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Elites Controlling the Masses - How it is done

Advanced beings may have come to Earth and produced offspring, and taught leaders of the time how to control entire populations;
Oxytocin and/or Parasites could be the control vectors.

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Elites Controlling the Masses - Is THIS how they do it?


   Advanced beings may have come to Earth and produced offspring, and taught leaders of the time how to control entire populations

   Oxytocin and/or Parasites could be the control vectors.


 Advanced beings may have come to Earth and produced offspring - there is now some DNA evidence of that.

   Those offspring or the originating Extraterrestrials, could have given the leaders of past civilisations, such as at the time of the great pyramid builders, the knowledge of how to control entire populations while making those populations believe that they are the "most free people ever". The slaves who built the pyramids in Egypt apparently believed they were gloriously free people!!

  In modern times, today, it seems that American believe they are the "most free people ever", but in fact they could be seen as "slaves to the system", and are therefore the victims of the Elites controlling entire populations. And not just America of course, perhaps the entire "developed world". The goal of today's Elites could be to invade and occupy the developing world and Islamic nations too, by using that knowledge of the ancients of "how to control entire populations..."

  Oxytocin and/or Parasites could be part of that knowledge, as in "how they do it".

---Part One - "Origins of the Knowledge"

    Elites who control entire populations while making those populations believe that they are the most free people ever, might have begun with a visit from an extraterrestrial, an alien to Earth, who mated with a human female and produced a "conehead offspring".

   The skulls of those conehead offspring are, in fact, displayed in various Mexican museums today. Oddly, perhaps tellingly, a Masters degree in Anthropology from any major University will not result in the examination of these conehead skulls. 100s of other "less interesting and less educational" skulls are examined in those University courses, but not the conehead skulls.

   After graduation, a noted anthropologist [M., Uni. of New Mexico] took it upon himself to study the conehead skulls. He recently did a DNA study of them, and found that "the nuclear DNA is non-human, and the maternal DNA is a human [female, obviously]" and the logical conclusion of that would be that an Alien [ET] mated with a human female and produced the conehead offspring.

    Either the original ET conehead, or the offspring, could be the originator of the knowledge of how to control the masses while making them believe they are free. Those conhead skulls apparently originate to about the time of the first great pyramid builders, between 5000 and 8000 years ago.

-----Part Two - "Control Vectors in Modern Times"

   Oxytocin and/or Parasites could be the control vectors used to control the masses today, while at the same time making us believe that "we are the most free people ever".

  Certain parasites, and more than one - which might indicate a general propensity for such a survival tactic - such as Toxoplasma Gondii.
   Toxoplasma gondii is a common parasite found in the gut of cats; it sheds eggs that are picked up by rats and other animals that are eaten by cats. Toxoplasma forms cysts in the bodies of the intermediate rat hosts, including the brain.

   Experiments have shown that healthy rats will prudently avoid areas that have been doused with cat urine.

   However, it turns out that Toxoplasma-ridden rats show no such reaction. In fact, some of the infected rats actually seek out the cat urine-marked areas again and again. The parasite alters the mind (and thus the behavior) of the rat for its own benefit.

Other parasites that controls behavior:

     The fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum forces its ant host to attach to the tips of grass blades, the easier to be eaten. The fluke needs to get into the gut of a grazing animal to complete its life cycle.

    The fluke Euhaplorchis californiensis causes fish to shimmy and jump so wading birds will grab them and eat them, for the same reason.

    Hairworms, which live inside grasshoppers, sabotage the grasshopper's central nervous system, forcing them to jump into pools of water, drowning themselves. Hairworms then swim away from their hapless hosts to continue their life cycle.

   The Lymantria dispar baculovirus causes caterpillars to climb into treetops rather than hiding in bark. When those that go uneaten by birds finally die and decompose, viral particles rain onto foliage below, infecting a new generation of caterpillars.

   The snail-manipulating flatworm (Leucochloridium paradoxum) grows and multiplies inside the snail. Once ready to move on to its next host, the worms push up into the snail's tentacles, making them swell and squirm, mimicking the action of bugs that birds like to eat. As the snail crawls, blindly, into the sunlight, a passing bird is likely to swoop down to snatch a tasty tentacle or two. The worm-infested meal will then infect the bird, which passes it onto other snails via droppings.

Oxytocin - "The Trust Hormone"

   Recent research has found that Oxytocin, a hormone that was previously known to play a role in inducing labor and facilitating breast-feeding, but over the past 10 years Oxytocin has been dubbed "the trust hormone".

    Oxytocin, researchers say it can, and does, affect how we feel about our government. In levels normally present in the human body, Oxytocin will reward us with a "feel-good" sense when we give or recieve gifts or favours from other people.

    In that,  it is a good thing. However, given an extra shot of this hormone tips the balance of our judgement to where we might just give everything we have to anybody who shows up, the researchers point out.

  So, somewhere between a large dose and naturally occuring levels, for example the amount they might put in drinking water - just slightly more than our own bodies provide - actually makes us trust in government more. Or, completely?

   It boggles my mind to see that most people are still going out and buying whatever the TV ads tell them to. Or, that people have any trust at all in authority, after so many cases of collusion and conspiracy and outright fraud have been brought to light.

   The reason could be Oxytocin in drinking water!!


   So it just may be that "trust in government and authorities" comes from a triple whammy of Oxytocin, a parasite designed by Super-Intelligent ET Alien given to Elites, and one more factor - mainstream media subliminal messages.

   Unknown parasites, perhaps combined with Oxytocin in tap water, along with subliminal messages, can make us trust government, love the Elites, and swallow anything authorities tells us.

     We cannot be sure that humans are being controlled this way, but certainly it seems unreasonable for anyone to be trusting in authority figures after all the conspiracy and fraud that has come to light since the birth of the internet. Yes, much of it IS true!! We went to WAR based on lies, and that should cover it sufficiently - a million people died since 2001, and as far as we can tell 9/11 appears to be a hoax ["false flag"]. Medical, scientific, and political authorities have been caught lying.

  So, how do we know if we still have "free will" or if we are being controlled somehow? You could ask yourself if you are getting what you want from life... or do you seem to be working for nothing?

  Do you feel free, or does it seem that you are "slaving away for nothing"?
  After all, WE are the 99%, and government is supposed to be all about helping us be organised and prosperous. Authorites are there to sort out the difficult and complex things in life, not to trick us into doing things we do not agree with.

   It is difficult to know, but consciousness is the key.  BE conscious of what you do and say and think, and in that we may be able to know if we still have free will or if we are being controlled.


1] Conehead Skulls - Anthropologist Youtube Video:

2] Oxytocin - "Trusting Government" article:
   original site I found it at [Hitman] >

3] Various Parasites that Control Behaviors of their hosts:


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