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My Health Picture--Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

My Health Picture--Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener

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FEB. 8, 2016


I worked on this #PlantYourDreamBlog for more than a week in late January-early February 2016.


I have divided it into subsections on different Curezone Blogs:


My Health Picture


Dear President Obama & Michelle @FLOTUS @MichelleObama, as Your Enchanted Gardener, I'll be getting you my report on #ScrippsNatSup. The Scripps Natural Supplement Conference, January 27-31, 2016 ASAP. Just found out today that Jan 17 was your 52nd Birthday. It is Feb 1, 2016.
Lots to get done. Happy belated Birthday, Michelle!


How timely that within ten days of the Scripps Natural Supplement Conference January 27-31, 2016, NPR unleashed its documentary Supplements and Safety January 19. My assessment is that the Natural Product & Supplement Industry will police itself even stronger now and there will be much discussion about regulation and oversight.

This documentary points out that more than 50 people have been harmed by supplements reaching the marketplace that had contaminated ingredients and suggests that more government oversight is the answer.

I want to take a moment in silence to grieve the loss of the fifty or more innocent lives that were reported harmed in this NPR documentary, as well as grieve the thousands upon thousands harmed by Pharmaceutical Drugs. They are not mentioned in the documentary that is one sided.

Truly, we will regain balance and move forward through the contributions of doctors willing to dedicate themselves to evidence-based science, as well as become healers and practitioners who are studied in the Book of Nature and the 1000's of years of experience in the realm of natural healing that is our legacy from the past and to the future. Much of that experience is available to the students of medicine and some of this knowledge is accessible on the Internet.

My sense is that the marketplace will continue to be driven by more and more people wanting to reclaim their health who recognize that something is deeply amiss in our modern Health Care system. More and more people recognize that government supports this imbalance, and that now is the time that we as voters will correction this imbalance.

Integrative Medicine is now taking hold in the lives of a generation of Health Practitioners. I have been a witness to this growth since the early 1980's, having lived in San Diego, California, one of the birth places of the modern Holistic Movement. In recent years, I have attended the annual Scripps Natural Supplement #ScrippsNatSup Conference, held each January, and @AIHMGlobal #AIHM16 sponsored event, held in late October-November. I have been invited to Plant Dreams at this events and it touches me that the Sacred work I intend to bring is welcomed.

The intent of Integrative Medicine is pure of heart. It is open to receive. It will catch up with the wisdom and knowledge that many in previous generations have understood about medicine. We will live to see a day when the foundation of Medicine is no longer defined by the Supplement and the Pharmaceutical Drugs that we take to Survive This Day when fragmentation of Soul and Nature is prevalent.

I see as necessary the return to our earth connection. In this the declared United Nations Year of the Pulses 2016, I am encouraging each practitioner and each #RareSeed I meet to Plant Your Dream and begin this process of reconnection.

Doctors of the Soil wielding plows will continue to grow Regenerative Agriculture. More and more home Gardeners planting Heirloom Seeds will be our keys to unraveling the fragmentation on our plates now. I want to contribute, to participate, and to witness through this #PlantYourDreamBlog to the evolution of Medicine.

I am here to foster this natural growth. How Fast Can a Dream Grow? As Fast as a Blade of Grass!

--Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener


Hospitals handle flesh and blood
and life and hope.
In them, nurses roam
late bare feet
easing pain
and making hospitals
more than bricks and stone.

University Hospital
Salt Lake City, Utah
November 10, 1975

This #PlantYourDreamblog is an excerpt from my #ScrippsNaturalSup Takeaways written in late January and early February 2016.

The full #PlantYourDreamBlog is here as well as a link to my 2016 Seed Dreams.


2016 Seed Dreams – – Leslie Goldman


I am grateful to conventional 20th century medicine for making it possible to walk again. I so believed in natural healing that I walked out of numbers of hip surgeries in the 70's believing I could heal my hips. I benefited from hip surgeries, but even then I was using natural remedies to get through the pain. When I was asked if I wanted morphine right after surgery I said no. I was able to get through using a Peach Bark Tea remedy provided by a local Utah native american whose work was still being practices.

When the original formula was prepared one way, it was a pain remedy; prepared another way, it healed digestive issues. This is part of the lost wisdom that modern science may not comprehend unless we regain our natural path.

Had I been born in another century, I would not be walking today; and yet over a period of more than 4 decades, I have applied natural healing remedies in place of drugs whenever possible.
Some of my most severe condition have been improved through these remedies.

I set an intention in 2001, when I had hip revision, that through my Getting Hip, Healthcare would Get Hip to Being All It Could Be.
I dedicate this writing toward that goal.

I have benefited from Natural Supplements. My health has improved since the #AIHM 2015 through finding supplements that helped reverse ongoing and persistent gut health issues.

There is more to say. I will do my best to say it.

--Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

February 7, 2016


The Campaign to Educate Washington on Real Food Safety began through a year of following the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act. It became clear that Food Safety to some extent meant making sure that investors investments were Safe.

This photo was kinda a spoof. It was taken in the Green Room Tent that was set up when Michelle Obama came to the International Rescue Committee Roots Garden on April 15, 2010 to announce her new initiative called, "Let's Move!" Michelle was in this tent about 30 minutes before I took this photo. Turned out I did get to Washington D.C. the following year, and I did speak at Organic Listening Day at the USDA. I made friends with the organizer, Mark Lipson. He wrote on a note, "Thanks for being our Enchanted Gardener! Then, the next eve,we were in Baltimore at a Gala put on by the Organic Trade Association. Mark was being given a leadership award! He spoke about the events at the USDA the day before. He said, "we even had an Enchanted Gardener show up! I was sitting in the audience, but he did not know it. I stood up and took a bow. Everyone clapped. What a hoot! Thanks to Kelly Shea of Horizon Organics for making it possible to take my first East Coast Tour.We were doing a Cultivating Food Justice event in about a week. The organizers from the California Foundation donated the boards when I asked for them.



I am on the Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds The Baker Creek Enchanted Garden Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit is turning the earth right side up . Thanks for joining the Enchanted Garden Club

2016 Seed Dreams – – Leslie Goldman



2011--I made it to Washington D.C.

The photo is from my 2011 first East Coast tour. When I spoke at the USDA on organic listening day, the organizer welcomed me to be the Enchanted Gardener for the USDA. I believe now is the time and this is the moment to uplift healthy healthcare in America.

I will continue to participate in the dialogue, adding my ceremonial presence, poetry and personal experiences as a patient with lifelong chronic conditions, As a writer-blogger-photographer I have studied first hand with some of the greatest teachers in the field. My experience as a speaker wlll icontinue to inspire and create community.

My Journey Continues 2012-2016

See you at the National Heirloom Expo #HeirloomExpo September 6-8, 2016

#RareSeeds grow @RareSeeds #WinningBackOurSacredSeeds

I am on the on The the Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds

Get the Baker Creek Enchanted Garden Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit & join the Enchanted Garden Club here

I am on the Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds

The Baker Creek Enchanted Garden Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit is turning the earth right side up . Thanks for joining the Enchanted Garden Club

What does the future hold?

Each Sunday, Week after week on a regular basis, I have the delight to feel the care of local farmers and their representatives at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market in San Diego. Years ago, I wrote a book for Dr. Bernard Jensen called, "Health Magic Through Chlorophyll Through Living Plant Life." We called the Greens and their juices one of the four basic Survival Foods. Glad to see this spreading at our local Farmers' Market through these Green Fix Smoothie Makers, Kelley and Jed!

One of my goals is to find my place and place of service within the emerging Healthy Healthcare movement.

My point of connection is The Academy for Integrative Health and Medicine #AIMH16 and the warm welcoming I have found at the annual Scripps Natural Supplements Conferences held in San Diego.

Through my eyes, I'm recording a History of Peace On Earth, aHistory of the Earth and its Human Flowering. Our renewed Earth is the Enchanted Garden, and you and I, It's gardeners. Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener @YourEG #PlantYourDreamBlog 17 million page views

The Baker Creek Enchanted Garden Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit is turning the earth right side up through inspiring you to reconnected with nature and #PlantYourDreamTheEnchantedGardenWay

Thanks for joining the Enchanted Garden Club Enchanted Garden club 2016 on Facebook. #EnchantedGardenClub join us.



On the day I met Liz Lipski, author of "Digestive Wellness," at the #ScrippsNatSup January 2015, I was experiencing unending gut issues and persistent diarrhea that had been ongoing for more than three years. I eventually weighted in at 108 pounds around and in spite of this fulfilled my goal to travel to the National Heirloom Expo in September.

Among my greatest successes in natural healing, has been the improvement of my bowel health through Natural Supplements I have taken, including products from Bio Botanical Research and the Product Restore for Gut Health created by Dr Zack Bush M.D.

During this time, I have had on-going care at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine PCOM San Diego where I have had consistent acupuncture.

I attribute my Bowel improvement to being Soul Driven, and out of necessity finding the remedies that I needed to continue to fulfill my life purpose.

Having a purpose to live is the fundamental pulse that will drive healing in my estimation.

I continue to have stress responses that show up and are yet to be managed, and what I have accomplished, is one for the Record.


"Someone once told me that dreams were for children. Aren't we all children? Leslie's work connects people to envision fully, to embrace what's possible, and to walk forward in hope.

He is inspiring and brings us back to what's essential, and what is uniquely essential.

I would love to see him working in hospitals, schools and widely to plant seed of hope and dreams like Johnny Appleseed."--Liz Lipski.


I am invested in love for our earth and people as a whole. As Your Enchanted Gardener, I am motivated by a deep need to find my tribe again. Social isolation and its impact on health run rampant in the lives of too many of us.

My writing and activities are sponsored by enchanted Garden Enchanted Garden Club Members and sponsors who support my work. At the age of 68 my life purpose now is to demonstrate staying alive and young hearted through helping each person I meet Win Back their own identity as a Sacred Seed. My approach to live connects #RareSeeds with the Heirloom @RareSeeds that are now marginalized in most of our lives. Not only do we have the Right to Know all the ingredients in what we purchase, but also the Know How to Grow some of our own food.

I recommend that you visit the ads from my sponsors on the Plant Your Dream Blog Wordpress site. The products and services I recommend are made by individuals I know, use, and trust.


For those who want to look more deeply into what I believe and what I teach, please read a few of my articles that have been written for the San Diego Magazine called the Life Connection. My most recent article is called Tips to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds and Outgrow GMO's.


Most of my life I have had a condition named by Western Medicine Ankylosing Spondylosis, a form of teenage arthritis, as well as years of Inflammatory Bowel, and various kinds of cognitive disorders the result of sitting too long at the computer blogging. In spite of my moments of doubt, pain and stuck bones, Your Enchanted Gardener, my name for my soul, transcends.

We are all in the same boat sinking but for Grace. We are among the thousands of refugees on our planet struggling through conditions of war, among them the war against nature. I remain positive we will learn our lessons one way or another. There is will survive.

8:48 am
Feb 1, 2016

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