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Psyche and the superconscious plus teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

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September 25, 2018 - Building Your Resilience to Withstand "Great Shocks" and Quickly Regain Your Balance! -

Psychic endurance is a very precious quality you must try to acquire by learning to work on the cells of your body. Start with the food you eat. Choose the simplest and healthiest food, and as you eat, train yourself to draw from it, through thought, the purest and most vital elements that will give your cells suppleness and strength. You will have noticed that some people who have received a great shock rapidly regain their balance, whereas others find it more difficult to recover. This is because their psychic matter is more flexible. And this flexibility can be attained through the food you eat. When you eat, you introduce matter into your body for it to build not only your physical body, but also your subtle bodies, and it is important to eat in a state of peace and harmony. Of course, it is not enough just to watch the way you eat; you must also be vigilant in your thoughts, feelings and desires. By working to purify and enlighten them, you will gradually manage to acquire the ability to react quickly and to easily withstand shocks and tensions, both physical and psychic. -
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[34]

Comment posted at Dr. Sircus's Blog -

Regarding: "rogue cells" - this kind of nomenclature unconsciously disregards our innate and truly holistic intelligence/matrix of our psyche-brain-body organism. This mindset is revealed in light of the all-pervading conditioning factor (that virtually everyone has been raised under since infancy): the collective fear-based belief in the persistent ongoing threats of "disease"![35]

September 3, 2018 - Prayers and Meditation in Spiritual Emergencies -

"...These are times of serious spiritual turmoil, during which many people think they can fight against the darkest of entities without any faith. The reason why countless afflicted persons are kept under segregation is that they are not shown any other way but a pharmaceutical solution for their problems, when, on the opposite, prayers and meditation would lead them to see their darkest hour as a step on their spiritual path and would all be quite helpful solutions for their lives."[33]

Experienced an inital "serious spiritual turmoil" in 1970 (at age 18) at a time in my life when I was serving as an acolyte in the Episcopal church yet not having direct experience of the truth behind all the ritual (or is there any truth behind it?). Wanted "helpful solutions". Thought that could be available by voluntarily submitting to "segregation" however I didn't know that only a supposed "pharmaceutical solution" would be the protocol. None of that helped and a week or so later had relapsed back inside the "segregation" for a second round - this time escorted by my priest. It was a curious journey without a "cure" reminiscent of The Who's "Tommy". All of this together appears as some kind of amazing story that I actually lived!

December 22, 2017 - "Spring, summer, autumn and winter – each season corresponds to events in our psychic life, ...
and it is winter that symbolizes life’s difficulties.

In winter, all the forces in plant life descend and concentrate in the roots where they carry out a great work. The roots correspond to the subconscious in us. In winter, that is in periods of difficulty, suffering or solitude, our forces withdraw inside us, into our subconscious. But they do not remain inactive. To live in winter is certainly difficult, but it is during winter that spring is prepared; soon everything will turn green and blossom again. We must simply be patient and wait for the currents to rise once again into our consciousness and superconsciousness. But in order to facilitate this process, certain laws must be understood: during this cold period, you must neither complain, rebel, nor become discouraged, but simply light the fire within you, and blow on it to rekindle your own heart and the hearts of all other beings."[28]

December 9, 2017 - The Human Need "To Suffer" -

"Alone, and left to themselves, human beings cannot evolve: they need stimulation from the outside world, from nature, from events, and of course from other human beings. They need to see, to hear, to have encounters, and even to receive shocks and to suffer.[24] If they are not roused, shaken up, they will do nothing. ..."[23]

Receiving this message today offers me certain relief from the fear-based thoughts that have been revolving around in my mind regarding "geo engineering" and the apparent devastating impact on our planet. A real issue that is so huge I do not know how to respond in a truly positive and effective way. All I know to do is surrender these thoughts to my Higher Self. Now Omraam's message adds understanding to the big picture of the necessity of "stimulation" and now I see the possibility of a higher purpose to the "geo engineering" (as well as some other) reports.

According to the Human Design System we all have an internalized I Ching consisting of 64 Hexagram Gates. One of these is called "The Gate of Shock". It gives us "the ability to respond to disorder and shock ...". It is located in the Heart Center (Ego, Will). However the consistency and reliability here is dependent upon whether the gate was activated. Nevertheless this is wired into our genes!

November 6, 2017 - Psychic life - its effects on the physical body - "Sometimes people die because of an emotion"!

The "Daily Meditation" for Tuesday, November 7, 2017 -
"A man is sitting quietly somewhere, his face expresses nothing in particular. But suddenly an impulse comes from deep down inside: a thought, a feeling of fear, love, anger... and then everything changes, his features, the expression of his face, the color of his skin. How can the physical body suddenly change under the impulse of something so impalpable and subtle as a thought or a feeling? Just one emotion, and we blush, or go pale, or are petrified! Sometimes people die because of an emotion. How can an emotion have such power over the physical body? Everyone is aware of these phenomena, so why have they never drawn the conclusion that it is the psychic life that commands the physical life? The physical body always depends on a psychic or spiritual element above it, which creates or destroys, expands or contracts, which tints, which shapes... Of course it is always possible to influence the body by physical means; they can momentarily improve your health or appearance. But health and beauty depend far more on your thoughts, feelings and on everything making up your inner life."[22]

"How can an emotion have such power over the physical body?" The answer lies in the psyche's connection with and influence upon the brain.

April 10, 2018 -

"A cure obtained by physical means (medicine, surgery) may not be permanent, because a problem in the body is often the materialisation of psychic problem – disorders in our thoughts and feelings. To regain one’s health, one must address the causes, in other words, correct something on the psychic plane. ..."[30]

July 10, 2017 - "To Live In Harmony".

"Why is it so important to live in harmony? Because it is a state which activates a series of physical and chemical reactions in the body, as a result of which all our physiological processes function more effectively."[21]

July 3, 2017 -

"Illness is often caused indirectly by some mistakes we have made in not knowing how to control thoughts, feelings or desires."[20]

November 24, 2018 - Higher Knowledge for Your Psyche & Health -

"... Most of the knowledge human beings seek to acquire helps them to earn a living or to shine in the company of others. It is of no use to them in overcoming life’s hardships. Initiatic knowledge, on the other hand, may not help them find a job or impress their audience, but it supports them in their psychic life because it concerns their deeper nature and it enables them to work on their own matter so as to reach a stage where they have control of themselves, in whatever situation. ..."[36]

May 1, 2018 -

"... Humans are capable of animating and spiritualizing matter, and not just the matter of their own cells, but the whole of nature around them, .... And they will succeed the day they learn how to tear particles of light and love from their heart and soul."[31]

April 7, 2015 -

My introduction to the teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[1] has connected me to my "High Ideal" to which I immediately realized is my community vision called Cheeta. I've "secretly" held this ideal for a number of years and now I'm "out of the closet" and have more fully aligned myself with it! I am growing into a deeper fuller commitment to manifesting Cheeta on Earth! It holds the priority in my life now!

One example of a supporting reference to this is that I am doing Reiki treatments every day for Cheeta. I've been doing consecutive Reiki-Cheeta treatments for a few months now, long enough to establish a foundational transformation in my psyche. There's a transformational effect possible when one adopts a practice like this for over thirty days or more.

The Cheeta vision not only includes "Psyche & Health" it envisions a new medicine center that is wholly devoted to teaching individuals and supporting the regard of psyche as a determinate factor in one's health and total well being.[2]

I am more enthusiastic in supporting the new medicine and especially in creating a permanent home in the u.s. of A. (preferably here in California). Cheeta is wholly devoted to healing in every way. From a new medicine perspective the healing takes place within the psyche.

Added 4/23/15 at Cheeta:

"Authentic healing is probably best supported spiritually."[3]

May 4, 2015 -

Did you know that there are laws that rule the life of the psyche? Do you think that knowing these laws an individual might increase the quality of that life?[4]

July 14, 2015 -

"Your health would be greatly improved if you developed the habit of thinking of your cells and talking to them for just a few minutes every day."[5] Communication like this nourishes your mind-body connection!

August 8, 2015 -

Thoughts are inherently creative and magnetic without us having to do anything about that except either entertain the thought or not. Feelings follow thoughts and so conscious thinking is truly the master key. Omraam gives an analogy regarding this in today's "Thought for the day".[6]

August 15th -

More "Thought for the day" from Omraam to support you in becoming "master of your psychic life"![7]

August 21st-
" will feel you are truly master of your psychic world"[8]

August 28th -

"... You see people going to work every day ... but the main purpose of their efforts is to ensure the survival, material security and wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones. They do not think about the work of the psyche, which would enable them to master any situation. ..."[9]

September 6th -

"... Few people really understand the psychic structure of humans with their different subtle bodies and all their different needs and aspirations. ... True progress, true change, takes place in the mind, in the heart and soul, and it takes place thanks to light. ... Everything depends on people’s mentality, and mentalities can only be changed by an alternative philosophy. ...

When it comes to peace of the soul and spirit, we have to go much higher: all the different elements which go to make up ... our psychic organism, must also vibrate in unison, selflessly, impartially and without friction, just like the organs of the physical body. Peace, therefore, is a higher state of consciousness and, as our state of consciousness depends to a great extent on the health of our physical body, as the least little problem on the physical plane finds an echo on the psychic plane, the physical and psychic organisms must be in harmony with each other before we can know true peace.[10]

November 8th, 2015 -

The Psychic World of Thoughts and Feelings is the "Moral World":

"There are three worlds:
The divine world, which is the world of Ideas; the psychic world of thoughts and feelings – and it is this that is the moral world – and the physical world of forms and concrete manifestation."[11]

November 20th -

"Because so many human beings have no control over their thoughts, they populate space with negative entities, which spread discord and chaos everywhere!" -[12]

If this is your first reading of this quote of Omraam it may appear to be "negative"; however I find it to be truly liberating! Firstly I accept that "truth is not beauty"! Therefor - knowing this "ugly truth" of the "quality" of "thinking" among "so many human beings" can free one in a number of ways - i.e. as an extra incentive for not taking what others say personally and by not making any assumptions about others and the way they think!

According to the Human Design System it can take seven years to de-condition yourself from the kind of thought life that "populate(s) space with negative entities, which spread discord and chaos everywhere!" However, if you adopt "The Four Agreements"[13] that time frame can possibly be shortened some.

January 2, 2016 -

One of the best things I can share with you during the first seven days of 2016 is "Thought of the day" quotes from Omraam. They can be seed thoughts for your new year!

I find the following quote most harmonious with the New Medicine model of psyche-brain-organ that we have from Dr. Hamer.:

"... our physical body, our soul and spirit are merely different manifestations of a single substance, with no real separation between them."[14]

Jan. 7th -

The contrast today within the entire scope of (what is known as) "medicine" that exists between the "big phrama"-dominated Western medical approach and that of the "New Medicine" is nothing less than dramatic! It deserves a documentary! The soundtrack that I'd have behind the "Western medical approach" could easily be of the genre of science fiction horror films. I'm confident that soundtrack will be seen as most appropriate within the next few years that it would take to produce the documentary.

I have blogged in my other Blog sites about the insanity of taking poisonous chemical substances even when they are prescribed by doctors who typically have some kind of financial interest in supporting the pharmaceutical industry. Every single pharmaceutical without one exception has side effects! All of them are designed to treat symptoms and yet symptoms are not the cause of disease!

"People attempt to remedy their ailments by swallowing medicines, without realizing that it is by their thoughts and feelings that they destroy or restore their health."[15]

October 20, 2016 Happy Birthday Tobi Dominique! -

"... When we are able to be say that a period of hardship is over?"[16]

November 14th -

"...think of seeking help from the light, concentrate on it and imagine you are making it course through you. Not only will it purify your psychic body, but to some extent also your physical body, ..."[17]

18th -

" always feel the currents of your psychic life passing through you first, before they reach other people."[18]

January 23, 2017 -

"Stability and all constructive activity depend on unity. Whenever you feel indecisive or scattered within yourself, stop. Meditate, collect yourself, and strive to attain the very centre of your being: your higher self. For it is only around this centre that all the currents running through you will be brought into harmony and, whatever the circumstances, you will sense an equilibrium within you which no shock can disturb. ..."[19]

This "equilibrium within you" is the great preventative of disease. According to the New Medicine all impact from a DHS is dependent upon how you perceive any shocking event. Without your equilibrium your perception becomes a crucible and gateway for a journey into the underworld that takes your body with! Better to unite with "the very centre of your being".

December 18, 2017 - The Source of All Suffering -

"... The Buddha warned that 'desire is the source of all suffering' and the more passionate the desire, the greater the suffering. Interestingly, the word passion has its roots in the Greek word pathos meaning to suffer."[25]

The article I've just quoted from also says: "Desire is the source of all attachment, whereas choice is the gift of detachment". Both mentions of "desire" and "detachment" inspired me to refer to the Gene Keys and glad I did as I verified that the 30th Gene Key has the Shadow of Desire and the 42nd Gene Key has the Gift of Detachment! These two Gene Keys are in two different Codon Rings. However I can see them paired for the purpose of this particular article.

For the 30th Gene Key Richard says:
“When you surrender to the helplessness of being a normal human being, then something remarkable occurs — you experience a shift in frequency of your whole being. You begin to lighten up. The 30th Gift is a new operating wavelength for humanity, and it really involves an inner surrender that cannot be forced or faked.”[26]

For the 42nd:

“If you are truly detached, you will feel more intensely than others because you will not have allowed your expectation, positive or negative, to constrict the event you actually experience.”[27]

June 26, 2018 -

Eckhart Tolle made several references to the Buddha and Buddhists in a YouTube video I just watched.[32]

February 15, 2018 -

"Often it is not danger itself that frightens us the most, but the panic we feel when faced with it."[29]


[1]I blogged about him at my Cheeta blog:

Plus here's a link to one of the daily messages that I'm subscribed to:

[2]I'm blogging the Cheeta vision here:


[4]The "thought for the day":




















[24] We need to understand the language of suffering:
By understanding this language we will be more able to accept the true nature of suffering and what its higher purpose is for us.








[32] Eckhart Tolle - "The Journey Into Now" -






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