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Emerson favorite Quote   4 y  
Nature is the opposite of the soul, answering to it part for part. One is seal, and one is print. --Ralph Waldo Emerson
// He shall see, that nature is the opposite of the soul, answering to it part for part. One is seal, and one is print. --Ralph Waldo Emerson Homework for Consciousness and Healing Initiative CHI Summit Nov 4, 2016 He shall see, that nature is the opposite of the soul, answering to it part for part. One is seal, and one is print. --Emerson, from The American Scholar Thus to him, to this school-boy under the bending dome of day, is ...   read more

Proclaiming a “Cease-Fire” In our War Against Nature   4 y  
Proclaiming a “Cease-Fire” In our War Against Nature
August 25, 2018 1:55 pm Yes, “Cease-Fire!” Let us each do what we can, on every level of Reality, to End The Drought of Love in our Lives, and to do what we can to Live Beyond Being an Earthquake Waiting to Happen. I hear there may be Evil in the World, people way off the mark, who imagine that Man and Woman can War against Nature, can follow in the Ways of Atlantis, the Lost Continent, that showed us that through Manipulating Technology we will Sink to the Bottom of the Ocean. Do I need to go the Way of Atlantis, or can I be an instrument in Atlantis Risin ...   read more

Getting Ready to Roll To National Heirloom Expo   4 y  
Getting Ready to Roll To National Heirloom Expo
The title of an article—Sailors for Sustainability—just fired up some incredible inspirations on the beginning of the third day out of the The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds 2018 Journey. Adrienne Prince and I are in safe harbor now in the home of Shoshana Wheeler & Rick Wheeler in Thousand Oaks, CA. The weather is getting cooler as we travel north. “Cease-Fire!” Is a theme. Getting Ready to Roll to #heirloomexpo For the #PlantYourDreamBlog where I am compiling our prep and experiences on t ...   read more

New regimen July 30,2018   4 y  
New regimen July 30,2018
New regimen July 30,2018 FIRST THINGS A.M 1 tsp bentonite 1 tsp psyllium 8 oz water/lid Wait 30 min Essiac 4 oz Bowel Cleansing 15 min w.g. Juice High CBD MEAL PLAN Blended Smoothie Juice & seed cheese SNACK Almond Cream 1 quart + seed cream LUNCH Parsley 2 cups a day Fish 2x - 3 x. week - vegetables Chicken 1-2 ceeek vegetables SNACKS chia pudding DINNER soup lentil @ vegetables Adzuki beans Salad - 1/2 sweet potato 1/2 after dinner THC CBD 1:1 Bedtime B.R. How often? 1/8th tsp 2 x week VI ...   read more

Natural Healing Recommitment July 31, 2018   4 y  
“Your soul is calling you home into yourself for awhile to take care of yourself, rest and heal. You travel so much and help others. Now is your time to stay home for awhile and nurture your body.“ Dr Ellen Jensen, July 31, 2018
Adrienne Prince and I were with Dr Ellen Jensen July 30, 2018 in north San Diego county. She was talking about the need for me to take care of myself. The iris of my eyes revealed a lot of healing and bowel cleansing after four weeks of primarily detox at Optimum Health Institute of San Diego —OHI—July 1-July 22, 2018. Home one week, we are continuing to practice a detox as well as building program involving weight gain and strengthening. My organs of elimination show signs of improvement—bowel, kidneys, liver, and lungs. She detailed out a program for my next steps. We do ...   read more

Optimum Health Opportunity offered Me at OHI Retreat   4 y  
Optimum Health Opportunity offered Me at OHI, Optimum Health Institute, San Diego Campus. How much Healing am I willing to Receive? What are my Insights? How much Emotional and Physical Detox can I do now? Adrienne Prince and I will be taking what we learned at #OHI Optimum Health Institute of San Diego home as of Sunday. Gratefully, we live only 15 minutes drive from the OHI in Lemon Grove, so we can return for the Open House 4-6 each Sunday. Lynette Hunter of Lath House Gardens - Microgreens and Lath Houses, at the Hillcrest Farmers Market will supply us with living Microgreens as we get up to speed! Anyone in @San Diego want to be part of our mutual support group? We get the freshest locally grown food th ...   read more

Hematuria journal   4 y  
Hematuria journal: Today is June 24, 2018. I am taking oxycodone as a pain killer, aspirin to thin blood, and drinking water with the goal of releasing a blood clot that is blocking my Urine flow. I want to trust that I can release this painful blockage. I have lost a lot of blood.
Today is Wednesday June 28, 2018 Guinness book of firsts? Today is Wednesday, June 28, 2018. Waiting to get one pint of blood at the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. I have been feeling light headed the last couple days. Been bleeding out clots and urine infused blood for 11 days. I am in the Infusion room watching some folks getting Chemo. Hematuria is a condition of bleeding associated with Renal Cell Carcinoma; I was diagnosed with that last August. I have been foll ...   read more

Sacred Child Poem   4 y  
From Sacred Child Poem we are all born each time a new child is born. Our hope is in our children. They have the potential , as all seeds, to birth a new beautiful world. Please send Mom’s in there to lift up the kids. This is a Moral and ethical obligation to help children. This is the real news for now. Show me images of kids being cared for during this humanitarian crisis. Please save the talk for later.
  read more

My Dream for the Lilac Hills Ranch Development   4 y  
My Dream for the Lilac Hills Ranch Development,
// June 12, 2018 Draft 10:29 am Working hard to climb up from down. The health opportunity to live with a group of others always requires investment of energy. I live on a parcel of land near San Diego State University, 1/3 acre surrounded by canyons in an old house older than I am. I am 70. Our home requires constant attention and I appreciate the times in between “Health Opportunities” when I can pay attention to some of the other full time jobs on my plate now—inclu ...   read more

How I Became The Luckiest Man in the World   4 y  
How I Became The Luckiest Man in the World,
How I became the luckiest man in the world To do! May 31, /918 8:45 pm Note; This is the first chapter of the rewrite of my 1995 book, Rekindling Of Faith Journey to be republished soon. — Note; This is the first chapter of the rewrite of my 1995 book, Rekindling Of Faith Journey to be republished soon. — When I was rear ended March 29, 2018, I was transitioning from one freeway to another. I was surprised I was hit at all. There was a surprising snap, in one spot, that felt right behind my heart. My back is fused pretty solid from what Western Medicine calls An ...   read more

Test is my safari working?   4 y  
Test is my safari working?
Test is my safari working?   visit the page

Chronology of Leslie Goldman Writings   4 y  
This Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog was compiled on The first day of the Memorial Day Weekend 2018. This will go into a New book A History of Peace on Earth, Leslie Goldman Legacy Writings, edited by Adrienne Prince. On the day we began this chronology a flower, that blooms once a year for a short time, bloomed.
This post on Facebook Editors note (Adrienne): I was curious as to what events and friendships were going on with Leslie as he wrote these poems, so since he had put dates on most of these as journal entries, we started a timeline to see exactly was written when. I’m looking forward to the prospect of interlacing the historical and personsl influences with the poems that they inspired! 5/27/18 Chronology Born Nov. 19, 1947 1972 Arrived at Dr. Bernard Jensen Hidddn Valley Health Ranch. Grad ...   read more

Rekindling of Faith Journey MS Draft   4 y  
Rekindling of Faith Journey MS This is A History of Peace on Earth Leslie Goldman Legacy Writings Edited by Adrienne Prince
REKINDLING OF FAITH JOURNEY Life to me has been a Rekindling of Faith Journey Life to me has been a Rekindling of Faith Journey. Today, I am putting a bubble around myself, to begin a life review, with my editor and partner Adrienne Prince that will lead hopefully to producing a new updated edition of a compendium and introduction of my work called #RekindlingOfFaithJourney. I am looking at an earlier version of my book Rekindling Of Faith. I am rereading the book this morning and reviewing the cent ...   read more

Goldman the Opiate Pill & “DisOrganic” Food Eater   4 y  
Goldman the Opiate Pill & “DisOrganic” Food Eater
Goldman the Opiate Pill & “DisOrganic” Food Eater Post started 6:33 pm May 6, 2018 Day 11 Thornton Hospital Stay Highlights Accident Recovery Report Support our #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaigns including Breathing Renewed Life into our medical model.   read more

Testimonials for #PlantYourDream in the Hospital   4 y  
Testimonials for #PlantYourDream in the Hospital Posted May 6, 2018
Testimonials for #PlantYourDream in the Hospital   read more

POEM: Song for the Homeless (I Am the Crack)   4 y  
Poem - Song for the Homeless (I Am the Crack) from The Rebirth of Mother Earth by Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog
  read more

Job’s Prayer: this is my Final Directive   4 y  
Job’s Prayer: this is my Final Directive
It is called Job’s Prayer: Job´s Prayer Come my friends, Let us make no more walls and fences. Let us grow peaches between us. Close your eyes. Hold my hand. Let’s make peace through asking, listening, and affirming the Enchanted Garden on earth that exists deep, deep, within us. May we open our eyes to peace as well, use gardening tools to uplift each other, spades to confirm peace visibly before us. Come, my friends, let us taste peace in holy foods forever; smell peace in wild baby herbs planted where unloved weeds grow; hear and feel its ode to joy from the mou ...   read more

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