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Curcumin product has my interest   5 y  
Curcumin product has my interest
  read more

Summer Prep--To Do- Completes   5 y  
Summer Prep--To Do- Completes
Summer Prep--To Do- Completes   visit the page

Lessons learned from the DIvine Feminine   5 y  
Lessons learned from the DIvine Feminine. A Ceremony and harvest of deeper understanding and ancient wheat at the San Diego Goddess Festival, June 2-4, 2917, Terra Madre Gardens.
From My Goddess Prayer for You: There’s a price in being with me. You must learn to dance. You will have to move this way, and then that way, and then this way, and then that way, until there is no place to go, but into the center of your being. LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE DIVINE FEMININE The truth is, I love every woman I have ever loved. Lessons Learned from the Divine Feminine, is a ceremonial gathering I want to add to Goddess Fest, June 2-4, 2017 while we harvest #SeedDreams of Ancient Wheat that have been growing there for many months thanks to David Solomon, Jes ...   read more

Golden Drake fundraiser   5 y  
Golden Drake Fundraiser.
For Golden Drake CONTRIBUTE HERE TO HELP Http:// She has a gofundme, but prefers contributions through PayPal. For Golden Drake CONTRIBUTE HERE TO HELP Http:// She has a gofundme, but prefers contributions through PayPal. I went to spend time with a circle of mainly Women, Sunday May 21, 2017. The atmosphere was sacred. I began to weep and did weep at times throughout the gathering. There was a ...   read more

Cover story for bohemian   5 y  
Cover See The #soilstory We need a nation of soil builders because the earth and the soul our soil matrs Leslie Goldman @PlantYourDreamBlog @rareseeds #heirloomexpo for bohemian   visit the page

Very Important planet Reception wed may 24   5 y  
Very Important planet Reception
Silent auction donation form   visit the page

Dr bernard jensen note   5 y  
Dr bernard jensen noteDr bern Dr bernard jensen note
Dr. Bernard Jensen Photo by Leslie Goldman This charismatic speaker and teacher lived right before the Internet blossomed. Much of his Chi raising ideas are percolating through the Innernet of thought. I’m so happy to see some of his ideas that were commonly known by him and his predecessors beginning to seep into the knowledge base among the Faces of the New Medicine. Dr Bernard Jensen recognized that every part of the body was influenced by the health of the bowel. Through practices of bowel cleansing he was able to show dramatic healing. The great integrators of our day ...   read more

Lessening inflammatory Pain naturally with AminoActiv   5 y  
Lessening inflammatory Pain naturally It's one week since I feel down on my right knee for the second time. I've had acupuncture twice and massage, yet the main natural pain reliever that has improved my range of motion at least 50% is AminoActiv, the alternative to ibuprofen. I'm taking large quantities of AminoActiv In the last week, three pills at a time at least five times a day. This is my report. I am also introducing here two other VireoSystem products for Women that I am introducing to my friends. Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog
THIS IS MY PRIMARY LINK FOR AMINOACTIV and the other Vireo System products for women THIS HERE IS A REPORT OF MY USE OF AMINOACTIV BETWEEN MAY 8,THE DAY OF MY THIRD KNEE INJURY AND TODAY, MAY 15, 2017 I’m back behind the driver seat again. Between Monday and Thursday of last week I was unable to drive The EG Mobile, my 68 VW Van. I could not bend my right knee enough to climb into the van without intense pain. I had some exciting outings I want to go to Friday and Saturday night and really questioned whether I would b ...   read more

D3Plus from Biotech Pharmacal Usage   5 y  
D3Plus from Biotech Pharmacal Usage
Searching for remedies to improve my bone and cartilage health. I am exploring some products I received from Lora Daniel of the Biotech Pharmacal, Inc at the # #ScrippsNatSup Conference in January. D3Plus Vitamin D functions as a hormone, a chemical messenger that has widespread effects in the human body. In addition to its role in the development of strong bones, vitamin D is important for optimal cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and immune health.* Bio-Tech D3Plus is formulated with important co-factors that ...   read more

A personal history review hippie or holy man?   5 y  
A personal history review hippie or holy man?
  read more

Happy Birthday Patricia Bragg, april 29   5 y  
Happy Birthday Patricia Bragg, april 29!!
Catching up with one of my all time favorite birthdays of the year, Patricia Bragg! A stream Of generosity and goodwill flowers from the wellsprings of the land where she lives, even in drought years I enjoyed seeing a spring of water that fills the large lake. A collector a very special dolls and memories, Patricia Bragg and her staff distribute life giving products that are among my favorites and frequent my home Enchanted Garden pantry. I spent a number of hours determined to find her at the March #ExpoWest, I heard she was book signing, that I missed the opportunity ...   read more

Love Long Beach festival July 28-29, 2017   5 y  
Love Long Beach festival July 28-29, 2017 Come Shake Your Seeds with Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog I plan to do Ceremony with you! Shake Your Seeds with Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener Brought to you by #plantyourdream Seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company The National Heirloom Exposition The Enchanted Garden Club #PlantYourDreamBlog FYI Love Long Beach Festival July 28-29, 2017 Mo & Eva Roufe Long Beach, CA July Adrienne Prince. Team GAIA! Eva Roufe Danielle Loewenstein Abigail Reed Ashley Ryan Levi Sternberg Flow Shakti Andrew Belinsky Randy Olsen Dennis Knicely Matthe ...   read more

The Leslie Goldman Poetry Challenge--30 Days of Inspiration   5 y  
The Leslie Goldman Poetry Challenge--30 Days of Inspiration
Plant Your Dream to End The Drought in Our Lives At the San Diego County fair, Noon-12:30 pm, Opening Ceremony at the Whole Life Fest. Paul Ecke Garden Show Stage. Organized by Elisa Arciniega DAY TWO LESLIE GOLDMAN POETRY CHALLENGE May 2, 2017 Share with a friend. Be an Enchanted Garden Club Member and learn how to Plant Your Dream. Join Leslie at the Opening Ceremony of the Whole Life Fest at the San Diego County Fair, Noon-12:30 pm, July 1.   read more

And so my friend remember me   5 y  
And so my friend remember me
Date: April 29, 2017 at 5:52:33 AM PDT To: Nadia Sessen Cc: Leslie Goldman   read more

Research on Menstrual Pain Relief and PH-D for Yeast   5 y  
Research on Menstrual Pain Relief and PH-D for Yeast The yeast product is a best seller on Amazon. It has more than 1000 reviews . Here is one review: "Had BV my whole life (22 years old) ...... One suppository cured me almost instantly (less than 2 hrs) Its been a week. What I do it insert one capsule before bed, and I'm good for days."
Vireo Systems produces the Anti-Inflammatory that I have been using for about a decade. AminoActiv is a substitute for Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is hard on the liver. AminoActiv is non toxic and I do not experience side effects. I find that the older I get, the more I need to support my mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. AminoActiv, not lonely relieves the knee and hip pain I have been having of late, but it also shifts my energy. The company that produces AminoActiv is now producing a number of products for Women. I want to get feedback on these. This is the #P ...   read more

Curious Designs Santa Fe--My favorite shirts   5 y  
Curious Designs Santa Fe--My favorite shirts
ttps:// Called Bill today from Curious Designs, Santa Fe, New Mexico. I brought shirts from him at the New Age Trade Show years ago in Denver. They are still my favorite shirts. The Rayon is long lasting. I want more of these shirts.   visit the page

Crosby stills Nash and Young--Teach your Children Well   5 y  
Crosby stills Nash and Young--Teach your Children Well
Teach Your Children Well, a song by this group, is a theme I want to write about. Teach your Children well is necessary today. We cannot look to the corporates and profit motive to protect the health of our children. April right before Earth Day 2017   visit the page

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