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Return to my roots @Mundo Gardens   5 y  
Return to my roots @Mundo Gardens
A most delightful Sunday April 2 ,2017 that ended at a heart fulfilling community gathering in National City home of the Mundo Gardens, a sweet garden plot where a neighborhood is gathering to celebrate the basics of what makes life real for me, Shared food, shared positive community support and touching the earth and each other with music, dance, and the desire to bring lasting values. New friend Janice Luna Reynoso, who started the garden next to the home where she grew up, gathered friends for a Rancho Roots Fest. I had a vision and dream that every five blocks across San ...   read more

Dream dinner at 2017 #heirloomexpo   5 y  
Dream dinner at 2017 #heirloomexp
I have a vision I would like to see and share with you . Reminder: this is just a vision, something I would like to see for that 2017 #HeirloomExpo,September5-7,2017 at the Sonoma Fairgrounds. At the Heirloom Expo, there’s a tremendous assortment of beautiful foods. There’s also the kitchen . I’m not sure what it would take to pull this off, but I’d like to see it happen . I would like to see a sit down dinner mid week, Wednesday Eve, Where we take time to acknowledge the growth of our movement educating about the importance of heirloom seeds. I’d like to see a crew ...   read more

27th Annual Multicultural Earth Day has #SacredSeed   5 y  
27th Annual Multicultural Earth Day has #SacredSeed,
Out of many different kinds of heirloom seeds, multi-cultural fertility and vibrant ”Diverse-City.” Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog JOINING THE ENCHANTED GARDEN CLUB AND HOW TO PLANT YOUR DREAM HOW MANY ENCHANTED GARDEN CLUB MEMBERS WILL IT TAKE TO GROW 1000 YEARS OF PEACE? HOW TO PLANT YOUR DREAM LIKE THE ENCHANTED GARDEN CLUB ON FACEBOOK PAYPAL TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS PROJECT OF GIVING AWAY SEEDS http://plantyourdre ...   read more

Never give up   5 y  
Never give up.
It is a special joy when I see Veronica Hernandez, an employee who works at the Anaheim Marriott Anaheim Convention Center when I come up for the annual Natural Products Expo. I always make a special effort to extend kindness to the working staff at the hotels and convention center. I am often exhausted at day’s end. For convenience, I park at the Marriot. One year, I was pulling out of the driveway. I was driving slowly in my 68 VW Van I call the #EGMobile. I was feeling a bit lonely to tell you the truth. All the sudden, I heard a big scream! I put on the brakes! Wha ...   read more

My dream invites for #HeirloomExpo   5 y  
dream invites for #HeirloomExpo
#heirloomexpo dream invites for September 5-7, 2017 Santa Rosa, Sonoma Fairgrounds, The National Heirloom Exposition COMPLETES WITH MY DREAM SPEAKERS I would like to see at the 2017 and or 2018 #HeirloomExpo ERIN SHRODE Erin Schrode, HI! So special seeing you again. Please review your dates open for Sept 5-6-7 and get back to be about availability to speak at #heirloomexpo, The National Heirloom Exposition. The indigenous heirloom seeds need our protection and cheerleading. Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog I need. Please send again your con ...   read more

SEEDFEST #2??? Ideas march 29   5 y  
Seed fast number two ideas
Maddy WILl YOU SUPPORT THIS? SeedFest #2 SEED: The Untold Story A second chance to see the film? A second chance for San Diego County to restore itself as the nation’s Organic Growing Food capital of the USA? Monthly film series to continue as in the days of La Milpa Organica Farm? Let us sit in counsel, listen to each other, and discuss the future that is possible. Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog COSPONSORS? SUGGESTED ALLIES? Eden Foods Nature’s Path Organic Foods Arran Stephens Mama (& Papa’s) Coop Encinitas Campaign to Grow ...   read more

Rain predicted but did not fall at SEEDFEST   5 y  
Rain was predicted for march 25, but no rain fell Terra Madre Gardens other than a few drops during the credits. Rain did fall in nearby San Diego proper. Rain appeared to be a possibility during the day but our inner sunshine
Rain was predicted for march 25, but no rain fell Terra Madre Gardens other than a few drops during the credits. Rain did fall in nearby San Diego proper. Rain appeared to be a possibility during the day but our inner sunshine and resolution to have SeedFest kept it away. After sunset we watched SEED: The Untold Story. Our #sacredSeed nature is the revealed story I will be sharing all year as I ask you to rebond with Mother Earth through growing some of your own food, even a single seed in a pot will do! Plant a seed! Grow a whole new world with the #Winbackyoursacredseedsta ...   read more

Seed Swaps growing in San Diego   5 y  
Seed Swaps growing in San Diego
Spring Reflections... @SDSeedSwap march 26, 2016 launched Numbers of seed swaps in San Diego county. SeedFest march 25, 2017 we watched together SEED: The Untold Story. Santi Lou did a great job with the seed swap at this event. The upcoming 27th Annual Multi-Cultural Earth Day Will feature a seed swap organized by Dale Eblacas. I will be part of Makeda Makossa’s event in Balboa Park with ceremony where we #plantYourDream. Here are photos from the SeedFest march 25, 2017: Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog At the 2016 seed swap, Jessica S ...   read more

Victorio Hand Mill Grinder--Can't get parts to assemble   5 y  
Victorio Hand Mill Grinder--Can't get parts to assemble
Victorio Hand Mill Grinder--Can’t get parts to assemble would like to use this March 25. Assembly doesn’t fit together. is there a phone number? I think it is the nylon ring. CALL THEM Toll Free: 800-339-9297   visit the page

Goddess Garden initiated march 25   5 y  
Goddess garden concept initiated march 35.
Goddess Gardens are Essential where Woman goes to ritualize putting Seeds in the ground. This is the dance I want Traci McKnight and others to demonstrate march 25 at SeedFest Terra Madre Gardens Rain or shine! We will read #MyGoddessPrayerForYou as seeds are handed out to be planted. The declaration dedicated to #WomanRising begins with these words; ”The love I bring you is not of this earth as most people have created this earth, yet I am love this new earth has created for this moment!” i’m calling upon the sisterhood to dance this idea alive at 12:30 pm this coming ...   read more

Food Forest in City Parks Project   5 y  
Food Forest in City Parks Project
I would like to see them invite volunteers to help create this breakthrough in consciousness-raising in Seattle where a city park will be dedicated as a Food Forest. Permaculture principles could be applied. I would like to see @ The City of Santa Rosa @ Sonoma Fairgrounds dedicate a portion of its land to a similar groundbreaking advance. Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog March 20, 2017 Jere Gettle John Brazaitis John Roulac Fairlight Ahlgren Elizabeth Moriarty Deborah Haviland Debra Giusti Sharon McDaniel Jim Corbett Cal Vanoni ...   read more

Magic will happen march 25   5 y  
Magic will happen March 25 at Terra Madre Gardens
Growing up in the 60s, Ina May Gaskin was a familiar person in the backdrop of my consciousness helping to bring in a New Age. I’m not sure if I met her personally. I may have. I definitely met her husband Stephen Gaskin, Who led the community from San Francisco to Tennessee where they formed an intentional community called The Farm. In the 60s, San Francisco was on fire with consciousness raising events and there was a spirit of great collaboration between the tribes. I believe the tradition was Monday night class with stephen Gaskin. And another night every week, Rabbi Slome ...   read more

Destination light report march 18   5 y  
Destination light report march 18 report,
DESTINATION LIGHT~~MY DANCE PARTY REPORT I met Allison Pribble New Enchanted Garden Club member, march 18 at Destination Light: Awaken Your Light Within! We made a date for her to come over on Monday to help compost the squashes! We wiill save the seeds. Monday, the 21st, is right around the spring equinox!!! How exciting!! March 18 was the last dance for two special Heirloom squashes from #heirloomexpo 2016. 2O17 is sept 5-7, Santa Rosa, CA Alison and I met at Yoga Loft San Diego. It was a delightful event called Destination Light: Awaken Your Light Within! The ...   read more

Some Enchanted evening #organiccenter fundraiser   5 y  
Some Enchanted evening #organiccenter fundraiser
#ExpoWest @Natprodexpo has always been an Enchanted place for me. How is this for a story? It describes my meeting with Tracy Mysandwich, the Associate director of the #OrganicCenter. (that’s her on Facebook!) There were a few people i set intentions to see at this Year’s @OrganicCenter dinner at #expowest, Natural Products Expo. One was Erin Schrode. I admire her very much. I wanted to invite her to join The Enchanted Garden Club. Wouldn’t you know it! The first available seat I found in the midst of the large group of maybe 200 or more, was right next to Erin! She was chat ...   read more

Baobab Tree Adventures--Your Enchanted Gardener   5 y  
Baobab Tree Adventures--Your Enchanted Gardener
Baobab Tree Adventures Your Enchanted Gardener #LostCrops Http:// Dr Luc Maes, ND, Co-Founder March 15, 2017 8:38 am THIS VIDEO DESCRIBES THE BAOBAB AND ITS FRUIT POWDER DR LUC MAES IS AN ENCHANTED GARDEN CLUB MEMBER #1: STUDY THIS PLEASE   read more

Plant Intelligence Guides Us--   5 y  
Plant Intelligence Guides Us--
There is an intelligence in Plants that Guides and Enchants Our Life when we Honor that Relationship. Here are a few recent experiences I have had with Plants that demonstrate the idea:   visit the page

The Toll Road --This is complicated to pay. Call in AM   5 y  
The Toll Road --This is complicated to pay. Call in AM
CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTER (949) 727-4800 Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. THE Roll Road   visit the page

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