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Intenders of the Highest Good

by Tony Burroughs

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The Bridge


From the Author of The Code, Tony Burroughs 

I write this, not as one who is an advanced spiritual being or sage, but as someone who is just like you, going through the same trials and tribulations that life on Earth in the beginning of the new millennium presents to all of us. In truth, I am but a scribe who has been fortunate to come across the Ten Intents of The Code and who has had an opportunity begin to integrate these principles into my own life. I do not claim to have mastered them yet, however, I can tell you that they have made a tremendous difference in the way I deal with the world I live in.

For instance, in accordance with the First Intent - Support Life - I can no longer bring myself to take part in any conversation or activity that calls for violence as a viable solution to anybody's problems. In the past, I may have gotten fired up about one "Us versus Them" drama or another, but these never seemed to do anyone any good. Now, instead, I see the wisdom in taking a stand on behalf of All Life, and I will not lend my energy to supporting any institution that calls me to harm another. By integrating this Intent into my life, I find that I am not as popular as I used to be in some crowds, but something has shifted within me. I can live with myself easier. I like myself better. My conscience is awakening.

Many things like this have happened to me since I received The Code. In fact, the writing of these two books has been a magical process in itself. Just as soon as each Intent was fleshed out on paper, it also started expressing itself in real life as an experience that moved me forward. As an example, after I put the finishing touches on the Sixth Intent, I walked outside to take a break (I was caretaking a place in the Sierras, near Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park at the time), and not one but three Eagles circled high overhead. I have never seen anything like it before or since. It let me know that I was doing the right thing; that I was doing what I came here to Earth to do. In the language of the Sixth Intent, it showed me I was Synchronized.

The Code is a very timely gift for those who are drawn to it. Amidst an ever-changing world that, for many, is becoming more stormy and uncomfortable by the day, it offers a new set of guidelines that will help us navigate through the choppy waters. These guidelines are designed to help us personally and, at the same time, to help our world. We are not called upon to "drop out", nor do we have to patch anything up. Instead, when we align with The Code, we allow that which is collapsing to go away of its own accord, while we concentrate our energies on creating something entirely new.

From my own experiences, I can tell you that that "something entirely new" is very expansive, very promising. It includes having a better world here on Earth to live in, as well as opening up to a whole host of other realms that are accessible to us from the inside. The Native American Elders who you'll read about in these books made it clear that their intent was for The Code to bring forth my highest potential and my greatest fulfillment. That is the Spirit with which they shared it with me.

And that is the Spirit with which I am sharing it with you.
My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am saying The Code once a day
and seeing what happens as a result.

The Code


You are More Powerful than You Know 

When you get a lot of people agreeing and envisioning the way things will be, then that's the way things will be. There is tremendous power in a group of people focused on a common objective. It works within a positive environment, such as in an Intenders Circle where everyone is holding a vision of everyone else's intentions being manifested; and it works just as easily within a negative atmosphere, such as when we're creating fearful weather conditions for ourselves.

You don't have to look very far to see that our weather is being tampered with. Those in power would have us believe that the weather is out of our control, that we are at the mercy of the storms and climatic changes, but this simply isn't so. In fact, it's just the opposite. It is we who create every aspect of our environment, including the weather. We've just forgotten about it.

So, here's a gentle reminder. Night after night, in homes all across the globe, the weathermen and women prance across the TV screen telling us what the weather is going to be like. Much in the same way that the drug companies create flus and sicknesses of all sorts by describing them and pulling flimsy "facts" out of thin air, the weather people describe the coming weather changes, and, if we believe them, we add to the creation of the bad weather.

Can you imagine the power in that? Millions of people holding the same thought is an awesome prospect in itself. And now, with all the satellite imagery graphics, the friendly weatherperson can even have us picturing large weather systems impacting whole parts of the planet. This is the point where we give up our power and hand it over to someone else. People everywhere either forget or simply don't realize that their thoughts are creating their world. They buy into the pictures they see on TV and waste no time telling everyone they run into that a storm is on the way.

That's how storms, flus, or any other mass events are orchestrated. And if that isn't enough, now the weather people have even created "seasons" for the storms and sicknesses in order to get us primed and ready to experience bad times. Is there anything we can do?

Yes. Two things. First, we can withhold our agreement every time someone tells us a storm is on the way by simply refusing to believe it. In that way, we are not adding to or reinforcing the event.

And second, we can become proactive by using the satellite images against themselves. Whenever we see the great masses busily creating a storm, we can become a Storm Steerer. Instead of believing that a hurricane, for instance, is going to follow the course described by the anxious weatherperson, we can use the wondrous lightworking tool we call our imagination, and, in our mind's eye, we can Steer the Storm out to sea, or see it dissipating into nothing before it has a chance to hit land.

Now . . . what if enough Storm Steerers pictured the storms going away? They would go away. I've seen huge tropical storms move away from The Big Island after 50 Intenders "intended" it. Can you imagine what would happen if thousands of people from all over the globe became Storm Steerers? It would change everything, not just with the weather, but with the way we create our entire world.

Freedom. This was the teaching of the Native Americans. Surrounded by the blackness of night, they danced around the campfire, whooping, hollering, yelping. This was their show of freedom, in sounding it outwardly to the world, in sounding it into the vast silence that was all around them. They shouted fearlessly into it. And the hills would reflect it back... It was like a miracle.
From The Intenders of the Highest Good
My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am refraining from buying into any media hype surrounding mass events, and that I am only envisioning positive outcomes for the Earth and her people.

We are Creators


Be the Example 

Live Your Truth

Speak Freely and Know Safety
The law that our thoughts create our experiences is not just a law unto each isolated individual. It is just as applicable to our beliefs as a whole. When individuals begin to create a new, peaceful world, so will the human race, as a whole, create a paradise on Earth. In other words, when we all see that we can have the world we desire just by thinking that we can, it will manifest for us.

And then, there's also the icing on the cake. It can happen fast. It can happen in our lifetimes. We need not think that we are just making things better for future generations. We are also making things better for ourselves. It can start with the smallest spark, and, as quick as a wink, it can spread around the entire globe.

It only takes for each of us to start to see everyone else in their highest light ... even the international bankers and power brokers who have used deceit and fear and all things horrid in order to maintain control over us. We so often forget that each man, no matter how bad we think he is, does indeed, without exception, have a shining Spirit deep down inside. To remember this and to act accordingly is the challenge of mankind today. For some reason - perhaps the desire of some to dominate others - we have overlooked our ability to see the good side of every man. We don't notice him in his highest light. We don't see him standing up for the Highest Good. And if we don't see him standing up for the Highest Good, he won't. He'll continue to ride roughshod over us as he pleases. But it is when we begin to see every man, even our enemies whom we have called "the bad guys" in the past, as standing up for the Highest Good, they will sooner or later reflect our expectations of them and step into their highest calling.

There is something deep within our inner nature that is called up when we are confronted by a man of principle, a man who speaks directly yet gently into the face of his friends and enemies alike, and doesn't back down. Something special happens in the psyche of the "bad guy" when he is confronted by someone who sets a noble example. It may be subtle at first, but after awhile, it will change him, just as when you keep chipping away large rock - eventually it turns into pebbles ... or a statue of great beauty.

His heart will soften and his mind will recognize the wisdom in becoming one with others. Walls of separation will dissolve as the "bad guy" begins to follow your example and seek for his own highest light inside himself. And when he looks, he will find a world that is better than the one where he spent all his energy trying to control everything and everyone around him. He'll experience a feeling of great joy that was not available to him as long as he persecuted others.
From The Intenders of the Highest Good, Volume 2 (Coming Soon)

And we'll all be much happier because, from then on, instead of continuing to deal with the challenges of how do we get along with each other, we can all start to work together on the challenges of how do we make our world as good as it can possibly be.

My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am seeing everyone in their highest light.

Join the Intending Awakening Project 

I Did!

Intending Awakening Project

Empowerment & Enlightenment is hosting a project to assist in the conscious awakening of people all over the world.

The Intender's Circle is open to participation from anyone just by writing a short comment about what has helped you awaken to your truth. Then daily state the intention, "I intend that 10 more people are awakening to the truth of who they are."

The Intending Awakening blog provides updates to the project and shares the effect the project is having in the lives of the participants. Those who are participating have links to their sites posted here, as well.

The idea behind this project came from The Intenders of the Highest Good and the principle that what we wish for ourselves we should help others to attain. Call it Karma, "Do unto others...", or what goes around, comes around. The fact remains that the good we do for others comes back to us. When we put others first and do what we can to help them, we are blessed in many ways. Not only do we get the joy of knowing we helped another individual, we also draw to ourselves such good that we can hardly imagine.
Why is it important to remember who we really are? We can only create the lives we want to live and the world we want to experience from the truth of who we are. If we try to create from an illusiory or dysfunctional expression of ourselves then what we create will also have those qualities. Peace in the world comes from peace within. Wealth and abundance in the world comes from wealth and abundance within. Our own individual awakening in consciousness likewise supports and creates conscious awakening around the world.

It may sound like we have to fully awaken individually before we can help others do so. There is some truth to that, but we can also come from where we are right now. Find that part of you that has a sense of the divine, powerful, light being that you are. Even just a feeling of it is enough. Take the joy and love you feel with that and share it with others. From that place, truly desire for others to know that feeling, and more. The more you intend the conscious awakening of others, the more you will experience it in yourself. The more you experience it in yourself, the more you will be able to help others awaken.

I invite you to join us in the Intending Awakening Project. Let's all be amazed at what we have the power to do when we work together for the highest good for all. :)

 Nothing Good Ever Came from a Negative Emotion 

Most people are unaware of the effects of their negative emotions. Not only do these emotions - anger, hatred, sorrow, self-pity, greed, worry, grief, and so forth - do us no good whatsoever in our lives, when expressed, they always make matters worse. Indeed, they are the chief contributor to the aging process, and if we would refrain, for a time, from indulging in them, our youth would begin to return and we would rejuvenate.

But these things are not taught in school. Instead, we've been taught to guard and protect our right to feel sorrowful, for instance. We feel grief over the parting or loss of a loved one, never realizing that nothing positive can ever come from our grief, that feeling bad is a lower manifestation that opens us up to all sorts of unwanted repercussions. We simply do not realize that grief, worry, sorrow, self-pity, etc. have the effect of weakening our body's immune system and aging us prematurely. If we truly knew how much we harm ourselves, not to mention others, when we act out our negative emotions, we would reevaluate our behavior immediately.

Our negative reactions have never had one positive effect on anyone, ever! Unfortunately, most people think, for example, that it's fine and dandy to hate others, and that if someone else does something hateful to us we are perfectly justified, even obligated, to hate or harm them back. The simple truth, however, is that not only do our negative emotions harm us personally, they actually make every situation worse because they feed the flames of our enemy's anger and make them want to retaliate all the more. Our negativity catches us in a vicious cycle from which there is only one way out.

The only way to defuse our arguments, hatreds, and wars is to love our opponents. Love removes the negative charge from our conflicts, leaving them to disappear and disintegrate due to lack of sustenance. The fires of hatred and war automatically die out when we stop feeding them.

BJ used to liken our negative emotional reactions to the way Velcro works. He said that when you look real close, Velcro has a whole bunch of tiny hooks that catch and hold fast to thousands of little eyes. He explained further that when someone else is angry and yelling at us, if we react it is because they hooked into our own fear and anger. But, if we are committed to loving them, it's like we've sanded or smoothed off all of the little eyes so there isn't any way for them to get their hooks in us. Our arguments would fade away because there is no negative reaction for someone else to grab onto. There is only love.
My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am catching myself before expressing my next negative emotion and that I am acting out of love instead.

I Intend that I Know


We can choose What We Believe 

We don't have to continue to believe what we were
taught when we were young

It's all in what we embrace. Those who embrace scarcity shall be subjected to it; those who embrace sickness shall experience its ill effects; those who embrace violence shall perish by it; but those who embrace Love and a caring Spirit shall be embraced by Love in return. What we put out is what we get back. If you find that you've been attracting challenges and discomfort into your life, you can start out by making an intention to be more gentle with yourself from now on.
Whenever you're feeling weak or feeling down, you can draw on the energy and power that comes from the spark that lives deep inside of you, the spark that animates your entire being. Call it up! If you need to sing, sing loudly. If you need to pray, pray loudly. If you need to tone, tone proudly. Do whatever it takes to lift your Spirit so you can look down and see your life, playing itself out. Then you, the person in charge, can watch and decide what is best for you.
From The Intenders of the Highest Good
Remember that when you lift yourself up, even in the slightest degree, the whole of Humanity is lifted up in the same measure. You lift all of Humanity up when you reach out for your greatest happiness. Who knows, maybe one day soon you'll cast aside a last lingering belief surrounding your scarcity, sickness, or suffering and, in that joyous moment of release, it will be just enough for the whole world to breach an ancient barrier and be lifted up to its next level of experience. So Be It!
My Intention for today is:
I Intend that I am embracing that which is uplifts me
and my fellow travelers.

The Intention Process Information Sheet
(Reprinted from The Intenders Handbook)
Our thoughts create our experiences
Saying our intentions outloud focuses our thoughts
There is power in the spoken word
Positive thoughts bring positive experiences
Negative thoughts bring undesired experiences
It's important to trust and know that the things that we Intend are coming to us because doubt will interfere with the manifestation of our positive intentions
We always ask that in order for our intentions to come to us, they must serve the highest and best good for the Universe and the highest and best good for ourselves and others
As we go around the Circle, we express gratitude for intentions that have come to us and we state our new intentions
The power of the Intention Circle arises from everyone supporting everyone else's intentions
Clarity is important
We eliminate such words as trying, hoping, wanting, to be, and not
We say things in a positive way: for example, instead of I intend that I am not afraid anymore, we say I intend that I am courageous
We don't name sicknesses in our Circles; we see everyone in their Highest Light
We say our intentions daily, and we gather together once a week
We don't know when or how our intentions will manifest for us; we just know that they will!
We always end our intentions with our seven favorite words - So be it and so it is !

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