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Memories and Emotions can Colour our Awareness   17 y  
Memories have an emotional charge that can colour our awareness. These emotions can make us react in strange ways following certain triggers. You may find yourself becoming aware of a past event’s memory and notice that you are looking back and not fully present with what is going on around you now.
Memories of past events in our life can have associated with them deep emotional charge. This can cause these memories to keep repeating themselves over and over again throughout our life. Sometimes the pattern is triggered by our environment and sometimes by a person or situation. Once triggered, the memory of the event plays out, with all the deep emotional charge of the original event. The first step to solving this pattern of behaviour is to become aware of the process. If you find your mood swinging for no apparent reason it may be that one of these past memories is playing o ...   read more

Strands of Consciousness are Growing in our Awareness   17 y  
When you use your imagination to create a dream, or create a new concept or idea, your consciousness becomes multi-dimensional. You may think that you are just thinking subtle thoughts in your mind, but each thought is connected to a different dimension in an alternate reality.
Self awareness of our consciousness is developing its multi-dimensional nature. To date you may have considered your mind as flat and thoughts just appear out of nowhere. Now the field of consciousness is getting so strong that, if you relax and expand you awareness through your feeling, you will become aware of the multi-dimensional nature of your awareness and thinking process. You will start to feel the connection to distant realities, where you have different aspects of yourself. Here you plan and dream in the subtle levels of consciousness. You will become aware of the tapest ...   read more

How does one know the difference between needing to be patient for spirit to manifest something and needing to change something in what one is doing?   17 y  
Thank you for this question, it raises a couple of very interesting points. Spirit cannot act on it own and it will not do our work for us. Therefore it is important to know what you want for yourself.
The first stage of creation is to dream or visualise with the subtle thinking processes of the mind. Then start to move towards that which you desire and if you are in tune with the Universal life force your desire will soon gain fulfilment. The other word you use is need, the body needs certain things to survive and live a comfortable life, but I think what you are referring to here is desire. You desire to manifest something in your life. Whether it is a new partner, or a job you enjoy, or a change in your home, or holiday, or what ever you desire. The point is it is not a basic ...   read more

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,ME, Insomnia and Other Related Issues - Thank you for your question.   17 y  
You are experiencing a change within you that will change the world in which you live. You are a sensitive person; I see this, as you wrote your question about insomnia on the evening of the full moon, when lots of people have trouble sleeping because of the increase in lunar energy.
What you are going through - although you say a virus causes it - is a subtle change in the world energy patterns. There is a new awareness coming into being that people are more than their physical bodies; new dimensions and layers of awareness are opening up, which is causing sensitive people like you to feel the pain and fatigue of all human consciousness. You have chosen to be one of the people to release this for group consciousness. It is a painful and tiring experience, which is leaving you with little energy to do anything else. Know that this is a temporary transition and is ...   read more

Choosing the Path to Walk by Positive Thinking   17 y  
The world shows up for us the way we think about it. Choosing clearly what we want in this life is very important. It is important to be clear about our purpose and direction.
Flowing our energy towards a goal and an objective helps, but only if we are coming from the field of love that exists deep in our heart are we in harmony with all life. We need to be true to ourselves first. To be honest about our feelings and our intentions and what we want to create in the world. If our thoughts and desires are positive and life supporting for ourselves and those around us; if we are coming from the finest layers of our heart’s desire, we can honestly know that our thoughts are the most life supporting and in tune with the whole universe. Using the breath to cen ...   read more

Inner Work and Stepping into the New Consciousness   17 y  
Reflect a moment on the changes that have taken place in your life over the last few months. How may of your favourite things have you had to release and let go of?
Have you noticed the change in your inner awareness? Have you noticed a greater depth to your feelings and awareness? As we move into the new energy of oneness and expand our awareness and consciousness, we see lots of past issues coming to the surface, again, to be finally released, and our energies are more centred on our inner awareness and inner development. You may find that your awareness rests on past issues, and you have strong thoughts associated with those events. Take a deep breath and clear*; stay conscious of your breathing for a minute or two, and look again at that t ...   read more

Can you Help me to Find out why I've had so Many Health Problems? (in answer to a question)   17 y  
I would start by loving yourself just as you are. Give yourself a big hug and thank your body for what is still working.
Regarding the pains in the joints: I feel you may need to alter your lifestyle a little. I would start by joining a Yoga class to gently stretch your body and improve your flexibility. I feel that you may have put on a little weight and may need to consider going to Weight Watchers, Slimming World or similar professional organisation that will give you the guidance you need to make the changes in your lifestyle. Change your diet to mainly fresh fruit and vegetables and take time for your Self to look within and appreciate what is working in your life. I was once told a lovely sto ...   read more

Stopping Smoking and Balancing Your Weight (in answer to a question)   17 y  
The thing about stopping smoking (as people typically do it) is, they put their attention on the stopping, which the human mind tends to interpret as a block. As the mind wants to feel free and unbounded, this is against its nature.
Therefore if you truly desire to stop, you will do this naturally : ) What I would suggest is that you decide what you would like to do instead of smoking? What new desires you would like to explore and dream about, to spend all the money on that you save from naturally wanting to improve your health? You will also substitute an activity that is destructive to your body for a constructive one, by moving away from poisoning your body through the inhalation of poisonous gases. This is a very personal thing and only you know what brings you greatest happiness and joy. My own advice ...   read more

Drawing on the Energies at Ancient Sites and Areas in Nature that are Spiritually Energised   17 y  
It’s as though a sixth sense wakes up as you come close to an ancient monument or special area of nature; you can feel the presence in the energies. If you take a few minutes to pause, in our daily rush to achieve and just be still, at one of these areas on our planet, you can feel the deeper connection and get a sense of the history of the site.
If it’s a dry day and you can site on the ground and make a connection to the Earth, you can feel the energy of the area flowing around and through you. You may feel this in many ways; you may get a sense of the sounds in the distant past. Feel the wind on your face in a special way. What I notice myself as I sit and start to drift into a meditative state is the energies in my face become more pronounced. I get a kind of silly little grin on my face and I feel the field of energy within my body and out into the aura becoming stronger and more charged up. I become like a radio tune ...   read more

Know Yourself as Eternal, Non-changing and Absolute   17 y  
As you walking along the seashore listening to the eternal sound of the waves breaking on the beach; your mind could be a million miles away, being aware of the eternal continuum of life, but in reality just knowing your true nature.
As we walk through life we see the constant change around us as everything follows its natural life cycle. Our body is no exception; it is constantly changing growing and evolving. Yet the person within the body, that silent witness to all we experience, has an eternal quality of something much greater and more permanent that who or what we think we are. In our quite moments when we are walking or sitting with nature, our feelings reach out and connect and touch a deeper layer of our heart and soul. We become in union with that hidden force that orders the whole of creation. We can ...   read more

The Connection Point Between the Physical and the Non-Physical Consciousness   17 y  
As we get ready to settle down to go to sleep at night, you may start to be aware of the connection between you physical body and your non-physical spiritual nature or aura surrounding and permeating through your body.
The junction point between different states of consciousness; i.e. waking and sleeping is a good time to notice this experience. As your mind and body start to settle down to rest. You become aware of the more subtle nature of the body, mind and aura. For me this experience is one of first scanning my body and my feelings and becoming aware of my deeper connection. If I become aware of any discomfort in the body, I take my attention into that region and consciously breathe, relaxing the physical body and clearing the mind of any associated thoughts. As you continue with this proc ...   read more

Being Your Self in Life   17 y  
Being your self in life is all about bringing out those qualities that make you unique and different from those around you.
Create the time, for a few minutes each day, to look with and allow your imagination and your psychic powers, to commune with your higher Self: that connection to the whole Universe around you to look for guidance and inspiration on your life journey. Bring your energies back in tune with your Self and allow your music to flow though you. This is all about living in harmony with yourself and the environment in which you live. Use your feelings to reach out and sense that which will bring you joy and pleasure and use these experiences of life to guide you on your path, your journey i ...   read more

Loneliness what is the Cause and How do we Overcome it in Our Lives   17 y  
Many people experience loneliness in their lives, at some stage. As children we mix and make friends easily but as we get older and more fixed in our way, we may find it more challenging to find like-minded people we feel comfortable with.
To overcome loneliness is one of modern societies issues today. With television tending to portray fear and stress in their drama productions, one can get conditioned into becoming introverted, especially if you live alone. There are a few things we can do to help reverse this tendency in later life and that is to consider all the things we enjoy doing. Then go to the library, or find a what’s on type publication, to see what clubs and societies there are near by, which carry out these interests. If your interest is not catered for consider being the source of that interest by star ...   read more

Marketing in Business and Commerce in the New Consciousness   17 y  
I sense that you are still feeling a little separated from your customers. You are shifting your focus from your own income, to giving to customers, to help their lives grow and blossom. I think you are still missing the point.
The point is what you give to another you give to yourself; the reason being that there is only one of us. You are apart part of the Universal life force just the same as your customer is. If you want to have any experience in your life, just course another to have that experience, and you notice it showing up in your life as well. We have had the industrial revolution; we are now going through a consciousness revolution. It is getting more and more difficult to Asses, where your consciousness ends and your customer’s consciousness starts. People are becoming more intuitive and tele ...   read more

Debt and New Spirituality   17 y  
How do we look at debt in the new energies and how can we bring balance again in our lives?
Overcome the sigma of being in dept, grow in self-confidence and regaining ones own centre and balance again, is easy in the new energies. This is all about being true to yourself, what we have been doing in the past is buying into other peoples beliefs and concepts. In the new energy the Self is strong and we realise that no one can make us feel bad and down unless we buy into that idea ourselves. All possibilities are open to us in every minute of every day. We choose what to allow our mind to dwell on. If we are not enjoying what we are thinking change: you mind about it. Stop ...   read more

How does Personal Development Help in Business?   17 y  
Business is all about work and making money, so why develop the individual who does the work and creates the money?
Teams run most businesses and teams work best if each member is aligned with the whole group and works in a happy friendly way. Team building has been very popular over the last ten years or so, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if we naturally lived a life in synchrony with your teammates and your customers. Businesses in the past has employed people for the purpose of fulfilling a role and paying a wage, were the employee may not really enjoy the job they are doing. As we move into the New Energy and develop our awareness. As New Spirituality develops and Self-love grows and your a ...   read more

Free Yourself from Past Experiences   17 y  
This is a time for being fully present in the now and expand who and what you think you are.
Being fully aware of all your senses and your connection to your environment, take a deep breath and connect to this moment. Look through your eyes as though you are seeing for the first time. Hear the clarity in the sounds arriving at your ears. Do this with all your senses and get clarity on your connection to life and your environment. There has to be more to life than just this physical connection that is made through our senses. We have all experienced sensations and understanding that we can not easily explain. There are many dimensions to the human experience, what we noti ...   read more

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