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Democratic platform Actions #PlantYourDreamBlog    6 y  
Dear Bernie and all in #Philly, Please look out for our American Dreams through upholding what I'm saying here. Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
#CompostCorruption So what if #feelthebern had clearly won CA? Would he be making different decisions based on an uncorrupt voting process? For youth to stay alive in the necessary Political Revolution, the Dems, Republicans or a Third Party needs to commit to a Fair and Honest voting process inherent in Democracy. In my six hours at the SD #ROV Registrar of Voters June 13, I was awed by a sense of sacredness about a very special creation called #voting. If we want more people to be willing to to participate we need an aura of justice. around electing leaders. The ROV ...   read more

Do I Need Surgery on my hip again? Shift plans?   6 y  
Do I Need Surgery on my hip again? Shift plans?
What to do next? I am in a limbo in this moment. Waiting for some doctors offices to open. Should I call Medicare first? Maybe yes. What is my coverage during this month if I switch by July 1 to Medicare-Medical?   visit the page

CA ballot count news june 13   6 y  
CA ballot count news june 13
SAN DIEGO COUNT REPORT JUNE 13 Ray Lutz and Many volunteers Observing counting of more than 74,000 ballots. CA winner announcement may have been premature. Lots of local press coverage, three stations. Ray of will be all over the local media tonight. LOTS OF QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED Does the manual tally of votes from 1% of precincts match the electronic tally? There is a room filled with paid workers from the community. Outside there was a group making sure the public interest was acknowledged. I am here to observe. Leslie Goldman # ...   read more

#MAMSD Talk may 21   6 y  
Been looking for this link to the talk I gave at #MAMSD may 22. I I put this on YouTube too. Will
Been looking for this link to the talk I gave at #MAMSD may 22. I put this on YouTube too. Will find it.   visit the page

Marching in the DIrection of Our Dreams   6 y  
Marching in the direction of our dreams
Please listen and take to heart Bernie speech in Santa Monica. #PlantYourDreamBlog message June 9, six weeks before Philadelphia. Thinking of you and sending ❤️ to: Rubi Martinez Sierra Hudson Claudia Avila Ferreira Laura Hess Maggie O’Neill Jessica Kate and so many other Volunteers. Also for Alison Rose Levy Pamm Larry Zen Honeycutt Rachel Linden Kathleen Kelly Hallal Tommy Frey Katrina Frey maJohanna Kether Makeda Makossa Santi Lou Jose Caballero Nadia Sessen Please remember these words: March in the direction of your dreams. MESSAGE JUNE 9, SIX WEEKS TI ...   read more

Were there voting irregularities in San Diego June 7?   6 y  
Do we need to Compost corruption? Suggested event: Monday June 13 9 am Call Diane Eisheikh 858.505.7225 to observe a counting of the Manuel tally that will be conducted each day, until completed, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm. If needed, manual tally hours could be extended to evenings until 8 pm and or weekends.
CHAOS About 30.7 % voted in San DIego? ❤️❤️ Were there #VotingIrreg in #SanDiegoCounty during the #DemPrimary June 7 or just voters in #election2016 who did not understand #Voting? The ##PlantYourDreamBlog Wants to know. PROJECTED Event gathering Date: 9 am Monday June 13, 2016 MANUAL COUNTING OF 1% OF RANDOMLY SEL ...   read more

Plant your dream june 6 2016   6 y  
Plant your dream June 6, 2016
Plant Your Dream is a name for my work in the world. It has been easy to forget my vision and purpose lately. This morning I am remembering that on my weekend visit to an old friend--its her birthday--I also brought with me a pot growing out a bean seed that represents having strength for the long Journey.   read more

Removal of stuff   6 y  
Removal of stuff
1-800-JUNK   visit the page

Nightmare June 2   6 y  
Nightmare June 2
A most disturbing nightmare coming up from the deep . I have been captured is my fear and stolen away from my dreams. Details. Details. Have taken me from my purpose, and I fear I cannot do both these details and live my passion and purpose. I am in grief my friend says. I need time and replacement therapy to get beyond what stole me. The details are stealing me away. I am scared. I want to throw up. There was an anaconda at the bottom of a large hole. I am scared i may come out of this crippled and unable to walk. I do not want to finish this #PlantYourD ...   read more

Organic Foodies for Bernie   6 y  
Organic Foodies for Bernie
May 30,2016 3:21 pm A most delightful and fulfilling day yesterday gathering organic food from the Hillcrest FARMERS Market, some going to the grassroots volunteers at a nearby office to elect Bernie Sanders president. --- 8 more days to claim victory for Bernard Sanders, our next president. With Carolina Rodriguez-Adjunta SAN DIEGO NEWS FROM #PlantYourDreamBlog #OrganicFoodiesForBernie accepted gifts to feed the heart and soul of Youth working night and day to a elect Who they feel will be our next president. Our political leaders are all in town from all over ...   read more

Playing house together --reinvention of community here   6 y  
Playing house together
WHO WANTS TO PLAY? VALUES I HOLD MOST DEAR These dictate the vision and mission The purpose of the house for more than 35 years has been to teach enchanted Garden Values and educate about them. I see my writings and art part of my legacy I would leave to the house. Some of the space has supported and supports Enchsnted Garden projects such as the latest being the Enchanted Garden Baker Creek outpost. INCOME AND EXPENSES INCOME Income here from rentals to pay mortgage, insurance, taxes, basic maintenance. Rents are relatively low. MAINTENANCE Maintenan ...   read more

A most disheartening nightmare   6 y  
A most disheartening nightmare,
A most disheartening nightmare Between 5 am- 7 am May 18, 2016 It’s now 7:28 AM may 18th. I’m processing and feeling deeply a most disheartening nightmare. The nightmare was inspired in part by a phone date I have 30 minutes from now with the key Player in my life who has been inspired by a similar mission, saving the sacred seeds of the world . For me, saving the sacred seeds, Is a deep multifaceted metaphor. Sacred seeds are not only literal heirloom seeds but they also represent our own essence as sacred seeds --people who are inspired to live in a sacred relation ...   read more

Chicken Meditation© Leslie Goldman July 6, 1977   6 y  
Chicken Meditation© Leslie Goldman July 6, 1977
A FAVORITE OF MINE (found in a box... ROOSTER MEDITATION It must have started before dawn; for sure the mist blanketed the pre-morning and the mother sun had not awoken. This Rooster, it really had something to say, and it sid it, over and over for an hour or more, and never once stopped, except between respite, to deliver it’s morning message. I never heard such a glorious display of power, of perfect positive affirmation. It told the whole universe where to go, and wasn’t going to take no flack or features from anyone. Leslie Goldman July 6, 19 ...   read more

The #NevadaUprising occurred May 14 at #NVCaucus   6 y  
The #NevadaUprising occurred May 14 at #NVCaucus Planting the End of the Monsanto Years End of Corporate dominance of our seeds. This #PlantYourDreamBlog traced some of my involvement in Election 2016 including notes from my talk the March Against Monsanto San Diego #MAMSD May 21, 2016. "This is the true myth of America. she starts old, old wrinkled and writhing in an old skin. And there is a gradual sloughing off of the old skin, towards a new youth. It is the myth of America." --D.H. Lawrence,
Photo by Eva Roufe From D’ Marie’s comment at #MAMSD May 21 2016 Leslie Goldman it was great to see you yesterday. Your talk was truly inspiring! Thank you for all the good work you do! I am touched in these times by this quote from Nobel winner Romain Rolland who said during the World War One period: ”Let us seek truth everywhere; let us cull it wherever we can find its blossom or its Seed. Having Found the seed, let us scatter it to the winds of heaven. Where ev ...   read more

Going through old papers in notebooks--May 15, 2016   6 y  
Going through old papers in notebooks--May 15, 2016
INTRO Just laying around in bed... jumped up... inspiration says go through some old notebooks... Not much direction... GOING THORUGH SOME NOTEBOOKS ON THE SHELF NATIONAL HEIRLOOM EXPO NOTEBOOKS BIODYNAMIC SEEDS Catalogue from the National Product Expo OPEN SESAME THE STORY OF SEEDS   read more

Rebuilding my relationship to the physical world   6 y  
Rebuilding my relationship to the physical world
Rebuilding my relationship to the physical world Plants as spiritual ground Hope you are feeling better a bit. I just had a strange dream that relates to being and feeling divorced from the physical world. It is something when we have conditions that we cannot count on our bodies or our environment to support us. I imagine you can relate to that. Your body is not always there for you, but you always seem to do what you can to get through. ❤️ 7:57 am Wednesday may 11, 2016 Yes, you have courage and will. I am unraveling this strange dream. It ...   read more

Getting rid of possessions after eviction   6 y  
Getting rid of possessions after eviction,
One of the most distasteful experienced I’ve had was having to go through an eviction process with a resident. GETTING RID IOF LEFT POSSESSIONS   visit the page

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