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Conspiracy - No More Democracy

government does not do the will of the people, we have a duty to ourselves and to the future to take it back!!

Date:   5/2/2012 6:02:43 PM   ( 11 y ) ... viewed 7888 times

                                                       Conspiracy - No More Democracy

"Why Occupy something this Summer"

    It is getting to be obvious now - they intend to quash the will of the people. There is no more democracy if we, the vast majority of common people, cannot exersize our best "collective judgement".

  We have been propagandized, and when that didn't stop us from wanting to do the right thing, we were ignored. In Canada, we took a bold step and voted a THIRD PARTY into power, but the election was rigged and the "same old same old" is back there in power.

  In the USA and Canada,our taxpayer dollars are still being spent on things we abhor, and the governments know we abhor it but they continue to subsidize oil companies, they spend wrecklessly on "the killing machines of war" despite the fact that we are in no danger of being invaded [and the only possible attack in 100s of years was the highly suspicious 9/11 events].

  We might be able to get our power back, the power we willingly give the people we vote for to represent us in government.

  No matter how it is done, nothing will change unless we manage to keep the old boys and girls out of government, and we need to have the military and police on our side too. That is a tall order indeed.

- voting for "protest party" candidates into government [but nobody who has money!!];
 - stage a general strike until the government writes the appropriate legislation;
 - by Occupying Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Bank's buildings;
 - by surrounding government buildings until they do right by us, and eventually
 - by storming the government buildings in what would be a coup;

   Those last few will definately require the cooperation of the police and military, but that is not completely out of the question - the individuals who make up the police and military are also being abused by government. Whether they admit it to themselves or not, they ARE part of the 99%.

   At the very least, major acts of protest will make it perfectly clear that the people are not in favour of the government, such as it is now.

  A few of the many reasons to Occupy, Strike, or otherwise protest include:

* election tampering {Canada 2011; USA 2000 and 2004; several European elections, etc], 

* omissions of important events in the mainstream media ** [see note 2]

* the American law about it's army NOT being allowed to be used on US citizens, but the US Army is ready to do so - that is why Obama is bringing them home from abroad.

* Government refuses to regulate toxic pollution emissions.
   We want to save our children from the ravages of autism and other mental illnesses, as well as cancer, obesity, etc.., by reducing pollution. Many of us saw the connection before, but a few courageous scientists are publishing the evidence that show that pollution is the primary cause of the large increases in those childhood illnesses.

  Evidence: of pollution being the primary cause of childhood disabilities read here:


* We want to make the economy work for the majority instead of the 1%

* If we, the people, do finally agree that global warming is real and will become our biggest problem within the next 30 years*, we will demand that CO2 emissions be reduced. There are solutions, but even the easy and simple ones are not being implemented.

 Basically, our governments are not legitimate, they do not represent the will of the people. It doesn't really matter who else they might be cowing to, WE ARE THe PEOPLE.

 Finally, there is some encouraging signs that the police and military will help us get our government back, and our nations under control:     a plan to ARREST the "elites"!!

Links to a plan to ARREST the elites:

or here if the above link is broken:




1]  "the ruling powers"  the tell our government what to do are the elite wealthy people and corporate powers, in association with some secretive and powerfull global groups such as those who meet at Bilderberg.

2] a sample of mainstream media omissions of stories we needed to hear:

 -  Dr. Scott Reuban was found guilty of massive fraud in Celebrex approvals [google it]

 - that producers of child abusing p 0 r n, including INFANTS, could be identified with existing technology and arrested under current laws, but instead the govt. wants "warrentless internet spying" to catch them [obviously to spy on us good common folk]

 - Autism rates going up in leaps, now 15%, or 1 in 7 kids born today!!

 - childhood cancer rates increasing [media leads us to believe the opposite]

 - the absolute certainty that pollutants are the cause of illnesses that are increasing today

 - that Fukushima's spent fuel pool is teetering, and represents "the greatest threat to the world at present" if it should lose it's cooling waters;

 - where are the global warming stories since 2009? None. [signs all around us tho'!!]
     -  we are not only failing to reduce emissions, but CO2 emissions are growing;
     - and, that 2010 saw the biggest annual increase in CO2 in history

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