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What is Consciousness, and Does it Arise from Electromagnetic Radiation?   14 y  
If you put an EEG (electroencephalograph) on your head it is easy to measure the electrical activity of your brain as all the synapses fire their electrical charges, like thunder and lightning going on in different parts. Where there is electricity there is also magnetism, which exists in a field form, like the aura of the body.
The drawback of studying Physics to get at human consciousness is that scientists who write about Physics are trained to look at one event separately instead of seeing the Whole. Human consciousness is so complex and multi-layered that you cannot really get the full picture from physics, or science in general. It is your own experience of Being and allowing the awareness to relax and expand into the many different dimensions that will get you to an understanding of human consciousness. If you focus on the EEG output, you miss the chemical changes that took place; or if you focus on th ...   read more

What Does It Mean – "We Are All One"?   15 y  
Can you think of all the ways we are connected to everything around us? We are connected by the air we breathe. We are connected by the light radiating from what we are looking at. We are connected by sounds we hear, which also flow and touch everything around us.
How could we possibly think that we are separate – when we absorb, and are permeated by, the group consciousness of the housing estate we live on? We are connected astrologically to the stars and the planets and these have an influence on our life. When we go to war with another nation, we are only hurting our Self – We Are All One. When we exploit the environment and the people of the developing world, we are exploiting ourselves – We Are All One. Let’s choose to make life up differently and move from exploitation to support and love for our fellow human beings. There is a major shif ...   read more

Empower Your Self Through Creativity, Abundance and Joy   15 y  
The Nature of a Human Being is to be creative. We create with our every Thought, Word and Deed; we are connected within to an infinite source of Energy and Creativity, which in reality is the whole Universe.
So why do human beings feel lack? Is it because the money in the world is in the hands of 5% of the world’s population? Are we selling ourselves short in real terms by focusing so much on money and not enough on our own creative powers? It is time to look within and to learn to work with your own source energy and your dreams and passions to mould the subtle energies and bring that through to this physical reality. A good analogy would be that of the potter. A person who works with clay takes the Earth element; using his or her creativity and creative knowledge, the potter shapes the ...   read more

The Time Before Sleep is Very Special   15 y  
This is a time where you can reflect on what has happened in the day; and, if you are relaxed and at peace, you may notice thoughts coming into your head about what it is you would like to do tomorrow. If you have good visual powers of communication you may be able to watch your activity for the coming day unfolding in your mind’s eye.
You may see people who are important in your life in your mind’s eye as you go to sleep. These people may be your loved ones; or, people who have passed to Spirit – perhaps a long time ago – may come around you and work with you on a daily basis. The best is just to be a silent witness to their presence and to observe the message they bring without trying to control or influence its outcome. These people have entered your space for a reason, so it is best just to silently witness the message they bring. Putting your attention on them is enough to give them the energy to come forwar ...   read more

Seeing Spiritual Energy above one's bed, surrounding one at night; am I seeing my own Aura?   15 y  
It is true that we are all looking through our Aura at the world around us. The world shows up as a reflection of our personal emanations. We tend to be most sensitive to this at the junction point between waking and sleeping.
As we go to bed at night it can be like going into a kind of meditation as our physiology relaxes and settles down. As our body relaxes our mind also settles and becomes calmer and clearer; and we can become sensitive to the energies in our Aura. Our third eye may open up and we can receive clairvoyant images. As a child, I used to find that the patterned wallpaper in my bedroom would go into human faces and forms. I feel this was a kind of clairvoyant image perhaps of a spiritual being who had come to visit me; who was using the pattern within the wallpaper as the basis of his or he ...   read more

Seeing Spiritual Energy in Everyday Life   15 y  
When I was talking of seeing spiritual energy, this is nothing to be concerned about, as it is well known that the human body has an energy field surrounding it, called the Aura. It is this Aura – or light body – that underlies your physical body and, in religious-mystical terms, may be referred to as the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit).
Your whole body is made of energy vibrating at different levels and at different frequencies. When I am talking of your spiritual energy, I am meaning the finer matter which vibrates at a higher frequency, and which is just within the range that sensitive people can perceive. Everyone who is sensitive has the option to open their self to these experiences, and they are completely natural and normal to have. I do not feel there is any dichotomy – in the sense of a ”one or the other” choice you have to make – between seeking spiritual development to the point of enlightenment and curi ...   read more

Parents and Children in the New Energy   15 y  
As parents, should we be worried, should we interfere when our children reach adulthood? Or should the now adult choose their own life path, following their own dreams and intuition? For parents these are difficult questions.
A number of children and young adults are looking at the world in new ways. They are making up their lives different to what has gone on in the past. They are finding new ways to support themselves and to be in the world. I feel that Now more than any other time in human history is a time of unprecedented change in the world. This is a time of realizing that We Are All One and that some of the old ways of doing business – those which exploit other people – no longer work. Gone are the days when we could go to foreign lands and forcibly capture the distant population’s resources and ...   read more

How to Move on from Break Up and Find Happiness   15 y  
No one can make us unhappy unless we let them. It is not what happens in our life that brings unhappiness; it is how we choose to react to what happens that sets the mood for our feeling and emotions. I say this to allow you to take personal responsibility for your reaction in every situation.
Consciously choosing your reaction is very empowering, especially if you choose to react in a positive, life-supporting way. When we love unconditionally, we love because it brings us happiness and we get pleasure from giving the love we hold in our heart. By sharing this love unconditionally, we give it without strings attached; no one has to show up in a particular way; we just express the joy we are feeling within our Self and share it with our friends or lovers. When you love unconditionally you can open your heart fully, knowing you cannot be hurt because you are in control of ...   read more

The Nature of Being in New Spirituality   15 y  
What is the nature of New Spirituality? – Is it simply the difference between "doing" – as in the work we do, and "being" – as in our current state of consciousness? Or could there be a deeper meaning to "being", which also takes in our "sponsoring belief" systems?
When we talk about our ”being”, this is even finer than our ”nature”. What do I mean by our ”nature”? An example: every type of plant in the garden has its own ”nature”, which is expressed through the genes of that plant – the factors that determine the texture, shape and colour of the leaves and flowers. The human body has its own gene system, which determines our ”nature” and sets the shape and expression of our own body. And what do I mean by our ”being”? By our ”being”, I am referring to our ”core” nature or our spiritual essence; this transcends our physical qualities and our ind ...   read more

Distant Healing: how does it compare to Hands-on Healing?   15 y  
Distant Healing contains within it great power to heal and bring balance back into your life, or the life of a loved one. Distant Healing has many advantages, the main one being there is no need to travel to the Healer's premises; it can be requested over the Internet.
I have been practising distant healing now for many years and it has almost completely replaced my Hands-on Healing work.  Distant, also known as Absent, Healing is the process of channelling Universal Life Force or the love deep in one’s heart to the person wishing to receive healing. People all over the world are realizing that “We Are All One”: we are all connected to the same Universal Source Energy, which flows through each one of us.  Distant Healing is a way to channel this Universal Love from the Healer’s heart to those who are feeling a little run down or ...   read more

Being True To One's Nature Leads to Perfect Health and Balance   15 y  
What do I mean by "One's Nature"? Take a few seconds to consider all the different types of dogs in the world. You would never see a greyhound mimicking the nature of a German shepherd: it is not in its make-up or nature to do so.
Yet, we watch young people every day reading magazines or watching videos and saying: I would like to be like that movie star or this celebrity – even though their body type may be completely different from that of the celebrity they want to copy. The millennia-old Indian health system known as Ayurveda says that bodies are all a mixture of three basic elements, in greater or lesser proportions. The central concept of Ayurvedic medicine is the theory that good health exists when there is a balance between these three fundamental bodily humours or ” doshas” – called Vata, Pitta an ...   read more

Non-Physical Conscious Awareness: Some of the Qualities   15 y  
Human Consciousness can be measured with an Electro-Encephalograph (EEG) machine. What we do not see is the non-physical aspects in the Aura of the person – the electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds the Human Body.
The Human Aura is multi-dimensional; it is not just a shell-like field of energy which is like an egg around the body. It has different layers, which correspond to the different layers of the physical body: the Whole Body, Organs, Cells, Molecules, Atoms, Finer Particles, Light Body and Core Being or Vacuum. As well as these layers we have the Energy Centres – Chakras – coming out like cones. As the colours of these cones merge with each other we see different colours of light being formed to give us a point in the Aura of each shade and hue. You can watch the Aura having different sha ...   read more

Relieving Pain in Joints, Back, Hips and Legs   15 y  
Thank you for your detailed description of the pain you are experiencing.
After hearing your description, I feel the best way to deal with your pain is on another level. In your detailed description you describe your broken dreams and I feel that these broken dreams are now the cause of the ever-increasing complexity of your external symptoms. By learning to dream again – especially if you use your imagination, your creativity and passion for life – you can rebuild your body from the inside. Your dreams directly affect the blueprint of your energy body, which your physical body grows into. Every cell in your body changes: some change daily, some change weekl ...   read more

HealerGeorge Radio Show is a Sizzling Success   15 y  
HealerGeorge has lunched his own radio show, I hope Curezone members enjoy the free healing and personal development advice.
The Internet radio show is playing spiritual music, consisting of short questions and answers, with members of the audience. The main topic includes personal development, healing, and spiritual ascension. HealerGeorge whose well know as an Author and Public Speaker on spirituality is now taking the Internet by storm with his new show. HealerGeorge has a web site, which is already very popular for chakra meditations, and self and distant healing. The guided meditation mp3 files have helped thousands of people to re-centre their energies and bring balance back into their lives. The ...   read more

Life Flows and Expands As We Realize Our Dreams   15 y  
We live in an ever-expanding universe and the universe expands from the unmanifest silence of Spirit or light outwards into more and more concrete expressions of our dreams, which we create in our spiritual blueprint of reality.
We have all heard about The Secret and Quantum Physics – a field of pure unmanifest energy which underlies all creation. This field contains all expressions of manifest life in virtual form. It is just waiting for human consciousness to breathe self-awareness into the field and start the creation process through our dreams, visualization, and positive affirmations. Human consciousness is becoming refined and we are waking up to our creative nature. We realize that we can create our reality by make-believe in the first instance. As the universe expands our dreams and aspirations ...   read more

"How Does One Find Signs of Spiritual Existence ...   15 y  
... if one does not have perceptions of altered states, elevated or higher planes via visions of colours, visions in general, activation of sounds, lucid dreaming, etc?"
If it is a true spiritual experience, there will probably be no sign. This is because Spirit has no physical qualities. The closest science has got to defining Spirit is through quantum physics, where they talk about the Field. This is a field of potentialities, where everything exists in virtual form and spreads throughout the universe. The Field forms the glue that holds everything together and co-ordinates it in an intelligent way. If you transcend your physical body, you come to the Field; i.e., if you go down the layers of your body through the organs, cells, molecules, and a ...   read more

Resolving Traumas in the Distant Past   15 y  
Abuse, neglect, dysfunctional childhood parenting, negative messages about life and oneself: is it therapeutically recommended to revisit those traumas to heal them; or is that more damaging, as it can reactivate past states that are meant to be metabolized and transformed?
As we look into people’s faces, we often see character lines etched in their skin.  These lines are often the result of past traumas and life experiences, where the event has been metabolized and stored in our physiology.     Personally, I do not think it wise to relive these experiences.  I feel a better way is to empower yourself and choose to react to the events in a different way – changing your perspective to see everything in the universe as a part of your Self.   From this perspective, we see events all happening within ourselves; there is nothing external to u ...   read more

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