO was probably launched as a "biological survival program" that resulted from the extensive irritable impact from the treatment she received from her mother.)

“Through the disease I met a man, Martin Miles, who was my homeopath. … So kind. He listened. (He inquired) What’s the problem in my life? … He listened one hour without any disturbing. He listened to me! … He listened to everything. I’m so pleased (with) this one! None of the people listened to me - even five minutes! So, therefore, homeopathy’s job is so great …! Tell me your life. I will listen … from heart. So that’s the kind of job I wanted to have. So, I’m so happy now! ………

Be yourself! This is immunity!”[6]

February 21, 2018 - The Necessity For Complete Conflict Resolution -

"...All aspects of the conflict, both physical and emotional ones, must be taken into account, and here's where it's easy to fail. The changes needed can be very hard to perform for someone who's grown up in our civilization and has become addicted to its unhealthy customs. On occasion, adopting necessary changes may even turn out to be impossible, and in that case, the (conflict active) phase can go on for years until the stress and strains of it finally breaks the body down, and the person dies. Note that it's the stressful state, the enervation, the lack of sleep, the reduced digestion, the deficiencies and the intoxications that kill the person - not the canceration/ulceration/hypofunction of the organ, as conventional medicine thinks (except in the rare case of obstruction of some vital passage). Lumps and sores are not the issue! Physicians have unfortunately become fixated on lumps and sores, when instead they should concern themselves with the state of the person as a whole. How does she feel, deep inside? What does she put into her body? And what does her life situation look like, present and past? It's the stressful state which is to be eliminated, genuinely eliminated, and replaced with calmness, because it's the stressful state that kills. This is Hamer's central discovery; psyche and soma are, very concretely, one."[5]



[2] (Bakhtin,1984; Wertsch, 1991) as quoted on page 9 in "Becoming Dialogiic".

[3] Bakhtin, M. (1984). Problems of Dostojevskij’s poetics: Theory and history of literature (Vol. 8). Manchester, England:
Manchester University Press - quoted on p. 13


[5] German New Medicine: A Revolutionary Biological Paradigm -
My Interpretation of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's New Medicine:

[6] By: Torako Yui, PhD Hom. (Japanese Homeopathic Medical Association) interviewed by Cilla Whatcott, CCH, PhD (Classical Homeopath) in the "Choosing Real Immunity” video series, video 3 by “Whatworks”.


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