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My Divine Purpose    17 y  
Questions and Answers about My Divine Purpose
My Divine purpose is to help the world to know it’s Self. What is the best way to achieve this? The best way to achieve this is through example. Can you explain a little more what this means? The way you live your life and interact with the people in the world. Am I doing the right thing at the moment? Yes you are one of the leaders of new spirituality and as such you have to break the mould. This is why you often feel strained and why you need lots of rest. The work you are doing is so important and will have major repercussions for the world and mankind. I know that I have ...   read more

What is happening in Our Life and Group Consciousness?   17 y  
A look at how we identify with what is happening in our life; when in fact the same thing is happening to thousands of other people at the same time.
As communications becomes more integrated in our lives. We start to see parallels between ourselves and other people around the world. It is a well known fact that when new ideas come into existence, they tend to appear in two or three parts of the World at the same time. Even though the people in question do not talk to each other. It is as though nature wants to make sure the idea gets out there, so it puts the idea into a number of peoples minds at the same time. This is why the patent system has been invented. Those that can patent the idea first tend to get control, but what a ...   read more

Emotions, in what Aspect of our Body do they Operate   17 y  
A look at our emotions and how they interact with our consciousness
Our emotions are something that is very fluid and changeable, but have you ever thought what is the difference between our emotions and our consciousness. Our emotions operate in the liquids within the body. They body is made of 70% liquid and this exists in most parts of the physical body. The emotions are based on the Solar Plexus Chakra and are usually experienced as subtle sensations of pleasure or pain. They are based around the colour yellow, which is the colour of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Our emotions transcend our physical structure, but can have a major influence on the physic ...   read more

Thoughts from Where do they Spring   17 y  
Where do our thoughts come from and what are the influences
We experience thoughts coming in our mind all the time, but have you ever stopped to question from where they are coming? What forces are acting on you to trigger these thoughts? We have all experienced a constant stream of thoughts flooding into the mind. These normally relate to the issues that crop up during the day. Sometime we can receive inspiration and start to change something that may make a shift in human consciousness. There is no easy answer to these questions as each Human is multi dimensional and also operates on many layers within, what we call human consciousness. ...   read more

What force was at work?   17 y  
The hidden hand of nature at work, which helps to guide our thoughts and actions.
I spent the last ten years of my life working on a sheep farm in North Wales, UK. I learned so much from the animals and found that they even managed to speak to me. You may ask how? That is a very good question. I will give you an example. As a farmer I would quite often get inspired to have a look around the farm. I say inspired because I would sense there was a problem. On this occasion I was being guided into a field I new to be empty of animals and I had not visited for over a month. The farm was quite large and therefore I had an ATV(All Terrain Vehicle), which is like a f ...   read more

Calling upon the Angels to Help   17 y  
Getting assistance from the Angles, to help find solutions for events in our lives
Angels have been around as long as man. Most religions mention them. But how do we connect with our Angel friends and call upon their help. Most religions say, “ask and you will receive”, so how do we go about this asking process? To “ask” take the attention within, you can do this through the process of meditation, or just sitting quietly and letting the mind settle down. When you feel that inner silence or peace, quietly start to think about the subject you have in mind. When you are ready, ask for the Angels to help to find the solution. May be you can start a dialog with y ...   read more

Altered State of Consciousness in Preparation for Healing   17 y  
An experiential Guide to altered state of consciousness while preparing to give healing
As we gentle take the attention within and start to connect to the universal love within our own heart. We start with a simple opening statement of our intent: To connect to the highest energy and enliven this vibration within our own heart. We ask that we become clear channels for this energy to flow through us and bring healing to the person we are working with. As we feel this connection opening up we feel a calmness coming over us. Within this calmness we feel the vibration or liveliness in the silence, start to become finer, yet more intense. As our vibration increases we feel a p ...   read more

A Thought for Our Loved Ones   17 y  
How to connect with loved ones in the now through telepathy
For all those who find that they are separated from their loved ones, I would like to say that they are just a thought away. Thought is something we take for granted, but is one of the most important tools we have. We quite often find that our thoughts are either in the past or the future. When they are in the past we may be thinking of the loved ones we are separated from and when in the future we may be dreaming of the time when we come together again. But in reality our friends and loved ones are only a thought away. We can think of them now, in the now, in a positive loving ...   read more

Digital Clocks and the Synchronies in Life   17 y  
A look at how digital clocks show synchronies as the new energy become more integrated
I would like to start with the understanding that all things are within me and I am becoming aware on a daily basis that this is so. I am becoming aware of spirit round me, and the intelligence that this spiritual energy displays. For example, my eyes keep being drawn towards digital clocks to check the time. The numbers on the clock usually form an interesting pattern, like I had a 13:13, 18:18 and a 22:22. I have also found that spirit can multiply for example I’ve had 06:18 and divide 04:21 where 2 was half four and 1 was half 2. You may think that this is a coincidence, but it ...   read more

My Feelings when Connecting to Source Energy   17 y  
An overview of the feelings experienced when looking deeply into one's Self
Today I had the realisation, for the first time, of total bliss through the night and continuing during meditation. This seemed to come about when I looked deeply into my own mind. By that I mean, turning the attention in on itself and allowing one’s awareness to expand. This flow of energy seems to reverse the natural flow of energy from the source within to the outside world. When you look within yourself. Look at the spirit which you truly are. You see that this spirit is pure love, pure energy and when you look back at yourself you create this energy flowing in a circle and bec ...   read more

A Vision for the Future   17 y  
How to work with the New Energy, as it enters your body; feel the change and freedom it brings.
The energies are growing each day and expanding in many different directions and dimensions. During this period it is very important to bathe yourself in your source energy. This is the subtlest energy that exists deep within the heart, an oasis that can be tapped just by intention just by your own vision. Now that the energies have changed, the way we live our lives has also changed. Be fully in the ’Now’ moment, in awareness, fully alert. This is so wonderful an experience you bathe in bliss, you bathe in harmony, and you bathe in pure joy of life itself flowing through you in an ...   read more

The Energy of the One   17 y  
Changing the perspective on how we see the World
The new energy and how this is making us aware that we are more than our physical body. The vision I got was of me being just one cell in the body, and seeing the rest of the body from that perspective. That is to say being an individual cell and yet being aware of the bigger whole that makes up the rest of my body. It is this bigger picture I would like to talk about. As a cell we send our energy out and communicate with the body on many levels: electrically through the nerves, chemically through the blood, sensorially through feelings. Each cell must know the whole picture of the ...   read more

We have to understand that we are all ONE   17 y  
Growing Cooperation in the World between Counties
I am increasingly unhappy with the bombing of any Country. The Governments of the world have to realise that all the Countries of the World are important and have their function in the whole development of the Planet. Just as our body is made up of groups of individual cells, which form the organs of the body, so the planet is made up of a group of Countries that form the parts of the whole World. No good can come to the whole, if the cells of the brain decide to bomb the cells of the heart. Each part of the body is needed to perform its own function. Likewise each country has to ...   read more

Step by Step Guide to Healing Protection   17 y  
How can I be certain that I am fully protecting myself when giving healing?
This question came up at our healers’ circle during a training session recently. The general consensus in our healing group, was as long as you ask to be connected to the highest, purest energy to give healing, and ground yourself afterwards, then no harm should come to you. The healers thought that; an opening prayer asking for protection and to be connected to the highest energy, asking for our healing helpers and guides to come and join us in the healing was beneficial. Some thought it also useful to open the energy centres in the body to aid the flow of energy (i.e. the chakras). ...   read more

We are all Human Angels   17 y  
A look at the relationship between Humans and Angels
Each one of us is a Human Angel. We are spiritual beings. The Angel within us was never born and can never die. You need to understand who you are! You are an Angel looking through this physical body at the World around you. When you think about it the Self within has stayed the same even though our body changes its cell every 7 years. Your body has changed shape from a baby, to a toddler, to a teenager, to an adult. Yet the person within has stayed the same. The vibration which is you is something stable non-changing. We are a very subtle even finer than the light itself. We kn ...   read more

Mantra Meditation and it's effect on the body   17 y  
A description of the feelings during Mantra Meditation.
During mantra meditation, I feel that I am creating a self-referral aspect to my existence. Or put another way, I am becoming conscious of my own existence and therefore changing the intelligence or energy, which I am made up of, into a self-referred intelligence, which has the effect of making this intelligence, intelligent. When intelligence knows itself it can choose to change and adapt and evolve. I feel like a magnetic field or a gyroscope i.e. energy turning on itself, which creates its own stability or reference point from which to view the world. I look upon the mantra like ...   read more

Healing Energy and the Healing Effect   17 y  
My understanding of the healing energy, which I give out during healing
Is to enliven and channel the subtle layers of energy received from the various parts of the universe and from within myself to the person, animal or planet being healed. Thus, I understand healing to be like a magnet put under a piece of paper covered with iron filings. When the energy field is strong the iron filings all jump into place and become orderly. When we give spiritual healing we strengthen and purify the natural spiritual field of energy. This sets the conditions for all the atoms, molecules and cells to jump into the right place and perform their rightful duty. When th ...   read more

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