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Psyche & Cosmos

Bridging the "impossible" gap between the individual's psyche and the Cosmos.

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August 5, 2020 - Rebuilding Trust -

"...Trust has to be earned and that doesn't happen over night, but it can only happen if we allow the right people to prove us wrong in our paranoia over time. Over the coming year, deep rooted emotional traumata might be transformed that way. ..."[14]*

August 7, 2018 - Completing Jupiter's Passage Through Scorpio -

"He’s been through the underworld while traveling through Scorpio, clearing out cobwebs, invading our dreams, and shining a light on our shadow side. Hopefully what Jupiter unearthed while in Scorpio is ready to be healed and ultimately integrated into our lives. Jupiter in Scorpio was all about discovering our shadow side and coming to terms with it. It was about facing past traumas head on and realizing that we are stronger than we ever thought possible. It was about dream work, unconscious triggers, and taking responsibility. It’s possible that your world completely fell apart, Jupiter expands and Scorpio destroys that which is not necessary for growth. Understand deeply that what was taken from you needed to go, ....

... and Jupiter in Sagittarius is the time you rebuild. This is an opportunity to start on a clean slate — traumas have no power over you anymore, your personal power can now bloom. Your shadow side is acknowledged and integrated into your self rather than denied and forced to bubble up in unconscious actions and situations. Duality is recognized and it helps you understand the balance life holds. Death doesn’t have to be feared any longer. Pain doesn’t have to be chronic. The cobwebs are cleared and it’s time to jump into expanding your life in beautiful ways instead of living in fear."[13]

July 9, 2018 - A Language to Understand Psyche In Relation to The Cosmos -

“…The language of astrology is the language of drama - of conflict and resolution, courage and compassion, and life-changing growth and development. …” -

From: "Astrology for Writers" By: Corrine Kenner -
Llewellyn Worldwide, 2013.

February 11, 2018 - Self-Healing in Light of the Astrological Perspective via Chiron -

"I believe that the comet Chiron is a very important part of our charts. It is the bridge between the personal planets and the outer planets, showing us the way to healing and the transcendence of personal pain. Once we get past the personal planets, if we wish to make a journey into the spiritual, we must first appease Chiron. He is the gatekeeper to our deepest wounds. He is there, guarding them, so that they cannot escape into your consciousness until you are ready to come to terms with them. It takes a certain level of awareness in order to work with Chiron, and if one battles what’s behind the gate without being fully prepared, they will be blasted back and have much ground to go back over until they come upon Chiron again. Though Chiron can only be worked on when approached, his ill still lurks inside our subconscious and affects us. That is why it’s best to make your pilgrimage past the personal to the domain of Chiron and finally start your self-healing."[11]

Knowing the astrological house placement of your natal Chiron can be the start of zeroing in to the area of your life that holds your "personal pain". My Chiron is in my third house of communication and family ties. I am so very grateful to have chosen the path of self-healing as the tendency to "self-medicate" could very well have killed me many many years ago. (It certainly killed several of my friends!)

February 12, 2018 - Continuing With "Chiron in the Horoscope -

The Chiron placement reveals where you feel there’s something missing, broken or lost, a sore spot you don’t like to touch, where you feel fragmented, isolated, and hurt. But it also shows the potential path of your healing, how you can resolve your issues and be of service to others.

How the wound manifests will depend on the rest of the horoscope and how many aspects Chiron makes. Few aspects to Chiron tends to show a low awareness of your woundedness and may indicate that the healing journey is not a priority for you in this life. You may experience healing, but it’s more likely to happen unconsciously. If your Chiron has many aspects this can indicate a higher awareness of your wound and need to heal in this lifetime.

The form of your wound and healing journey can be seen in the Moon’s Nodes, the Sun, Midheaven, and Ascendant. But the Moon and Saturn play important roles too.

You can’t begin to heal until you take responsibility for your experience and focus on changing your life for the better. This requires a healthy Saturn to give you the discipline and effort you’ll need to break out of old habits.

These old habits are shown by the Moon, which represents your lower self and instincts. To begin with your wounds will express through your Moon because this is the line of least resistance. The Moon can also be used to escape from your wound when it gets too painful. It protects you from being too hurt, but can also keep you stalled on your healing journey. As you master your emotional response, your healing will begin and the expression of your Moon sign will change. To heal you must move from being unconscious (Moon) to conscious (Sun), from reactive to active."[12]

In my case I have Chiron square my natal Sun and possibly trine Venus. These aspects are significant enough to indicate "a higher awareness of (my) wound and need to heal in this lifetime." I first started becoming conscious of my need for healing in 1969 concurrent with The Who's "Tommy" album that was first released in May 1969. However it was possibly at least another eighteen years before my healing journey began to be a real priority for me. That was concurrent with the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987. This is also when I received first degree Reiki.

May 21, 2015 -

"... we are part of a process that is going somewhere. And it’s not merely a personal shift; it is a very deep cultural change in the human psyche as a whole." - Andrew Cohen[1]

My original impulse for creating the Psyche & Health Blog here at Curezone was primarily inspired by my communications with friend and "New Health" practitioner - Chris Lowthert (DC) who is trained in German New Medicine. Dr Chris supports individual clients through complete resolutions of their conflicts that have manifested "special biological survival programs" (that Western Medicine declares in terms of "something gone wrong" within their paradigm of the medical diagnostic system of disease).

The original impulse continues and it has evolved, expanded and extended itself ever since when I first began thinking through what the psyche is all about (as of about the Fall of 2013). I soon realized that "psyche" includes so much more than just what some "scientists" have so far identified and attributed to as the working of an individual's brain. Firstly (in this regards) there is the collective psyche that must be considered. And then there is the rest of the cosmos!

The "problem" at that point (as Richard Tarnas has pointed to in his work: Cosmos and Psyche) has been a Church-dominated cosmology. However, "...a universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary".[2]

June 25, 2015 -

I think this is where the following quote will continue the thought that preceded immediately above here:

"... We can’t keep things buried forever. We can call it a 'bad daimon' and hide it in the misty oceanic depths of the Twelfth House, but the fact remains that the daimon is our archetypal template and represents the most valuable and unique parts of the self. If even a few of these unique elements of our being are repressed, some poor planet must surely bear the burden of that repression. Whether through our Mercury, Venus, Moon, or something else, the dark cloud of repression will fall upon us somewhere. And it is the business of that cranky daimon who dwells in the Twelfth House to make us feelingly, painfully aware of it."[3]

The continuity of thought that I'm claiming with this quote hovers around "universal experience". A key for our understanding here is in realizing that we are microcosms of the macrocosm. What is referred to astrologically is operating within us, within our Human Design and that can be known! The "universal experience" is largely dependent upon a universal language of light. Every individual can still have (as they are uniquely designed to have) their own experience of the "macro" as it is individualized within us however we need a shared "language of light" to communicate our experience to one another and possibly gain a shared understanding by way of a shared reality!

June 26th -

The idea of "Psyche & Cosmos" can also be stated in other ways such through the series of lectures by Rudolf Steiner known as "Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe":

"... Spiritual Science ... requires for its development a fulfillment of the aphorism which won respect centuries ago, the saying of the Greek Apollo: 'Know thyself!' Now this admonition, by which is not intended a burrowing into one's own subjectivity but a knowledge of the whole being of man and the position he occupies in the Universe — this is a search that must find a place in our whole spiritual life.

... we must seek to illuminate modern methods of thought with a knowledge of Man; for it is a fact that the knowledge of Man has to a very great extent been lost in modern times. This was our aim in the course of lectures that has just been held for doctors, where an initial attempt was made to throw light in a positive way upon matters with which medical science has to concern itself. (... Spiritual Science and Medicine ...)[4]

If you truly know yourself as a spiritual being who is incarnated in a human body then you can recognize the necessity for "a knowledge of Man" within western medicine. It is here in the interactions with those who work in the medical field (especially the physicians) where I hear the call for "bridging the gap between the individual's psyche and the Cosmos". The bridge can be built with "spiritual science".

"... A true knowledge of Man must be regained, and indirectly a knowledge of the Cosmos by the same method. Then man will understand how Necessity and Free Will are related, and how both can apply to Man, since he is born from the Cosmos."[5]

Following my inspiration has just now brought me to a new book:

"The Heavens Declare: Astrological Ages and the Evolution of Consciousness":

"... the purpose of these letters is to emphasize two things: (1) the necessity for understanding within yourself and through your own body the various processes represented by the sign's; and (2) appreciation of their equivalent within the psyche. After all, we are psychosomatic creatures, and Jung has pointed out that many of our individual problems can be worked upon within the psyche without necessarily being acted out in physical world as "fate." This would include many illnesses having a psychological disturbance at their root -though not all."

The author continues:

"I always like to remember that the word 'cosmos' means beauty, the beauty of order and harmony. When you realize the way (that) our solar system interconnects with the greater model of the ring of the twelve visible constellations, it takes your breath away. ..."[6]

July 19th, 2015 -

Earlier tonight I was spontaneously inspired and noted "Hologenetic thinking" with intention to research that concept. My search results led me to "where the microbiome of symbiotic bacteria living within animals indirectly contributes to evolution; kind of symbiosis".[7] From there I went down a "rabbit hole" and ended up at:

and in a pretty happy state as I already had taken my copy of Cosmos and Psyche (C&P) off the shelf to check the pub date to compare with another publication re: cosmic meaning. On page one of C&P I re-stumbled upon this quote of Carl Jung:

Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche. -
Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Actually this quote exactly coincides with my thought re: "Hologenetic thinking"! When I was conceiving "Hologenetic thinking" I also thought of Steiner's "twelve perspectives"[8] and that would allow for union between "Human and Cosmic Thought".

Tarnas believes that, "The astrological tradition can be seen as essentially continuing and deepening the depth psychology project, to make conscious the unconscious to help free the conscious self from being a puppet of unconscious forces."

November 6th, 2015 -

In continuing with "...the Evolution of Consciousness" -

"The rise of the writing of history in the fifth century BC is itself one of the foremost phenomena of the change in human consciousness."

The Gospel of Hellas, pg. 19

April 1, 2016 - Happy All Fools Day!

Human Design is a individualized map of the unique energetic mechanics that are operating in every man and as such it serves as a guide to authentic individuality; the blueprint of the psyche.[9]

The Human Design System is a synthesis of several streams of consciousness on both side of the hemispheres (both rational and mythical) of which the I Ching stands prominently.

Carl Jung "Used the I Ching as a method for linking synchronicity and psyche: 'The I Ching, which we can well call the experimental foundation of classical Chinese philosophy, is one of the oldest known methods for grasping a situation as a whole and thus placing the details against a cosmic background — the interplay of Yin
and Yang.' (Jung & Hull, 1973).[10]

"Coupled with the mythos aspect, the narrative,
the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching can be defined as the anatomical model of change in the domain of human dynamics and relationships."[10]

This is the one "definition" that I've seen of the I Ching that relates the closest to the Human Design System.



Also see his Evolutionary Enlightenment:

Originally quoted at my "Son of Truth of Self" Blog here at CureZone: titled: "The Cyclocosmic Picture of Reality" -
Abstract: AKA "The Big Picture"! Life is cyclic, spiraling in nature. This understanding is essential for life mastery.:

[2]A Course In Miracles - Manual For Teachers - Clarification of Terms p.77







also spoken of by Steiner in his lecture series on: Macrocosm and Microcosm









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