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Notes to Whole Beings

Beet Keepers, Return!
The Rock Your Soul Opera now has
five scenes to report. Review of events during recent days.

Date:   9/14/2010 5:12:10 AM   ( 12 y ) ... viewed 30700 times


WHOLE BEING WEEKEND, 40th Anniversary.
This photo was taking as Chris Fox (L to R) Dwight Stone,
and Beth Bolwerk and I was soaking in the
glow from the Whole Being Weekend.
Most had left. We were waiting to caravan
out to dinner and then to Chris' home in
Idlyllwild. I had just come back from giving
the kids a ride in the EG Mobile,
my 68 VW van over to the Peace Center
where the Kids did the last dance to one
of Karl Anthony's tunes on his Kid CD. The dance
is so cute!!!! A hummingbird,
kind of rare up there, flew overhead.
I was already pointing my lens at the threesome
when Chris yelled out in joy, seeing the
little bird first.


5:46 am
September 15, 2010

FYI: The Hummingbird is my totem plant.
For three years, I have had Hummingbirds
nest in our orange tree, twice at eye range,
allowing for close up photos. I live with
eight others at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community
Growing Grounds near SDSU, one of a number
of evolving "lifeboat" Communities where
Whole Being Weekend practices aim to be
practices beyond the weekend experience.

We will be having Whole Being Events scheduled
here on a regular basis during the fall, including
volunteer opportunities to help further clear our
land and prepare beds for heirloom seeds to secure
food supply for future generations.

Around 5 pm
September 12, 2010
Buckthorn Camp

2:31 am
September 14, 2010

This is Chris and Brad Fox's lovely home in
Idylliwild where 11 humans and Keep The Beet
stayed for 24 hours following the 40th Anniversary of the Whole Being Weekend. It was a divinely inspired auspicious gathering.
Many seeds were planted that will come down to earth
and inform Whole Being in the world, sez
Keep The Beet Media Star,
The World's first Talking beet plant,

Just home late this evening.
Left Chris Fox's lovely home in Idyllwild where
numbers of us from the 40th Whole Being Weekend
spent 24 hours after the weekend. We had a council
this morning.

We passed a beet around as our talking stick.

We shed some tears for our world.

we played music last Sunday night.

A highlight for me was getting my hair washed by
Malka, who helped prep recipes for the weekend that
were prepared for the first time in Whole Being History
by those other than the volunteers. This is something
to look at: The role that prepping our own meals has played
in co-creating the sense of cooperative living the 72 hours
aims to teach.

I took a lot of time at the council. Kelly Bryson
commented not to bogard the beet. I needed to express
some of the pain I was feeling. I talked about leaving
to go to visit a farm, a very strong community Whole Being place
in our world, that has now stopped production of putting new seeds
in the ground.

Sanda Katz, a profound support ally and official Beet Keeper, heard
my cry for the world and added her own on the mark feelings that
moved us all. She expressed her outrage that our heirloom seeds
were being endangered now. S-510, the Food Safety Modernization
Act, is now being looked at in the Senate. It will harm Whole Being
in the world, as I see Whole Being in the world.

All of us stopped at a lovely Mexican restaurant Sunday night.
I loved the company and was amazed at the gathering that Chris Fox
had assembled to be guests at her home in Idyllwild.

It was a divinely inspired gathering, very auscipious.

Among those who spend the post 24 hours together were
Chris Fox, Sandra and Stan Katz, Dwight Stone, who traveled from
the Bay area to be with us; Lee Garrett; Joy Phoenix; Malka, Kelly Bryson,
Torrey, Robert Hartman, and me.


Barry on real food farming....
Sept 10

"Small farming should be unregulated..."
Barry Logan

Barry Logan was recently sited
by the City of San Diego for breaking numbers
of current Ag regulations out of sync with 10,000
years of peasant farming history that have
represented the best instincts in human beings
to care for the land and each other.

Barry Logan eats beet greens
2009, @ La Milpa Organica Farm


I returned to San Diego via the route that Chris Fox gave me, taking
243 to 74 and then to 215. I sense there is a shorter route. Coming
home I stopped at La Milpa Organica farm and did some interviews
on my new video camcorder with Barry, the lead teacher here at
this idyllic farm that shuts down this Saturday.

This was also ai divinely inspired meeting. Anja from Sweden was
prepping to leave to go back to Europe after spending three months
learning at the farm. Emily and Anja were relaxing as I pulled up.
They helped me pick more beets for the Yom Kippur activity that
I will do this weekend with the B'nai Horin Jewish Renewal Community.

The La Milpa Organica Farm will have an event called The Last Harvest
this Saturday around 5 pm. This will be about the same time I am
telling the story to more than 200 who will gather at the Temple of the Book
for The Day of Atonement. It feels appropriate that many in the world
will be fasting on this day when a profound community resource
is scheduled to pull the plug.


Emily Rocchi has her arm around Nicholas.
The two are "food handlers" at the La Milpa Organica Farm.
Emily has been at the farm for more than 1 1/2 years and
Nicholas around the full seven years the Open University
of La Milpa Organica Farm has been in session. Both
have had their lives transformed by the School,
run by the Book of Nature, that plans to close
its doors as of September 18, the Day of Atonement.
The farm has been sited by the City of San Diego
as a crime scene. It has broken regulatory laws.
From Keep The Beet's point of view, the farm is a
treasured community resource. Barry Logan,
head farmer, describes himself with a dark side
of a natural born killer whose life has been transformed
by interactions with the plants and the loving relationships
he has cultivated with thousands he and his communitarian
"farm hands" have fed.

Keep The Beet sez: La Milpa Organica Farm is a San Diego
treasure. This land is not intended to be lost. Barry Logan
deserves to be honored by the City for his humanitarian
and couraging non profit work. For more than seven years,
he has fed tens of thousands, providing enormous influence
and inspiration. Many "grads" of the La Milpa Organica Farm
Open University are tilling the soil now around the world.
The Farm is in the tradition of 10,000 years of peasant farming
small scale farming that falls between the cracks of our
regulatory industrial ag system. Barry, in their eyes,
is labeled a criminal, and La Milpa Organica Farm,
a crime scene.

Keep The Beet calls for all Whole Beings in the world
to attend The Last Harvest event August 18 for free pizza,
beer, and cheer. Bring healthy food for the potluck
and rally around making sure that this land, and its
healthy soil for connecting the soul of humanity
with its destined Enchanted Garden future, does not
perish through ignorance and short sighted oversight.


I need some sponsors to spend the time needed to upload
and make a small video and Youtube. Barry and I spend
quality time. That was very healing for me. I will not
be able to be with the farm community this Saturday
but will be carrying the energy of the farm story to
Simi Valley American Jewish University's Campus at
the former Brandeis Bardin retreat center, the largest
holding of land in Jewish hands outside of Israel. They have
an organic farm there as well.


When I came home, there was a note on the board called
for a council here to discuss Financial Sustainability and Equality.

My priority here this week is to integrate a new housemate,
Jesse Alm, who is moving down from Arcada. He is helping
to farm out there on a 1 1/2 acre parcel. I sense he is going
to be a valuable addition to our San Diego Whole Being Community.

I now see five scenes
in Beet Keepers, Return,
The Rock Your Soul Opera.

Scene One:

The Queen loses here crown.
This scene begins with the confusion I have been feeling
and near death experiences at home in recent months,
attempting to stabilize my home environment,
The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds
during the Summer Shift 2010.

In the story, the Queen loses and finds here crown as she
takes here sacred seeds out of a Silver Box, brought to
her by Keep The Beet Media Star.

In planting her
dreams, she has Moments of Awakening.
One Pot + One Plant = You're a Gardener,
says Keep The Beet Media Star

One Pot + One Person = You're a Gardener
This is the Beet Keeper, Return! Vision for
bringing in 1000 years of peace,
The Enchanted Garden Era.
We are destined to Shift now into
a new dance step for the world,
Whole Beings in the world.

Scene Two:

Official Keep The Beet
One Beet. Many Pulses
All One Beet Certificate.

My Jewish Friends celebrate The Rosh Hashanan
as the Birthday of the Universe. It's time for all
of us to celebrate the Great Ideas from all
spiritual and Religious paths that are in
alignment with Beet Keepers, Return!

Heartspace Forever will be part of the
music for The Rock Your Soul Opera.
See This Link here
for the early work of HeartSpace that
enlivered the New Age in San Diego in the 70's

Gayle Gale and the Kids
will help perfect at the Yom Kippur
September 18 at the Temple of the Book
in Simi Valley.

In Scene Two, Keep The Beet Visits the Children of
B'nai Horin at our Birthday of the Universe gathering
at the Temple of the Book. I have a ton of photos.
Bo Bebo was a major player here. Rina Daly Goode, the
head of the Jewish Enrichment Club, assigned Bo to be my
main helper. Bo is an extraordinary ally and support and
loves the beet story. Bo is going through, as many of us now,
radical life shift due to the Shift.

In Scene two, The kids begin to help to build Keep The Beet
a life raft so she can magically journey out to the Great Pacific
Gyre Garbage patch. The Life raft is made on a board of wood
that was a Perf Go Green sign turned upside down. Perf Go Green
was a main sponsor of mine in 2008.

The Raft board sits on a foundation of Bio Smart sustainable
packaging and service war 100 % natural sugar cane bagasse
take out containers. This is part of Keep The Beet's The End of Styrofoam
campaign. There are also some EcoUsable stainless Steel drinking
bottles on the noted Media Star's Enchanted Life Raft.

Both BioSmart and EcoUsable have been tremendous support players
for me during the last year and sponsored most recently
the video I made called RAINMAKERS AT THE VENICE ECO FEST.

Scene Three

Scene three is Beet Keepers, Return! We Have to Stop Meeting
Like This, the adventures of Keep The Beet Media Star at the
40th Anniversary of the Whole Being Weekend.

What a story to tell!!!!!!

I have been totally blown out by events at home this summer.
We had two of our key housemates moving out. As manager,
I held the majority of responsibility for filling the vacancies.
When vacancies occur that is highly destabilizing internally
and to the househouse. We have two new youth that will be living
here as of now, Natan Mallinger and Jesse Alm. Natan is a recent
grad of UCSD and Jesse will be in his final year at UCSD.

Natan has high expectations of the community life
he wants. I need a lot of space to thrive. A part of me and others
were selected here because we are each eccentrics who need space.
The Shift at home has been so intense that I have had little time
for the activities that sustain me, both emotionally and economically.

The Mercury Retrograde that began August 20 has been an expecially
chaotic time for me. I was bringing through many of the ideas for
the Beet Keepers, Return! as I gained some sense of mental
order after total full on time to fill the vacancies and adjust to
other shifts here at home.

Shira, who helped with the Shabbat at the Whole Being Weekend,
Chris Fox, and Sandra Katz were key allies for me during this time.
I would not have committed to go up to the Whole Being Weekend
had it not been for the help I received from the three of them.


I left home for Simi Valley last Tuesday. I was at Bnai Horin Wednesday night and all day Thursday. Early Friday morning, before dawn, I left
for Idyllwild. I got there around 10:30 am, following Chris' directions
through Hemet. Chris was prepared to come all the way down the hill
to guide me if I needed it. I went the Hemet route.

Friday was about getting settled at the Whole Being Weekend.
Andy Kean and Adam were welcoming, as were numbers of the other
Whole Being allies. Ron was a bright star for me all weekend
and lifted my spirits constantly.


I was blow away as usual by the Whole Being Weekend
and transformed for the better into my Fall being.

This was one helluva Summer Shift to come out of.

I want to thank as well Chef Jem at home,
creator of the DVD RAW MILK
as well as Beet Keepers, Rene Terese Platsky,
Patricia Kaminsky, and Richard Katz of the FES
Flower Essence Society for pulling me through
with the Flourish line and Seasons of the Soul.
Oh my God, these flower essences that help
reconnect the soul and body across the Crack
have been a mainstay for me.

I also need to acknowledge Dan from StayActiv,
my pain arthritis remedy and Robert Slovak
of the Original Quinton Marine Plasma for supplement
support. Quinton marine Plasma helps to keep
me in balance. Kurchi Bark, MA 800 has also been
a life saver. I have had persistent diarrhea for near
four years. I have been turning the corner on that
due to the Quinton and remarkable by the Kurchi Bark
that I get from Ayurvedic MAPI.


Scene Five of the Beet Keepers, Return!
Rock Your Soul Opera is going to be
Live here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community
Growing Grounds.


The Grounding of the Vision
of Beet Keepers, Return!
at the EGIG Growing Grounds,
Fall 2010

I did some good healing with Kelly Bryson
at the Whole Being Weekend event.

He is a master of the Compassionate Communication Model.
I am going to review his book here on the Plant Your Dream Blog.
We are doing to do some conversation together.
Kelly holds the space for community in the world in a big way.
I have likely made more mistakes in my attempt to
create community here that most who have
attempted the feat.

I have lived here since 1982 on this 1/3 acre near San Diego
State University.

The events of the last week have helped me see my
way a bit clearer.

There are some insights that got me out of bed
just now:

I have to living as one beet.
The idea of attempting to do two or more full time jobs,
being the manager here, as well as honoring
my life purpose of bringing in The Enchanted Garden Era
is too much of any one human being.

I acknowledge my Enchanted Gardener Higher Self.
I acknowledge the support of Keep The Beet,
my talking beet ally. I acknowledge the help of so many
invisible allies. However, it is not humanly possible to
continue the adjust to the Shift that is being asked
and life the way I have been doing.


It is archetypal what has been going on in my life.
There is definitely something dying in the world now.
It is dying inside me.

I need to reflect more on what I am leaving behind
and what I am going to continue into the Fall of 2010.

Got to go back to bed...

more later...

3:38 am
September 14, 2010


Chris Fox drinks from an EcoUsable Stainless Steel
filter water bottle at dinner right after the Whole Being Weekend.
The water I drink in the regular EcoUsable containers is
from Phil Noble;s Sage Mountain Farm and comes
from very deep.
EcoUsable provides the container's I drink from.
This container was filled with water from the restaurant
that was being transfomred through this amazing filter
that takes out 99.9% of the chlorine.

About 6:00 pm
September 12, 2010
a Mexican restaurant in Idyllwild
post Whole Being Weekend


Keep The Beet Media Star,
The World's First Talking Beet Plant
has proclaimed this the Official Whole Being Orange.
Plant Your Dream Blog will be forthcoming
will the full story.

This is my first still made from
a Flip video clip.
Uploaded 7:53 am
September 14, 2010]

Beet Keepers, Return!
Main Art
24 x 36 is $250.00

Small version
8:25 am

1000 years of peace in the Enchanted Garden Era
comes from 144,000 or more new Stars grounding
in the soil with the beat of nature.

So Keep The Beet!!!!

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