Blog: Evolving Nutritional Awareness - By Chef Jemichel
by Chef JeM

What Is "Good Nutrition"?

Chef Jem launches this blog with some personal history regarding his life-long pursuit in understanding what makes for good nutrition and asks "What actually nourishes?"

Date:   4/20/2012 3:32:09 AM   ( 10 y ) ... viewed 2776 times

January 25, 2020 -

"An individual’s health status is not simply the presence or absence of a diagnosable disease, but rather the culmination of the interplay of systems and inputs - some inherited, though the majority a result of environmental exposures, diet, and lifestyle."[13]


The "the culmination of the interplay of ... inputs" of "environmental exposures, diet, and lifestyle" is recognized by this Blog-writer in his vision to Cultivate Healing Environments - Enlighten Thru Arts!: Cheeta![14]

April 20, 2012 - Greetings All!

Prior to starting "Evolving Nutrition Awareness" as a blog I had built another blog: "Chef Jemichel by chef jem"[1] to support "... The Recovery of Our Food Sovereignty in America". Since then I've realized the need for (yet)[2] another blog that is more focused on the subject matter of Nutrition and all that truly nourishes. It is my sincere hope that I can give general information, practical knowledge and personal wisdom regarding "Nutrition" - especially in support of the greater evolution of nutritional awareness. To accomplish this greater "mission" I make reference to the Weston A. Price Foundation[3], my own spirit wisdom and intuitive knowing plus inspiration from other sources.

A little personal history -

My own awareness of nutrition and it's vital importance became prominent in my consciousness when I was diagnosed with Hepatitis in 1970. I had "Hepatitis C"[4]

The seed of this awareness started in my family doctor's office with my introduction to a nutritional supplement known as Mayadec.[5]

Therefore - my journey of "evolving nutrition awareness" began in the Summer of 1970. In January of 1971 I had a conversation with a couple of my friends on the subject of what good nutrition consists of. One of my buddies said a peanut butter and jelly sandwich has complete nutrition because it had all the top three most important food categories of: protein, carbohydrates and fruit (for "vitamins"). The only thing that I "knew" about the subject of nutrition at that time was what I had been taught in elementary school and that most simply was that complete nutrition consisted of "the four food groups": the meat group, dairy group, bread group and the fruit & vegetable group. Based on the prevailing nutritional model of the "Four Food Groups" I think my friend might have left out the dairy group. (If that conversation were to take place now I would have promptly filled the gap by offering my DVD: "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth")[6]


May 31, 2012 -

Probably my strongest motivation for researching & communicating about what "good nutrition" consists of is my love for humanity and most especially all aspects of human development - starting with the preparation for conception, pregnancy, early childhood nutrition and the remaining complete human development of children.

"The nutritional aspects of child development and education are of greatest importance. A diet of wholesome, seasonal foods supports clear, open and positive thinking, a healthy inner life of feeling and strong motivation to fulfill our life's tasks and purposes. During the years through high school the children grow and develop into young adults. The opportunities we give the children to be nourished in body and soul, lay the foundation for becoming healthy, self-motivated, confident, caring citizens in the world. The future health of humanity and the earth depends largely upon what we offer our children."[7]

Therefore, "good nutrition" includes all that is required to completely nourish our whole being - body, brain, psyche/soul and all our higher faculties, thus supporting both our physical foundation as well as our full capacity for consciousness! Once again - I am emphasizing that this extent of “nutrition” includes nourishing our soul as well as the very spirit of life within us.

April, 21, 2012 -

I don't really know whether the Myadec folks will give me a list of ingredients for their 1970 formula. That's not essential. It's just an objective reference to indicate some of how my interest in nutrition began about forty-five years ago (as of late Spring 2015).

About seven years after my introduction to Mayadec (not counting the many steps I had taken in those intervening years) I took a nutrition course that included an independent study at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. I had first enrolled in a nutrition class taught by the Illinois secretary for the American Dietetic Association (ADA) but dropped it when the professor suggested that I could be better off pursuing my interests on my own. (That was relief for me as I didn't appreciate the crystalized thinking that was so evident to me just after a couple classroom encounters.) From 1977 on I took the independent path rather than try to fit into the ADA mold.

In addition - I have a Human Design that learns through trial and error. Up until 1999 (when I met Sally Fallon and connected with the Weston A. Price Foundation) my nutrition awareness learning process was an ongoing experiment of trial and error. Fortunately, through all of this I could realize that my attempts to applying the "politically correct nutrition" of the day was not meeting my needs for complete nourishment and therefore I was a most excellent candidate for Nourishing Traditions and recognizing the ancient dietary wisdom that was discovered and very well documented by Weston A. Price and subsequently incorporated in The Weston A. Price Foundation. I'm not claiming to be completely "trail and error" free now as my learning process continues to this day, however I now have what I call a real earth-based foundation to build continue learning on and for that I am deeply grateful!

On the other hand - one thing that may be less than pure gratitude in me is regarding the sorry state of affairs in the realm of public education most specifically in terms of nutrition as that has omitted "the ancient dietary wisdom". It's not as if this wisdom isn't accessible because it most certainly is. Dr. Price published his findings in "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" that was: "First published in 1939, this seminal book startled the worlds of science and nutrition with its documented evidence of primitive populations encountering civilization, adopting modern diets, and finding that their health worsened. It remains the basic book in this area and is essential reading for those concerned with food and health."[8]


May 22, 2012 -

I am thinking: "Love is the Source of all that nourishes". I have started a search with this thought in mind. I found the following:

"Eternal love supports personal growth and is the source that nourishes our mission in life.” -
Twylah Nitsch., Elder of the Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge[9]

July 20, 2012 –

Just added a blog post a moment ago on the etymology of "Nutrition" and "Nourish" that both have their roots in "Nurse" as in Breastfeeding and that underscores my May 22nd search on "Love is the Source of all that nourishes".

More Radiant Than The Sun![12] -

Here is a prayer I learned from my early days living in an Anthroposophical community:

"More radiant than the sun, purer than the snow, finer than the ethers is the Self. That Self are we. We are that self".

In one of my Enlightenment Intensives (after learning that prayer) I had worked with the direction: "Tell me what you are". I was in considerable back pain. Since that was the most real part of my experience I shifted my focus to include that and when I did I was filled with the most radiant love!

I met Sally Fallon in '99. She invited me to prepare the brunch for the founding board members and their spouces. I prepared several items right from Nourishing Traditions. Sally asked me what my "secret ingredient" was. I realized later that it is nothing less than my love!

For years I have known that love is a substance that can be literally worked into the food we prepare and especially when we prepare food from scratch. If you make your own bread, make your own peanut butter, make your own preserves then that "peanut butter and jelly" sandwich can most likely carry your love through to your child and nourish that child. But if you expect that same nourishment from
a loaf of "wonder"-bread, hydrogenated commercial peanut butter and so forth then there will be a contrast between a meal made just with modern day “foods of commerce” and meals made with real love! However, if you haven't had the real homemade P&J yourself then you don't know what you are missing. That "ignorance" may be your bliss. But your "bliss" may not be blissful for your children.
The question "What Is Good Nutrition?" is a question that I'd like every potential mother to ask for themselves.

Traditional cultures did not necessarily have to ask that question. They knew! Their knowledge was both innate within their individual matrix as well as imbedded in their traditions. They not only knew what good nutrition was they were devoted to the wholeness of that in their life. In other words it was their lifestyle and a great part of who they were as a people.
If we compare what these cultures did to obtain their good nutrition many of us would think in terms of how much work it required. However, take into account what modern-day people do to have the "money" to purchase their foods. Consider that not all the traditional cultures ate diets that required more work than what the standard American diet (SAD) requires. Nevertheless, there is the impression that Nourishing Traditions (NT) requires "extra work". (I have responded to a review of NT regarding this topic at

A lot more can be said on this point. My point here is that if we have the idea that "good nutrition" is only a matter of consuming - even the "right" foods, without any regard to the source or the preparation of that food then that idea misses much of “all that is required to completely nourish our whole being”.

What actually nourishes the human individual throughout all of their development (no matter longer how long that may take) is that which includes consciousness (and the consciousness-soul in particular) and thereby supports the soul’s development of consciousness because consciousness embodies the nature and substance of what we are.

A mother nursing her child is providing a form of nourishment that includes the consciousness of the mother.
A farmer who cares for his animals according to what the animals truly need is farming with greater consciousness over that of a confinement operation. The more consciousness that the farmer can put into his farm, into his soil, pastures, etc. the more life will flourish and the more life can give of itself into the greater "web of life".

May 27, 2015 -

Continuing with the building of a "picture" to support your evolving nutrition awareness.

"Everyone agrees when it comes to recognizing the importance of food, its quality and its freshness. But how many people know that it is even more important to know how to eat? Most spend mealtimes arguing, gesticulating and bickering, and from time to time they put something into their mouths. And they see nothing abnormal about it; they think that regardless of the surroundings, their body will take care of receiving and sorting the elements it needs to function properly. Well, they are wrong: the surroundings in which they are accustomed to eating can give rise to all sorts of problems with the liver, stomach, intestines and nervous system. Someone will say, ‘But my digestion has always been excellent!’ That’s just as well, but will it last? And you should also know that food contains subtle forces and elements that we are only able to absorb if we eat consciously. These elements, which belong to the etheric, astral and even mental planes, can help us to improve our thoughts, our feelings and the whole way we behave, but only if we bring awareness to the act of eating."[10]

September 15th, 2015 -

"...The most important thing about food is not the substance of the food itself but the energy it contains, the quintessence locked inside it, for that is where life is to be found. The substance is only a medium; through it we must ... reach the quintessence, in order to also nourish our subtle bodies. If we think we eat solely to feed our physical body, we are wrong: we also eat to nourish our heart, mind, soul and spirit." - Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov[11]



[2] 10 more of my CureZone Blogs:

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[5] Although I don't take that product now I thought it might be interesting to see what the ingredients were back in 1970.

I then wrote the makers of Mayadec:


Would it be possible to send me a list of the ingredients used in the formula of 1970? I was first introduced to Myadec by my doctor at that time and I am now inspired to write about that.

For me, that was an introduction not only to your product but also to the general subject matter of nutrition which has since evolved into a life-long passion of mine.

Thank you for considering my request!
I look forward to the possibility of hearing from you!"

May 21, 2012 update - there has been no reply from these people as of yet. Do I want to follow-up with them?

[6] Now, 2012, real milk has become the symbol of the food freedom movement much like tea was at the time of the American Revolution! I cover food freedom in my other Cure Zone blog: "Chef Jem by chef jem":





[11] Izvor Book 204, The Yoga of Nutrition





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