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Changing your Mind about Yourself   16 y  
When disaster strikes in one's life, this could be a wake-up call to the new reality that is unfolding. Learn to look within and look for that which brings you Joy.
Many people like yourself went through Hurricane Katrina and I have great compassion for your parents who lost everything. What is the message of you losing your own job? How do you change from depression back into living a full and loving life? Change your mind about yourself. In your question I have heard a lot about what you do not want in your life, and very little about what you DO desire and strive to create. Do not look for the answers outside of yourself, but look deep into your heart for those moments and experiences that have brought you Joy. Focus on the Joy and use al ...   read more

Healing Spinal Cord for a Person in a Wheelchair   16 y  
Using your subtle energies to start the repairing process
I did start working on you last night and I feel I was able to patch the nerves in the area of your spine with the help of a few of my spirit helpers. Yesterday I was just working on your light body, i.e. the energy field which the physical body grows into. As you are probably aware, every cell in your body changes every seven years and they are held in place by the aura or energy field of your body. As I connected with you, I noticed that the connection from your legs to the base of the neck was quite weak on the level of your nerves and feelings. You too can help with this proc ...   read more

Depression after Exams   16 y  
Thank you so much for your reply and the kind words about your daughter's feelings. I will continue to send healing love to both of you. I will aim to strengthen the glow of love radiation from her heart, so that all the clouds of depression melt away and her true nature of pure Bliss and Joy radiates from her.
Once she feels the love in her heart, all the fear will melt way – love and fear cannot occupy the same space, as they are opposite to each other. She cannot know the outcome of her exams until the time of the results and, if she has been relaxed and given of herself in the exams, I feel we should simply be pleased that she was able to attend the exams. The results will be as they are; her view on the matter will have very little effect on the result. Therefore, I would suggest that she relax for the summer holidays and deal with what is important in the now, i.e. living her life. ...   read more

Experience Awareness of this Particular Life and Get Glimpses of Others?   16 y  
You are dipping into the Akashic Records. These are holograms of all events that have taken place and are stored within the silence of your Core Being. Your awareness has started to awaken to this Inner Knowledge and you are able to watch and take part in these past events and lifetimes, just like on the Star Trek Holodeck.
You are a very special person and I feel it is your innocence to the experience, which makes it possible for you to have it. You are not trying, which would take you away from the experience as you connect to these more subtle levels of the mind by letting go, relaxing, releasing, and going deeper into the Silence within your consciousness. ”Are there some then that are fully aware of all aspects?” Yes, Masters have understood who they are: the whole universe, with all life taking place within themselves. A good way to think of the universe is like a pebble on a beach. If you look ...   read more

You Are a Multi-dimensional Being   16 y  
In reality there is just one human being on the whole planet: our minds are all a part of the universal consciousness, so it is not surprising that we can view different aspects of our Self using different languages and playing different roles.
When we transcend our thinking mind and become conscious of our physiology at finer and finer levels of our awareness, we can transcend our body altogether and take our consciousness astral travelling into different dimensions of our Self. I think the film The Matrix is the closest the cinema has come to showing this concept. Our consciousness is not just in our head, it is within the organs of our body. It exists in every cell and every molecule of our existence. Our feelings connect us to these subtle levels of our existence. Even the atoms of our body and the fine particles w ...   read more

Telepathic Communication with a Soul Partner   16 y  
Regarding the dream about a friend you lived with. My understanding is you do not know this person; this is a memory, which feels very real now.
Thank you for such a beautiful question about memories, skills and desires we have never used before. Regarding the dream about a friend you lived with. My understanding is you do not know this person; this is a memory, which feels very real now. What I would say is that the Self which lives within the body, is an eternal continuum of life itself. It continues eternally, taking on and shedding bodies as it chooses to do. Therefore, you may have lived with this person in a past life and they are your soul mate. That fact you are able to think about them now means that they are p ...   read more

George E. Lockett "A Journey Into the Self -- The Multi-dimensional Nature of Being Human"   16 y  
George E. Lockett -- HealerGeorge, described as the new sensation, makes his literary debut with "A Journey Into the Self". It takes the reader into their imagination and the depths of their being, on a journey of self-realization.
For those who are seeking a complete energetic makeover, while reading -- feel a stirring and awakening in the depths of the heart. For those who have questions about Shifts in Consciousness, Energy Balancing and Healing within the body -- there are clear answers. It begins as an autobiography, describing vividly the emotions and experiences that HealerGeorge encountered on his spiritual journey. It goes on to describe the many benefits received from sixth sense experiences of contact with Angels, Guides and Spirit Helpers. How we can use this in our daily life and have out-of-bo ...   read more

"I can feel a buzzing energy flowing everywhere, from the roof of my mouth to the tips of my fingers. Is this a sign?"   16 y  
Yes, this is a sign that you are becoming very sensitive to energy and your awareness is turned inwards, to your feelings.
The more you put your attention on these subtle energies, the more they will grow and the more conscious you will become. If you would like to have a go at healing, I suggest you start with your partner, or a willing friend. What I would suggest is, just have them sit in a chair and rest your hands on their shoulders. Both of you close your eyes and bring your awareness to what is happening in the energies. Then after a minute or two move the hands so the palms of the hands cover the ears on each side of the head. Again, hold for about a minute, or two or three, until the time fee ...   read more

"Is there anything I can do to help me receive the Distant Healing you're sending me?"   16 y  
The main thing to do is to be relaxed and open your heart.
Distant Healing is the energy of Love which is channelled from the healer’s heart centre to the requesting person. Opening your heart to this energy, and relaxing and becoming aware of your feelings, really does help in the process. Receiving healing is the opposite of trying. Trying implies effort and focus; healing works best if you are relaxed and open, with a quiet mind. If you become aware of any fear or tension in the body, take your attention to that area. If you feel fear and are having strong negative thoughts in your mind, scan your body and look for tension, take your a ...   read more

"Can you Help Me Align Myself Spiritually?" (a request from a reader)   16 y  
I think in a way it is all about dropping our story. By that, I mean letting go of the idea that Life should turn up in a specific way for us and we should feel in a specific way about Life.
If you relax and just feel your inner core energy, you will feel the love and bliss which you are. Conscious breathing helps me with this process. When I feel a certain way and I choose to change the way I feel, I just consciously breathe and bring that issue to my mind and then choose another thought or way of looking at it and decide what I wish to create in the moment about this issue. How I would like to see it unfold in future? ”I feel I am dragging emotionally, that I am stuck, perhaps depressed a bit.” What I would say is, there is a message here for you. My question wou ...   read more

Letting Go of the Matrix   16 y  
Over the past few days, I have noticed that I have been focusing much more on looking within. By this, I mean each time I become conscious of any issues in my life, I look within and see what relationship they have with the Self within.
By focusing on the Self, it is easy to release; to relax; to give that issue its freedom, and let go of something that is no longer serving me. Through this process, I am finding within me new depth I did not know I had. On a couple of occasions, I have become very aware of the depth of silence within and the effect it has on my consciousness. What I have been noticing is, when I take my awareness very deep within, I become very magnetic. I almost feel like a mini Black Hole. The aura around my body becomes very pronounced and solid. I feel the power of the magnetic field aroun ...   read more

As Consciousness Refines in the New Energy we are Beginning to Glow in Oneness   16 y  
Over the past 50 years we have watched the advances in computer technology. As the components get smaller and operate on more subtle levels of matter, we see the power and speed increase.
There is a message here for our own human intelligence. It is time we realized where the power is within the human mind. – Is it in the physical brain? Is it in the consciousness? The power comes into the human mind when we integrate the human experience on all levels and in all aspects of what it is to be a human being. Awareness and self-knowledge are the keys – awareness that consciousness is much more than our brain: the brain is just the computer of the body. What creates the difference is, to become aware of the example of the computer and the refinement of technology. ...   read more

The Universe is a Living, Pulsating Being   16 y  
Wherever you look in the universe, you see order and intelligence displayed. Life is everywhere in everything around us and cannot be destroyed, as it is energy itself.
We all know from physics that energy cannot be created or destroyed: it is eternal and can only change its form. We know that everything in the universe is made of energy. We often hear people say that we will soon run out of energy. By this, they often are referring to oil and gas deposits in the Earth. Yet the energy content is always the same: it just transforms from one form of energy to another. If you wake up to who you really are, you will never feel the lack of anything ever again. During deep meditation, we connect to our Higher Self: that field of energy which is unmani ...   read more

Heal and Balance Your Energies with a Smiling Meditation (in answer to a question)   16 y  
I am a firm believer that our body has the ability to repair and balance itself in every part and on every level if we just relax and allow the energies to rebalance.
Even if one of your glands has partially been removed in surgery, I feel the body has the ability to rebalance itself and create a new equilibrium. I must admit I do not know very much about your condition that was mentioned in the question, and I would recommend continuing to discuss this with your doctors and specialists. But what I did notice from your message was the depth of your feelings and emotions concerning your levels of calcium and magnesium. I feel your feelings and emotions may be having a much more powerful effect on your body than the taking of the supplements you de ...   read more

Distant Healing   16 y  
I was asked to give distant healing to a person in another country. My experience of connecting with his energies was very vivid, so I thought I would describe the feelings and emotions for you to understand the process.
Following a conference call with a colleague I was asked to give distant healing to a person many thousands of miles away. The person is very famous but has undergone many emotional and physical challenges in the last few years. I was asked by my colleague to connect to him and was informed that he had agreed to this. But when I connected to him I found the experience quite unique. For many years I have been able to take my spirit out of my physical body and travel to a different aspect of my Self -- as, in reality, we are all one. On this occasion, I waited until I went to bed ...   read more

Declining North Sea Oil Output – It is time to consider alternate uses for the platforms   16 y  
With North Sea oil output declining 8-10% per year it will soon not be economical to continue to use these platforms and alternate uses needs to be found.
Recycling spent oil and gas wells - Having seen the problems disposing of the Brent Spar oil platform, it is time to look for alternate uses for offshore platforms when it becomes uneconomical for them to continue production. One alternate use could be the extraction of geothermal energy. The continental shelf in the UK, where these platforms are situated, has a relatively thin earth’s crust, giving the wells high bottom hole temperatures. Heat from these wells can be utilised to generate electricity and, by the use of submersible cables, help power the national grid. The extractio ...   read more

Head Healing (in answer to a question)   16 y  
I received an interesting question from a visitor to my website who has had a terrible health problem with his head for many years; others may be able to identify with this.
Dear George, I found your website today and it is wonderful and calming, i have a question for you as i have had a terrible health problem with my head for many years. I work for the NHS in a responsible job helping others, all the while with a problem of my head making it difficult to go out and mix with others.During the day i play a game of hiding the problem.As you can imagine it has been very depressing as the people i have seen do not belive you and i have been offered no help. I am in my early 40’s and life has left me behind, I have been doing very deep meditation sessions to try ...   read more

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