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Planting Seeds in Soil is a Form of Making Love...   5 y  
Planting Seeds in Soil is a Form of Making Love-- To Each other and the Earth.- Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog
Planting Seeds in Soil is a Form of Making Love-- To Each other and the Earth.- Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog There’s a film my San Diego community is going to watch together after sunset Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the event SEEDFEST, The trailer to @SEEDS: The Untold Story says it all, it begins by saying that ”SEed Sabing is all about sex.” SEEDS: THE UNTOLD STORY TRAILER PLANT A SEED! GROW A WHOKE NEW WORLD!   read more

Wired mike for iphone   5 y  
Wired mike for iphone
Guitar center San Diego Audio splitter Amazon Miracle sound deluxe lavalier lapel clip on omnidirectional condenser microphone for Apple iphone Wired splinter Hosa ypp118 Headphone splitter   visit the page

Keeping the Dream Alive!   5 y  
Keeping the Dream Alive!
Keeping the Dream Alive! Cleaning up some things on my computer. This image, used with permission from the Dr. Bernard Jensen Family, symbolized The Essenes, a Soul Group Activity very much alive today, yet currently undefined, as such, in our community. The Essenes were communitarians whose main industries were Knowledge and Healing. The work I do with Ancient wheat was inspired by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, the Essene Renaissance Pioneer. He and Dr.Bernard Jensen knew each other, both in some sense being in the American Health Sanitarium Tradition that took ...   read more

Feeding The Mighty Mitochondria & Anti-Aging Pathway   5 y  
Feeding The Mighty Mitochondria. Today, is February 22, 2017. I began taking a new supplement that I found at the #ScrippsNatSup Conference. The product is called Protandim. It works with the mitochondria, the powerhouse feeding the cell energy. This is my eighth day "On the Pill." I am combining Protandim with my Go To natural anti-inflammatory, AminoActiv. I am feeling a definite lift. I went to the Scripps Natural Supplement Conference looking for supplements to overcome tiredness and fatigue and boost my energy. I am having a good feeling about this supplement that I won in a business card raffle. Protandim NRF2 is the only nutritional supplement to have been found to extend life. --Lauren Hanna, my distributor for Protandim.
March 17, update; I finished my first month supply. I’m ordering more . I feel good about these products . Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog Photo Lauren Hannah and Genia Basile, part of the LIfevantage Team, Hannah is sitting in The driver seat of the enchanted Garden Mobile. I won some Protandim Duo, a mitochondria booster, and another product for oxidative Stress, in a raffle at the #Scrippsnatsup Feb 2017. These products are said to boost energy and turn around aging. I am looking at my next ten years plan and apprec ...   read more

Keeping A Garden Management Journal   5 y  
Keeping A Garden Management JournalKeeping A Garden Management Journal
Keeping A Garden Management Journal Write this up ! Feb 22, 2017 to 2:52am GARDEN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL** [ ** GARDEN = A metaphor for Consciousness, as well as a place where we grow from. MANAGEMENT = A reference to who we are in relationship to our own Life. We are intended to be the Manager of our Life. JOURNAL= Living Life Slow enough to record and honor our Life Process. Taking time to slow down enough to feel into and write out what is happening to us. As we write, often free flowing and flowing the very next sentence that comes to us, we can turn Brea ...   read more

Kyoui Toothbrush--getting introduced to how it works   5 y  
Kyoui Toothbrush--getting introduced to how it works
Kyoui Toothbrush--getting introduced to how it works   visit the page

Traci McKnight Collaboration Vision   5 y  
Traci McKnight Collaboration Vision #MyGoddessPrayerForYou from #WordsMenNeedToKnowAndWomenWantToHear #TheSevenLoveCures "I will dance this poem." -- Traci McKnight February 21, 2017
I believe I have written a series of poems called #WordsThatMenNeedToKnowAndWomenWantToHear that are contributing to Ending the Drought in Our Lives. A key to this Ending in Increasing Understanding between Men and Women. These poems are called #TheSevenLoveCures. The #SevenLoveCures are already in Ebook form, accessible to in the Apple user format now. ITUNES LINK FOR WORDS MEN NEED TO KNOW AND WOMEN WANT TO HEAR I will be bringing them out again as mini Plaques. BEGINNI ...   read more

Enchsnted Garden.Club Member Pledge   5 y  
Enchsnted Garden.Club Member Pledge
PLANT A SEED! GROW A WHOLE NEW WORLD! During 2015 and 2016 I gave away near 4000 packets of #PlantYourDream Seeds to help re-establish our individual primal relationships with Mother Earth. There are numbers of keys I have discovered that help to #EndTheDroughtInOurLives. One key is that there’s an empathetic relationship between seeds and climate shift. The Earth provides the perfect technology to give you what you need to #PlantYourDream! You are part of Nature’s Original Technology. When you plant seeds ...   read more

Joining the Enchanted Garden Club   5 y  
Joining the Enchanted Garden Club. How many Enchanted Garden Club Members will it take to grow 1000 years of Peace? Through my eyes, I am recording a history of peace on earth, a history of the Earth and it's human Flowering. Our renewed Earth is the Enchanted Garden, and you and I, it's Gardeners.
GARDEN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL February 19,2017 Going to visit with enchanted Garden club members at the Hillcrest Farmer’s market today, I love the foods they grow and bring to the Hillcrest farmers market. Then, I am going to the spend time at the Tribute to the Raggee Legends event at the World Beat Cultural Center, becoming one of my homes away from home, located in Balboa Park. Some members of the Enchanted Garden Club grow foods them selves; others sell the food grown by others at he Hillcrest Farrmers’ Market. Here they are! ENCHANTED GARDEN CLUB M ...   read more

The gut will heal! My write up   5 y  
The gut will heal! My write up
The gut will heal! My write up Amazing report to share later..... five years of diarrhea.... IBS...greatly healed. I am excited! #PlantYourDreamBlog   visit the page

Heirloom expo update planning   5 y  
Heirloom expo update planning
GETTING MY HEAD ON STRAIGHT ABOUT heirloom expo planning Itinerary Dates of trip Other opportunities Working with press Goals for Expowest More catalogues More seeds Seeds gfir terra Madre seed bank NEW AND RECENT ENCHANTED GARDEN CLUB MEMBERS The Enchanted Garden Club welcomes you! How many Enchanted Garden Club Members will it take to grow 1000 years of Peace? THROUGH MY EYES! Through my eyes, I am recording a history of peace on earth, a history of the Earth and it’s human Flowering. Our renewed Earth is the Enchanted Garden, and you and I, ...   read more

Paying Attention to my Vitamin D Needs   5 y  
Paying Attention to my Vitamin D Needs and getting familiar with some other Bio Tech Pharmacal Products that I feel will be good for me.
I have a Vitamin D that I have been using. It is called D3-50. I just met the marketing director Lora at #ScrippsNatSup, The Scripps Natural Supplement Conference, Feb 10-12, 2017 I feel good about Bio Tech Pharmacal. I am looking at what it will take to be fulfilled during the next decade of my life. Taking care of my vitamin and mineral needs is part of this. I am also going to explore next their Glutamine product. HERE ARE THE LINKS D3-50 Vitamin D functions as a hormone, a chemical messenger with widespread effects in the human body.* It is importan ...   read more

Charles Chaplin--The Sardine Song from Limelight   5 y  
Charles Chaplin--The Sardine Song from Limelight
I first heard this song in the film ”Limelight” by Charlies Chaplin. It is the one song I ever memorized. I have been in touch with Arnold Lozano who responds to inquiries about The Charles Chaplin archives. HERE IS THE LINK HERE ARE THE WORDS Sardine Song Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin When I was three, my nurse told me About reincarnation. And ever since, I’ve been convinced, Thrilled with anticipation That when I leave this earth It makes my heart feel warm To know that ...   read more

New Products for Women I Want to See Used and Feedback   5 y  
New Products for Women I Want to See Used and Feedback
February 15, 2017 8:26 am I am just returned from the Scripps Natural Supplement Conference 2017. Save the date for the 15th Annual #scrippsnatsup Feb 8-11, 2018 at paradise point resort in beautiful San Diego, CA! I came away from this event feeling I am in a position to help Medicine. Many heart centered and caring Health Practitioners attend the #ScrippsNatSup, and in the fall, the Academy of Health and Medicine annual conference at the same location. I am a member of the #AIMH and their Hashtag is #AIMHGlobal as well as #AIHM17   visit the page

Using plant your dream with clients   5 y  
Using plant your dream with clients and patients
I want to write more about this theme . K, I was working all day yesterday and the follow up from the conference and had in mind to send you Valentines greetings. I really appreciated meeting you #scrippsnatsup and wNf to stay in touch. I am so appreciated your inspiration to have me share the plant your dream work at a Kaiser happening. It would be good to follow up on that thank you for planting your dreams. I added some of my writing to this top link. I want to write more about using plant your dream with patients and clients. You were One of my most ...   read more

Pain-Terminator Analgesic Cream from Golden-Sunshine   5 y  
Pain-Terminator Analgesic Cream from Golden-Sunshine
I’m calling in for more of this great product I got at #pacificsymposium2016. I rub it on my knees and cover it with a wraparound bandage. Soothing warmth helps 1-800-798-3977, AMAZON CARRIES THIS PRODUCT Amazon Carries This Product Http:// I AM ALSO DRAWN TO THE HERBAL PASTE Herbal Paste is Golden Sunshine’s strongest formulation for more serious injury where deep penetration to the connective tissues is desired and now includes our advanced Far Infrared Technology. It is an effective ana ...   read more

Watch your Dreams Grow on #plantyourdreamblog   5 y  
Watch your Dreams Grow on #plantyourdreamblog
#HowToPlantYourDream Launches at Bringing Integrative Medicine to Your Practice #ScrippsNatSup Preconference. Dr Mimi Guarneri, America’s #1 Cheerleader for Health, invites participants to plant #plantyourdreamSeeds feb 8 Watch dreams grow on the Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog FACES OF THE NEW MEDICINE Leading edge Integrative Medicine MDs and Health Practitioners from many modalities attend the #ScrippsNatSup and #AIHM conferences. FACES OF THE NEW MEDICINE FACEBOOK ALBUM FACES OF T ...   read more

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