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Ongoing searches inspire this location that is devoted to "Resources and Related Links" pertinent to Psyche and Health and especially toward a better understanding of the psyche and the extent of it's "oneness" with the body.

February 16, 2020 - Know that All Healing Is Self-healing -

"We live in a global culture with such a skewed view of what healing actually is that this point needs to be highlighted.

Although healing often includes alleviating or eliminating symptoms, healing (wholing) must not be confused with simple curing. Whereas curing is designed to make the problem go away, no questions asked and no insights gained, healing is a very different activity.

True healing embraces the problem (which is actually a teaching tool employed by our Higher Self) as a way of integrating and being transformed by it.

Curing focuses on symptoms without realizing they are spiritual messages. By contrast, healing is a body-mind-spirit phenomenon involving an increase in awareness that takes the form of a transformational step on our evolutionary journey of conscious personal mastery.

At its heart, healing teaches us to love ourselves and others unconditionally and, moreover, to see others as ourselves.

This line of reasoning establishes that:
1. Healing is inseparable from loving; and ..."[51]*

November 26, 2019 -

"When 'core emotional issues' at the root of someone’s problems are truly resolved vs. just focusing on 'surface issues', healing occurs more readily. It’s a more thorough and effective approach.

-The mind and body are inherently connected. When the mind is affected, so is the body, and vice versa, hence the term MindBody. LifeCore realizes the idea that one cannot effectively bring about lasting healing without giving attention to both the mind and the body.

LifeCore’s approach helps people find and clear out the specific emotional root causes to both their physical and mental 'dis-ease.' Using a combination of psychotherapy and EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, a set of acupressure 'tapping' techniques that allows for emotional healing to take place, clients achieve their physical and mental health and wellness goals much more rapidly than through conventional healing means alone."[50]


June 27, 2015 -

Desert Alchemy Flower Essences:

October 27, 2019 - The Sedona Method[49] -

September 4, 2019 - "Medical Intuition – Applying Your 6th Sense to Integrative Healthcare Practice (Part 1)"
- An Event in San Diego - Monday, October 14, 2019 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM -

"Recent advances in the field of healthcare acknowledge the importance of including intuition, alongside knowledge and experience, when treating patients (Boyd, 2014; Greenhalgh, 2002; Mickleborough, 2015; Peterkin, 2017). One way to strengthen the communication between the mind and body is through the skill of intuition. Like any other skill, intuitive abilities can be developed and optimized for greater clarity and application. Medical Intuition offers a paradigm-shifting perspective designed to uncover the root causes and underlying drivers of illness, imbalance and disease to not only help promote physical well-being, but also emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Medical Intuition can provide essential support to any Integrative healthcare practice."[48]

May 16, 2019 - “Soul Soaring” -

(not the name of the technique but the name of the experience one has after a session) uses a method of tracing and changing patterns techniques that unlock the emotions that are holding the person from experiencing his/her true nature of peace, love and joy. The book Soul Soaring describes a right-brain approach that stimulates and integrates right and left brain hemispheres of the brain. This results in deeper access to a wound or trauma and quicker clearing of that pain. It accesses the brain’s processing and retrieve information to identify the stressful events and the beliefs that you accepted. Beliefs gained during a specific age or time have been hidden in the subconscious can now be brought to the conscious mind. Unwanted beliefs are identified and erased by emotional replacement techniques that match your unique learning style.[47]

January 12, 2019 - Got Resistance to Healing? -

"...The Healing Power of Permission -

... some people’s healing process as slow or difficult, while others make faster, sometimes even miraculous, recoveries. ... some people heal quickly while others seem stuck in their process, no matter what they try. We might begin to wonder what could be blocking a person’s ability to fully heal. ...

One of the main tenets of energetic medicine is the principle that every manifestation of imbalance, illness or disease has a traumatic event at its core. This event may be obvious but often it is deeply hidden from conscious awareness, a result of early life experiences. This trauma energy can manifest in acute or chronic health issues later in life. ... Studies in epigenetics show that we may also inherit significant changes in our genetic makeup from traumas our parents and grandparents experienced. All of these aspects create our “energetic permission levels,” which indicate our ability to maintain or improve health. Our energetic permission levels are the amount of conscious, or unconscious, permission we allow ourselves to heal.

In a Medical Intuitive practice, viewing and evaluating energetic permission levels is a key step in assessing a client’s health concerns. Clients with a low permission level may find themselves making choices that are not congruent with their health care provider’s recommendations. They may not be drawn to modalities or information that may truly help.

Low permission levels can set up energetic resistance in the body and biofield, which impact physical and mental health. We can understand most medical issues with evidence-based research and testing, but without an awareness of the underlying traumas that directly affect permission levels, a person may never be fully empowered to heal.

Through the use of Medical Intuition, the original events are brought to conscious awareness. When these traumatic events are examined from an energetic perspective, people are given a deeper opportunity to resolve the root causes underlying their current conditions. This allows their permission levels to raise, which allows more opportunities for healing. Medical Intuition also gives the practitioner a truly holistic point of view, which can address issues not only affecting the body, but also the essential connections between body, mind and spirit."[46]

January 5, 2018 - "Healing With Imagination = Psyche & Health!"[45]

November 21, 2018 - Origins of Meta-Medicine -

"The Meta-Medicine Organ-Mind-Brain Diagnosis model is in part based on, and further developed from, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s original theories, which he called 'The NewMedicine'."[41]

Meta-Medicine is "a model that underlies a natural system of biological truth. It s not a dogmatic truth but a truth that is revealing, awakening and expanding. Meta-Medicine is a model that seems to work and resonate with the laws of nature as well as the human evolution. The Meta-Medicine model isn't just helping us identify where we are in a disease cycle, it also helps us to clarify where we are in our own development. This model is not only explaining how to get back to health, which for many people means getting rid of the irritating or painful symptoms. It will enlighten habits that have trapped us in their negative patterns and caused the disease process to be so uncomfortable."[42]

December 9, 2018 - Lifestyle Prescription University -

"... common myths or beliefs about self-healing that we need to completely reframe.

1) Self-Healing means doing nothing.

I've heard many times that self-healing means doing nothing. We just let nature take its course. We trust.

Trusting our body's healing intelligence is important but it does NOT mean we do nothing. That belief or mindset is totally wrong and actually the opposite is true.

Self-Healing means that there's a innate and natural tendency of our organism to auto-regulate and move towards balance. Our job is to take conscious actions, to take the necessary steps to:

Remove whatever is blocking the self-healing process
Strengthen our body's vitality, health and well-being

In my book 'The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms' I explain more about this phenomenon ... and lets face it if doing nothing would allow us to be well then we all would be in perfect health, right?

2) Symptoms will improve of their own accord.

Our biggest obstacle by far is procrastination.

We hope things get better.

We wait for a better time or a miracle to happen.

We experiment and try this and that without being fully aware of what's really causing our symptoms or what's blocking the auto-regulation process.

What would you prefer:

Hoping things get better or knowing specifically the WHY and HOW (root-causes) and having a clear plan to succeed?"[42]

November 15, 2018 -

Introducing Veteran Healer: Trina Hammack[40]

Trina knows the way through the matrix of complexities regarding "disease" as well as the components required for emotional clearing, internal cleansing, and more all along the path of one's individual healing journey!

November 9, 2018 - Introducing Jeannette von Johnsbach -

The Andreas Method® facilitates your body’s innate ability to heal itself - promoting a strong immune system, a healthy sense of self, and the expression of your uniquely given talents.

Pass This Simple Fitness Test - and Live Longer -

Can you sit on the floor and get up without support?

This ability to rise from the floor using just one hand, or better no hand, is a better indicator of how long you will live than age, gender, and even weight.

According to the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention, Researchers in Rio de Janeiro asked 50 to 80 year olds to sit and then to rise from the floor using minimal support. 10 years into the study, participants who needed to use a number of aids such as their hands and knees were six times more likely to die than those who didn't.

If getting up without assistance is something you can’t easily do right now, your body can relearn your god-given right to do this. To facilitate this process, the Andreas Method uses its proprietary bioenergetic release as well as personalized corrective exercises to re-balance posture.

Our natural design is to stand and move. Unfortunately the way we live creates postural misalignment due to prolonged sitting, repetitive stress, and sometimes injuries or poorly adjusted seats. Sitting has now even been coined the new smoking.

A compromised posture decreases mobility and flexibility. The body further compensates for the structural imbalances to avoid pain as well as to keep our eyes level with the horizon, which is essential for our brain to maintain balance and equilibrium (righting reflex).

The body spends a significant amount of energy to compensate for large structural misalignment. Benefits from postural realignment are more energy, pain relief, better sleep patterns, lower resting heart rate, and daily activities are much more fun. Using corrective exercises before engaging in intense fitness activity is also highly recommended to prevent injuries. The Andreas Method engages a patented software program to fine tune your very personal corrective exercise routine.

The Andreas Method also releases emotionally charged energetic interference fields, that hold imbalanced muscular-skeletal patterns, with its proprietary bioenergetic approach.

Enjoy Strength and Mobility - Live Longer ;-)


Jeannette von Johnsbach[39]

October 23, 2018 - Introducing Sue Hannibal

Sue Hannibal is an Intuitive Behaviorist® and holistic trauma therapist in private practice since 1999. An Intuitive Behaviorist identifies, excavates and guides clients to self-heal the roots of emotional trauma, dissociated consciousness and dysfunctional beliefs which can sometimes trigger illness. Her second book, "Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away", is a guide to developing the emotional and spiritual resilience and intuitive navigation skills everyone needs in an increasingly stressful world. Her third book, "Out of the Kill Zone: PTSD, Big Pharma’s Deadly Drugs and Suicide–True Stories of Healing from Troops, Cops and Civilians Caught in the Crossfire", is in progress. Sue also teaches licensed clinicians how to engage their own intuition to diagnose and heal dissociation, panic, phobias and complex trauma using energy psychology techniques.[38]

June 15, 2018 - Self-Understanding By Learning German New Medicine -

Just finished my first viewing of a video presentation[32] by the following practitioner:

Dr. Melissa Sell:
(Her) Story -

"I began on my health discovery journey in 2005 right out of high school. I was raised in a typical family with mainstream views of health. I thought when you get a headache you take an Advil, when you get sick you go to the doctor, but that all changed when I got a job as an assistant to a chiropractor.

I started learning that the body is programmed for health and that everything that is necessary for healing is already present inside your body. I learned the importance of a healthy lifestyle: healthy spine, daily exercise, quality nutrition, and avoiding toxins. I fell so in love with health that I went to chiropractic school and graduated at the top of my class in 2012.

After graduating I practiced for 3 years in Marietta, Georgia while my boyfriend, Steven Ravnstag, finished chiropractic school.

We planned on the traditional route of opening our own practice, but around 2014 our focus shifted. We began studying the mind. Through meditation, self-study, mentorship, and courses we discovered a realm of health that is greatly under appreciated: Self-Understanding. ..."[31]

I find the above "discovered .. realm of health" totally validating to the gift of understanding of which I regard "Self-Understanding" as supreme!

December 29, 2018 - Books - For Empowering You! -

Whether one studies Chakra Psychology, German New Medicine, Oriental Medicine, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Louise Hay, Placebos, The Law of Attraction teachings, or other approaches that explain or map the mind-body connection, it becomes quite clear that we have the power within our own consciousness to create illness or wellness. Health care can either empower us or disempower us. Health care that empowers us typically leads us to need to seek professional care less often. Health care that disempowers us tends to foster perpetual need for invasive treatments and constant physician management.

Working to balance your consciusness and energy patterns, clearing away old dysfunctional programs, and building a healthy lifestyle can bring you lasting wellness. Ignoring those issues can lead you to be a perpetual dependent of disease management that never actually brings you health. If you don't address the range of factors that are creating dis-ease or dys-function then you can't create wellness and healthy functioning. Begin to learn about how holistic healing has helped many others restore their health and soon your belief and trust in this will be strong and empower you to access resources you need to heal yourself as well.

Books For Suggested Reading -

Decoding The Human Body-Field: The New Science Of Information As Medicine, by Peter Fraser & Harry Massey, (Paperback – March 20, 2008);

The Chakras In Shamanic Practice: Eight Stages Of Healing And Transformation, by Susan J. Wright; (Paperback – June 29, 2007);

Quantum Medicine, by Paul Yanick, Jr.
Virtual Medicine, by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby
Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide, edited by Burton Goldberg, M.D.
Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, by James L. Oschman
Vibrational Medicine, by Richard Gerber, M.D.
Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden
The Promise Of Energy Psychology: Revolutionary Tools For Dramatic Personal Change, by David Feinstein, Donna Eden, & Gary Craig
Energy Medicine In Therapeutics And Human Performance, by James L. Oschman, Ph.D.
A Practical Guide To Vibrational Medicine: Energy Healing And Spiritual Transformation, by Richard Gerber
Consciousness, Bioenergy And Healing (Healing Research Volume II), by Daniel J. Benor, M.D.
Spiritual Healing: Scientific Validation Of A Healing Revolution, by Daniel J. Benor, M.D.
The Un-Broken Field: The Power Of Intention In Healing, by Dr. Michael Greenwood
The True Power Of Water, by Masaru Emoto
Cancer Is Not A Disease, It's A Survival Mechanism, by Andreas Moritz
The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles, by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Awakening Intuition, by Mona Lisa Schultz
Why People Don't Heal And How They Can, by Caroline Myss
Anatomy Of The Spirit, by Caroline Myss
Heal Your Body (A-Z), by Louise Hay
You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay
Hands Of Light, by Barbara Ann Brennan
Light Emerging, by Barbara Ann Brennan
Biogenealogy: Decoding The Psychic Roots Of Illness, by Patrick Obissier
Conscious Healing: The Regenetics Method, Book One, by Sol Luckman
Consciousness & Healing: Integral Approaches To Mind-Body Medicine, by Marilyn Schlitz & Tina Amorok with Marc Micozzi (Ft. Essays by Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dean Ornish, Candace Pert, Rachel Naomi Remen, & Ken Wilber)
The Quantum Doctor, by Amit Goswami, Ph.D.
Subtle Energy, by William Collinge, Ph.D.
The Presence Of The Past, by Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.
The Field, by Lynne McTaggart
The Living Energy Universe, by Gary Schwartz & Linda Russek
The Energy Healing Experiments, by Gary Schwartz
The Power Of Intention, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Healing, Intention, And Energy Medicine, by Wayne B. Jonas, M.D.
Beyond Quantum, by Michael Talbot
The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot
The Spontaneous Fulfillment Of Desire, by Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Science And The Akashic Field: An Integral Theory Of Everything, by Ervin Laszlo
The Dreaming Universe, by Fred Alan Wolf. Ph.D.
Ancient Wisdom And Modern Physics, by Leading Edge Research Group (
The Conscious Universe, by Dean Radin
Entangled Minds, by Dean Radin
Science And Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality And Consciousness, by William A. Tiller
DNA: Pirates Of The Sacred Spiral, by Dr. Leonard Horowitz[44]

June 30, 2018 - Book: "Mind Over Medicine" -

"... The body can only repair itself when the body is in a state of physiological rest. Whenever the body thinks it’s time to run away from the lion (or whatever chronic, repetitive perceived threat it believes itself to be under), it shuts down self-repair. After all, who cares about long-term maintenance like killing unwanted cancer cells if you’re about to be eaten by a lion? ..."[36]

March 29, 2018 -

“...It seemed that the great tragedy of human life had always been that the psyche is so easily deceived, Discord and strife have been the inevitable consequences of mankind’s inability to distinguish the false from the true.”
"I: Reality and Subjectivity" by David R. Hawkins

March 7, 2018 - Oprah says "When I EMBRACED illness, I miraculously healed!"

Dr. Kim writes:
Hi Friend,

One of my mentors, Byron Katie, had suffered terrible anxiety and depression for years, before an experience of deep surrender that changed her life.​
Since then, she experiences "no suffering" but instead feels deep love and compassion for everything that arises.

She shares her story with Oprah and guides Oprah to release judgment about her body, so she too can experience greater freedom.

​​​​​​In this video[29], Oprah shares an experience where she experienced severe illness, only to remember to release resistance. This allowed her to spontaneously and unexpectedly heal.

​​​​​​​This approach very much reflects what I experienced when I had a years long autoimmune illness with chronic pain and fatigue.
I didn't know "how" to do it, but found my way through. When I EMBRACED my symptoms and my experience, my body healed very quickly.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is the premise for the Embracing Health program.
- Dr. Kim[28]

June 23, 2018 - Trauma Therapist - Peter A. Levine, PhD[33] -

Apparently has something to say about "Healing" four types of emotional trauma, each of which have been individually correlated with the brain:
1. Tertiary emotions: Youngest brain - Cognitive
2. Secondary emotions: Middle brain - Behavioral
3. Primary emotions: Oldest brain - Affective
4. Primary emotions: WHOLE brain Core Self.[34]

Note: FYI - I have not reviewed any of the content on Peter Levine's page.

More from another page at the same website:

Healing individual trauma and transforming culture and society – Peter Levine -

Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. (*1942) is a US American therapist who specialized in the treatment and understanding of chronic stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or tonic immobility. In studying how wild animals
recovered from trauma, he developed the trauma therapy Somatic Experiencing.
Four waves of psychotherapy -
Effective trauma healing comprises four imprinted brains/layers of experience.
Trauma affects the nervous systems of individuals as well as society.

Activation of brain region
Focus of psychotherapy

1st layer - Tertiary emotions - Cognitive - Youngest·brain -
Primarily using the conscious mind, primate or neocortical regions of the brain - Helping the client to: Become conscious of psychological patterns.

2nd layer - Secondary emotions - Behavioral -
Middle brain - Mammalian limbic regions of the brain -
Eliciting healing - Corrective emotional experiences

3rd layer - Primary emotions - Affective -
Oldest brain - Brain stem, reptilian midbrain -
Freeing up stuck patterns of chronic activation or freezing.

4th layer - Primary emotions - Core Self -
WHOLE brain - Cortical, limbic and midbrain regions of the human brain -
Integration - Engaging human resources on all levels

Sources featuring Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. (*1942) US American therapist specializing in the treatment and understanding of chronic stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD, tonic immobility), developer of Somatic Experiencing®, educator, author.
► Audio dialogue Creating Health In a Traumatized Society, presented by the US American webcast The Beyond Awakening, host
     Terry Patten, US American integral evolutionary leader, coach, author, 60 minutes duration, aired 11. November 2012
► Article Resolving Trauma and the "4th Wave" of Psychotherapy, presented by the US American The Beyond Awakening
     Community Blog, host Terry Patten, US American integral evolutionary leader, coach, author, aired 11. November 2012

See also:
► [*] Seven primary affective systems – Jaak Panksepp
► Four basic brains and the ethical brain
► Five types of brain waves
► Four stages of shadow integration
► Four systemic practices of humiliation
► Cubic cosmology as opposed to spheric cosmology – Wallace Black Elk
► Four collective denial patterns – Breaking taboos
► Three challenging lessons in life
► Healing and ► Neuroscience and ► Transpersonal psychology and ► Transformation and ► Culture and ► Sociology[35]

August 22, 2018 - The Etheric Body -

"The etheric body or the etheric double is an exact replica of the physical body. It is the archetype upon which the physical form is built. There is nothing in the manifested universe, solar, planetary or the various kingdoms of nature which does not possess an energy form or etheric body. This etheric body controls and governs and conditions the outer physical body.

The function of the etheric body is to store up the rays of radiatory light and heat which are secured from the sun, and to transmit them via the spleen chakra, to all parts of the physical body. The etheric body is a web or network of fine interlacing channels. These nerve channels are called 'nadis'.

This etheric web or network, during incarnation, forms a barrier between the physical and astral planes. People who have taken large amounts of drugs or psychedelics can cause this etheric webbing to be broken which can cause them to be unprotected from lower astral energies.

The etheric body can also be likened to the energy battery of the physical body. Etheric congestion in some part of the etheric body can lead to many forms of disease and mental unclarity. The etheric body is vitalized and controlled by thought, and can be brought into full functioning activity by right thinking.

Most diseases that the physical body suffers from, have their roots in the etheric body, and astral bodies. The principal factors in establishing a healthy well flowing etheric body are sunshine, light diet, with emphasis upon proper proteins and vitamins, and the avoidance of fatigue and worry."[37]

My emphasis in the above is: "The etheric body is vitalized and controlled by thought".

Food for Psyche & Health -

"When physician Donald Morse of Temple University did research with female students, he asked them to meditate for 5 minutes before eating, then also to do mental arithmetic for 5 minutes before eating. When the students meditated, they produced 22% more of an enzyme in saliva called alpha-amylase, which helps you break down carbohydrates and B vitamins in food. This suggests that if you eat in a relaxed, mindful, present state of mind, you'll absorb more nutrients, and in this way, may improve health.":


"My conclusion is that both our research and amazing new scientific technology are continually adding exciting new evidence that our Great Creator God has equipped us with marvelous mechanisms by which, through faith in him, our spiritual beliefs and behaviors can actually help heal us." - [Harold G. Koenig, M.D., The Healing Connection, p. 160].,+M.D.++The+Healing+Connection&hl=en&sa=X&ei=AwqQU87xLceu8AGbm4CQBA&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=%22our%20spiritual%20beliefs%20and%20behaviors%20can%20actually%20help%20heal%20us.%22%20&f=false

June 29, 2105 -

Got inspired with the thought of searching "Norman Cousins"+"German New Medicine" and now have 39 results here:

July 2, 2015 -

I'm investigating the first couple of chapters of a book that speaks of the mind body connection but as far as I know does not (yet) include reference to Dr. Hamer. I've contacted the author and apparently he knows of Dr. Hamer's new medicine.:

Subject: Linking Your Book +
Date: 06/25/2015

Greetings Rob!
Thought you may like to know that I have just added a link to your Amazon book page in my blog:

"... Who Wish to Be Free From the Fear of Disease."


I originally had included the link at an earlier blog:

"How Scientific is Western Medicine?
How Scientific Are Orthodox Cancer Treatments?" -

In the process of reviewing this blog I recognized your name from our LinkedIn connection and that prompted me to contact you!

Have you considered German New Medicine?
If you have then I am very interested in hearing your thoughts about it.

Also would like to know if you have considered Anthroposophical Medicine.[16] If so, did you know that there is a German New Medicine case study published in German on Rudolf Steiner?:

I have a copy of this booklet however I don't speak German. I'm seeking an individual who is interested enough in both Steiner and the "new medicine" who would be willing to consider translating this into English but not as a commercial project. My interest is strictly for my personal private research and is not of a commercial nature. If the individual feels that they need to have some kind of compensation then I'd like to suggest some options for trading services with them - according to their interests in health, personal growth and the related. I am happy to consider offering my private consultations.
~Chef Jemichel
at San Diego, California

Rob writes in the second chapter of his book:

"Wholeness or health is not equal to being happy or living a life without pain or handicaps. Wholeness applies to the integration of physical, mental and social well-being, which can be fully achieved in the presence of a disease."[2]

In contemplating this description there area few things that stand out for me. Firstly I agree with what is stated in the first sentence.

The second sentence presents a statement regarding wholeness that appears to be conditional upon achieving a certain "integration". From a new medicine perspective wholeness is unconditional. Psyche-brain-organ-body is a whole integrated system. There is nothing that needs to be "achieved" in this respect. However the author includes a mention of the "social" dimension and although some may be view "social well-being" as existing at least somewhat "outside" the wholeness of psyche-body it can also be viewed as existing wholly within the psyche.

July 25, 2015 -

"The more you realize the power of your mind in an Alpha or Theta state, the more you will
focus your attention towards healing your body from mental and physical ailments." - Alexander Johansson[3]

I'll be looking further into this.

August 2, - Started practicing the suggested body scanning technique and have found it most excellent in shortening the time it takes for me to fall asleep!

August 2, 2015 -

"What is a psychology that does not provide you with the possibility of mapping your own mental processes? The very word psychology establishes that there must be a mechanism to the way the human psyche unfolds."[4][9]

September 20th, 2015 -

I've been introduced to the "Torus" through "The Convergence of 2012" by Ronald Holt and with such was immediately able to recognize the following

The Iconic Torus
​​"The self-organizing geometry of this evolutionary process is the vortex sphere or torus, the double-spiral form that’s been seen by cultures since the Neolithic era to symbolize the flow they experienced between nature and psyche, male and female, chaos and order."

November 15th, 2015 -

German New Medicine has been referred to (by the Spanish) as "the Sacred Medicine".[5] In English that could be stated as Holy. I think of it as a truly Holistic or Holy Medicine. (Look at the roots of holy and find whole, health!)

By whatever name - the essential unity of Psyche, Brain and Organ is the foundation for understanding how shock conflicts can launch a special biological survival program that is both meaningful just as it is and that supports the resolution of the conflict. Knowing this can help calm the mind and it's fear-based directives.

Given the most basic understanding of the Human Design System we learn that the mind is not our inner "authority". No one has a Human Design with their authority based in the Head! Therefore you need to know where in your Human Design your authority resides. And most especially whenever you need to make important decisions - as is the case when responding to "disease" that manifest in your life and in the individual members of your family. Wherever your inner authority resides - you need to be "able to interrupt the noisy, disorderly flow of your thoughts and feelings."[6]

Otherwise the mind is subject to external conditioning systems wherein your authentic self not only does not get acknowledged it by and large does not even exist! What if you gain the whole conditioning system but loose your self in the process?[7]

Nov. 25th, 2015 -

Breathing Exercises -

Breathing affects not only our physical life but all manifestations of our psychic life. Meditation, prayer and ecstasy are all forms of breathing. ..."

From "Journey with Omraam"[8]

January 7, 2016 -

What does "psyche" refer to?

"We address the psyche as essence, soul, or Consciousness, although, sometimes we use the other term 'anima,' which is a Latin word that describes the soul; thus, anima, psyche, Consciousness, essence, soul are synonyms that hide the same meaning.":

February 15th, 2016 -

"To live in the Maya is to live in a unique mental reality, where language seems to be the only civilized tool for bridging the bubbles of consciousness in which we live.
Nothing is more constraining than feeling mentally imprisoned within your own body. That is why communication is the most effective medicine for the human soul."

See more at:

March 1st, 2016 -

"... The findings of Dr. Hamer, on a much higher level, imply that once we are acquainted with these universal Biological Laws, as intelligent people with a 'soul', we should be practicing a life of harmlessness, not continuously and consciously try to inflict shocks on others."[10] - Ilsedora Laker

Today is the first time I've read the above (from an online letter of three years ago). I'm impressed with the truth of this statement regarding "harmlessness". I believe that "practicing a life of harmlessness" requires training/education specifically for that purpose. This is an opportunity to apply Human Design principals and especially understanding how Defined Centers in one individual inevitably condition the Undefined Centers of others. This is something that I believe needs to be taught early on. I'd like to consult with Waldorf teachers about age-appropriate timing to begin introducing Human Design to children.

Actually Human Design is very largely for supporting parents in understanding their children so that children can be better accepted as themselves rather then be forced into behavior that is simply not who they are and not who they are designed to be!

Thank you Ilsedora!

Also, I can imagine a study on whether doctors with Defined Solar Plexus Centers (DSPC) have more conditioning emotional impact on their patients with Undefined Solar Plexus Centers (USPC) than the doctors with USPC re: patients with DSPC. I can't help but think that there will be a difference. In any case I highly recommend knowing your own Human Design and especially where you may have USPC or any other Undefined Center that is vulnerable to conditioning from anyone in your immediate environment.

March 22nd, 2016 -

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) - Healing -

"...the correction in the mind of the belief in sickness that makes the separation and the body seem real; the effect of joining with another in forgiveness, shifting perception from separate bodies -- the source of all sickness -- to our shared purpose of healing in this world; since healing is based on the belief that our true Identity is spirit, not the body, sickness of any kind must be illusory, as only a body or ego can suffer; healing thus reflects the principle that there is no order of difficulty in miracles."[24]

The "belief in sickness" is the meaning that the world has for "disease" and that Dr. Hamer has shown is not true. This belief needs to be corrected and ACIM can support the correction. In any case healing/resolution of the shock conflict (that is behind each and every biological program that the medical-based world calls "disease") requires a shift in perception to "our true identity". The "doctor of the future" that is now teaches the patient (as a student) in making this shift in their perception.

Films can teach healing! In a film review: "Healing is a decision for God because sickness is a projection of guilt"[11]

April 2nd, 2016 -

The most powerful tool that we can use for clearing our psyche is to invoke the violet flame.[12]

the 7th -

"Each and every emotion that an individual undergoes results in the synthesis of a different neuropeptide. These neuropeptides are capable of determining the probability of the individual getting infected by a virus." The Science of Emotions[13]

This appears to be an excellent reference for seeing how intimately mind-body-soul(psyche) is a unified reality.

April 8th, 2016 -

"... It's possible to fortify your psyche. It's possible to develop a sense of mastery.

And it's definitely necessary to go back and reinterpret past events to find the strengths you have probably had within all along. Some evidence shows that it's not really until adulthood that people begin to surmount the difficulties of childhood and to rebuild their lives."[14]

April 11th, 2016 -

"...Speak to your cellular structure and watch it respond. A smart body system exists within you that controls your ENTIRE health as a unit. Not just one aspect. The smart body system consists of trillions of pieces of DNA which hear every single one of your intentions and responds accordingly. Do you think spontaneous remissions are a coincidence? That’s DNA working at near 100 percent efficiency for a split second and it happens all the time.

Your DNA is waiting for you to become quantum, just as it is quantum. Your DNA does not understand what others say to you. It understands what you say to yourself. You are your best healer. You are your best teacher. You are your best everything. You are part of everything and everything is a part of you. Realize that your DNA can amplify itself in patterns that reflect everything that you think, feel and act in your daily life. All health and all disease first manifests from this origin."[15]

May 20th, 2016 -

More from A Course In Miracles -

"...Enslavement of the body to the plans the unhealed mind sets up to save itself must make the body sick. It is not free to be the means of helping in a plan which far exceeds its own protection, (a plan) which needs its service for a little while. In this capacity is health assured. For everything the mind employs for this will function flawlessly, and with the strength that has been given it and cannot fail."[17]

I love this thought!
I'm now in a de-conditioning phase that is clearing the mind of false (fear-based)[18] beliefs.

May 27th, 2016 -

Our perception of disease and of the body itself deserves to be clarified to such an extent that it would be more true to say here is where our real healing lies. [19]

March 10, 2017 -

"The evidence for mind-body consciousness is strong indeed. Firstly, there’s the placebo effect – the disturbing (to allopaths) fact that in some circumstances a pill or potion with no active ingredient is as effective as the best the pharmaceutical industry can offer. The medical mainstream dismiss placebos as illusory, even unethical, whereas in reality they tell us more about the ability of humans to heal than any amount of double-blind trials.”[20]

April 7, 2017 -

Just discovered María Victoria Malvar Ferreras via the Gene Keys Society where I am being introduced to "her wisdom on the movements of Spirit, using counselling, shock and trauma healing tools and contemplation in a unique combination".[21] I have just sent Victoria an introductory email with good hope that I'll hear from her soon. I am especially interested in learning more of her "healing tools and contemplation". I'll post updates here!

September 18, 2017 - A unique method to resolve emotional distress -

"Bioreprogramming® is a method combining in a very unique way, the science of Neuro-Linguistic -Programming, Biological Decoding, The Bio-Memorized cycles, Psycho-Genealogy, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Gestalt therapy among other modalities. Making the link between psychological conflicts and their expressions in the body is primordial in order to support any recovery process. Bioreprogramming® permits the understanding of illness from the emotional perspective. The method of Bioreprogramming® contains powerful tools to undo personal and ancestral programs at a subconscious level, in order to create lasting emotional freedom."

September 21, 2017 - "The #1 Healing Tool (Hint: You Already Have It)"[23]

This free 25-minute video (plus PDF of notes on a page or two) will give you a few very simple suggestions which can make a difference in minimizing or even eliminating anxiety. Very well worth your time investment!

January 28, 2018 - The Importance of A Nourishing Diet in Feeding Your Brain as a Foundation for Your Psyche![25] -

February 10, 2018 - Dr. Holt re: the "New Medicine" -

"This new paradigm of understanding viewed illness from an entirely fresh perspective, proposing an unerring intelligence within the seeming chaos of mental disorders and physical disease. To best summarize my findings with this approach I would say that it enabled any open and curious patient to achieve super clarity on the origin of their illness."

March 2, 2018 -

"...Spiritual and emotional integrity is addressed using German New Medicine looking for traumas and conflict to help them heal. This part is vital. Left breast cancer is related to ... male relationships. Right breast cancer is related to a mother/daughter relationhip as an example of emotions."

March 16, 2018 - Guided Self Healing -

"Guided Self Healing is based on several simple ideas:

• Any obstacles to creating our intention are a remembering of unresolved issues that have been too hard to handle, so we either put it out of our awareness or it is in our awareness and we don’t know what to do with it.

These issues are nested in stories that are part of our experience. Our current day difficulties are clues to help us remember these originating stories, and therefore the issues, so we can be in a different relationship with them in order to heal and grow. What do we mean by re-membering? To remember is to bring into conscious awareness or, for a story in our awareness, a way of “putting it back together”, so that we use it to support our wellbeing rather than having it be an impediment to moving forward. It follows that remembering equals healing equals wholeness. Or in other words, when we come for healing we come to remember who we truly are in order to be whole.

• The simplest way to remember is through the body. Every traumatic block has its equivalent body sensation(s).

Even though we may not consciously remember the story, it is, nonetheless, stored in our body as an associated uncomfortable sensation(s). This leads to the perhaps radical notion that every sensation we have in our body is a story we couldn’t integrate and every story we can’t integrate from the smallest to the largest, from the past, present and future, is a sensation that is held in our body. The body thus becomes a library of all experience.

How do we find the story that can lead us to healing? We invite the client to bring all of their awareness to the typically uncomfortable sensation(s) that arise in the body when focusing on the difficulty. We then invite the client to re-member (all perceptual modes) by reporting whatever they are experiencing which may include re-living (kinesthetic), re-viewing (visual) or re-calling (auditory), whichever way is most natural for them. By focusing all of their consciousness on the sensation(s), the client is able to report whatever the sensation(s) have come to share."


[1] Anyone who wonders how flower essences can relate to "Psyche & Health" take a look at the search results for: psyche"flower essences" here:

Also search results that may include flower essences in conjunction with German New Medicine:

[2] Healing Psyche - Psychological Secrets for Effective Cancer Treatment by Rob Van Overbruggen, Ph.D.


[4] - See more at:



[7] Matthew 16:26


[9] "The Multidimensional Human Design System
serves as a model of personality theory
pinpointing the mechanical functioning of
all layers of a person’s psyche as it shifts in consciousness through the 24-hour day.":
[Added 1/7/16]


See: "Son of God (2014)"

[12] Replay of Patricia Cota Robles -
"We are Powerful Beyond our Knowing":




[16] "An individual is not simply a body, there is also the psyche and personality to take into account as well.":


[18] Consider "fear" as an acronym: F.e.a.r. = False evidence appearing real. The activating element in f.e.a.r. is the belief that defenses are necessary. That belief (as unconscious as it is) becomes the lens through which a fearful meaning gets projected onto the appearance of things. However if we adopt the "Second Agreement" and "Don't Take Anything Personal" then that will begin to free us from the unconscious defense patterns. That is largely what the de-conditioning process is about.


[20] Consciousness and Healing - A Personal View by David Lawrence Preston, on page 37 of Quantum Health:






[26] David Holt DO, HMD:

[27] See: "Tony Jiminez - SonoPhoto Dynamic Therapy" in the last section on this page:





[32] "German New Medicine | A New Look at Pancreatic Cancer":


Search/See: "Fourfold nature of the psyche and various fourfold constellations" (approximately 3/5 down the page).









[43] Johannes Fishlinger in the current subscriber newsletter.


[45] "What Does 'Healing' Consist Of? What is the 'New Medicine'?":

[46] © 2018 The Practical Path - All Rights Reserved - -
This article was originally published in the Spring 2017, Volume 28, Issue 1, of "Subtle Energies Magazine, Bridging Science & Spirit," a journal published by ISSSEEM.




After first visiting:
a top search result for: "german new medicine"+"arthritis"

[51] "Potentize Your Dna," Chapter 8:


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