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Feeling Bodily Sensations Related to the Inner-Body – What is This, and How to Develop?   15 y  
As we become more spiritually aware, we start to notice our inner spiritual body, and the feelings and emotions which connect this to our grosser physical body.
These inner feelings and emotions can be interpreted as an inner voice or guidance system, which helps us to be more in tune with our Self and the environment. People often say they have a gut feeling about something; but these feelings can be experienced in all parts of the body. When you get good at noticing these feelings you will also notice them on the outside of your body, within the Aura. You may feel these like cobwebs around you when you are in a charged atmosphere. Most people know that you can have an EEG machine measure your brain waves. Your thinking process is on man ...   read more

Self-Discipline and Self-Motivation when Creating from within Yourself   15 y  
I understand that you are motivated to accomplish tasks set by others within an educational structure. You would like some guidance to motivate yourself, when being your own boss and creating from within yourself.
This is really a question of one’s life purpose and the desire to express the dreams contained within your heart. I would suggest you do a little soul-searching, with your feelings and emotions, to connect to your heart energy. Go deep into your inner being and feel what dreams and aspirations there are, contained deep within your Self. When you look within for your own inner guidance, you can centre your energies within your own life purpose. Your life’s purpose is set by yourself, mixing your desires to achieve, with your passion and your dreams. Your imagination is the tool u ...   read more

How can we help ourselves give up bad habits, like eating junk food?   15 y  
This is all about the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking. It is best to align your energies in one direction and have lots of self-love and gratitude for who you are.
Become aware of your body’s needs and bring to the surface belief systems that may no longer be serving you. Many people quite often eat when they are actually feeling dehydrated and require a drink of water. A good place to start changing one’s habits around food is to sip a small amount of water every 20 minutes or so. This is like watering a plant; if you give a plant a lot of water at once it mostly flows out of the bottom of the pot. However, if you give it a little, quite often, the soil absorbs the water. Water can also help to make us look younger as, when we are fully hyd ...   read more

How can I Strengthen my Upper Body   15 y  
When changing from a desk job to a more physical kind of work, where you need upper body strength, I would recommend Daily Yoga Stretches, as this builds flexibility and tone.
There is a good set of Yoga exercises for upper body strength and flexibility called: ”Salute to the Sun.” This is a flowing sequence of 12 stretches and you can repeat it 3 to 5 times morning and evening: 1. Stand with your feet slightly apart, palms together, thumbs against your chest in the prayer position. 2. Inhale deeply while slowly raising your hands over your head, and bend back as far as possible, while tightening your buttocks – hold for three seconds in the backward bend. 3. Slowly, exhale and bend forward, keeping your knees soft but straight, until your fingers touc ...   read more

Abundance Angel a Poem   15 y  
Abundance Angel brings to me Wealth, joy, love that I can see;
My feelings tingle as I perceive Abundance I can hardly believe Abundance of Wealth flows into me Flooding my life with prosperity; My abundance awakens my memory Of the love I hold for all I see Abundance of Joy makes my heart sing As I thank you for the wealth you bring; I chant with grace and harmony As I live my life abundantly Abundance of Love, you are real As I open my heart to the warmth I feel; Draw us together to hug and share, And show one another that we care Abundance Angel, I sing your praise As you shower your gifts down in new ways; We merge as one; ...   read more

Clairaudience and Hearing Voices   15 y  
Yes, I do receive guidance from my higher self, and you could interpret it as hearing voices, though the experience would be more of just knowing or receiving guidance, though a process similar to dreaming.
That is to say, it would be much more multi-dimensional, using all the five senses simultaneously and operating on many levels of consciousness at the same time. For many years, I have had the experience while falling to sleep of witnessing my thoughts forming into plans for the next day. This process seems to work best at the junction point between waking and sleeping. When the conscious mind starts to release some of its limitations and expands into its multi-dimensional nature at the onset of sleep; as I relax and start to tune into the universe, which we are all a part of, I rec ...   read more

Powerful Laws of Attraction in Business and Life   15 y  
What you give Energy or attention to expands and grows. We can use this law in our business ventures to create a business and be of value to others.
Business is all about creating something of value that others want. You can do this by assessing and becoming aware of the things in your life that you value about your Self; things that you are passionate about and love to share with your friends and family. Look for the things that bring you joy, bliss, peace, and happiness – it makes sense to create a business you enjoy doing and that you are passionate about. When starting a business it is good to remember that there are three stages to creation: THOUGHT, WORD, and ACTION. The best time to start is Now, by giving your attenti ...   read more

What New Developments have Arisen in your Work and Life in the New Energy?   15 y  
Life is ever changing; as we walk along the path we notice, at this time of Now, that the speed seems to be a little faster. Life is becoming more integrated, whole, and multi-dimensional.
When one talks about the New Energy, it is difficult to put it into words, as the change may be a subtle feeling; an awareness; a slight change in tone of your body’s natural harmonic resonance. As Dr. Masaru Emoto says in his books on water, the two most important words in existence are ”Love” and ”Gratitude”; especially Self-Love and Self-Gratitude. As you love your self and express gratitude you can feel your energies changing very subtly. You feel this soft warmth surrounding you. You notice, when you get good at loving yourself, that you are able to charge up your energies thr ...   read more

Aliens   15 y  
There are many conspiracy theories around Alien Abduction. However, when you understand who you are, you realize that nothing in the universe is Alien to your Self.
Now that we are moving fully into the New Earth and seeing the shift from Individual Consciousness to Universal Consciousness, the whole concept of something being Alien (in the accepted sense) is bizarre. When you transcend the Human Mind and merge your consciousness with the Universal Mind, you are actually transcending your physical existence and moving from your physical body into your Spiritual Body. When your human consciousness passes through the veil or transcends physical matter by taking the awareness down through the organs of the body into the cells, molecules and atoms — ...   read more

Unconditional Love in Relationships   15 y  
How does Unconditional Love work in a relationship, when one partner does not feel appreciated?
When we are in a relationship with our partner, life usually starts out positive, with each partner giving to the other and sharing his or her love. Then maybe 3 to 5 years into the relationship, as children come on the scene, time and financial pressures start to take their toll. One or other of the partners may not be getting enough sleep, or is not happy in their job; these pressures of life start to wear down one’s patience and one person may start to snap at the other with cutting remarks or not be fully supportive. What should one do if one finds oneself in this situation? Th ...   read more

Magically Manifesting your Heart's Desire in your Life   16 y  
YOU CAN CREATE the wealth, love and abundance your heart has always known is its birthright. This is the time to wake up to who you really are.
Your success in life flows through your imagination and your willingness to see your Self as being one with all that is in the universe. You have the power within your Self to connect to your Higher Self and draw to you those things you desire to bring into your life. Use your imagination to see your Self already doing the things you desire. Your imagination is your magical key to connecting to your Higher Self. Know that all the wealth in the world is already a part of you, there is no separation. You already own all the wealth in the world. Awareness is moving from that of the ...   read more

Dream Walking ― Where do you go to?   16 y  
Dream Walking and Astral Travelling are very similar. Astral travelling tends to be something you do alone, where dream walking is a more conscious experience where you can choose who goes with you.
It is good to set your intentions when going to sleep. You can ask your Higher Self for help with a problem or you can consciously choose to go on an adventure, using your powers of visualization and imagination. If you have friends who are open to spiritual experiences, you could chat with them in advance and invite them along on the adventure. Distance is no object, so you can even arrange this on Chat or by SMS messaging in advance. When bedtime comes, go to bed in a relaxed and happy way and if you feel any tension in your body, just spend a few minutes releasing that conscious ...   read more

Flowers Communicate on Many Levels   16 y  
Your senses come alive when you walk into a flower shop. You feel you are connecting to all your senses and experiencing the wonder of Nature.
First you may notice the fragrances as you walk through the door. On one level within you, it may feel like an orchestra playing, as your nose becomes a way of blending the different fragrances from the flowers: their pollens and pheromones reaching out through the air to you, with their love and attention, to attract you and share their beingness with you. Your eyes are automatically drawn to the flowers you most resonate and harmonize with, and which correspond to the predominant colours in your aura at that time. You may notice that you are drawn to different flowers each day depen ...   read more

Breasts Producing Milk Before Pregnancy   16 y  
Thank you for your clear and open question about your breasts producing a few drops of milk when you squeeze them.
I understand you have already taken medical advice; please continue with this advice. I will mention a few points that have come to mind since your question was asked. Some medication can start lactation in the breasts; please check the side-effects of any medicine you may be taking and check with your doctor if this could be a possible cause of the lactation. 1). What is the cause of this ailment? I am not sure this is a problem. I feel it is natural for a 23-year-old woman to have breasts which are developed and ready to serve their function of producing milk. I know you say ...   read more

Your Spiritual Essence is Made of Love   16 y  
Do you and your soul mate share a deep love? Yes, of course you do; your spiritual natures are made of love and radiate out of a field of unity, harmony and peace.
If your soul mate is in physical form and living on the Earth Plane, then he is just a thought away. Distance makes no difference to the human mind; you have a natural connection to your loved ones though telepathy. You can communicate over great distances, in an instant, through your thoughts and feelings. Our emotions naturally flow towards those we love and cherish in our heart. By holding the thought of a soul mate in our heart, we draw them to us and create the opportunity for synchronicity to allow our paths to cross. Whether this is planned or not, like energies are attract ...   read more

New Opportunities Unfold after a Disaster   16 y  
You were parted from your possessions for a reason. I am sure you have had many new experiences and made many new friends since the day Hurricane Katrina came off the sea and changed your life.
Enough time has now passed that you can look back and see what changes have taken place – what new opportunities have opened up for you and what new ways you have created for yourself to flow your energies to. You are born into the world with nothing and you leave the world with nothing; so is it so unusual that you get to have nothing in the middle of your life as well? A similar thing happened to me in 2001 when I was working as a sheep farmer in the Snowdonia National Park, in Wales, United Kingdom. Very unexpectedly, we found ourselves in the middle of the Foot and Mouth Diseas ...   read more

Dreams: Who We Meet and Our Connection   16 y  
You were dreaming and you met someone very special; you felt connected on so many different levels. Even after the dream, you continue to feel this connection; what is going on here?
When you drift into the dream state, your awareness transcends your physical body and you become aware of your core spiritual energy. You realize that you are no longer limited to your physical body and you can drift between dimensions. In this state, you have the ability to either view or create your experience, without limit. Often in dreams, we meet our soul mate – a friend who, when we meet them we just know we have known them for many lifetimes. Dreams take place in a timeless place, where all the different dimensions of past lives, the animal and plant kingdoms come together, ...   read more

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