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Biological Special Programs of Nature

It is not a psychological conflict, it’s a biological conflict!

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January 3, 2019 - Origin of The "New Medicine" -

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s journey of discovery began one evening, after he received a telephone call that was to change his life forever. He was informed that his 17 year-old son, Dirk, had been accidently shot. Dr.Hamer was devastated and heartbroken. His son passed away three months later in 1978. In spite of the fact that Dr.Hamer had always been healthy, he immediately developed Testicular Cancer.

Dr. Hamer was extremely puzzled by this and began his research to see if there was a connection between the unanticipated trauma that he had experienced from his sons death, when he noticed a sudden onset of Testicular Cancer, he was determined to find the reason. He knew that his illness had to be related to the shock of his son being shot.

This event lead to the scientific discovery of the field called German New Medicine, which on every level can be proven, by Empirical Science.[4]

May 26, 2015 -

The meaning of disease is not acknowledged in western medicine nor is it part of the ethos in the western world. The idea that diseases can be meaningful may be completely foreign to the individual. Consequently the individual may immediately dismiss such a notion without further consideration.

However, for those who have "an ear to hear" - the findings of Dr. Hamer show why and how every disease holds deep biological meaning.

"Finding the Biological Special Programs of Nature was indeed a revelation. Only life itself can write such a drama. Without the death of my son and my subsequent own case of cancer, the true nature of diseases would probably not have been discovered for many decades, because conventional medicine is moving away from the secret." -
Ryke Geerd HamerGerman New Medicine

I'm inspired by both Dr. Hamer and by the following "excerpt" that I feel is representative of the wisdom inherent in traditional "folk medicine", especially in herbology:

"Large Intestine. When the child masters toilet training he or she feels the satisfaction of a job well done. ... The child feels an increased sense of self-worth and autonomy which allows he or she to relate to society as a whole person. The large intestine is thus associated with the function of satisfaction and self-governance. If there is a problem here the person may feel inadequate, unsatisfied and depressed. Patterns of codependency are likely. Western astrology, through the Scorpio rulership of the colon, emphasizes addictive relationship, while traditional Chinese medicine, through the metal rulership, emphasizes depression. In an extreme form, frustration generates 'intestine hatred' where there is a codependency relationship with the object of hatred." - Matthew Wood:

From a German New Medicine perspective - The embryological development of the intestine is in endoderm or inner germ layer with its control center located in the brainstem. "Diseases" manifest from the inability to "ingest, swallow, digest, or eliminate a 'morsel'". Examples of the SBS (Significant Biological Special
Program Of Nature) & the colon are given here:


July 2, 2015 -

In learning that so called "diseases" are highly intelligent "Biological Special Programs" we gain new understanding of the special function of microbes. From the new medicine perspective it can be shown that our body's microbial system serves important functions within many of the biological programs. For instance microbes break down and dissolve tumors.

Medical doctors are not trained to think in terms of special function of microbes. Under the Western Medicine paradigm microbes have generally been grouped together and classified as carriers of disease. We can see this apparent contrast of perspectives in conflict with each other in commerce regarding milk pasteurization, a conflict with history going back over 100 years!

However, all of this is in the process of changing now and for a number of reason. With regards to milk we now have the Weston A. Price foundation supporting the general public's understanding of the place of microbes in human health. We also have Anthroposophical Medicine with a more spiritually-imbued approach to science that is contributing to a renewal of medicine. Most recently we have the findings of the Human Microbiome Project.[1]

These and other organizations, movements and projects are supporting medical practitioners to rethink the former paradigm, especially when medical treatments fail or result in complications.

Following here is an example of the kind of conversation that is happening now between the paradigms.

>>As a medical doctor myself I can say that it takes only superficial knowledge in biology to dismiss 3 of the 5 “laws” of the GNM. The most easily observed fallacy is that germs don’t cause harm but are mere co workers of the body. Anybody with as much as a petri dish and a microscope can find out that the Henle/Koch postulates are valid. that means, we get sick by infection with several bacteria, these bacteria aren’t there to cleanse necrosis after the illness is “resolved”.

Karen Robinson replies:

Yes, I think your observation is valid, so let me clarify. The microbes that Dr. Hamer is talking about are the pleomorphic ones that shape-shift according to the milieu. Besides those, there *are* infectious microbes for sure, such as the lyme spirochete, the microbes that cause cholera, yellow fever and certain other infectious diseases. However, that list is fairly limited. Then there are other conditions like AIDS and cancer where any viruses that may be found are correlations not necessarily causations, and don’t fulfill Koch’s postulates.

A very interesting small book on this subject is The Curse of Louis Pasteur, by Nancy Appleton. Also, the book The Dynamic Legacy, Book Two, by Rudi Verspoor, has an extensive, well-referenced treatment of this topic.

It would take a longer discussion to lay out the fallacy of the germ theory; it applies according to its true jurisdiction but not to many chronic illnesses that the medical establishment has decided to blame a microbe for. Bechamp found that the body was not in fact sterile. He saw that microbes could be seen arising within the body (he experimented on cats), when there was no possible exposure to external microbes. So given that pleomorphism is a real phenomenon, now we have to determine when it applies, and when a given disease is the result of an external infectious microbe. It’s not only one or the other, but of course there are proponents of the germ theory and proponents of pleomorphism, with each wanting to own the whole territory![2]

The study of "pleomorphism" is most fascinating. I recommend it for anyone who feels challenged by the idea that the microbial world is our enemy.

October 22, 2018 - Biodecoding -

"... Diseases are archaic survival programs. To understand the cause and the intelligence of diseases, we need to understand the biological logic (the one from the body) that differs greatly from the mental logic (from the mind). Only in light of this comprehension, diseases including cancers make sense and appear intelligent and meaningful. ..."[3]

Footnotes -



[3] "Breast Cancer: a Logical Survival Program". By: Marie A. Boularand.


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