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Top 7 Tips to Rebalance One's Energies   16 y  
Health is the natural result of having one's energies in perfect balance
Dis-ease is the result of not letting life flow freely; it is like water: if you stop water flowing it turns stagnant. Life is like a river flowing; we need to flow with it and welcome change: progress is made through change. Focus on the things in life which bring you great joy and happiness. If you are not enjoying something, look for new ways of doing it that use your creativity. Whatever your job or situation use your imagination to experience your situation in new ways. Focus on the things in life which bring you great joy and happiness. If you are not enjoying something, loo ...   read more

Presence of the Power of Love   16 y  
What it feels like and how it expands the mind to have Presence come around you when you are working
Over the last few days, I have been getting my book ready for the printer. What I have noticed while working on it is the Presence that comes in the room. By Presence I mean the increase in the electromagnetic field that surrounds my body. I feel this is my Spirit Guides and Helpers coming around me and helping me get my book out in physical form. The book is called ”Journey into the Self – The multi-dimensional nature of being human”. It will be available on Amazon in about a month. The book is part autobiography, about my Spiritual Journey, and partly my articles, where I des ...   read more

Symbols and Codes: Why We Use Them and What They Mean   16 y  
Symbols are pictures which we use to give a message to other beings and to those that will come after us. The interpretation of the symbol is very personal and unique to each individual.
Those symbols and codes we take for granted are things like the alphabet we use in our language. Languages and their associated symbols are a living thing. Nowhere is this more apparent than when watching our children sending text messages to each other on their mobile phones. They have created their own language, which is unique and constantly changing. They may use different symbols in different orders when talking with a certain friend and change the order and language with another. I suppose this is a little like local dialect in different parts of the country. The main thi ...   read more

Our Angels and Guides Helping to Protect Us   16 y  
Some examples of where I have received help from my Angels and Guides
The first example that comes to mind happened a number of years ago. I was driving the car down to the South Coast of England to visit my wife’s parents with my wife and our three children in the car. We had been driving for about three hours and were just going around London on the M25. As we were going up a hill, I was in the fast lane going at the speed limit. Just before we reached the crest of the hill, I got this urgent message in my head that said: Stop. I immediately started to slow down, not knowing why! As the car went over the crest of the hill there was standing traff ...   read more

Unexplained Psychic and Spiritual Experiences   16 y  
I feel at some time in the life of each of us, things happen to us which cannot be explained. We feel a hidden power was at work.
I think the first experience I can remember was when I was working for the TM (Transcendental Meditation) movement in Switzerland and had just been cleaning a corridor outside the Maharishi’s bedroom. As I was passing the door a pandit came out who wanted to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the room. I gave him the machine and waited outside. After a few minutes I noticed that he had finished using the machine and it was just inside the door. Not thinking, I stepped forward to remove the vacuum cleaner. As I crossed the threshold I was zapped by an unseen energy field, like static ...   read more

Earth as Our Body   16 y  
What does it mean to look at the Earth as you would your own body?
We hear it said that the rain forests are the lungs of the world, oxygenating the air that we breathe. Our body is made of about 70% water and the planet’s surface is covered with about the same area as water. The weather mainly involves the movement of water or water vapour. Our body emotions flow through the water in our body and often come to the surface as expressions of emotions through tears in our eyes; while with the weather we may talk of an angry storm or a chill wind. When we are feeling a little depressed we may talk of the dark clouds hanging over us. The different ...   read more

Fate and Destiny   16 y  
What is the difference, and how do we choose between them?
We have all heard the terms Fate and Destiny, but what is it in life that makes the difference between which one we follow? Fate is the natural direction our life is heading in. This is happening anyway, whether we are conscious of it or not. It is the natural flow of life, which is set for us in the stars, and is influenced by the others in our life. We may quite often react negatively to fate and try to swim the opposite way. We are usually not aware of our deeper feelings and our emotions regarding our fate; we feel that life is in control and we are here just to experience the ...   read more

Guides and Spirit Helpers   17 y  
As group consciousness grows and the electromagnetic field of energy gains strength, people are becoming aware of their spirit guides and helpers
In the New Energy and oneness of consciousness, it is getting easier to sense the presence of spirit helpers coming around us. These can be sensed in many ways. I have noticed them as a slight disturbance in the field of energy, in the aura of the body: a slight tingling on the surface, or the sensation of cobwebs around the skin. On one occasion I could see the outline of the presence and noticed a breaking up of the normal space/time as the entity passed by. This was like a crack in one reality as another reality came through. Spirit guides and helpers are usually invisible bu ...   read more

Thigh Muscle Continues to Atrophy - Thank you for your question.   17 y  
If you do not use your physical body it becomes weak and experiences atrophy as the muscles become weak and wither away.
You know your physical condition better than me, so please only take this advice if you feel it is appropriate. What I would recommend is to join a Yoga class. There are many types of Yoga. A beginner’s Hatha Yoga class, which will stretch and energize the muscles in a moderate gentle way, could help you a lot. Yoga is good because you can set your own limits and increase the practice at your own rate. What I would recommend is doing a little each day and slowly building up to what you feel comfortable with. This will energize and strengthen the muscles in your thighs. As yo ...   read more

Weight and the Root Cause of the Problem   17 y  
There are a few ways we could look at this, but at the end of the day, I think you will find that it comes down to belief systems. A lot of people live their lives feeling there is not enough money, food, love, life, etc.
In reality you are the life force from which all these other things are created. If we have a look at the world as a whole, quite often the Western world is wasteful with food, while the people in Africa find there is a shortage: it is all about balance and even distribution of resources, not about scarcity. The same with your own body: you may have a belief that there is not enough and at the same time be eating too much to build up reserves against the day of a shortage. What I would suggest to help with this process is to eat with awareness. Pay attention to what you are eat ...   read more

Telepathy and the Layers of Consciousness   17 y  
A closer look at the layers of consciousness and where the power of telepathy comes from.
Life is constantly flowing from deep within your heart outwards. You are a spiritual person looking out at the world around you through all these five senses. Your body is the vehicle that allows you to experience life as a human through your thoughts, words and deeds. Your feelings are what connect you back to yourself. These layers of energy that surround each layer of your physical existence form your consciousness. Note the depth of consciousness as you drop down the layers of your physical existence. Then watch your consciousness expand as you drop down into the void, that ...   read more

Being Present and Alert what does this Mean?   17 y  
What are the advantages in our life of being present and alert? Why it is important to have these qualities in our life and what does it feel like. Often people say, it is not what you are doing that is important, it is what you are being.
Being awake and alert is something we take for granted as natural state of consciousness. There are many advantages to becoming conscious of this state of being, for a few minutes each day. Being conscious of that inner state of being, feeling the presence of the electromagnetic field of energy that permeates our physical body and forms the aura around the body, is very important. By becoming aware and conscious of this field of energy, we set up feed back loops, which help to increase its’ presence and strengthen the flow. So what does it feel like to be present? After reading th ...   read more

Our Destiny is in the Planets and Stars   17 y  
As we grow in awareness of who and what we are, we start to become aware of the influence of the planets and Star on the flow of our life. For thousands of years people have been aware of the subtle effect of the planets in our solar system and their influence on our moods and destiny.
Astrologers have followed the movement of the planets and their relationship to events in our life. This knowledge has led to the creating of astrology, a system to predict future events in our life from the position of the planets at our birth. If you look into the Kabala system of knowledge you will see that each heavenly body is given the name of an Arch Angel and we can call upon its’ influence to bring changes in our life. Each planet is known for its’ qualities: Venus the planet of Love, Mars the planet of War, etc. These influence set a direction, which is the natural flow o ...   read more

Tantric Healing Enriches Relationships   17 y  
Healing can be on many levels and one of the main areas for healing, is human relationship. Tantric Healing is the balancing and feeling of the divine life force as we draw it through us and radiate it to our partner.
Tantra is the flow of energy from our most subtle core, through all our five senses, balancing the Yin-Yang (Male-Female) energy, as we weave our cosmic dance on the stage of life. Tantra can be practiced with each of the senses and in everything we do; it is a process of being aware and fully present to each moment of experience. You can practice Tantra while enjoying a meal in a fine restaurant, just being aware of all the subtle sensations of your taste buds and experience the look, colour, texture and aroma of the food and wine. You can practice Tantra while listening to music or ...   read more

Feel Your Inner Body   17 y  
We all know we have a physical body, but today I would like you to start to become aware of your Inner body or energy body.
The Inner body is the energy field, which surrounds and permeates our physical body. This inner body contains the blue print, which the physical body grows into. When our awareness is on the physical level of our body we are mainly concerned with its physical attributes, but true Beauty comes from within. When our subtle energies are strong we radiate this love all around us. Strong subtle energies create more orderliness in the physical body leading to better health and a more contented nature. People may comment that we have a strong charisma as they feel this energy radiating f ...   read more

Transmute Anger and Fear into a Positive New Direction with Passion and Desire   17 y  
Anger and Fear have been around a very long time as emotions, driving us in directions we may not want to go and often regret. By becoming aware of these deep emotions we can ask ourselves are they still serving us. Using passion for life and our desire we can create a new future direction for our life.
Anger and fear are two emotions we may want to look at in our life and ask the question “Are they still serving us?” Quite often if we look deeply at what is making us angry, it can be difficult to identify why one is reacting in this way. It is almost as though we are doing it out of habit or re-enacting to a previous situation. Or it could be as simple as we have always reacted in this way: But why? By becoming aware of our feeling and question what we are doing and why, we bring this subconscious reaction to our conscious mind. We can choose from a field of all possible actions ...   read more

Death and How it Affects the Living   17 y  
When we talk about life and death it is necessary for us to question who and what we are? What life is all about and how we interact with each other?
Life is something very subtle within the body. It is the life force, which holds all the different parts of the body together and gives purpose and direction to life. Yet the experience of life is one of being the observer to what is happening in our environment and our body. We know that we are not the physical body because every cell in the body changes every 7 years, yet the personality within the body stays the same from a small baby to a teenager to an adult. We are spiritual in nature, you could say the Self is an Angel, who looks through the body and sees and senses the worl ...   read more

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