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Music as a Foundation For "Transformational Arts"

13.) According to the Human Design System I have a "deep inner attunement to sound" - it's an attunement that I love to create music with!

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October 21, 2020 - The Way We Listen To Music -

"Everybody listens to music, but very few know how to listen to it in order to awaken their spiritual centers..."[24]*

Comment: "Listening To Awaken" would be a most-fitting class in Cheeta's music course.

November 6, 2019 -

"...Steiner ... believed that, 'according to Schopenhauer, a blind, unconscious will rules the entire world. It forms the stones, then brings forth plants, the stones, and so on, because it is always discontent. A yearning for the higher thus dwells in everything' ... He further comments that while all other art forms are made from a reflection of man’s image or perception, music alone stands apart as the only art form that truly transcends that reflection, resulting in the purest form of spirit that can be communicated by man."[23]

"Steiner reemphasizes Schopenhauer again in stating that, 'Music is the expression of the will of nature, while all the other arts are expressions of the idea of nature'."

October 31, 2019 - Art & Music Creating and Music Listening = "Enhanced Psychological Resilience"! -

"... In a German study reported in the journal PLOS One, researchers studied two groups: a group who observed art, and a group that produced art. The study concluded that compared to those who observed art, the art producers demonstrated increased interactivity between the frontal and parietal cortices of the brain. This increased brain connectivity translates to enhanced psychological resilience in the group of art producers. In other words, their ability to resist the negative effects of stress improved.

Looking for a more low-key way to unwind? How about playing beautiful music or sitting in quiet contemplation? Meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and even build resistance to feelings of anxiety and depression. And while listening to music may seem like a passive activity, research suggests that the act of listening to musical patterns facilitates brain neurogenesis.

Both meditation and listening to music affect the secretion of key hormones which enhance brain plasticity, thus changing the very way we respond to stress. Talk about good medicine!"[]

October 12, 2017 - Giovanna Conti, Helmut Calgéer, the biological meaning of music and the GNM
In this Italian publication, pianist Dr. Giovanna Conti (Parma, Italy) presents her discoveries that the biological natural laws of Germanic New Medicine apply not only to medicine but to music as well.

Dr. Conti, who has an excellent knowledge of GNM, found that, for example, Beethovens Symphony No.7, Mozarts Symphony No.40, Chopins Nocturne No.20b, and compositions by Schubert and Bartok, are structured exactly in accordance with the two-phase pattern of each SBS-Significant Biological Special Program of Nature. Each individual composition expresses - through music instead of words - a complete SBS in the composers life, from the DHS (conflict shock) and the conflict active stress-phase to the CL (conflict resolution) and the vagotonic rest- or healing phase.

This implies that music, medicine, and biology are founded on equal principles.

This publication should be read and evaluated by musicologists, philosophers of musics and other scholars in this field. If (like me) you have no foundation in music scholarpship, you can have some difficulty to grasping it. (You can buy this book in this website)

Also, you need some familiarity with the principles of the controversial but (if it's a correct theory of the origin of most diseases) potentially revolutionary Germanic New Medicine by Ryke Geerd Hamer.

Professor Helmut Calgéer, professor of music in University of Tubingen in Germany, wrote this letter about Conti's discovery:

University of Tübingen
Hölderlin Straße 19
72074 Tübingen

May 12, 2008

Helmut Calgéer,
Professor of Music

Commentary to the publication “Per una Musica biologicamente sensate nell’ otticia della Nueva Medicina Germanica” by pianist Dr. Giovanna Conti

The discoveries by Italian pianist Dr. Giovanna Conti, presented in the above mentioned book, offer an entirely new understanding of music. Who would have thought that classical music, instrumental music, and folk music are based on biological natural laws? Who would have expected that the Five Biological Laws of German New Medicine will one day serve as the foundation for a completely new appreciation of music?

The notion that our classical composers convey, for example, in every movement of a symphony a complete biological conflict course or SBS -Significant Biological Special Program that took place in their life, is simply fascinating.

What is particularly pleasing for us Tübingerites is that the author has chosen the charming folk song “My College Sweetheart”, which plays at the Wurlinger Chapel of Tübingen, as a typical example of her studies as the lyrics of the song express in synchronicity with the tune the SBS the composer* experienced at the time.

From now on, biographers will have to approach the musical work of a composer, for instance a particular symphony, in correspondence with “conflicts” in the composer’s life. Such a task can, of course, only be accomplished with a good knowledge of German New Medicine.

We musicians are delighted that we have been given such a wonderful “new age of understanding music”, as Dr. Conti puts it. I myself, as a musician and musicologist, am fascinated by this book.


Helmut Calgéer,
Professor of Music[20]

My deepest relationship with music is fully validated with the above "understanding"!

January 12, 2015 -

Today I am focusing in on the heart and foundation of my mission with Cheeta! I just blogged about this at another CureZone Blog: "Psyche & Health"[1]

I now have more clarity about Cheeta and that my part can begin with the "transforming art" aspect of the "trinity" that Cheeta represents. I'm also more clear that my "transforming art" begins with my music. Therefore creating my music is a worthy goal for me to have now!

Over the past couple years I have made some notations on musical phrases that I have been inspired with. Now I wish to develop these and other music in more formative ways. Having access to an acoustic concert grand piano would be supportive, especially one that has the full midi technology & allowing for a direct integrated composing interface with the piano. I absolutely appreciate the live tonal quality of an acoustic concert grand and am certain that an extended base model will offer me a greater depth of tonality to work with! There is an extended base model manufactured in Australia that has gotten my attention and in the past week I wrote to a local piano tuner about this.

My vision is larger than just me playing piano although in a way that is where it began for me close to fifty years ago. Having access to a high end instrument is my immediate goal. I ask for this now in divine right order.

Artistic Creation for "Psyche & Health" & More!

Building a "platform" to authentically connect with others with my "Cheeta".

Moments ago I listened to a presentation by Suzanne Monroe - the Founder and CEO of the International Association of Wellness Professionals[2]

While watching the video presentation I got substantially inspired about creating my own unique "platform"! I now realize that creating and sharing my art and music can be a foundation for what Suzanne indicated as an ongoing building of one's new platform. It is with the platform that I can share my unique message!

My art and music have to transmit what I call "organic frequencies"! I decided many years ago that my artistic expressions had to be imbued with my own frequency and not digitally generated. Consequently I do not have or play electronic or synthesized keyboards. Over the years I have waited for opportunities to play concert grand pianos.

Growing up my father had a certain influence on my connection with acoustic piano in the 60s when I wanted to take up an instrument (again) and initially was attracted to percussion (i.e. drums as were popular for most bands at that time). He advised me on piano saying you don't have to haul anything as you only play where there is a piano. I did get a piano and later I also got a "combo organ" About twenty-five years later I got a Kurzweil and months later was introduced to the "Healing Forces of Music in Waldorf Education" and discovered that Waldorf music was all acoustic so I let go of the Kurzweil. On top of that - the original music CDs were just coming on the market - I bought a system plus CDs and was really disappointed with the sound quality! I gave that up as well and avoided digital music ever since.

Now I see people who are attracted to my unique artistic expression are the ones whom I can potentially connect with by allowing them to express their attraction and responding to their attraction! I am very confident I can respond as it is an essential Definition in my Human Design!!! I will share my unique message through my artistic creations and respond to those who express an interest to know more!

Having written this I realize this is also the foundation of my vision for: Cheeta: Cultural Healing - Enlightened Ecology - Transforming Art[3]

I'm amazed at the inter-connectedness!

Creating my art in "mural panels" requires a studio. Can I create an art studio where I live? I can look into this. However, composing my music on a concert grand piano will require access to one that can function as a recording studio.

According to the Human Design System I have Spleen Center Gate 57 with both Design and Personality planetary activations and that is where "everything is acoustic"! My music is the bedrock foundation of all my additional artistic expression! I now ask for the right access to a concert grand piano (as well as all the composing technology) whereby I can most graciously compose my music.

December 21, 2018 - The Healing Quality of the Natural Harmonic Octaves -

"...restore health using the sounds of musical instruments that are properly turned to the full frequency of the natural harmonic octaves.

When you realize the importance of the Voice of God in creating the Earth and all that lives upon it, and realize that Satan was the Archangel in charge of music -- you can easily see how music has been abused and changed from its natural health-giving frequencies to unhealthy, incorrect, out-of-tune frequencies.

David Rockefeller, one of the most evil and able perpetrators of the gross misalignment of our world, actually and deliberately had the musical notes redefined and re-calibrated to frequencies that cause disease and anxiety. We are just now facing up to the death toll and misery this one act has caused and begun the discussion of "musical ethics" and importance of properly attuned whole notes and whole tones.

Properly calibrated, music brings relief and restorative energy and serves to attune us in the same way a tuning fork can be used to tune a piano. Our biological framework resonates in sympathy to the "whole tones" of the natural musical scale and responds by correcting physical and chemical imbalances.

While this entire branch of science is in its infancy, you can still directly experience the results for yourself by going to the various websites like and reading books on the subject like The Power of Sound by Joshua Leeds, which includes a demonstration CD of classical music played in whole tones. ..."[21]

The article from which the above quote comes from came into my view serendipitously after having thoughts/imaginations about singing to bed-ridden hospital patients with the intention of transmitting healing harmonics to the individual. The imagination was inspired by a number of accounts I've read over the years about miraculous healing of individuals including some who apparently were mostly if not entirely out of their bodies and close to the threshold of death.

My thoughts of healing music must come from a source that is out of this world as I never had been taught this in any of my public education, private music lessons, church or any other institution and yet the imagination always is able to directly access this "out of this world" source as if it was always a part of me!

July 16, 2015 -

Just discovered while researching gelatin! Ray says: "I see painting as an essential part of grasping the world scientifically"[4]

July 21, 2015 -

At 10:19 PM on Monday the 20th I noted:

Re: Music -
In playing/performing/listening to music our awareness of individual notes increases as they "relate" within the greater context of the musical scale that they are played in. Notes create particular waves of vibratory frequencies. Thoughts emit a particular frequency. The same applies to emotions. Music can represent the expression of thought, emotions, feelings and moods. If considered within the Human Design System then the Solar Plexus, Spleen and Throat Centers could show prominently. I have all three of these defined in my Design.

Now about ten hours later I read:

"... We can precisely share an idea, it might be difficult, but we can. To precisely share a feeling takes a master artist. Beethoven, Bach and any great artist, are for me PROOF of the universality of ideas."[5]

September 13th -

"If we are to maximize creativity, we must first learn to integrate science, mysticism, evolution, ethics, art and other concepts in a new holistic paradigm of reality."[6]

My deep affinity with the Human Design System is indicative of my affinity with the above quote.

15th -

"... To be an artist is to strive for perfection – perfection of meaning, form, movement, color and sound – with the aim of opening up the divine world to human beings. And so true artists can be said to be initiates. They constantly ask themselves how to become one with the light, one with beauty, one with power, one with universal life."[7]

18th -
"... how could you explain the world to the unhatched chick or to the unborn child? Most likely, it is not possible to do that by words, but only through the magic of music, which reaches the innermost places of the human soul and reveals the treasures that have been hidden there since the eternity."[8]

October 13th, 2015 -

From one of the results in my search for: "dna and music":

"... the Italian vineyard II Paradiso di Frassina displays its passion for both wine and classical music. Since buying the property 20 miles outside of Sienna in 1999, owner Giancarlo Cignozzi has been playing Mozart around the clock to his vines. ... the grower found that the grapes closest to the speakers were nearly 50 percent larger than those that were shielded from music. Even better, while the music was a boon to wines, it also scared away pests and shielded the plants from mold and harmful bacteria."[9]

"... The idea that DNA and music might be connected comes from the work of Dr. Susumu Ohno, a geneticist at the Beckmamn Research Institute of the City of Hope in Duarte, California. The genes of every organism are composed of strands of DNA, which in turn are made up of four nucleotides containing the bases adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine, arranged in sequences that are unique for each species. In an imaginative leap, Dr. Ohno assigned musical notes to these substances -- ...
Then having assigned musical notes to each base, Dr. Ohno chose a particular key and timing, as well as the duration of each note. The result was a melodic composition that was finally fleshed out with harmonies by his wife, Midori, a musician.
... the scores were then performed by professional musicians
on instruments such as the piano or organ, violin, and viola. Dr. Ohno has notated over fifteen songs ...
He finds that the more evolved an organism is, the more complicated is the music. The DNA of a single-cell protozoan, for example translates into a simple four-note repetition. But the music transcribed from human DNA -- e.g.
the body's receptor site for insulin -- is much more

Listeners knowledgeable about music have taken these DNA-based compositions for the music of Bach, Brahms, Chopin. and other great composers. These melodies are majestic and inspiring. Many persons hearing them for the first time are moved to tears: they cannot believe their
bodies, which they believed to be mere collections of chemicals, contain such uplifting. inspiring harmonies -- that they are musical. Not only is it possible to make music starting with DNA, but one can also do the reverse -- start with great pieces of music, assign nucleotides to the
notes. and end up with a particular type of DNA. When Dr. Ohno transcribed a Chopin piece into a chemical notation, sections of the resulting formula were the DNA of a human cancer gene. It seems that even cancers have their own music!"[10]

November 12th, (still 2015) -

Poetry can be included under this banner as well!
Here's a verse that came to me in the last day. I call it:

"No Quarters Required for the Jukebox of His Mind" ~

He sings a slue of tunes
and slips into his groove
He takes things light
(Some out-of-sight)
and is always on the move

My temporary housemate was the one who had directly inspired the above. He is a "Deer" in the Native American Indian animal-based astrology.

Thanksgiving Day -

Today a new contact requested to hear my music. I responded letting her now that I wish that I had the conversions into digital files of my analog tape recording of my seven original piano compositions that I had performed on acoustic piano. Nevertheless I am grateful to be encouraged by this request toward the possibility of having the music more accessible in the digital world that we live in today!

In Omraam's "Thought for the day" he says: "... all cultures have attributed a divine origin to music and dance"[11]

April 1, 2016 - Happy All Fools Day!

More from "Journey with Omraam" -

"In dusty old bookshops in the (French) Latin Quarter, Mikhaël browsed through rare texts on alchemy. He also spent many fascinating hours at the Palais des Découvertes, where visitors can observe demonstrations of scientific experiments. He also used this time to improve his rudimentary French by frequenting the cinema, the theater and the opera. During the performances he continued as in the past to note the effect of the instruments and voices on himself and others, attempting to ‘understand how the different sounds activated the spiritual energy centres within’."[12]

Understanding "how the different sounds activated the spiritual energy" centers will be part of Cheeta's conservatory.

August 30, 2016 -

"... When we sing, we ourselves are the instrument producing the sounds, so singing has very powerful effects on us – on our physical body and our subtle bodies. When we sing, we are sending out waves, currents of force, which create forms in us. ..."[13]

October 28, 2016 -

Just gave my self a mini astrological session based on my Incarnation chart and took special notes of several planetary activations that validate and underscore my love for music. Then immediately after that session I read the "Thought of the day" (from the Omraam community) that is devoted to music! What a wonderfully magnified verification for me and my connection with music!

Here's the whole of that "Thought":

"Music is a language of creation. Since the dawn of time, this language has reverberated throughout the cosmos: God’s wisdom, love and beauty manifest through it. From an initiatic point of view, music requires knowledge of the order of the world, of beings and things, and of the science of harmonic relationships which exist throughout the universe between microcosm (human beings) and macrocosm (the universe). It rests on immutable principles which we cannot transgress without losing our way. Music speaks to us of our celestial heritage, and by acting on our subtle bodies it enables us to re-establish contact with our true home on high."[14]

January 8, 2017 -

The garage has been upgraded and transformed into a kind of "dojo". I see this as a significant step toward an ultimate transformation into a music studio! The sliding door entrance into the garage is wide enough to all a concert grand piano passage! I envision this happening!

"It is only because of the exchanges we make with the world around us that we are able to live. These exchanges are made possible thanks to the powers and entities with which the Creator has populated the universe, which are the many different manifestations of his presence. Even if we cannot see them, these entities are there to help us and support life by means of food, water, air and sunlight. Thanks to the sacrifice of these entities, thanks to their love and their wish to exchange with us, we are still alive; alive physically, psychically and spiritually. So we must learn to communicate with them, to regard them with respect, as treasured beings who must be approached with care, with delicacy and music... Yes, with music."[15]

My "High Ideal" with my music is to express the "care ... delicacy" in harmony with the supportive elements that Omraam refers to in the above quote. I occasionally have inspiration for songs that in the process of singing them I also imagine them song within a musical theater. Often these imaginations are with humor of various styles. This evening I had a song about "shampoo for the inner child"!

May 24, 2017 -

One of the first Steiner books that I deeply enjoyed (and that inspired my journey over the following year that brought me to Rudolf Steiner College - Autumn 1990) was this one.[16] (I also had mentioned this book in footnote [14].) I consider this book to be a main reference for the "Transformational Arts" component of Cheeta. As such it offers most excellent material for a "Cheeta study group". This is certainly something that I would gladly respond to when the interest from others for such a study group presents itself to me! (I am Designed "To Respond" and not to initiate. ; ~ )

A second study book for the group could be "Thoughts on Music"by Daniel de Lange.[17]

July 10, 2017 -

"Sound is a force that propels you, but it’s up to you to choose the direction in which you wish to be taken."[18]

July 20, 2017 -

The premier issue of Transformations that I had published in 1981 featured the artwork of Barry Koral with his drawing of a butterfly (under which was the worm). Transformation for me has always been a matter of "renewing" the mind.

"The power that Butterfly brings to us is akin to the mind, and the ability to know the mind or to change it. It is the art of transformation."[19]

The other day I was inspired with the thought of creating plays that include scenes where the actors observe artwork and have conversations about that. The same idea could have music as the art or any other art. I also thought that a new model for stories could be developed that transcends the typical formula that Hollywood regurgitates over and over. I am more attracted to plays than film for a number ofd reasons one being that I much prefer live acoustic music over any other form. In fact my ideal performance space is a small community theatre. Just writing this now inspires me to see what theatre spaces may currently exist in my area and ascertain whether or not the community may welcome a small live theatre.
















Also see "The Inner Nature of Music and the Experience of Tone - Selected Lectures from the work of Rudolf Steiner":

and "Thoughts on Music" Daniel de Lange







[21] "Are You One of Those Appointed?" - By: Anna Von Reitz:


[23] "Rudolf Steiner and the Spirit of Art: Romanticism, Modernism, and the Foundations of Eurythmy",
By: Kirstin Ellen Yingling Simon:



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