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The Innate Intelligence That Operates and Maintains The Body

I wish to add to the understanding of the New Medicine with another pioneering body of knowledge known as the Human Design System.

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I have the deepest gratitude for Dr. Hamer and for all the teachers of German New Medicine (GNM)! My gratitude includes the several initial introductions to GNM that have been provided by Joseph Mercola[1] over the past decade!

Dr. Hamer has opened the door to a grand understanding of how magnificently our innate intelligence operates within our body-mind matrix. To realize this we need to let go of the beliefs that we have been conditioned with since we were very young and before we had the capacity to reason. This includes all our beliefs about disease!

According to the New Medicine (Dr. Hamer originally wished to refer to his discoveries simply as New Medicine) what the medical world calls disease is actually an intelligent biological program that is activated by our innate intelligence as a process for resolving shock conflicts that we experience in our life.

I wish to add to this understanding with another pioneering body of knowledge known as the Human Design System (HDS). According to HDS founder: Ra Uru Hu we were all born with two crystals of consciousness. These are known as the Design Crystal and the Personality Crystal. "The Design Crystal sits in the skull and is the intelligence that operates and maintains the body."[2] I believe that this knowledge can be correlated with what Dr. Hamer has presented on GNM in that when the psyche has been impacted by the unexpected shock of an unanticipated survival fear - that shock is registered in the brain at a specific location corresponding to the specific nature of the survival issue. The brain center in turn corresponds with a specific organ in the body where the biological program is activated. I believe it is the intelligence of the Design Crystal that intercedes in the moment immediately proceeding the impact upon the psyche.

Distinguishing innate intelligence and consciousness from the psyche is a master key in understanding both how the biological programs operate and especially in regards to the part that we can play in supporting the resolution of our shock conflicts. Omraam distinguishes between "consciousness" and the psyche.[3]

December 23, 2018 - An awareness of the overall composition of "disease" symptoms is required to elucidate the purpose and the meaning of the disease.

“Healing the Whole -

Pioneering research into consciousness is expanding our awareness of the powers of the human mind and our ability to perceive and influence at nonlocal level - powers that most of us aren’t yet aware of.

… our body is a coherent whole that is continually resonating with our environment on a multitude of levels. Our thoughts and emotions are integral aspects of how we experience reality. Our body, mind, and feelings need to be considered as a whole that can only be properly understood in its entirety. This hasn’t been the approach of Western medicine. While the symptoms (I misread this as symphony! ; ~ ) of disease are identified and treated with specific remedies, their deeper causes often go unrecognized, and their wider implications are generally unacknowledged. This is much like trying to understand a piece of music by only considering the individual notes.

Musical notes, like the symptoms of disease, can be specifically identified. But it is only when they are appreciated as part of the overall composition can the purpose and meaning of a piece of music be elucidated. Similarly, only when a disease is understood in a holistic context can its cause rather than it symptoms be treated and ultimately healed.”[5]

An excellent analogy when one considers that all our cells are “singing” and that therefor we are music!

And the “mis-reading” that I had noted in the quote above here is actually no mistake but an underscore as every symptom is truly orchestrated by our innate intelligence that is always working in wholeness as the foundation of health and wellness throughout all of our being, mind-body-spirt-soul.

Nov. 11, 2016 -

Melt Your "Iceberg" (Originally posted 7/19/2016 at:

Inspiration to develop a new meditation -

The subject is based on the image of an iceberg were about 10% of it is above the surface leaving 90% essentially hidden below the surface. I think this can apply to human consciousness. Maybe 10% is conscious leaving 90% unconscious.

Recently I've begun to "own" my "iceberg". (Just writing this now brings a pleasant smile into my conscious awareness!) I'm using "iceberg"

I'm inspired with the thought of developing a new meditation devoted to melting one's iceberg.

November 11th -

Further validation on some of my main messages:

"When life experiences move freely through the subconscious mind, the body is able to heal.” -
The Power of infinite Love and Gratitude - page 5

August 16, 2017 -

"... most people get indoctrinated with negative expectations about themselves and the world they live in. We’re leading (or better suffering) reactive lives and our reactions are mainly expressions of the negative programs that were installed by others since the moment we got born…

The medical society generates about 90 percent nocebo effects in people (through doctors/media), because they’re always warning us for either external dangers (bacteria/viruses/etc.) or internal 'defects' (random mutations of genes/DNA), inherited or not. The net result is that people have very little doubt they’ll 'catch' a disease eventually, the only question is: 'how can we make sure they (the doctors) will discover "it" (the disease) as soon as possible in order to ensure the greatest chance to "beat it" before it’s too late!' And the pharmaceutical companies are laughing all the way to the bank…

I’ve found the best way to get rid of negative beliefs is to replace them with positive ones. ‘German New Medicine’ is a great (and much more accurate) replacement for the ‘Germ Theory’ on which our ‘modern medicine’ is built. Einstein stated the importance of making a choice that you either live in a friendly (supporting) or hostile universe.

I would say that people have to make a choice about their bodies being more than able to take care of themselves or they’re pretty poorly designed machines that break down all the time (the image ‘modern medicine’ pictures about ourselves). By the way, GNM has been demolished by the medical establishment, but… in spite of the fact that this theory about disease has been handed over to the university of Tübingen as a post doctoral thesis 35 years ago, it NEVER has been officially tested (although since then this theory has been verified by doctors more than 30 times already).

On a personal level, it was GNM that spared a dear one from undergoing mutilating surgery (to be followed by the barbarian extremely poisonous ‘modern treatment’ of chemotherapy) – this was back in 2009 and after the malicious cancer disappeared ‘by itself’ (as set out by GNM) everything is still fine. I don’t know in how far the empowering influence of GNM is responsible for this little miracle, but I do know that my health also improved very significantly since I integrated this new way of thinking (believing) about ‘diseases’.

Please people, take back your power and stop being ignorant victims of big pharma and other big money institutions."[4]

Submitted my comment as follows:

The reality of placebo/nocebos makes great introductions to the crazy world of big pharma as well as the new medicine “revelation”. What has been presented here could be part of a “treatment” for a nice documentary that as far as I know has not been made yet. My Human Design is such that it’s best I don’t initiate. (That’s especially true now with Mercury Retrograde.) Nevertheless I can respond to all that I’ve read here and part of my response has been reposting Ronald’s comment at one of my blogs known as Psyche & Health. The Blog post is titled: “The Innate Intelligence That Operates and Maintains The Body”.



[2] consciouness-in-science-format-we-are-love-and-consciousness-registered-in-the-start-system-we- are-already-chipped-absolutely-fantas/


[4] Comment at:

[5] p 132-33 of “CosMos - A Co-creator’s Guide to the Whole-World” By: Ervin Laszlo and Jude Currivan.


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