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Developing "The High Ideal" of Cheeta!

18.) Further activations! This Blog-writer's transformational program.

Date:   4/5/2015 12:06:21 PM   ( 7 y ) ... viewed 1335 times

June 6, 2020 -

"Once upon a time, there was a poor monk who was so intellectually limited that he could only be given the most menial tasks in the monastery –sweeping, washing the dishes, emptying the rubbish bins, and so on. But there was one truth that had stuck in his mind, one that he never forgot. While he was washing dishes, he would repeat, ‘Lord, as I wash this plate, please wash my heart.’ While sweeping the floor he would say, ‘Lord, as I sweep this cell...’ and so on, and so on. This went on for years. Then one day, thanks to the purity for which he had never stopped working, he became clairvoyant and so wise that cardinals came from afar to seek his advice. Yes, with just one truth! And you, who know so many truths, what are you waiting for to do something with them? Do not let them remain purely theoretical. Choose a few truths and work with them day and night, and you will see the results."[31]

Comment: This account of this "poor monk" reminds this Blog-writer of "Brother Lawrence" in "The Practice of the Presence of God."[32]*

Further Comment - June 10th: In regards to the "comment" immediately above here - consider the possibility of a human evolution that occurred since the time of "Brother Lawrence" that can be seen through Human Design as well as through the "I AM" teachings and most recently in the work of Richard Rudd (Gene Keys).

March 6, 2020 - Another Perspective of "Three-fold" -

"... I have described the Ancient Aryan (Orion) Caste System that pre-dates the Hindu Caste System. It was basically three Castes that had three functions --- the priests, the soldiers, the merchants --- and everyone else was 'caste less' without any particular breeding or special function."[30]


This Blog-writer suspects that he may have "cross-breeding" in his genetic heritage on account of recognizing all "three Castes" (although less recognition in regards to "the soldiers"). Currently his strongest affinity is with "the priests" however the impulse of "the merchants" is also alive in him now. Past cycles in this lifetime include serving several different soldier-like functions (including various guard assignments).

Recently he revisited the Star Wars phenomena and accept the story-line of "soldiers" included within a priestly Caste. (Also consider the Jesuit soldiers.)

April 5, 2015 -

After a superb meeting with a dear friend, housemate and dyad partner this Blog-writer was inspired to begin outlining a history on the development of the Cheeta vision.

He began this Blog about seventeen months ago on May 31st, 2014 (updated as of November 9th, 2015) when he realized he wanted to have a devoted site for Cheeta.

Previously about three and a half years ago he had posted his original draft of the vision at his other site ("Son of Truth of Self")[5]

However the original seed idea of Cheeta goes back even further. He first began thinking in terms of Cheeta about twenty-three years ago but did not publish anything at that time. Nevertheless he had "dreamed the dream". He also had contacted other individuals, seeking connections with those whom he thought might relate to his seed vision.

Now (plus updating on July 25, 2015) He realizes that there is much more to work through in articulating this vision and that it is up to him to actually "build" this vision! He had activated his "will" for building this vision on the day that he made it his "High Ideal"! That act lifted his energetic connection to Cheeta to a new higher level! He now feels he has universal witnesses to his vision where as before he wasn't fully feeling that energetic connection without the commitment[6].

June 22, 2018 - Thank You Rudolf Steiner! -

"As we work our way through spiritual scientific ideas, we enhance our capacity for social action. In this sense, it is important not only which thoughts we take in through spiritual science, but what we do with our thinking as a result." — Rudolf Steiner, 1905. [23]

Thursday April 9th -

Another gift that Rudolf Steiner gave to humanity is the idea of the three-fold social order.[7]

The three spheres of human activity as I understand them are the Rights Sphere, Economic Sphere and Spiritual/Cultural Sphere. Of these three spheres it appears that I probably have had my greatest challenges with my antipathies toward the current financial system that occupies most of the public and much of the private sides of the economic sphere. Now that I have identified Cheeta as my "High Ideal" I see my need for miracles/resolutions regarding how I relate/don't relate to the private cartel's debt-imbued financial system.

I accept that the financial system that I have blogged about at Son of Truth of Self still exists in the world and that what I consider as a real money-based system has yet to sufficiently re-appear here in the u. s. of A. (although it appears that it has re-appeared in a couple countries off shore). Nevertheless it is my strong preference that the "financing" of Cheeta be done with more thoughtfulness than the conventional way based on the current usury banking system.

At the very least some funding can certainly consist of gold and silver. I am now thinking of leading that kind of funding for Cheeta. I'm including this thinking in offering long term support to individuals. I'd like to contribute $100,000 per year toward designing and building the Cheeta Eco-village[25] community and possibly including some funding for a documentary of a prototype.

After listening to a webinar on "6 figures With Ease" shifting from hourly to six-month programs I have begun imagining making the shift myself! I've actually have given some thought to a couple possibilities similar to this. I can see another coalescing - this one regarding all of my transformational support services into one all-inclusive support package. For instance - people may have an outcome they want in their lives but have a physical condition that appears to be an obstacle for them. I have worked with clients in the past specifically for overcoming their physical obstacles. I'm confident in my ability to support more individuals. I also realize that I still want to increase the number of people who can benefit from my support and that my goal at this time is to have several clients for the rest of this year who want my program. Next year I would like to have 10 or more clients.

My programs are based on individualized nourishment systems that are designed to support the particular transformation that the individual wants as their outcome. It could be (and has previously been) primarily a matter of shedding some pounds (no longer a problem when supported with nutrient-density). There are other conditions that people would like resolved with their body. My nutrient-dense, food-as-medicine program can be tailored for any individual!

Moments later -

Amazing! I wasn't even searching for more references for this blog post yet this one supports it:

"... all energy is conscious and highly organized and stores all the information of all its possible transformations."[8]

I like it!

Additional moments later -

If you go to the stankov universal law site you see that we have a "divine right to transform"! How about that right after I wrote about my transformational support services and about the Rights Sphere all in one sitting! ; ~)

January 17, 2019 - "Without this, the very concepts of threefolding would never take root" -

Owen Barfield (1898-1997) ... a great exponent of Steiner’s work ... had been to many lectures and meetings over the years where Steiner’s threefold ideas were spoken of and discussed, ... had come to realise that no proper understanding of these ideas would ever happen within a person unless they first had a grasp of the meaning of their own threefold nature – that of body, soul and spirit; with capacities of thinking, feeling and willing. Without this, the very concepts of threefolding would never take root.[26]

Social threefolding principles can be useful to understand how business, government and cultural organizations, can be more successful when they keep within their boundaries and respect the other two sectors.[27]

Comment - The life, liberty and happiness of virtually all the "cultural organizations" (possibly better expressed as all of humanity) deserves our priority for healing from all the deep shock conflicts that have resulted from a very long list of impacts from "the other two sectors."

April 11, 2019 - "The Threefold Social Idea and the Great War" - By: Terry Boardman

The Great War of 1914-18 can be said to have defined the destiny of the 20th century. The bipolar world of the Cold War was rooted in the events of 1917. Fascism also emerged from the wild and destructive hate-filled chaos of the war. The idea of the threefold human being and the threefold social order based on it Steiner saw as Europe’s answer to the harmful impulses threatening Europe from the East (Russian Bolshevik collectivism) and the West (President Woodrow Wilson’s atomising 14 Points). He issued his awakening call to Europe in 1917, the year in which America and Russian communism loomed over the scene of the European civil war then raging. Imperial Russia’s collapse and America’s entry into the war (March-April 1917) was a turning point in the war. At the end of this third period, Steiner saw the Christmas Conference as a veritable turning point of time.

“Know thou thyself" as "Threefold Man" -

Laying the Foundation Stone Meditation into the hearts of the members on December 25, 1923 he spoke the first 3 verses only, adding the 4th after it had been laid. (see “The Christmas Conference for the foundation of the Anthroposophical Society 1923/24″ Anthroposophic Press 1990 p.73) His very first words before speaking the Foundation Stone were: “Let the first words to resound through this room today be those which sum up the essence of what may stand before your souls as the most recent findings of recent years” (p.68). Again later, after first speaking the three verses, he refers to the war years: “For decades it has been possible to perceive this threefoldness. But only in the last decade have I myself been able to bring it to full maturity while the storms of war were raging.” (p.70) This implies that the war years – the absolute crisis of European culture – were of special significance in the destiny of Rudolf Steiner. Also, in his introduction, he issued the call to modern Man to “Know Thyself” Today, he said, this ancient Greek saying must be expanded: “Know thou thyself in the weaving existence of spirit, soul, and body” (p.71)i.e. as threefold Man. ...[28]

Reconnected with this blog via search results re: "threefold" as pertaining to our right relationship to the three spheres of Economic, Rights and Spiritual/Social. Three different relationships with three different spheres. We are equal in our relations to one another only within the Rights Sphere. In the Economic Sphere we are less than the whole. I started my search to clarify the relationship to the Spiritual/Cultural Sphere.

April 13th -

Cheeta as an eco-village can begin in the middle of its acronym of "Enlightened Ecology" with our Biodynamic Permaculture Organism (AKA Farm). This is the primary source for our Community-Supported Traditional Foods Center where we most joyfully prepare the food we've raised and grown to be food-as-medicine. "The gift of (this) feast satiates the soul, the body, and restores the community."[1]; thus nourishing our "Cultural Healing"

Our joys overflow into co-creations of our "Transformative Arts".

September 24, 2019 -

We experience the world around us through smell, taste, sight and warmth, the 'middle senses.' Rudolf Steiner called the final four the 'higher' social or spiritual senses. They are: hearing, speaking, perceiving the thought of another, and perceiving the ego (the individuality) of another. The health of these higher senses depends on the health and development of the four foundational senses."[29]

Comment: The purpose of Cheeta is to give birth to "these higher senses." Ideally this is provided for as of the beginning of a woman's preparation for motherhood because: "the health and development of the four foundational senses" for a child begins with the mother (and father) well before conception. Cheeta is designed as a complete support system for the preparation for motherhood.

"... if we can commit to not arising to face the day until we feel like that new ideal, we would be conditioning the body to finally work together with our new mind...The key is to commit to that ideal, in every moment regardless of what your environment tells you. To align to a concept in thought and emotion means you are using your innate capacities for creation. And when we have mind and body working together, we have the power of the universe behind us…and then when we walk through our life that day, something different should be different in our world as a result of our efforts…and no one is excluded from this phenomenon."[9]

Thanks to my long-standing very good friend Tobi Dominique for sending me the initial introduction to Dr. Joe via YouTube!

See a number of available Dr. Joe's videos at YouTube[10]

June 12, 2015 -

"... to fulfill a divine ideal, we must learn to focus our attention and our thoughts on it."[11]

With this "thought" of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov I'm immediately reminded of the method that is used in the Enlightenment Intensive that begins with one's intention for union with the truth of the object of one's contemplation (the middle path between concentration and meditation). For instance if one had "life" as the object of their contemplation they would begin with their intention to realize the truth of what life is and silently contemplate upon what is presently most real to them about "life" then report what happens as a direct result of their contemplation to their partner.

In this Cheeta Blog my intention is to report what is happening along the way of my journey as I harmonize my High Ideals through Cheeta. I've declared Cheeta as my leading High Ideal and since making that declaration I have also realized that Cheeta brings together virtually all of my many high ideals that up until "now" have been separate individual "dreams"[2] waiting for a larger context to live within.

July 8, 2018 - High Ideal Connects Us To Heaven -

"... a spiritual ideal ... which connects us to a higher world, bring us the only nourishment capable of satisfying our spirit and our soul."[24]
July 10, 2015 -

The High Ideal that I now have activated within me feels like it can be likened unto Sagittarius as the Archer with his bow drawn and arrow pointing in the direction of its target. Two characteristics of this sign are described in part as: "Big projects and high ideals excite you."[3]

I find these characteristics portrayed in what Omraam says is "The greatest secret of Initiatic Science"[12]

I find further "activations" when reading these. In that regards they can be likened unto the Gene Keys and that makes immediate sense to me given that Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov is acknowledged by Gene Keys author Richard Rudd as being: "Above all ..." his "constant internal reference" who is "guiding" him and whose understanding "permeates much of the wisdom behind the Gene Keys."[4]

July 25, 2015 -

"... we must become the vision or at least a part of us becomes the vision. The key in a shared vision is that the commitment comes from the heart of the individual where as a contribution comes from the mind. In a commitment, we give our life and a part of our being to the effort. A part of us must die and be transformed to become open to the vision. ..."[13]

I've started a writing project (Mentioned in "Creme de la Creme - Chef Jemichel") to consist of an all-inclusive, 12-fold biography and that would be the place for me to write about "becoming the vision" - what has "died" and "transformed" in me so that it can be joined with the vision of Cheeta.

May 7th, 2015 -

Related: "Thought for the Day" -

October 4th -

Re: The Harmonic Convergence of High Ideals -

This is the start of my "itemizing" certain high ideals that I embody and that I am extending into, through and even beyond Cheeta.

It is my high ideal to live in community with others who realize that the purpose of their mind and body is for communication. Therefore communication deserves our commitment!

I am committed to practicing The Four Agreements.[14]
It is my high ideal to live in community with others who share this commitment. I consider the adoption of the Four Agreements as one of the best ways to support our commitment to communication. The kind of communication I'm speaking of here is interpersonal and consisting of: Conscious, Co-creative and Complete communication cycles. One of the tools that I use to support this kind of communication is the Dyad technique.[15]

It is my High Ideal to bring heaven to earth[16] through my body/temple. This is the "High Way" of "loving your body". The "love of the body" in the Human Design System is located in the "Self Center" at Gate 46. I have 46 activated with my Conscious/Personality Sun at Line 3. This Gate requires commitment to the cyclical nature of life. That is probably a large part of why I support others in their understanding of this "cyclical nature" as well!

November 9th -

Daily Meditation: Monday, November 9, 2015

"If you spend a few minutes every day doing some very simple exercises of concentration and self-control[18], it may be of great benefit to you. But so many people claim not to have the time! Well, since they don’t have the time to be in a state of peace, harmony and light, there will always be time for difficulties, disorders and darkness. The one certain thing about life is that humans will be unhappy, sad, disappointed and discouraged. It is less certain that they will be happy, strong and peaceful. Why? Because they all enjoy saying, ‘I don’t have time’. ..." - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov -[17]

August 28, 2016 -

Omraam is my quintessential inspiration for articulating Cheeta as my High Ideal. It's not like I didn't have this High Ideal before but that I hadn't made it as conscious as I am now and therefore more real! In fact, just now in my reading of today's Omraam message - the power of consciously aligning with one's High Ideal is further substantiated in the simple illustration that Omraam gives.[19]

February 19, 2017 -

More wisdom from Omraam re: the supremacy of the High Ideal:

What I, myself, would say to young boys and young girls is this: if you work for the light, for a high ideal, the older you get, the more alive and expressive you will become. ...[20]

June 10, 2017 -

"One day everyone should be able to say, ‘Now I must sow seeds in my soul – luminous thoughts, the love of a high ideal – and I shall continue to watch over them, to warm them, water them, and nourish them with all that is best in me."[21]

February 6, 2018 -

"The free individual discovers his way through imagination and creative power, because that is the answer to the question: what is freedom for?

Without exercising imagination and creative power, freedom withers and dies. It becomes an empty slogan. It becomes an empty stage."[22]

Freedom embodied is a creator who creates. Embodied health works the same way!



[2]As I wrote this I am reminded of "The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" album by Spirit that was a favorite of mine in 1970-71. This is inspiring me to list my "twelve dreams" (that are converging now into the singular entity of Cheeta) starting with the first phase of "Enlightened Ecology" with: Biodynamic Agriculture, Permaculture, Community Supported Agriculture and continuing into greater "Cultural Healing" with Nourishing Traditions, Food-as-Medicine, Community Supported Kitchen/s; all supported with "New Medicine", Dyad Communications, Human Design, Gene Keys and The Golden Path. I now think I have more than "twelve dreams: as the "Transformative Art" aspect of Cheeta deserves further elaboration.


[4] Gene Keys, Acknowledgements (at or about the fourth paragraph).

[5A] A working draft of this evolving vision. Date: 11/16/2011:

[5B] A second post at Son of Truth here:

[6] More on "high ideal" & "idea":

One idea I had since declaring Cheeta as my High Ideal is for co-creating a working "model" of Cheeta and to use that as a documentary film location.







[12-B] Plus the preceding presentation in that series:






[18] One "very simple exercise of concentration and self-control" can be had doing a "relating exercise"! Virtually any "Dyad" communication can most likely benefit you. Dyads are truly the quintessential foundation for enlightenment of self, other and life in the Enlightenment Intensives (EI)! The same benefits can possibly be had outside the EI. It is my vision to co-create the new culture wherein such benefits are always available! "Reality is Relational":
[See item "4.)" in the 3rd "bullet"]





[23] "The Fundamental Social Law - Rudolf Steiner on the Work of the Individual and the Spirit of Community" By: Peter Selg.


[25] Re: "village" may be better defined as a hamlet. -
Etymology of hamlet: early 14c., from Old French hamelet "small village," diminutive of hamel "village," itself a diminutive of ham "village," from Frankish *haim or some other Germanic source, from Proto-Germanic *haimaz "home" (from PIE root *tkei- "to settle, dwell, be home"); for ending, see -let. Especially a village without a church.:


[27] "Rudolf Steiner’s Vision for our Social Future: Openings for Social Threefolding" by Martin Large in "New View magazine", issue 81, Autumn 2016.


[29] "The Sense of Life" By:􏰀 Astrid Lackner






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