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Protest Mandatory Vaccines - Protest Center for Disease!

Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines, "Wise Traditions" - Vaccination Issue; Dr. Mercola, Dr. Brownstein & four Anthroposophical physicians on vaccines.

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June 27, 2017 - Response to AMA’s Status Quo Vaccine Policy, Trumping Safety -

"The combined and cumulative effects of 55 shots, 209 vaccine antigens, 525 mcg of mercury and 13,425 mcg of aluminum that have been injected into a child by 18 years of age in accordance with the CDC’s 2017 childhood immunization schedule has never been examined. In fact, it has never even been questioned. ... A new, fully transparent Vaccine Safety Commission must be formed. With nearly 250 vaccines in the developmental pipeline, examining the safety of injections cannot be overstated."[24]

June 24, 2017 -

Excellent video with Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny:

She clarifies the most essential terms that everyone needs to know.

April 4, 2017 -

Here's a link to a powerful 7 days with "The Truth About Vaccines"; vital information for parents to fully understand the vaccine issue and make the best decision for their families.:

October 11, 2014 -

"On November 1, Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines members will be marching and demonstrating peacefully in their home towns to protest firings, forced vaccination, loss of income, loss of privacy, etc. and informing private citizens of the truth about flu vaccines, and the truth about the 90% rule."[1]

July 26, 2015 -

Just got the Summer issue of Wise Traditions[2] in the mail yesterday. I count it serendipitous that the issue is devoted to the subject of vaccinations. I just wrote about vaccinations a few days ago![3] Foundation president Sally Fallon Morell says: "We agree with the critics that vaccination as practiced today is a two hundred-year-old mistake."

From the "Letters":

"...When a vaccination goes wrong ... it will eventually force everyone to learn to distrust authority, to question the establishment, to think critically about everything that issues from the mouth of government and modern institutions. ... It is a frightening proposition for many people to think for themselves, but this is what the vaccination wars are forcing people to do." - BV, Sacramento, California

From another letter: Vaccinations and Spiritual Growth -

"... the mercury and aluminum in vaccines have adverse effect on the pineal gland.[4] The pineal gland is said to be the 'seat of the soul,'[5] and Steiner said that the pineal gland would gradually evolve to become a 'third eye' that would allow us, as fully developed individuals, to see into and receive enlightenment from the spiritual worlds. Thus the practice of vaccination disrupts this process of evolution, one that human beings long for, one that Steiner claimed is actually necessary for our happiness and survival." B. Stewart - Maryland

Plus twelve more (rather enlightening some alarming) letters and fifteen "caustic" commentaries" regarding vaccines in this issue!

The lead article: "Why We Need to Reexamine the Risk/Benefit Tradeoffs of Vaccines" is by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT wrote: "Researchers were able to show a consistent trend over multiple vaccines whereby a large increase in the vaccinated was followed directly by an increase in the slope of the autism curve."

The third article first appeared at:

The fifth article is by Louise Kuo Habakus, MA who is the founding director of Fearless Parent, lead host and producer of Fearless Parent Radio, and author of the bestselling book: Vaccine Epidemic. She runs two non-profits: the Center for Parental Rights and Health Freedom Action. She has appeared in numerous media outlets including ABC World News Tonight, Fox & Friends, and The New York Times.

The sixth article is by Kim Shuette, CN titled "Holistic Remedies to Address Vaccine Injury.

August14, 2015 -

Open Letter To U.S. Congresswoman Brenda L. Lawrence Of Michigan's 14TH District From David Brownstein, MD.

August 14, 2015

Dear Representative Lawrence,

"... I am a board-certified physician who practices in your district...

I am concerned about the problems at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. One year ago today, a CDC senior scientist whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, came forward and admitted that crucial data was altered in an important 2004 CDC scientific paper that found no correlation with the MMR vaccine and autism. Dr. Thompson stated that his superiors pressured him to alter the data in this paper to hide the association between the MMR vaccine and autism.

The unaltered data showed a 240% increase risk in autism in African American male boys who were given the vaccine before 36 months of age. Furthermore, the study found that there was a 69% increase in autism in any male child given the vaccine before 36 months of age. Incredibly, the 2004 published paper omitted that data.

Dr. Thompson states that he has the original data and the information that indicates that his superiors wanted the data altered. In fact, Dr. Thompson claims that his superiors ordered him and his fellow authors to throw the incriminating evidence into a garbage can.

Rep. Lawrence, if this is true, tens of thousands of our youth were subjected to a potentially dangerous vaccine because of malfeasance from the CDC. ...

Today marks one year to the date that Dr. Thompson admitted in a taped confession that the CDC covered up crucial vaccine data. To date, we have heard nothing from the CDC. Nothing from Congress. And little from the media.

It is time to have full hearings on this matter. If Dr. Thompson’s story is true, we need to know. I have seen countless parents who have told me the same story: “My child was well until he/she received a vaccine and he/she regressed physically, emotionally and mentally within hours to days from that injection. ...”[6]

August 15, 2015 -

"Vaccines rarely provide full protection from disease, ... and those that are imperfect or "leaky" may protect the host from succumbing to the disease while still allowing them to shed the virus into the community."[7][8]

September 1st -

Five Measles Deaths in 10 Years vs. Over 100 Alleged Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported[9]

I was inspired to continue researching this subject after receiving Jon Barron's newsletter on "Vaccination Scare Tactics". My search included Anthroposophical Medicine.[10]

My final comment: Vaccination is an inferior attempt to boost immunity. Vaccines are inferior to the body's own immunity that becomes especially maximized with direct exposure to the measles virus. Complications from acquiring the measles virus are primarily due to a previously compromised immunity. Vaccines do not correct a compromised immunity. Improving nutrition as well as the rest of healthy living are what is required to build a strong immunity. This is a matter of a lifestyle that starts with the parents, ideally before the mother becomes pregnant. [See Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price.]

November 23rd -

Vaccines: A Known Trigger for Autoimmunity – NEW Research on Who May Be at Risk[11]

January 27th, 2016 -

A follow-up article from David Brownstein, MD[12] No movement toward possibly recovering the incriminating evidence at CDC that could have shown the association between the MMR vaccine and autism and that was ordered to be thrown into a garbage can. Nothing will move unless there is a collective demand made by the public. Dr. Brownstein makes another appeal for the demand!

Here's Dr. B's article:

I am sure you are aware that the water supply in Flint, Michigan, was recently found to be contaminated with lead. Over the last few weeks, headlines were made across every major media outlet including the New York Times (NYTs) and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The lead in Flint’s water supply is truly a disaster. Lead is a toxic metal that has been shown to be associated with multiple health conditions. We have taken great steps to lower our exposure to lead by removing it from gasoline and plumbing materials.

An article (1.26.16) in the Detroit Free Press stated that the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding a hearing on February 3, 2016 about the Flint water crises. I am happy this hearing will happen.

In the Free Press article, U.S. Representative Brenda Lawrence (D)—my Congresswoman–stated that she was disappointed the committee did not call Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, to testify. She said, “I am deeply disappointed at the majority’s lack of commitment to a thorough and meaningful hearing. A sincere search for truth and justice requires a full review by the entire committee of the decisions and polices of all involved.”

However, the very same U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has refused to call a hearing about another health crisis—whether or not childhood vaccines cause autism.

In August, 2014, a senior CDC researcher, Dr. William Thompson came forward and sought whistleblower status by claiming that an important 2004 paper from the CDC—which found no correlation with the MMR vaccine and autism–was fraudulent. According to Dr. Thompson, the CDC researchers actually found that the MMR vaccine, when given before 36 months of age (it is presently recommended at 12-15 months and again at five years) was significantly correlated with the development of autism. However, the CDC, in a closed door meeting, altered the data to hide their findings. Furthermore, the authors of this 2004 paper were told, by their bosses at the CDC, to throw out and not disclose any information that showed a correlation of the MMR vaccine with autism.

I have written to about this travesty many times. You can find a previous article here:

You would think that the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee would, upon finding out a senior CDC researcher and author of a crucial paper admitted altering and hiding data, immediately call for a hearing on the matter.

Well, you would think wrong.

The Chairman of this committee, Mr. Jason Chaffetz (R) ( has refused to call Dr. Thompson or any of his superiors at the CDC to testify. In fact, there has been little or no news about the CDC controversy. There have been no articles in the NYTs or the WSJ or nearly any other media site except

So, one city gets poisoned by lead and this immediately makes national headlines and Congress calls a hearing within a few weeks of the incident–while the CDC hides, lies, and alters crucial data that may result in permanent neurological damage to a large population of our children and nothing happens.

Where is the outrage here? Where is Congressman Chaffetz’s call for a hearing on the whistleblower from the CDSC? Where are the articles in the WSJ, NYTs, Detroit Free Press or other major media outlets? Why don’t more doctors call for a full hearing on this matter?

A new documentary about the vaccine controversy has been released. It is 23 minutes long and should be watched by all, especially by all physicians. You can find it here:

This documentary not only describes the cover-up at the CDC, it shows you how the CDC actually hid the important data that showed a marked increase in autism in children who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age. I will state it one more time: Everyone should watch this documentary.

After watching this video, if you are outraged (which is hard not to be), it is time to start calling Dr. Chaffetz’ office and demanding a hearing on this matter. You can call his office here: (202) 225-7751. It would take a few seconds out of your day to call and ask when the CDC whistleblower, Dr. Thompson, will be called to testify.

To my colleagues in medicine: I urge you to watch this documentary and form your own opinion. Furthermore, I encourage you to do your own research about the current childhood vaccination schedule. I have researched this topic in-depth and I can assure you that there have been no studies showing that the current schedule is safe. We are physicians–we should be demanding a full hearing on this important matter.

If we demand a hearing, it will happen. It is time to speak up and find out the truth about the CDC and whether childhood vaccines do or do not cause autism. The future of our children depends on it.

February 10th -

Weston A. Price Foundation - ACTION ALERT - Help Delay Implementation Of SB 277 In California While We Work To Repeal It

SB 277 eliminates the personal and religious belief exemption for vaccination in order for children to attend public or private school, pre-school or daycare. SB 277 was signed into law in California last summer and will take effect July 1, 2016.

Efforts to repeal SB 277 are underway with lawsuits being planned but in the meantime, a Democratic California legislator has privately committed to writing a bill to delay SB 277 for at least 2 years if it can be shown there is desire from schools, school districts, city councils, and other community organizations supporting such a bill. As schools are responsible for implementing SB 277 (a big burden) they will likely be the target of lawsuits and financially responsible if they are sued. They should be fearful of lawsuits for financial reasons as well as the burden of dealing with lawsuits and therefore more afraid of lawsuits arising from SB 277 than not implementing SB 277.

A Voice For Choice, run by one of our members, Christina Hildebrand, has met with legislators and is spearheading an effort to obtain letters and resolutions from schools, school, districts, etc. expressing their desire to delay implementation of SB 277. If you would like to help, A Voice For Choice has a package that will enable you to communicate with these organizations about the advantages of delaying SB 277 as well as resources to get the organization to sign a resolution or letter to that effect.

If you have already had problems with a school regarding SB 277, please share you story.[13]

From what we understand, some schools are already harassing or otherwise denying access to school though this is illegal. Stories of this unfair and illegal activity will open schools up to lawsuits and embolden lawmakers to delay SB 277 so please share.

Please remember that current California law allows children to be enrolled in any California school with a personal belief exemption filed. If you have encountered problems on this front, please share your story.


Share your story of how SB 277 has already harmed you at the website.[14]

March 28th -
Just posted this at Dr. B's site.:

Greetings Dr. B and all!

Every commentator who has made some kind of reference here to "government" has done so without raising any questions as to its presumed authority (consequently to the most likely detriment of the individual). References such as "our Congressmen and Congresswomen", "our government", " my representative" and the like tells me that the governmental controlled propaganda (education) in the so called American "civics" class continues to be believed at the same grade level that it was originally taught. I'm sorry to have to say that what you were taught in that class about the nature of "government" was a lie (and most certainly to your detriment)!

Congress incorporated both the Confederacy of "The United States of America" (under the Articles of Confederation) as well as the Union of "The United States" (under the Constitution of September 17, 1787). It is operating its corporate enterprises for its own intent and purposes. It most certainly is not "of, by and for the People"!

It is essential for the sake of our freedom that we clearly dispel all notions about the entity presenting itself as the de jure government so that the American people can see it for it's true nature. By seeing it as it truly is we will stop wasting our valuable time and energy wishing, hoping and trying to change that nature into something other than what it is.

If "the definition of censorship is the practice of limiting access to information, ideas or books in order to prevent knowledge or freedom of thought"[15] then the so called "government" is the master at censoring the ideas of our greater freedom. "Government" does this with your support in a number of ways including every time you vote.

I wish you a greater freedom![16]


It appears to me that there are people who wish to "change the world" and it also appears that many of these people are willing to believe that they are supporting real change simply by performing questionable acts such as voting without realizing that in order to vote they compromise themselves and their freedom. Claiming to be a 14th Amendment United States citizen is a compromise to the status of a State Citizen. However voting (for a corporate officer and thinking this officer will be serving you and or your better interests) is a compromise on knowing the truth of who you are as a American free inhabitant! (See the Declaration of Independence plus the Articles of Confederation and know that these are the first two Organic Laws that have not replaced or discarded by subsequent Laws.)

September 2, 2016 -

I offered the following comment:

Greetings once again Dr. Brownstein and all!

Welcome to our poisoned planet! - Not only do we need to heal ourselves we need to heal the planet as well. Most so-il is so ill that we have to be careful about whatever grows or feeds on it.

And now it appears that we have to scrutinize our medicine as well. That is unless your food is your medicine. And that brings one back to the soil again! There is no escaping! We have to have food as medicine otherwise everything becomes so-il(l).

I’m amazed that readers of Dr. B’s Blog are surprised about vaccine truth. But more surprising is all the talk about asking Congress to help by investigating. And who exactly is going to head up this investigation? The same Congress people who have already sold out to Vax Inc.![17]

Maybe 30 minutes later I read the following:

"For as long as we are here on the earth, we will have to face every expression of evil. It is pointless to try and eradicate it; we will never succeed, and it is not up to us to do so. Our task is to be vigilant and to grow stronger. If there are bad people and evil spirits, it means the Creator allows them to exist, and we must accept that too. They have the right to try to harm us, and we have not only the right but the duty to protect ourselves from danger. If we do not protect ourselves, we become their victims, and we will only have ourselves to blame. You may say, ‘But if I put my trust in God, if I love him, he will protect me.’ No, if you cannot tell where evil might come from, even your love for God will not save you. God will say to you, ‘You love me? That’s all very well, but why do you want me to do all the work?’ Neither your love nor all your good qualities will keep you safe if you have not at least learned to open your eyes and recognize where danger is coming from."[18]

Government is dangerous; if you must proceed then proceed with caution! Vaccine corporations are dangerous. Open your eyes and recognize where the danger is coming from!

Earlier I had the following correspondence with Standard Process in response to concerns raised by Dr. B's readers:

Do the animal-sourced ingredients in your Cholacol product come from animals that are grass/pasture-fed? I do not see information regarding that on the product page:
~Chef Jemichel


"All of our meat tissues/glandulars are sourced from 3 countries the US being one. All glands are food grade and tested by USDA before slaughter to be antibiotic free.
We do purchase organic when available but do not guarantee it due to the quantities that we need. I am including some links from our website with more information.

This link is from the USDA site-Beef from Farm to Table:"

I responded:

Based on your information it appears that the animals are typically grain fed. If that's true and if the grain is not organic then the herbicide Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup®) is possibly in the feed of these animals. Is that possible? If it is then what does Standard Process recommend for eliminating the Glyphosate for the body?

Their answer:

"We cannot guarantee the grains are organic. For product recommendations please consult with your health care provider. As the manufacturer we cannot make product recommendations."

It appears that the lady commenting at Dr. B's with concerns regarding Glyphosate in the Standard Process product is a true to life concern! I had to check this out for myself as I had doubts that Standard Process would allow Glyphosate in what I thought were their "food-as-medicine" products!

I also wrote to Great Lakes in response to another reader's concerns over their gelatin.
Couple hours later:
Just received from Great Lakes Gelatin Co.:

"All of our cattle are grass fed, antibiotic free, hormone free, pesticide free, GMO free and BSE free. You can find our animal welfare statement on our website,

I hope this information helps. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Thank you."

December 18, 2016 - "Mercury in Vaccines DOES Cause Autism" by David Brownstein, MD.[19]

In light of all these findings how can individuals still have doubts about the dangers of vaccines? We have accepted that lead is a toxin to living organisms and yet the toxic ingredients like mercury and aluminum continue to be injected into the blood streams of individuals including the most vulnerable of infants and children!

January 8, 2017 -

"A Doctor Wants Safer Vaccines and All Hell Breaks Loose!"[20]

Amercians have a fear-based Western medical system that uses a spectrum of tactics to defend its pharmaceutical dependency much like an addict will resort to reptilian brain-based behavior when their perceived drug-dependent survival appears to be threatened. However the state of Western medicine may be perceived by free-thinking individuals the instance described by Dr. Brownstein[20] deserves to be known far and wide among all the American people (and "Down Under" as well). It is instances like this whereby I wish I could go "viral" with the reporting. Please pass this link on to your networks! - Thank You!

"...Then the doctor came in…

So I decided to bring up the vaccine issue."

(She says her doctor has) "Common sense in one way, but not so much in another…
... he has common sense regarding having respect for the patient’s choice, not so much when it comes to vaccines though, because if he did, he would at the very least recommend that parents wait ’til their babies are older before vaccinating and then spread them out more. Obviously, though, he likely feels the same about me, that I’m the one not using common sense on this issue. I just don’t trust them shooting up our kids willy-nilly with chemicals that supposedly protect them, like I explained in this post: Can We Trust Vaccine Companies? How I Learned that None of Them Even Know What They’re DOING."[21]

"ER Doctor Says NO WAY to the Mask, Plus an Obvious Answer to the Peanut Allergy Epidemic"[22]

Serendipitous to find the above article soon after my professor friend shared about peanut allergy in the news and the strategy (apparently endorsed by the professor) to desensitize the young children by introducing peanuts into their diet at an early age. I disagreed saying I simply don't recommend peanuts. Almonds trump peanuts, IMO however finding an organic truly all-raw source of almonds may be a challenge. Realizing this earlier today got me thinking of planting almond trees on a new "farm" site that I may be getting introduced to in the very near future. (However having local access pasture-fed dairy ranks higher on my agricultural wish list.)

"I am only a farmer but I’ve been observing these allergies and other health problems increase over the last almost 60 years and most coincide with the increase in poor farming practices. Here is only one example not known by most doctors or the general public. You see peanuts are a southern food crop that generally follows a crop of cotton, non food, in the farming crop rotation. Since almost all cotton is GMO and non food the excesses of herbicide and pesticide sprays are a concern to no one and noticed by even fewer. After the cotton crop peanuts will be planted. Peanuts are a root crop. The residual from all the cotton spraying is building up in the soil matrix. The roots of the peanut, in the soil, is like a sponge for these toxins. Now the toxins are in the peanut. 40 years ago we never saw peanut allergies. I believe today’s so called peanut allergies are mainly pesticide poisoning. ..."[23]



[2]Published by The Weston A. Price Foundation

[3] "Lies In Disease Data Reporting - To Deny Individual Rights!":

[4] Located in the Crown or Head Center in the Human Design System.

[5] "Descartes called it the Seat of the Soul.":
I'm researching a possible correlation with what Human Design calls the "Personality Crystal" that "enters the Head Center when it is complete - corresponding gestational development of the neo-cortex usually at the end of the second trimester" Zeno - The Course in Human Design, v2




[9] See more at:

I've modified the above "zero" figure in light of:














[23] Comment by Cody Holmes at:


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