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Morphine is Usefull, and a Human Right

Morphine is a very usefull and safe drug

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Morphine is a very usefull and a very safe drug.

The one drawback is addiction, but the benefits of morphine are almost endless.

So, you get addicted... you will need to take three or four doses a day, each dose costs about 5 cents to produce. At the pharmacy, I get 200 pills for about $200, so $1 per dose with the profits of all the middlemen. Those middlemen could be eliminated I suppose, but lets let them have their "socially arranged welfare" [either the production facility could have an order and shipping office and send the morphine to people directly for, say, 10 cents a dose].

Yes, I am saying "all the morphine anybody wants". The world currenly produces a meagre few tons of it "legally" under a United Nations agreement where a few poppy fields in Turkey, France, and a couple other places produce the basic "poppy tars" than morphine is made from.

The world could produce a lot more, or just use the Afghan poppy production to make lots more morphine. 80% of the current "legal" supply is used in Brittian, The U.S.A., and Canada, despite the fact that there are a lot of hurting people in the rest of the world.

Is is really worse to be addicted than dead? Or even in dire pain? Or to have diarrhea until it kills you? Or suffer from depression, which in so many cases is made worse with the chemical, Big Pharma antidepressant drugs, to the point of committing suicide?

Morphine does a wonderfull job on all those conditions, and more. It makes the heat of a sweltering day tolerable too!!

Contrary to what you might think, or have heard from the War on Drugs propaganda, taking morphine, even large doses, every day does ABSOLUTELY NO HARM to the body. Every mammal has opiod receptors in our Central Nervous System and we metabolise the stuff perfectly. There is no toxic component, as with every pharmacuetical.

The way you would die from morphine if you did die from morphine would be to take more than you need and what happens is that the CNS slows to a crawl and you "forget" to breathe. It is not likely that you would die from an overdose, almost every time the person will vomit it up. You would have to inject it in order to die; injecting that much would also be uncomfortable, but you would die.

I could not die that way though, I have been taking morphine for over 20 years now and my tolerance is so high. If you have never taken morphine and then took the size of dose I take 4 times a day you would die, from any one of those doses [but only if you injected it, or took something to stop you from throwing it up].

Massive increases in morphine production would make the world a better place. Anyone over 50 years old with chronic pains, depression, or gastro-intestinal problems could likely benefit from being on morphine. I say "older than 50 yrs" because you could ride out the addiction until you die without really having any problems. If you start younger, say at age 25 or 30, the tolerance factor would have you taking very large doses by the time you are 40, and then you would still have 40 years to go and be needing large doses just to keep up with tolerance. ["tolerance" is where you have to take bigger doses to get the same effect, you get used to the drug" - the standard for 100 years has been to increase the size of the daily dosage by 10% twice per year... start out at 30mgs twice a day... do the math]

Certainly, by replacing the pharmaceutical drugs with morphine, many lives would be SAVED, and many people would be enjoying much happier, healthier, and more productive lives. It is NOT TRUE that taking morphine makes you a lump of lazy soft flesh - I find it energises me at each and every dose.

Four times a day for 20 years, and I do not show one sign of deteriorated organs. Morphine is much more compatible with the human body than almost any pharmaceutical drug us.

The War on Drugs has fed us a lot of lies - it is up to you to find the truth. Plant based drugs are being discouraged because the patenting and profits of patents are not as great as with "newer pharmaceuticals". The medical Colleges are cowing to Big Pharma and are currently forcing doctors to prescribe less morphine and more of the big money makers.

We need a good revolt, the War on Drugs must end, humans have a right to be able to access a drug we have evolved with for millions of years.


Morphine is the "middle step" between poppy tars and heroin. All heroin is made from morphine, not even the "illegal" production labs can skip that step.

I am putting "legal" and "illegal" in quote marks because the difference between the two is very, very grey. UN and US and NATO forcesand related businesses know about both, protect both, and profit from both. Banks take deposits from both - illegal drug profits amount to about $350 Billion per year and the majority of that money is deposited in American banks - it is said that illegal drug money is all that is keeping most American banks afloat right now with the debt crisis and other threats to the currencies of the world.

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