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by Chef JeM

The "Enlightened" Component In Cheeta

19.) Biologically "Enlightened Ecology" is one of many kinds of ecology, all of which can be enlightened!

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July 7, 2019 - The "Enlightened Component" in the Gene Keys" -

This week the Sun is transiting through the 53rd Gene Key. It is an excellent time to access/activate the "Gift" frequency within our 53rd Gene Key that is located in the Root Center of our Human design.

"The Gift of Expansion is about the Expansion of awareness, love, and creativity, and those three together create a perfect harmony. Awareness without love can be cruel, love without awareness can be painful, and creativity without love can be reckless.

Expansion comes without effort and emerges naturally, slowly, quietly. It brings calm rather than excitement. It brings simplicity rather than complexity, perspective rather than ambition. It all comes through slowing down."

– The 53rd Way, the Gift of Expansion[9]

April 10, 2015 -

Very early this morning as I was just starting my day I made a note with the intention of blogging about the thought that I've expounded upon here. The subject is "enlightenment". I envision Cheeta as a major supportive community for ongoing enlightenment of each and every member, all our participants and every guest that we have. The Cheeta acronym originally stated as "Community Healing - Ecologically Enlightened - ..." expressed the "enlightened" component it terms of ecology. However, my semantic thinking on what is "ecological" is not limited to just the physical environments. Additional ecologies also exist and include spiritual ecology.

The note I wrote this morning was: "What traditionally took many years to obtain through meditation[1] is now a quantum leap more accessible in less than three days[2]; however - maintaining that has been the next challenge."[3]

The "maintaining" of self-enlightenment is part of the purpose of Cheeta. When the Human Design is included for understanding individuals we can see a range of Defined and Undefined Centers among the different body graphs and begin to understand how this represents the varying "degrees" of sensitivity/vulnerability that individuals have to their environment - largely if not entirely depending on the extent of Undefined Centers in one's Human Design. The Undefined Centers function like "dishes" pointed to the environment, taking all of the potential conditioning elements in. Just having one Undefined Center can have its impact on the individual. Some people have all nine of their Centers Undefined!

My "Loving Father" aspect (from my King of Hearts Birth Card) understands the potential environmental conditioning factor. The joy of my "Secret Language of Destiny" is sharing my understanding of others. My numerological "22 Life Path" responds as a "Master Builder" with Cheeta!

Plus - In my natal chart I have the sun in the 12th House! It is natural for me to live in a "retreat" type environment. Cheeta is that for me.

April 11, 2015 -

"To travel to India… That is the dream for an increasing number of Westerners, because they think the country represents the height of spirituality. They have read several books on Hinduism, Buddhism, the different yogas and spiritual Masters, and so they imagine that, as soon as they set foot on Indian soil, they
will be led immediately to the great initiate and sage who will give them enlightenment. ...

... But what do they think it takes to find a Master? Even if they believe that they have found one, are they sure that they
will be accepted? And what will they do when they sit in front of someone who spends hours in silence? Are they able to enter into communication with him during this silence? If, as they often state, they have not been able to find any real spiritual nourishment in the West, they will not be able to find it in
the East."

"A year in India: February 1959 - February 1960, Part 1/7":

I have not been to India. I never had the desire! I share the basic perspective of Abilitism[4] and have resolved that my answers are within, not in a foreign land. "The Kingdom of God is within you".[5]

May 10, 2015 -

The book of Revelation speaks of precious stones.[6] They "symbolize the work that human beings can carry out within themselves".[7] The "work" is that of transformation. Most all of the precious stones allow light to pass through them. However it is pressure that makes their transformation possible.

May 12, 2015 -

Just discovered this book and added it to my Amazon "Wish List"[8].

"There is a profound, qualitative difference between the approach of biodynamic agriculture and mainstream factory farming or genetic modification. However, Jonathan Code argues that the most significant difference is not between the practical methods employed, but in the consciousness behind those methods. This insightful book examines how the biodynamic approach to land stewardship, and a deeper understanding of how to work with the land, plants and animals, can become a catalyst not only for the transformation of compost and soil, but the transformation of consciousness. This is a book for anyone interested in not only healthy agriculture, but how it feeds a healthy culture."

Biodynamics as "catalyst" is the source for the "Enlightened Ecology" in Cheeta.

May 18, 2015 -

Just found the following quote through this rsarchive search result:

using my search terms: "omraam mikhael aivanhov"steiner

"A Bridge of Light for the New Children"

"We can join in the creation of bridges of light between the soul planes and the Earth plane. These bridges smooth the transition for incoming souls. They can help awaken our awareness to the true nature of the beings who come to join us, and in doing so, we may come to appreciate ourselves more fully for the wonderful beings we are.

Such bridges of light help children to orient themselves once here. They make it easier for them to find their highest path and life purpose. They ease the communication of the blueprint for humanity and facilitate the co-ordination of the individual purposes that we have as members of the human race."

May 22, 2015 -

"...God can be worshipped in nature, his temple, especially in the peace and clear air of the morning. The sun, as it rises over the world, is the priest, distributing blessings of light, warmth and life to all creatures. Wherever you are on earth, the sun shines overhead.":

I'm more appreciate of "the sun" these days since I have recently reemerged into the daylight. For the past number of months I've been up all night long and in an artificially lit closed space into the early morning then going to bed during the time when the sun is "distributing blessings of light, warmth and life to all creatures". I'm hoping that the "all night long" sessions are over for good and that I can completely reemerge into the light of the day! The sun light now has never looked so beautiful before!

May 29, 2015 -

What are flowers really?

"... They are living beings with which we can create a relationship. Yes, a flower is not simply a piece of matter with a colour and perfume; it is the home of an entity that has come to speak to us of earth and heaven. And if we know how to look at it, how to relate to it, we connect with the forces of nature, with the entities that work to make the flower such a life-giving, poetic presence".:

Flowers in Cheeta are welcomed members of the community and have their home very well cared for. Presently where I live and have been making compost for the past seven years I now wish to begin a flower garden. I ask for donations of seeds now.

June 21, 2015 - Eve of The Summer Solstice -

The Journal of the Biodynamic Association of America featured "Who Are the Animals?" in the Spring 2015 Issue.

"Integrating animals into the farm organism is a key principle of biodynamics. As simple as that concept may seem at first glance, there are many layers. The farmer or gardener strives for a balance of domestic animals, crops, and wild animals and vegetation, with the goal of making the organism as ecologically healthy and self-sustaining as possible. This integration helps to develop a coherent, holistic “individuality.”

... the farmer or gardener, as part of this organism, needs to observe and sense the dynamics and interactions of their own unique land."


[1] "The first important, well documented enlightenment is that of Buddha. He spent many years in his endeavor to understand and become enlightened about his true nature and about the true nature of life. He finally attained a deep enlightenment after actively working on it 18 to 22 hours a day for 6 to 9 years.":

[2] In a meditational discipline, it might take an individual three months to realize that he is not what he thot he was. However, if he has someone to talk to, it might take three minutes to gain the same realization.
ibid - see: "Ability Exercise Structure"

[3] "... Enlightenment is more useful if one can walk around and talk with people and be in the depths of dealing in life, and still be in the state of enlightenment."
ibid - see: "Methods of Enlightenment"

"Enlightenment is not a matter of intellectually grasping a thot. It is a matter of having the courage to delve into the subject of oneself with sufficient intensity to break through the barriers that stand between one and Self-enlightenment."
Ibid - see: "The Role of Being a Master"

[4] "... the individual is viewed as a spiritual, conscious being who has ability, who IS Ability. Abilitism states that the responsibility for Life is squarely on each person as an individual, and Abilitism provides the spiritual knowledge and spiritual help necessary to handle that responsibility.":

[5] Luke 17:21

[6] Revelation 21:19





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