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The Laws of Nourishing Nutrition for Humans

The most wise of nourishing traditions that have been very largely documented by Weston A. Price.

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April 3, 2016 -

Inspired recently with the idea of identifying the "laws of nutrition" and realize that I have previously identified one of those laws in my post:

"Nutrition Works Well Only When The Food Is Digested!"[1]

April 6, 2016 -

"Law, not confusion, is the dominating principle in the universe."[2]

I'm reminded of the book "Are You Confused"[3] by Paavo Airola from the mid 70's. I'm amazed that close to half a century later there still are people who are confused about certain real foods - like raw milk!

Knowing that confusion has continued in the realm of nutrition it might be a good idea to start with a fundamental question: What is nourishing nutrition for humans?

In posing this question I immediately think of the very first nutrition that a human fetus is nourished by in utero. However this first of human nutrition is not completely well known in the modern world with its politically correct nutrition subjugated to the corporate food industry. That is why I believe it becomes necessary to refer back (not too long ago) to when prenatal nutrition was understood by people. Hence the findings of the "epic study" of Weston A. Price well-documented in his work: "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration".

I'm confident that my continued research here will identify the "dominating principle" in truly nourishing nutrition. I'm confident because I know that obedience to nature's laws includes the laws of nutrition and that the fruits of such obedience reveal themselves and have been revealed to those who had the eyes to recognize what these are. Weston A. Price was one of the astute individuals capable of recognizing the fruits of nourishing nutrition.

"Dr. Price found that while the people he studied ate very different foods from each other, all the diets had the following in common, which he referred to as 'inflexible laws of nature:'

The diets didn’t contain any refined or denatured foods.

All consumed some type of animal products, some of which would be eaten raw.

Diets contained four times as much calcium and other minerals, and ten times as many fat-soluble vitamins as the modern Western diet.

Included foods that were high in enzymes
Seeds, grains, and nuts were soaked, sprouted, fermented, or naturally leavened (making them easier to digest and/or adding enzymes and probiotics).

Fat content of the diets was between 30-80% of their calories and only about 4% came from polyunsaturated fats (Omega-6’s & 3’s)
Contained about equal amounts of Omega-3 & Omega-6 fats.

Some natural, mineralized, salt was used.

They made use of the animal bones, usually made in to broth, and sometimes eating the marrow".[4]

I believe that the "laws of nourishing nutrition for humans" can be discovered in the "inflexible laws of nature" that were dutifully followed by the indigenous peoples whom Dr. Price had studied who practiced their traditional dietary wisdom.

For instance - Dr. Price studied the Australian aborigines in 1936. He wrote: "It is doubtful if many places in the world can demonstrate so great a contrast in physical development and perfection of body as that which exists between the primitive Aborigines of Australia who have been the sole arbiters of their fate, and those Aborigines who have been under the influence of the white man. ... This group provides evidence of exceptional efficiency in obeying the laws of Nature through thousands of years, even in a parched land that is exceedingly inhospitable because of the scant plant foods for either men or animals."[5]

Dr. Price wrote:
"The reward of obeying nature's laws of nutrition is illustrated in this west Nile tribe in Belgian Congo. Note the breadth of the dental arches and the finely proportioned features. Their bodies are as well built as their heads. Exceedingly few teeth have been attacked by dental caries while on their native foods."[6]

June 1, 2019 - The Quintessentials of What Weston Price Discovered -

“… the types of foods eaten” by the “primitive societies” that Weston Price studied “varied greatly from one population to the next. … Despite the wide variety in their diets, the one thing they did have in common was that the foods were fresh or fermented and relatively whole and minimally processed. There was no refined sugar or white flour. All fats were natural, consisting predominantly of saturated fats derived from meat, dairy, or coconut. There were no polyunsaturated vegetable oils used. The small quantity of honey or sugarcane a few populations may have eaten was seasonal and constituted only a minor part of their overall diet.”[8]

July 5, 2017 -

Nutritio-based Recovery -

"The observations of Price and other anthropologists studying native people in their indigenous state and in the early stages of modernization made it clear that even small amounts of 'the white man’s foods' resulted in sickness. We tend to think in black and white terms: that native people were eating their native diets and were immune to disease, and then they started eating lots of white flour and sugar and got sick. What really happened was in many cases much more subtle. Physicians on Arctic expeditions in the 1920s and 1930s, referred to above, found that the introduction of relatively small amounts of refined flour products into otherwise pristine native diets resulted in some natives developing high blood pressure and heart disease. Northern Indians and Eskimos Price studied in trading villages commonly ate a combination of native foods and refined foods, and many developed the diseases of civilization. Meanwhile, Josef Romeg, a surgeon who spent 35 years amongst native Eskimos and Indians and who was interviewed by Price in 1933, found that native Alaskans with tuberculosis usually recovered when returned to their remote native villages–where none of the white man’s foods was available.

This calls to mind the work of Max Gerson, a medical doctor who developed a dietary treatment for cancer and other chronic diseases in the 1930s. Gerson’s regime involved large amounts of raw vegetable juices and raw liver juice (extracted in a special way by pressure, not by pulverization); fermented raw milk; a variety of natural medications; and strict avoidance of everything not specifically included in his program. Very thorough documentation exists showing that many of Gerson’s patients recovered from advanced cancer (virtually all had not had chemotherapy, a highly toxic therapy that severely impairs chances of recovery by natural means). Gerson was adamant that the use of even the smallest amounts of what he called forbidden foods would prevent recovery.

It’s important to realize that we’re considering here the optimal diet for people with very serious medical problems. What may work well for the vast majority of basically healthy people is very different from the far more stringent routine that seriously ill people may require.

The observations of Price, the early anthropologists and Dr. Gerson are entirely consistent with my own observations over the past twenty-five years. While most patients feel better and make at least a partial recovery from medical problems by adopting a diet that includes more of the foods Price showed us are critical to good health, at the same time many limit the extent of their recovery by their inability to go further in eliminating the refined foods that cause problems, while failing to include adequate amounts of superior foods.

With this background, here are what I believe to be the two most common mistaken thoughts my patients have in attempting to recover from serious medical problems.

1. A little bit of refined foods won’t hurt.

2. A modest amount of high-quality animal foods is enough.

I’ve described some of the evidence that shows why number one is a mistaken thought. From hundreds of case histories from my own practice, let me give three examples as further evidence.

A 45 year-old man with chronic herpes for years remains completely symptom-free for several months but when he eats one or two commercial walnuts or a small cup of soup at a health food store, he breaks out with herpes sores the next day.
A 60-year-old woman with painful arthritis in her hips is pain-free for weeks until eating three or four cookies at a birthday party for her grandson. The next day, her pain is so severe she has difficulty walking.
A 22 year-old man with a ten-year history of epileptic seizures at least every two weeks has no seizures for three months. One afternoon, he has several handfuls of dried fruit and commercial cashews as a 'treat.' Three hours later, his roommate finds him in the midst of a grand mal seizure, and he is hospitalized for several days.
These are not coincidences. Through careful observation of my patients and my own body, I’ve concluded that every food eaten has subtle (or sometimes obvious) effects.

The second common mistake in thinking– that a modest amount of high-quality animal foods is enough–requires first at least a brief explanation of what high-quality animal foods are. Put simply, these are foods that come from animals fed their natural diets–grass-fed farm animals, wild game and wild seafood. This would include raw milk and the foods made from it (cheese, yoghurt, kefir and especially butter and cream); red meats, especially organ meats; fish and shellfish; and eggs from free-range chickens. How much should be eaten raw and how much cooked, and how cooked, is an important but highly individual matter; however, the dairy products should always be raw. (Some individuals have problems with even the best raw milk and raw milk cheeses.)

Many of these are the farm-fresh foods we’ve been taught to be afraid of because they contain cholesterol and saturated fat. And even when one has some understanding of Price’s work, there’s a tendency to think that one shouldn’t eat too much of these foods, perhaps just to be safe, to hedge one’s bets a bit. And the mixed diet we’ve all been taught is essential–lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains–only leaves so much room for animal foods.

But on the contrary, to put it succinctly: for most people with chronic disease, when it comes to fresh raw or lightly cooked food from grass-fed animals, you can’t eat too much. And the more the better."[7]



[2] (p.16 of the book)



[5] Nutrition and Physical Degeneration -
A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets
and Their Effects BY Weston A. Price, MS., D.D.S.,
Chapter 10.

[6] Ibid in Chapter 9 -
Isolated and modernized African tribes regarding Figure 42.


[8] Dr. Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D., in "Fat Heals, Sugar Kills: The Cause of and Cure to Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, and Other Metabolic Disorders"


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