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John Lennon was not who I thought he was

John Lennon was the opposite of his lyrics, what is that about? Does it have something to do with 21/12/2012?

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12 12 2012

John Lennon was not who we might have thought he was.

Here are some of his lyrics [slightly altered]:

   "Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind,
possessing and caressing me.
   Sounds of laughter, shades of life are ringing through my opened ears,
inciting and inviting me
   Limitless undying love, which Shines around me like a million suns,
it calls me on and on, across the universe."

 "Nothing to kill or die for ;Imagine all the people, Living life in peace...
  No need for greed, A brotherhood of man, all the people sharing all the world...
  I'm a dreamer and if you'll join us the world will be as one"

  "Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend."

  "When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find peace of mind is waiting there."

 Nice stuff eh? Beauty, Peace, Wonder...

 But John Lennon was not who we might have thought he was.

  Until I read his biographies, there are several of them, I had a very different idea about John Lennon - a potential nominee for All-Time Man of Peace and Harmony perhaps? Celebrated worldwide on his birthday for his peace movement contributions??

  Maybe you already knew this about John Lennon... lots of people HAVE read those biographies [some are a bit bogus, but still... the story comes out].

  The image of a LIBERAL, the life and mind of a closed off CONSERVATIVE blue meany.

What he really was

     He was always angry, even after he became a hermit, even when he and Oko Yono lived alone together as hermits in their New York apartment. He would belittle Yoko and anyone who came around. His own kids were afraid of him.

    In his teens and early twenties he was extra surly, an actual "scrapper" who liked to get into fist fights [yes, he broke some fingers in those fights], and in fact he KILLED up to three people, one for sure, he admitted it [he just didn't get caught].

  This stuff came out before he died, but he died before he got shot. He died of a broken heart in his childhood - "my mommy never loved me" - like a lot of us. Like me, really.

  From age 10 on he imagined getting shot, he would make notes on how he thought it might feel, and he interviewed gunshot victims - "what did it FEEL like?" is all he would ask them. And then he got shot. He found out the answer to the biggest question in his life.

  Politically, he hated welfare, he believed people should starve if they could not support themselves, he openly and viscously mocked "gimps", as in disabled people - teasing, humiliating and even shoving them to the ground and then kicking them, when they were down. There were plenty of gimps around, in Liverpool, after WWII.... it didn't matter to John that they may have lost a leg defending little John Lennon from the Nazis, John Lennon was mean to them anyhow.

  Lennon was the schoolyard bully, and he was remorseless about humiliating school girls for their big tits, little tits, big butts, old shoes, their hair, any weak point John could spot he would use for his tirades meant to embarrass.


   So, who is the guy who writes those songs? Who is it talking of world peace, and universal harmony of all things?

   Maybe John Lennon was a CHANNELER... Is that what was going on?

   He was a "dark side" type, but the universe channelled these lyrics and ideas to him and through him and he had a way to let the world see what was being channelled - by being in the Beatles. He was not a well trained musician... his success was unlikely in fact... some call it "talent" but by golly, it is weird.

  We are living in a world of polarity - day and night, man and woman, positive and negative, light and darkness. And now, as for the past 100 years or so, the dark side is very strong.

   The people of the dark side are working in many ways so that we will be unable to advance beyond "the way things are now". They are by nature "conservative" - meaning they do not like change, they like to preserve things as they are, and they have great faith in how things are, we got this far because things are this way so this is the way things have to be.

   They despise "different", and yet there was John despising disabled people and writing about how wonderful all people are inside. No wonder he was so confused, so at odds with himself, even after his great success... more so after his success!! Wouldn't most people say "ok, all those hit songs, all those fans, all this money, I guess I am alright after all"... no John Lennon.

   He was channelled, and the universe did it in preparation for Dec 21, 2012, and what is to come in the years following. It will be a long slow process I suppose, 100s of years.... nothing is going to change overnight for us, but we will begin to move towards the light, and away from the dark,

   I have a lot of work to do in the next 10 days to write the rest of what Dec 21st 2012 is about. I have my notes, I just have to put it into form now.

  We are about to have a 26,000 year anniversary, and it is based on real things, actual stars and solar systems and Pyramids and.... check back in a few days....

  Today is 12 12 2012, which means nothing really. - But 6 6 6 means something, check back in a few days...


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