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What to do when there is Turbulence in the Energies   13 y  
From time to time we notice something like a churning in the spiritual energies which we feel within. This could be caused by a strong solar wind coming from a sun spot and producing auroras in the skies; or just the influence of the full moon.
Or it could be a churning in group consciousness which we are feeling because of a war or natural disaster in the news, that lots of people are reacting to. We are a part of the whole Universe, whether we acknowledge it or not; what happens outside of us, we can also feel within us: as above, so below. We can feel churning in our emotions and feelings; strong thoughts which bear no relation to our current circumstances may come up and bring shadows into our consciousness. So what do we do when we feel this turbulent energy coming around us? Well, what I choose to do is to become ...   read more

The Spiritual Nature of Human Consciousness   14 y  
During sleep, I am noticing more and more the spiritual nature of human consciousness. It becomes very clear as our awareness evolves and the veil between us and our spiritual nature becomes more transparent in our experience.
I am increasingly noticing this as I move between states of consciousness in my sleep. I have witnessed my sleep for many years and, if my awareness just watches consciously what is going on in my sleep and dreams, I can have a clear experience of what is happening. Over the past few days some things have happened to make this natural experience even more vivid in my awareness. A couple of days ago, in the early morning my two and a half year old grandson came and jumped on me as I was sleeping, bringing me abruptly back to the waking state. This allowed me to observe the very cl ...   read more

Our Human Body is a Light Ship Flowing through the Universe   14 y  
We live in an electromagnetic sea of light which is flowing through the universe. This sea of light is a part of our human consciousness.
The many millions of Lightworkers in the world have now brought enough conscious awareness into the level of the light on earth to start and connect the whole underlying field of light to become integrated and conscious in its own right, like a huge supercomputer. Everything in the universe has this sea of light at its core. Physical matter is a hologram of light which has condensed; a thought-form where light has slowed down and changed from a wave into the fine particles which cluster together to form the finest building blocks, the atoms, that make up matter and everything in the Un ...   read more

How to Find Balance in These Turbulent Times   14 y  
While the energies in the world undergo rapid change and the turbulence in financial markets prompts us to review our scale of values, where do we look for stability and joy?
The answer is within our heart. If we look at the bigger picture and ourselves, we only have control over what we are creating in the Now moment. The love that is flowing from our source energy within our heart, outwards to the world, and which expresses itself through our every thought, word and deed, is under our control. Through maintaining a positive vision in our imagination, we can create positive outcomes, even if the world appears to be in turmoil. Through relaxing, releasing and seeing everything as a part of your Self, you can allow these changes to take place without str ...   read more

Out-of-Body Experience While Waking Slowly in the Morning   14 y  
I have out-of-body experiences most nights, but on this occasion it was really clear and I could consciously see my thoughts and feeling affecting what was happening.
I felt like an orb of light just floating above the ground; I had the use of all my senses and could feel the surrounding environment. After floating a few feet off the ground for a while, I came to the edge of a cliff that had a staircase running down to the lower level. As I got to this point what came to mind is the Fool in a deck of Tarot cards. The Fool is normally depicted just about to step off a cliff. He is leaving his past behind and taking a leap of faith, where one has to be confident that one will be supported by all the laws of nature. I noticed that I was at this po ...   read more

Feel your Body from Within when you Wake up in the Morning   14 y  
This morning I woke up very slowly and consciously, feeling my spirit re-entering my body after a night’s sleep – a night of connecting to the Universe and being one with the higher Self.
As I reconnected, my energies were expanded at a very fine level of my being and I could feel the spiritual glow being put back on the physical body. As I became aware of my physical body from the perspective of my spiritual essence, it felt like a hologram of spaced out flesh – flesh that was not solid; flesh that one could pass through. As the spiritual essence aligned with the body again and connected, the aura became very strong and energized. I could feel the spiritual glow flowing throughout and around the body. Surges of energy flowed up and down the body on a spiritual le ...   read more

Relax from Within, Feeling Whole and Complete in the Now   14 y  
Releasing tension is one of the best ways to re-establish balance and wholeness in your life. This is something you do for yourself consciously and with awareness through being present in the Now and centred within yourself.
Life has many pressures that can affect your balance and wholeness. When you look in people’s faces you can sometimes see and feel their life experiences written on their face. Some say this gives people character, but my own feeling is that they are carrying around with them past experiences which may overshadow and colour their perception of life. Releasing this tension through conscious awareness within your Self can help to re-centre your energies and make your consciousness more whole and complete, thereby giving you the awareness to be in tune with the Universal Life Force and g ...   read more

I Woke Up and Touched My Husband's Arm and it Felt Like a Pager Was Going Off   14 y  
This could be the result of each one of you going to different types of energies in the night, in your dreams and perhaps astral travelling, if you have out of body experiences.
Strong energies can come in the body while we are asleep; this can show up in hot and cold sweats, strong vivid dreams, and a lot of body movements like tossing and turning in the night. This can lead to the body’s energy field charging up – like a balloon when rubbed on a sweater. The spiritual energies are charging up these days, as we move toward 2012. As your energies get stronger you notice and become aware of the flow of the subtle energies within the body. I understand that your mother is a healer and practices meditation a lot. Normally these gifts are passed down within f ...   read more

How to Love your Self, and Generate Power and Positivity for Life   14 y  
What is Self-Love and how do we create it in our life? Love is the flow of the Universal Life Force, which flows from our heart outwards. We can turn our attention in on our Self and connect with this love within the heart and then consciously direct it into any part of our body to bring healing and balance.
When you start to wake up in the morning, while in a semi-conscious state; scan through your body, feel and visualize your body from the inside. Choose to be in a good mood and happy; just because you choose to be. Place a gentle smile on your face and feel the energy flow around your mouth and through your cheekbones as you smile. Feel this soft loving energy, which is generated through a smile, flowing through your body, through your face muscles, and radiating from your body into the aura and beyond. Know that this gentle smile and feeling good is creating a vibration within your ...   read more

How our Personal Ascension Process May Cause Migraines, Ringing in the Ears, Head Pressure and Fatigue   14 y  
Ascension is the process of evolution in life, which we notice through our conscious awareness.
Human consciousness has been refining and, over the last 50 years, has been transcending the structure of physiology; so that we have become conscious of finer and finer states of being. As we become aware at the molecular and atomic levels of our being, we start to experience the ’grains of awareness’ or the quantum excitation at the finest level of our physical existence. We experience this by hearing a ringing in our ears; and/or seeing the grains of the individual photons of light; and/or feeling the grains of magnetic energy flowing through our auric field. This is a multi-di ...   read more

Be Present in Conscious Awareness and Grow in Balance and Health   14 y  
As the energies build in group consciousness it is easy to become aware of the energy fields within our awareness. I feel this most as I am between sleeping and waking in the morning. I start to scan through my body and just be consciously aware of the energies and how they are feeling.
I consciously check if I have a gentle smile on my face each morning. I feel a smile is very special, as it sets up one’s energy vibration for the day. As I become conscious of the smile and my awareness rests with it, I feel the energy start to build and get stronger. I use the gentle smile to allow my awareness to lightly be with the energy, since we know that what we put our attention on grows. It is good to stay present in the Now – that is, to have all one’s conscious awareness focussed on a single thing like smiling. It creates the space and rests the active mind; you can eith ...   read more

What is a Lightworker?   14 y  
A lightworker is a person who is holding the vision for society as a whole – working with conscious awareness to create balance and harmony within his light body, and thus vibrating in resonance with the higher frequencies of the ascension process.
A lightworker uses his or her imagination and powers of visualization to think and feel at the finest levels of consciousness, and so to adjust the energy blueprint of her light body to reflect the New Earth Consciousness which she is manifesting. A lightworker lives his life in conscious awareness where he chooses consciously to create, from within his soul energies, a way of life for human society which generates New Earth awareness for everyone. The changes she brings about within her Self are created by what she is being. It is quite normal for a lightworker to find that she is ...   read more

How to be Happy   14 y  
The secret of how to be happy is based in the words – to be. It is all about being true to your own nature and honouring your dreams and aspirations. Happiness comes from within and you have the freedom to choose to be happy in any moment of your life. Happiness is not dependent on what is happening around you.
You have the freedom to think any thought you choose in any moment, if you give your Self permission to do so. The human mind is so creative and is connected to all that is, on the subtle levels of consciousness. We have all heard of the Akashic Records, within which all knowledge is stored. There are two ways to gain knowledge: one is to look outside your Self – to go to school or university and be taught knowledge from another. The other way is to do some deep soul searching, where you use your passion and desire mixed with your powers of visualizing and creating with your mind’s e ...   read more

Full Moon and How it Affects Human Consciousness   14 y  
It has been known for centuries that the full moon can affect people’s consciousness and behaviour. Many people may feel wakeful at night with energy streaming through their body for the three days before full moon.
It is only recently that I have discovered why this may be happening. NASA-supported scientists have realized that something does happen every month when the Moon passes through Earth’s magnetic tail. ”Earth’s magnetotail extends well beyond the orbit of the Moon and, once a month, the Moon orbits through it,” says Tim Stubbs, a University of Maryland scientist working at the Goddard Space Flight Center. ”This can have consequences ranging from lunar ’dust storms’ to electrostatic discharges.” Anyone can tell when the Moon is inside the magnetotail. Just look: ”If the Moon is full, ...   read more

Sleeping with Awareness in Peace and Harmony   14 y  
Going to sleep is something we do automatically when we go to bed. Every now and then we experience a time when we say we cannot sleep. During these periods of wakefulness I would suggest a few simple exercises to help you check in with your body and centre and balance your energies.
Sleep is a natural, effortless process of relaxing and refreshing the body for a full, active life. As we go to bed with the intention of sleeping, it is good to get out of our heads and into our feelings. By this I mean leaving the thinking mind to relax and putting our awareness on how we are feeling and being. One way to do this consciously is to do a body scan with your awareness. This is done by becoming aware of each section of the body and ”breathing” consciously into that area with your awareness, inviting all the muscles to relax and find their own natural balance. For exampl ...   read more

What is the Soul and what is its purpose?   14 y  
I see the human Soul as the membrane though which the Universal light shines. We have all seen the computer projectors for doing PowerPoint presentations. The projector contains a membrane which can be reprogrammed by the computer to give the colour and density of light needed to project the correct image onto the screen.
I feel the human Soul plays the same role; the only difference is that the image that is projected is our multi-dimensional human body. So the Soul is like a holographic plate which sits within the junction point between this world and the rest of the Universe. When we transcend the physical structure of our human body by going down the layers back to its source, i.e. transcending through the organs, cells, molecules, atoms, fine particles back to the light body and beyond to the source where the light is shining through this holographic plate, on the other site of the plate we have th ...   read more

To Travel Through Your Light Body into the Zero Point Field – What Does it Mean?   14 y  
When you go deep in meditation you take your conscious awareness down through the different levels of your physical body by transcending consciously through the organs, cells, molecules and atoms, until you reach the level where the fine particles which make up the atoms are constantly changing state from a wave to a particle – from energy to matter – and back again.
At this level your physical body is in constant communication with your light body as information is exchanged through vibration, which produces the various colours of light that can be seen in your aura, as your mood or emotions constantly change. As you refine your consciousness further you can take your conscious awareness down through this contact zone between the physical and non-physical and enter the light itself with your awareness. Once we become conscious of our light body, our thoughts, feeling and emotions start to travel at light speed, as we use visualization to picture ...   read more

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