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Rooster Meditation Year of the Fire Rooster 2017   5 y  
Rooster Meditation Year of the Fire Rooster 2017
ROOSTER MEDITATION It must have started before dawn; for sure the mist blanketed the pre-morning and the mother sun had not awoken. This Rooster, it really had something to say, and it sid it, over and over for an hour or more, and never once stopped, except between respite, to deliver it’s morning message. I never heard such a glorious display of power, of perfect positive affirmation. It told the whole universe where to go, and wasn’t going to take no flack or features from anyone. Leslie Goldman July 6, 1977 This was originally entitled chicken meditation ; h ...   read more

Monday morning feb 6. Need grounding. Lots to do,   5 y  
Monday morning feb 6. Need grounding. Lots to do,
Feeling some chills. Nightmares during night. Lonely feelings. Where friends? TO DO RENTS IN BANK 1 pm DENTIST APPOINTMENT NPEW REG- what is going on with this? Alternate steps Cover bed in EG mobile till FIC can be fine. Call jason. Heirloom make sure I’m flyer Popcorn from Eden Feel ok I am loved.   visit the page

Gete Okosomin Healing itinerary Continues...   5 y  
Gete Okosomin Healing itinerary Continues...
The Healing Pavillian at the 3rd Annual San Diego Fermentation Festival Sat, Feb 4, 2017 caught my attention! Friend Kenneth E. Goff, a master on the healing Gongs, brought a powerful uplifting ambience to the Culture of the San Diego Waterfront. My #PetCelebritySquash, A member of the Gete Okosomin Heirloom seed indigenous tribe from The National Heirloom Exposition (Sept 5-7, 2017, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Fairgrounds) Appreciated the vibes. The healing pavilion was also blessed with the presence of Tiffany Crocker, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - San Diego graduate who ...   read more

Nadine's Favorite Ingredients-Don Fournier at #ExpoWest 2017   5 y  
Nadine's Favorite Ingredients-Don Fournier at #ExpoWest 2017,
(L-R) Don Fournier, Social Media Director for the International Alliance of Theatrical & Stage Employees, (IATSE), with Nadine Fournier, Campaign for Healthier Campaign to Grow A healthier Pizza #PlantYourDreamBlog, with Cathryn Henning, Social Media Outreach for Wild Willow Farm, San Diego, at the 2017 San Diego Fermentation Festival February 2017. Nadine and Don Fournier will serve as #PlantYourDream Bloggers at the Upcoming #ExpoWest at the Anaheim Convention Center. Both of them serve the San Diego Community as advocates of local food and our frequent shoppers at ...   read more

Next Steps- January 31, 2017   5 y  
Next Steps- January 31, 2017
fix pcom dates new faces dates? NATURAL PRODUCT EXPO WEST extended stay santa rosa south ofrf ticket.... EXTENDED STAY SANTA ROSA SOUTH SEPTEMBER 5-7, 2017 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. SEPTEMBER 17, 2017 Farm to Fermentation Festival Finley Hall NORTH AMERICAN PERMACULTURE CONVERGENCE Anything this year???? HEIRLOOM EXPO SEPTEMBER 5-7, 2017 ...   read more

Update on Frey wine   5 y  
Update on Frey wine
TIME TO UPDATE ON FREY WINE Once a year, I spend time on the Frey land. In 2016, I visited right after the national Heirloom Expo , and before the North American Permaculture Convergence. The Frey family, many brothers and sisters, live together on more than 2000 acres in Red wood Valley. Katrina, the CEO, is a dear friend and the family sponsors my work. Yesterday, it was officially announced that San Diego County has ended the Drought. Closing Ceremony #NAPC North American Perma culture convergence. Ending the drought in our lives has been one of my ...   read more

Jan 23 interview--Ending the Drought in Our Lives   5 y  
Jan 23 interview leslie goldman with Robin carpenter. Ending the Drought in Our Lives.
JAN 23 INTERVIEW WITH ROBIN CARPENTER ON THE FARM AND WOODSHED REPORT This is Draft #1, Uploaded to Facebook on February 21, 2017 (Robin Carpenter’s Birthday!) ON FACEBOOK I was interviewed on Robin Carpenters Radio show—Farm and Foodshed Report January 23. The archive will only be up a short while. It is good listening. I made reference to last September’s Closing Ceremony at the North American Permaculture Convergence in Hopland, CA that happened a few days followin ...   read more

Gete Okosomin seed planted in College Area Community Garden   5 y  
Gete Okosomin seed planted in College Area Community Garden. High school student volunteers at College Area Community Garden meet and here See The story of the Gete Okosomin Squash. The seed of this we are squash was planted on January 28 in the garden near SDSU Gete Okosomin Planted in SDSU College Area Community Garden January 28, 2017. One of the rare seeds of the Squash Gete Okosomin was planted January 28, 2017 on a very sunny day in the College Area Community Garden adjoining the SDSU, San Diego State University campus. On a speci ...   read more

Keeping the ALL One Vision of Dr Bronner Alive!   5 y  
Keeping the ALL One Vision of Dr Bronner Alive!
Dr Bronner family speaks! Sisters & Brothers LP Record Release Party January 25, 2017. The evening was an incredible journey into the Dr. Bronner’s parallel #ALLOne Universe into what is so good in our world. Use Dr Bronner products and in doing so support an array of projects to uplift humanity. MORE ABOUT THE MUSIC IN THE PRISON PROGRAM Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog   read more

#ExpoWest, Natural Product Expo on my mind   5 y  
#ExpoWest, Natural Product Expo on my mind
UPDATES MOST #EXPOWEST ADDRD MARCH 20, 2017 Jere Gettle John Brazaitis Lisa O’Leary I’m so happy that the city of Santa Rosa was one of our sponsors for #HeirloomExpo, The National Heirloom Exposition to next be held sept 5-7, 2017. Let’s keep this fb page on our radar Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company Family. Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog March 20, 2017 #### My friend Jo Dickson helps me feel at home at ##ExpoWest. #PlsntYourDream is one activity we do together each year. WE ARE LIVING IN PARALLEL UNIV ...   read more

Dropbox is giving me an intense learning Curve!   5 y  
Dropbox is giving me an intense learning Curve!
Dropbox is giving me an intense learning Curve! DROPBOX ONLINE LINK THERE IS ALSO A DROPBOX ON MY IMAC. I am not sure if it automatically sync with the one online. I had to copy the photos I wanted between the Dropbox albums on the iMac and online. 8:28 am January 24, 2017 I DID LEARN TO COPY PHOTOS INTO AN ALBUM, AND THEN INTO A SHARED FILE ON THE IMAC. This was a breakthrough. One of the few I had all day. THOUSANDA OF PHOTOS ON THE DESKTOP MAC; HOW TO REMOVE MANY OF THEM? I am making slow progre ...   read more

Entering the world where we become one with our nature   5 y  
Entering the world where we become one with our nature Notes for the January 23,2017 Radio show with Robin Carpinter... plant some seeds together.... #PlantYourDream
Entering the world where we become one with our nature Experiments with seeds... The Romance of Seeds... Survival Food... My Teacher...A Kernel of Wheat #PlantYourDream Adopted a #Pet Celebrity Squash too for 2017. 800 years in an urn...what would you do if you got out...??? What if you were the Genie trapped in an urn? She wants you in the world now... all trowels on deck... grow some of your own food, and be intimate with the farmer growing the rest... Not knowing whose growing your food is like being intimate with a stran ...   read more

#womansmarch incredible success!   5 y  
#womansmarch incredible success! The Weather Smiled On The #Sdwomansmarch Supporting Its Message That Woman's Rights Are Human Rights
#womansmarch #womansmarchdsandiego #sdwomansmarch THE WEATHER SMILED ON THE #SDWOMANSMARCH SUPPORTING ITS MESSAGE THAT WOMAN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS Two of my favorite signs, among many creative outpourings at the #SanDiegoWomansMarch, Saturday, January 21 was one sign that said ”Womsn’s Rights are Human’s Rights” and a second that said ”Trust Women.” At one point, in the two hour March through downtown, there was a prolific rainfall that lasted about 15 minutes. The heavy rainfall then stopped. Everyone put their umbrellas away. The March be ...   read more

Restore the JR ORganics CSA TO PCOM   5 y  
Restore the JR ORganics CSA TO PCOM
Abriana Young thank you for playing a role in this with veterans st #StandingRock. Closing The Loop Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - San Diego. Thank you for wanting to restore the J R Organics CSA Farm for #FacesofTheNewMedicine at PCOM peeps Lynsi Atman Danielle Loewenstein Stephen Clark Michael Clark Goyo Rodriguez Greg Lane Gretchen Seitz Warren Sheir Richard Gold Stacy Gomes Joan E Marrero #HeakthComesToSanDiego The Enchanted Garden Club 2016-2017 #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaign   visit the page

Healing Thoughts preparing for #ScrippsNatSup 2017   5 y  
Healing Thoughts preparing for #ScrippsNatSup 2017 I just realized, that January 18, 2003, was the anniversary of my second Hip Revision at Thornton Hospital. I have been spending this winter week in deep healing, writing a number of blogs inspired by spending time over the phone with Paul Brenner, a decades long friend, and a teacher and doctor beloved by many. Yesterday, January 18, 2017 and today, I have been prepping for the Scripps Natural Supplement Conference #ScrippsNatSup and going through a range of feelings that have been transforming through my writing. Sitting too long, but here it is. Sending love. Hope you benefit from this. I am so grateful for all I have received--so much love and opportunity to serve. I feel like writing a note of thanks to every person who has lifted me up. I would like to thank each and every person personally and let them know how much they have helped me. I am so grateful. This #PlantYourDreamBlog is dedicated to Dr. Paul Brenner.
Dr. WilliamBugbee, orthopedic surgeon, and me, Leslie Goldman, 2003 Today is January 19, 2017. I am in a healing moment. I am preparing energetically for #ScrippsNatSup. It is a rainy day in what was drought area San Diego. I am under an umbrella of cloud cover and sunshine breaking through. Tomorrow is the inauguration. Many are distraught and do not known how to respond. Many want to rightfully protest. I am in gratitude for my life in this moment. I am in an uphill climb to ground a leap I am taking. I can feel I have pierced into the healing essence that is ...   read more

Addressing the POTUS   5 y  
Addressing the POTUS
Open letter to our new president: Appears to be a lot of people upset with you. How can I help? Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog   visit the page

Faces of the New Medicine #ScrippsNatSup 2017   5 y  
Faces of the New Medicine #ScrippsNatSup 2017
Kiara Low Dog won our hearts sharing accolades for her mom, Tieraona Low Dog MD #ScrippsNatSuo 2017. Mom was given a lifetime achievement award. They are faces of the new medicine, Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog This photo was taken at a leadership meeting of Collaborators before #ScrippsNatSup 2016. That’s me wearing the cap and holding the Iphone toward the front. Through my eyes, I am recording a history of Peace on Earth, a History of the Earth and its Human Flowering. Our Renewed Earth is the Enchanted Garden, and ...   read more

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