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Releasing Fear and Growing in Joy and Happiness   17 y  
As we move more in to the New Energy and expand our awareness of life and living we are growing in love and releasing fear.
Just allow yourself to smile; you do not need a reason. As you smile feel the depth of that smile with your feeling. Start with the smile on your face and feel the warm of its energy expanding to take in the whole of your body. Consciously take a few deep breaths. Feel the depth of the smile as you become aware of all the organs in the body smiling, feel the cells within the organs start to smile and express their love. Feel all the molecules within the cells start to smile and feel the atoms that make up the molecules beam a really big deep smile. Feel your energy balancing with ...   read more

Raise Your Feeling Frequency with a Loving Smile   17 y  
Life is to be lived in joy and happiness, if you are not feeling this joy in this moment, think again!
In every moment of our life we have the choice to think any thought we like. Sometimes we forget that we have the freedom to choose what we think in any moment. It does not matter what is happening in our life and what we are surrounded by. We can choose to change are vibration and feeling happier, just by our intention. If your current thoughts are heavy and feel like they are holding you down. Choose to change your mind on what you feel. A soft loving smile will start to raise your vibration and increase your loving feeling for yourself and others. Know that your thoughts have ...   read more

Growing in Awareness of our Body Weight and Dieting in the New Energy   17 y  
Learning to integrate the different aspects of yourself, so your desires are all pulling in the same direction.
I think we have all had the experience in our life, where we choose to change a part of our self; for example you may feel over weight and have the wish or desire to loose weight. This process is mainly about being conscious of our habits and making slight changes, which will bring about the desired effect. Using the example of loosing weight, we can work on many different levels: 1. We can choose to only buy lo fat foods. 2. We can plan to reduce our portion size. 3. Drink more water; as quite often the messages the brain receive is for water not food. 4. Become aware of our f ...   read more

Your Relationship with Yourself is Equally Important   17 y  
We sometimes identify with the things that happen in our life but really we are always free to love ourselves.
Before we can have a meaning full relationship with another person it is important to come to terms with the relationship we are having with ourselves. We draw to us things that resonate at the same vibration and are in harmony with how we are feeling and thinking. If we wish to change what is showing up in our life we have to change ourselves. We have to change how we feel about things. Negative feeling often spring from our belief system and judgements, which we make about life and living and the people who are showing up in our life. It is sometimes necessary to bring these beli ...   read more

Create through the Imagination   17 y  
I invite you to come on a journey into your imagination to create a positive dream for your life.
I would like to take you on a creative journey into the imagination. Let your awareness settle down and become quite. Think of your favourite place, where you feel safe and secure. I am going to use the example of a log cabin, which I have visited on many occasions. In your minds eye start to create the image of this friendly place, which can be either real or imaginary, it does not matter for this exercise. Use all your senses to create the image; smell the damp woods that surround the log cabin, hear the lapping of the waves on the lake outside the front door. Feel the warmth from t ...   read more

I was abused as a child   17 y  
Understanding of how to overcome the negative thoughts around child abuse by a family member; how to re-centre your energies in the now moment.
Child abuse is a much more common event, than is usually expressed in public. I recently attended an event, where people were asked to discuss their darkest secrets. Out of the thirty or so women in the room, nearly two thirds expressed their darkest secret as, being about child abuse and two had had terminations, created by a family member. I say this to point out that it is quite a common event, but this does not belittle the effect it can have emotionally and on relationships for years following. In a way it is the fact that we burry these events in our subconscious and they only r ...   read more

A dream of the perfect partner   17 y  
Understand the heart when thinking of loving one’s perfect partner.
Your dream is so beautiful and it is never to late to happen. What I would say is keep your dream close to your heart and visualise fully what it would feel like for your dream to come true and your perfect partner stepped into your life. Spend a little time now just going back to your dream remember the rose petals and smell their essence in the air. Hear the waves crashing on the beach and feel the sea air on your face. Visualise your dream partner see how close to your perfect person they are. Imagine the feeling of holding them in your arms, see their beautiful cloths and smell ...   read more

Energy of the One Mind, Consciousness and Feeling   17 y  
The multi dimensional nature of whom and what we think we are in this human form, is explained.
Consciousness flows on many levels and in many directions. There are planes of existence that the human mind can tap into and become aware of the whole plane and it’s connections. Some of these planes are just on one level like the group consciousness of the human mind. We could look at this like the balls on a billiard table. One ball is hit into the pack and all the other balls move to a new equilibrium and await the next thought or the next ball being hit. Groups of people and individuals move in the same way. The group reacts to the actions and thoughts of the individual just l ...   read more

Our Body is a Hologram of Living Light   17 y  
A Layman’s look into the Holographic Body of Light and Matter, which we are
We are apart of all that is, our consciousness spring out of the silence, which is known as the voyd or vacuum in Quantum Physics. This first sprouting of consciousness comes out of the silence as waves, a vibration of light. The photons of light travel till they hit something then change from a wave to a particle and an ante-particle. These particles cluster together and start to form the atoms of our body: The positive particles to the centre forming the nucleus and the negative ante particles forming the electrons. These groups of atoms cluster together to form our molecules; the m ...   read more

Turn up Your Energy Levels and Start to Radiate   17 y  
We are now living in a time where the energy of consciousness is starting to glow and radiate all around us.
Each human is becoming the source of their own radiant being. Take your awareness within and choose to start to glow and radiate. You can feel this field of energy all around you without any effort. Know that as this energy increases around and within you. Your radiance and divinity start to glow from within. Your natural beauty is shining from within. All stress in your life is starting to drop away; as we let go of our attachment to our environment and the things in our life. Start to consciously become aware of your breathing, feel the life force entering you body as you brea ...   read more

Working with Crystals to help with Healing and Connecting   17 y  
Crystals are like tuning forks they bring in a specific vibration and can be used to bring your body energies into balance.
It has been known for thousands of yours that crystals and gems stones can have an influence on your Body, Mind and Spirit. Crystals and gems have connections to your astrological chart and there are books and tables available in most crystal shops to show these links and influences. Quite often I hear people tell me that their favourite crystal or gem found them. Meaning that they felt drawn or physically attracted to specific type and one specific stone. This is tired in with the synchronies in life. That which we vibrate most closely with is drawn to us. I have noticed myself ...   read more

Freedom from Suffering   17 y  
“My biggest problem, is that I feel deeply connected to suffering”
You live in a field of opposites, all around you there is, up and down, hot and cold, good and bad, joy and suffering. One defines the other, we cannot know anything without the contrast or the opposite being present. The question is what do you want to put your attention on and thus make grow? Life would be very boring if everything was the same. This is why we have created the contrast in life. What I am asking you to do, is see the unity in the contrast and decide were you want to put your attention? Is your glass half full or half empty? It you put your attention on the half empty ...   read more

You are truly an angel, radiating your love wherever you go   17 y  
"I will continue to try and do my own part to alleviate fear, which I feel is the greatest stumbling block on our collective way towards change."
I agree with the above statement, but I would just like to suggest changing a couple of words: Change ”try” I feel when we are trying we are not being ourselves. I feel it is better to be true to yourself and just be whom you are. Change ”Fear” Fear is the opposite of love, if we honour ourselves and follow our hearts desire, we will be coming from love and love and fear cannot occupy the same space as they are opposite to each other. Also FEAR “False Evidence Appearing Real” cannot appear in the moment of Now. Fear arises, when we start to project into the future or look back into ...   read more

I am Apart of the Universal Life Force   17 y  
Speaking in public is challenging for a number of people.
Public speaking is said to be one of the biggest challenges in many people’s lives. This is all about perspective and who we think we are? If we think that we are this human body and all out there is different from us, and separate, then this leaves a gap in which fear can creep in. If we feel that we are a part of the universal life force that shines through all of life. Our body is just one aspect of a greater whole and we are part of that whole and included in it. The love of this universal energy that is shining through us and gives rise to our thoughts and feelings and emotio ...   read more

Be True to Yourself when the Winds of Change Blow in Your Life   17 y  
Thoughts about your intentions and feeling when change comes in your life.
Thoughts about your intentions and feeling when change comes in your life. It is sometimes necessary to let go and just be in the moment when the winds of change blow in your life. Progress and evolution are made through change. Life would also be very boring if it was always the same. We should welcome change as this opens the doors to new opportunities and allows all our energies to flow in new directions in our life. When the winds of change blow, stay in the moment and be with your thoughts and feeling. Make conscious choices based on the feelings that will bring you greate ...   read more

How to Breathe Health into your Body through Conscious Breathing    17 y  
A look at how the breath can be used to bring balance into area of our Body and Mind.
The Breath is very powerful it has been used for centuries by Yogi’s to create different effects on the body and mind. Before we start to discuss the different techniques, which can be used to balance the body. Lets look at normal breathing. It is good from time to time to make sure that you are using the full capacity of our lungs when breathing. Lets take a few deep breaths, breathing in through the nose with the mouth closed; if this is possible for you to do comfortably. It is important to breath deeply right down into the abdomen and then to fill the chest. It is also import ...   read more

The Power of Feeling   17 y  
It is through your feeling and releasing, relaxing and centring your energy that you can truly know whom you are. Take a deep breath and stay conscious of your breathing as you reach out with your feeling.
We see all the top Scientist and Physicist and Business People, all using their mind to try to understand life and the world around them. What they find is that the more they look into a subject the more they realise how little they actually know. Yet the true process of knowing is not in understanding, it is in being. It is through your feeling and releasing, relaxing and centring your energy that you can truly know whom you are. Take a deep breath and stay conscious of your breathing as you reach out with your feeling. This works best with your eyes close using one’s imagination, ...   read more

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