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My Recent Experience with Zeolites

Zeolites are wonderful and miraculous for many people. I wish they had been for me, too.

Date:   6/5/2011 5:09:01 AM   ( 12 y ) ... viewed 36626 times

Having read and heard much encouraging information about Zeolites, I decided last week to start taking the powdered Zeolites daily. I purchased the HealthForce ZeoForce powder at a local health-oriented pharmacy. I do take a few different pharmaceutical medications for blood pressure and blood sugar regulation. So I asked at the pharmacy if the Zeolites would have any sort of reaction with my medications and the pharmacists stated that they did not know enough about Zeolites to give me an answer. I asked one of the workers in the store part of the pharmacy,and she was very very enthusiastic about the Zeolites, stating that they are not known to have a negative interaction with anything--that they are neutral.

My friend who recommended the Zeolites to me knows and sometimes speaks to David Wolfe. I am pretty sure she first heard about Zeolites from David Wolfe. I trust her opinions and David Wolfe's.

I bought a bottle of Zeolite powder ~ 4 days ago. I took the powder as directed on the bottle. I felt absolutely great for the first few days. I felt dizzy and queasy with almost no appetite on the 3rd day. My legs ached. I thought maybe I was getting the flu.

The night of the 3rd day, actually late late in the night, I awoke with heart palpitations. It felt like a-fib (atrial fibrillation) which I had experienced before, a few years prior.

I took some holy basil which is calming and balancing, and laid down, relaxed, and hoped it would pass. Time went by and the palpitations were getting faster and more intense.

I only go to allopathic medical facilities when all other possibilities for resolution of a health issue are exhausted.

I went first to the building where my holistic Dr's office is located. It was 7 in the morning and his office was not going to open for an hour. I did not feel well enough to sit there waiting and did not feel well enough to drive around, and not well enough to drive home and return in an hour either. I decided to walk the long winding hallway that connects my Dr's office with the local hospital.

When I got to the E. R. they did a bit of paperwork with me and then checked my heart. They confirmed that I did have atrial fibrillation going on.

I will skip some of the other stuff...I will start with the little room with the people putting those stick-on snaps all over me, the EKG machine, lots of other beepy machines and people asking me lots of the same questions these people always ask..."are you allergic to any medications?" etc. etc. etc. the bright lights, the people moaning and screaming in the other exam rooms, the nurses with tired-looking eyes who were nearing the end of their 10 hour shifts, the Drs with their self-assured statements and judgments and assumption about me...what jolly chaos it all was.

There are 2 choices in the allopathic world for a person with A-FIB: take a bunch of medications intravenously and wait while they drip into you through the long plastic tubes, and see if the heart goes back to normal....this can take up to 48 hours which I did not have to spare really, with my little pets at home, my small business that requires my presence each afternoon, my other responsibilities in the world, etc. Does anyone ever really have 48 hours to spare to lay around in a hospital bed getting their body poked and prodded and monitored and trying to read magazines or watch tv or maybe have a friend or relative bring in a laptop computer as a stress relief time passing tool. There is a second choice--but really the choice is rather like the pit...or the pendulum. The other choice is cardioversion (sp?) which involves being put under anesthetic briefly while the medical professionals shock your body and the atrial fibrillation is corrected. There are dangers with the cardioversion, but the long wait with the various allopathic potions drizzling and oozing into the arm has obvious downsides as well.

I was offered a choice but then the Cardiologist did not really listen to me. They started getting a room reserved for me in the Cardiology wing of the hospital. I was tired from not sleeping all night. I vaguely remember being wheeled up curvy winding hallways, and into a freight elevator, then past a round nursing station, past a few of the patients standing near their doorways watching me arrive, and then to the giant metal scale that looked like those scales they use at the veterinary hospital. I did not like any of this. It is dehumanizing and humiliating. People are so often treated like cattle, even in the best of hospitals. It's the nature of the game.

Then I got up from the transport bed, and into the bed in my assigned room, and sat there wondering if I had ever agreed to this. I was so tired I tried to lay back and get some rest. I wanted to unplug all the oxygen tubes and IV tubes and just slither off toward the stairway and leave the building. I could not feel the sharp, fast heart palpitations anymore. But their monitors apparently were saying I was still in A-Fib.

So I was thinking....three days prior I started taking the Zeolites as directed. Now the hospital people were telling me that my blood sugar was over 300, and I was in A-FIB. I had not particularly been eating badly. About the same as usual. I had been taking my medications, along with several vitamins and supplements, all of which my doctor and my natural health practitioner are aware of.

It was pretty clear to me that the Zeolites had done a very good job at what they are meant to do...removing heavy metals and toxins from my body. Apparently they had been removing the Metformin and other medications from my body too, until I was unable to function properly, and my blood sugar soared up and my heart rhythm totally malfunctioned.

So I ended up at the hospital for 13 hours. Early in the 12th hour after I had been telling them for ~2 or so hours that the medications weren't working to reverse the A-FIB and I would unfortunately need to choose the Cardioversion, they decided that would be workable plan.

Then the cardiologist reappeared along with an anesthesiologist who had been paged while he was on the golf course with his son (he was actually very nice, and professional, as was the cardiologist) and the nurses got everything ready in the room, wheeling out some of the beeping machines with screens and wheeling in others. They asked me to call whoever would be giving me a ride home and let them know I would be ready in a half hour, so I called my son and he said he would head over to the hospital.

Then they gave me the anesthesia and did the cardioversion, as the movie Titanic played on the TV. It was just getting to the part in the movie when the ship hit the iceberg.

When I awoke it was 10 minutes later than when it started, and I remembered nothing, as promised. My neck still hurts, one day later and I am still puzzled about the Zeolites and wish I could still take the Zeolites. Friends of mine have had such wonderful results with the Zeolites.

I will probably go by the pharmacy/store where I purchased the Zeolites, to let the people in the store and the pharmacists know about what happened to me, how the Zeolites managed to neutralize the Metformin in my system until on the 3rd day it became ineffective.

Of course I would love to be off the Metformin, but it seems like I still need it to keep my blood sugar level under control.

Of course there are other aspects of this whole chain of events to consider. But I've gone on for long enough. It's late. I need to get back to sleep.

In conclusion, I will continue my efforts toward achieving my ideal weight, diet and exercise, in the hopes that eventually my pancreas will normalize and I will not be diabetic anymore. There is much documentation of this happening when people approach weight loss goals with a practical program of diet and exercise.

I feel rather sad that I cannot continue with the Zeolites. I love what they've done for friends of mine.

I hope this information will be helpful...that someone reading it will remember to consider all factors before starting on a detoxifying regime with Zeolites --because Zeolites are VERY powerful and will detox medications right out of your body.

Thanks for listening.

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