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The Importance of Dreaming   17 y  
A look at how we use out feeling to dream and create our future.
The importance of dreaming is in fact a universal principle to help our life flow freely and without stress. When we dream deep down in our heart we send messages out to the universe, which will structure our future. Therefore before you plan your next project take a few seconds and look inside yourself. Deep down in your heart and see what dreams are there, that you have been ignoring or pushing down. Instead of pushing these away start to look at them with your awareness start to put your attention on them and watch your whole future unfold before your very eyes. This is differ ...   read more

Increasing Energy in the Body   17 y  
Increasing energy in the body is like a stronger Spirit or Magnetic Field that brings Health and Harmony.
I have noticed over the years an increase in energy in my body; this is particularly noticeable around the mouth. It is like a stream of energy that is constantly flowing almost in a circle. I experience this as a flow on consciousness both within and around my body. On the outside it my feel like fine cobwebs gently stroking my skin. I look upon this energy like a gyroscope dancing on a wire. As long as the gyroscope is turning it is in control and stands on the wire. This field of energy gives me stability in life, a reference point on which to check the forces of nature that ar ...   read more

Levels of the Mind   17 y  
A look at the depth of consciousness and how it can be used in every day life
Most people experience at least three levels of consciousness within their minds, Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping. But this is a very flat, linear way of looking at the mind. The mind also has depth, as is experienced when transcending in meditation. The mind is a three- or even multi-dimensional experience, which is not limited by either time or space. Each state of consciousness has its own reality and experiences. If we were dreaming and fell out of an aeroplane only a parachute in the dream state could save us. In the same way all levels of existence have their corresponding lev ...   read more

Introduction to Meditation   17 y  
A simple definition of meditation and tips on how to do this at anytime.
The power of the mind is infinite and its capabilities are universal. Normally our mind is turned outwards, always looking through the senses at the world around us. The senses allow the mind to hear, touch, smell, see and taste. Through meditation we can turn the mind in on its Self. This process opens up a whole new world to our awareness. By looking within, during meditation, we can see all the parts of the body. We can look at each cell, in each part and ask it, if it has any problems or dis-ease within its environment. This dis-ease can manifest itself as a pain or a growth or a ...   read more

How does one's consciousness change as we evolve and become more spiritual?   17 y  
An understanding of how we can break the cycle of cause and effect and gain stability in our lives.
The main change we notice is from being caught up in an individual thought, and having it take over our entire mind, to having a more expanded view on life. When we get a very strong thought especially a negative one it can sweep us along and we can find that we have done things that we really did not want to do. To avoid this happening it is possible to experience thoughts on different levels. I.e. if a strong unpleasant thought comes into the mind, take the mind to the physical body and you may experience a twitching or sensation in one or more parts of the body. Just let the mind e ...   read more

Looking around the Body in a Meditative State   17 y  
An alternative way to look at your body from within and bring about healing and rebalancing.
From this infinite, stable state of self-awareness we can take the conscious mind to look at all the organs of the body. In this quiet state we can feel any un-ease or slight sensation of pain. This discomfort may have been caused by stress or a negative emotion and these feelings of discomfort can turn into the seeds of disease. If we have a disease or problem area in our body, in this state of quiet meditation, we can take the conscious mind to that area, investigate the problem and decide the best course of action to correct this imbalance or physical damage. A good way to look at ...   read more

The way forward into each New Year   17 y  
As the New Energy comes in take more time for Your-Self.
As we start each New Year, we are moving into a new energy, a new way of thinking about life and living. Just take a few minutes to reflect on the changes that you have noticed in your life and business over the last few months. There has been a major shift in the energies that form the basis of our thinking and our mind and consciousness. This shift is one of moving forward and leaving behind the old ideas and ways of interacting both in the business world and our personal lives. Whether this is an old job in which you do not have much job satisfaction, a relationships or life style ...   read more

Life is like a living pendulum   17 y  
The duality of life and the path we walk
We live in a field of opposing forces and our appreciation of this is our experience of life. We see this field as pairs of opposites, for example, hot and cold, up down, in out, happiness sadness, good evil and right wrong. But usually we experience these opposites in varying degrees, which makes them more like a pendulum swinging on a fulcrum. We then need to ask where are we? If our awareness is based at the fulcrum, then we experience all that living brings us, as an experience of life from a non-changing and non–moving perspective. But if our awareness is situated on the ...   read more

The Universe without and within   17 y  
Expanding awareness of who and what we are, look at life from a different perspective.
As I sit here I can feel the connection through the top of my head to a greater version of who I am. As I allow my awareness to settle into a meditative state and expand out from my body, it’s as though a column of energy or light is coming into my body through the crown chakra. As I become aware of this energy and merge my awareness with it, I feel I can travel within the light and expand my awareness out beyond my body. As I allow this connection to be made, the first thing I connect with is our solar system: our sun and moon, and all the planets that orbit the sun. Many people are ...   read more

Broadband Connection to the Central Sun   17 y  
New Energy and Awareness is coming into our Universe and Consciousness from the Central Sun.
You may have noticed the expansion of consciousness that has taken place since the Harmonic Concordance. This is due to the new Broadband connection that has been created to the Universe’s Central Sun. This broadband connection of consciousness is on the level of the crystalline structure of your very being. It is using the full electromagnetic spectrum, which we mainly experience, through the twelve-chakra centres and in the DNA. You’re feeling and emotions make this connection to these subtle energies, which can be found in your heart. When you transcend the physical body’s structu ...   read more

Levels of the Aura, Body and Consciousness.   17 y  
A look at how there is a connection between the Aura and the Human Body and Consciousness.
Become aware of the energy field that surrounds your body. You can feel this with your hands. Rub your hands together for about 30 seconds quite quickly so they become warm. Hold your hands about 150cm/6” apart and bring them closer together and further apart. Can you feel the change in the energy as you do this, you may even feel a little resistance? This is the energy, which I am talking about. To a certain extent it is invisible, though some people can see this energy. Lets take a look at the levels of the Aura and how they relate to the levels of the body and consciousness. ...   read more

Reclaim your power through forgiveness   17 y  
A simple way to take personal responsibility for your life and live it from a field of all possibilities, a look at empowering yourself through the concept of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a wonderful gift that we have been given to re-centre our energies within our Selves. For as long as we project our power to another and blame them for our current situation we are dis-empowering ourselves. Forgiveness is a state of mind: We can choose to forgive someone at any time just by saying the words – “I forgive you” and say the persons name if you know it. Quite often you feel the release as you do this and feel your energy coming back home to yourself. You can also forgive yourself for all the people you may have wronged or hurt. Self-forgiveness is even mo ...   read more

An Example of Healing with HealerGeorge   17 y  
Healing through a visualisation meditation and hands-on-healing; a visual experience to understand the roll of the energy body, the aura, to help bring balance and healing to the physical body.
A young couple visited my Healing Centre. The young man, Neil, was suffering from Hepatitis C, leaving him with a failing liver. The doctors only gave him six months to live. When the couple arrived Neil was looking stoney faced, as though he were carrying all the problems of his life and the world on his shoulders. I thought the best way to proceed was to try to relieve some of the tension first before administering him healing. I suggested that we do a visualisation meditation, balancing his aura energy that surrounds the physical body. We began the meditation and, as I usually ...   read more

The Five Senses   17 y  
A simple look at the five senses and how they are all doing the same thing sensing vibration
Just take a few seconds to think about the five senses of the human body: the sense of Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell. You may be aware that all these senses are all sensing the same thing – vibration. · Sight - Take you sight for instance is sensing the frequency of vibration of the light waves we see. · Hearing - Your ears hear the sound waves. · Touch - When you touch something and it feels cold it just means that the energy or the vibration within the molecules is vibrating at a lower frequency to those of your body. If you heat up what you are touching by adding more ene ...   read more

Journey into the Self - part three - Five Elements   17 y  
A look at how the Five Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Life Force or Space operate in our lives. It show how important it is to keep these in balance to have a happy, healthy life.
The Interplay of the Five Elements in Our Lives As you are sitting here reading this allow your awareness to turn inwards into yourself. We are going to discuss the five elements and see how they interact in our lives. A good place to start is with a simple example. Just imagine that you are going to do a little gardening. The first thing one does is loosen the soil. By digging the soil what we are doing is breaking the soil up or should I say mixing the Air Element with the Earth Element. The next thing a good gardener will do is plant the seed or introduce the Life Force Elem ...   read more

Journey into the self - Part Two - Chakras   17 y  
A look at the subtle energy centres in the body. What they do and how to feel this connection.
Become aware of the subtle energy centres in the body and your connection to Mother Earth beneath your feet. Reach up to the stars with your feelings and feel the whole universe as a part of yourself. Using your imagination, visualise each of your energy centres or chakras opening and starting to radiate healing energy from each centre. Focus on your connection to the planet. Visualise roots of energy growing out of your feet and spiralling down deep into the centre of the Earth. As this connection gets established, visualise all the negative, stale energy being drawn down the ...   read more

Journey into the Self - part one - HealerGeorge   17 y  
A journey into the finer layers of your body to experience more of who you are and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.
As you are reading this, take a few seconds to look at yourself and reflect. Just become aware of the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. See the connection with your immediate surroundings through each sense in turn. Feel the connection to the planet Earth beneath your feet. Feel the life force come into your body with each inbreath, sense the beat of your heart, the passage of time from day to night to day again and the flow of the seasons. You are alive whether you think you are or not. Some people may say that life has passed me by, but life is in every pa ...   read more

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