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Cataracts and Diabetes   13 y  
Cataracts and Diabetes
I just replied to a man with cataracts: Doctors often cause more damage than good. They get paid to do operations and the operations will often do damage to a Diabetic’s eyes because removing the Cataract often causes bleeding in the eyes that clouds one’s vision. How often will they turn down doing surgery for someone with health insurance? Almost, never. It is like asking a septic tank company to come out and see if you need a new septic system. They will always want to give you a new one. Fixing the old one is nasty hard work and who wants to clean up someone else’s shiat? Do the wor ...   read more

A Natural Cure for Diabetes a daily serving of seafood is a natural cure for diabetes   14 y  
For all of these reasons, I think supplementation with chromium picolinate is a must to try with diabetes patients. It’s a prudent, safe, well-tested nutritional approach that more often than not will offer your patients impressive benefits in their condition and their symptoms. [Adapted from excerpts from Basic Health Publications User’s Guide to Chromium (Basic Health Publications, North Bergen, New Jersey, 2002) by Melissa Diane Smith.] your best source for a great variety of fresh seafood
A Natural Cure for Diabetes a daily serving of seafood is a natural cure for diabetes Here we have more powerful proof that the trace elements provide a natural cure for diabetes - and many other diseases. In this article, chromium supplementation has been found to provide dramatic improvement - up to and including freedom from all symptoms - in diabetes. However, in another direction of research initiated by Prof. John McNeill at UBC, the trace element vanadium had been found to provide just as dramatic improvements (see ”MIRACLE METAL” in ”References”). This proves and undersco ...   read more

Cure for Diabetes?   15 y  
Worth Trying
I just cured my friend of diabetes. ”Told him to take magnesium and quit eating junk food which is trans fat. He felt better immediately and within 3 months his blood sugar was normal. I asked him how much did he pay the doctor and how much for his medicine which wasn’t working. He paid me nothing and he actually save[d] money by not buying junk food. - Anonymous ”   visit the page

Huckleberry Tea: Diabetes   15 y  
A client said that Huckleberry Tea "go him off of insulin."
”The average man don’t like trouble and danger.” - Quote from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Well, even if we don’t necessarily mean to put ourselves in danger or get ourselves in danger, we do. You wonder how? We put ourselves in danger with our lifestyles and our diets. And sometimes it’s our own mental state that puts us at risk for dangerous health conditions. Ignorance, self-denial, refusal to get help, and stubborn mindsets only make matters worse. Twain said it right, we ”...don’t like trouble and danger,” but somehow we are intrigued. There is a dangerous ...   read more

Diabetes Protocol- Mr Steve   17 y  
In the last few weeks I have become aware of different liquid protocols. ACV - the magic bullet - at least it's getting a lot of credit for a lot of things. Cinnamon and Cloves - the top two for stimulating insulin production and reducing blood sugar. My readings lately have been in the mid prediabetic range. Then there is seasalt, baking soda and other things. So, I created my own cocktail.
3 sticks of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of cloves (about 25 by count) I soak these in a half glass of water overnight, then boil in full glass in the microwave, Gets a nice rich colored tea. Put back in the fridge. Later pour in a 24 oz jar. I add 2 tbsp of ACV. 1/8 tsp of baking soda and a pinch to 1/8 tsp of seasalt. Add water up to 16 oz total and top it off up to 24 oz with Ocean Spray cranberry juice. A little tart, but not bad at all. (Note: I am getting some pH strips to see exactly what kind of acidity I’m dealing with: in any case I always brush and rinse immediate after drinki ...   read more

Diabetes Cure   17 y  
Study: Diet, Exercise Key to Staving Off Diabetes by Allison Aubrey Morning Edition, May 24, 2007 · In beating back the risk of Type 2 diabetes, research shows that diet and exercise programs can be just as effective as medicine for some people.
Morning Edition, May 24, 2007 · In beating back the risk of Type 2 diabetes, research shows that diet and exercise programs can be just as effective as medicine for some people. Type 2 diabetes used to be thought of as a disease that struck only in old age. But physician John Buse says the disease is increasingly hitting people in the prime of life — and even younger. ”The idea of teenagers and people in their 20s developing Type 2 diabetes is really terrifying,” says Buse, president-elect of Medicine and Science at the American Diabetes Association. People who have diabetes can d ...   read more

Diabetes Remedies   17 y  
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which blood-sugar (glucose) levels are above normal—either the body doesn’t produce enough of the hormone insulin, which breaks down sugar in the blood, or it cannot utilize its own insulin properly. Diabetes can cause serious health complications including blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, and even limb loss. The good news is that if you are one of the 20.8 million Americans struggling with diabetes (type 1 and type 2 combined) there are natural approaches to help avoid these life-threatening conditions.
As in almost all areas of health, exercise and proper diet can help tremendously for diabetes. That does not mean a heavy exercise regimen nor does it mean a radical weight loss. Moderate exercise and a weight lose of only 5% or slightly more can make a substantial difference (and that holds true for those considered significantly overweight as well as those carrying a few pesky extra pounds. To achieve a 5% or more weight loss may require no more than cutting out soft drinks and taking regular walks for example. At any rate, losing 5% is easily achievable with modest exercise and a se ...   read more

Vinegar Prevents Diabetes   18 y  
The number of Americans with type 2 diabetes is expected to increase by 50% in the next 25 years; hence, the prevention of type 2 diabetes is an important objective. Recent large-scale trials (the Diabetes Prevention Program and STOP-NIDDM) have demonstrated that therapeutic agents used to improve insulin sensitivity in diabetes, metformin and acarbose, may also delay or prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes in high-risk populations. Interestingly, an early report showed that vinegar attenuated the glucose and insulin responses to a sucrose or starch load. In the present report, we assessed the effectiveness of vinegar in reducing postprandial glycemia and insulinemia in subjects with varying degrees of insulin sensitivity.
Vinegar Improves Insulin Sensitivity in Subjects Type 2 Diabetes posted 01/12/04 Effective in reducing postprandial glycemia and insulinemia. Our study included nondiabetic subjects who were either insulin sensitive (control subjects, n = 8) or insulin resistant (n = 11) and 10 subjects with type 2 diabetes. Subjects provided written informed consent and were not taking diabetes medications. Fasting subjects were randomly assigned to consume the vinegar (20 g apple cider vinegar, 40 g water, and 1 tsp saccharine) or placebo drink and, after a 2-min delay, the test meal, which was co ...   read more

Diabetes: Pomegranate Juice May Fight Heart Disease in People With Diabetes   18 y  
Aug. 29, 2006 -- Drinking pomegranate juice may help people with diabetesdiabetes reduce their risk of heart disease.
Drinking Pomegranate Juice May Fight Heart Disease in People With Diabetes By Jennifer Warner WebMD Medical News Reviewed By Louise Chang, MD on Tuesday, August 29, 2006 More From WebMD Vegan Diet May Treat Diabetes Dieting Tips for Diabetics Quiz: Is Diabetes Affecting Your Sex Life? Aug. 29, 2006 -- Drinking pomegranate juice may help people with diabetesdiabetes reduce their risk of heart disease. A preliminary new study shows that people with diabetes who drank pomegranate juice for three months had a lower risk of atherosclerosis -- or hardening of the a ...   read more

Magnesium: Diabetes   18 y  
: Med Hypotheses. 1996 Feb;46(2):89-100. Related Articles, Links Complementary vascular-protective actions of magnesium and taurine: a rationale for magnesium taurate. McCarty MF. Nutrition 21, San Diego, CA 92109, USA. By a variety of mechanisms, magnesium functions both intracellularly and extracellularly to minimize the cytoplasmic free calcium level, [Ca2+]i. This may be the chief reason why correction of magnesium deficiency, or induction of hypermagnesemia by parenteral infusion, exerts antihypertensive, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-arrhythmic and antithrombotic effects. Although the amino acid taurine can increase systolic calcium transients in cardiac cells (and thus has positive inotropic activity), it has other actions which tend to reduce [Ca2+]i. Indeed, in animal or clinical studies, taurine lowers elevated blood pressure, retards cholesterol-induced atherogenesis, prevents arrhythmias and stabilizes platelets--effects parallel to those of magnesium. The com
DIABETES NUTRITIONAL RESEARCH Complementary vascular-protective actions of magnesium and taurine: a rationale for magnesium taurate. Magnesium and ascorbic acid supplementation in diabetes mellitus. Advanced glycation end product-induced activation of NF-kappaB is suppressed by alpha-lipoic acid in cultured endothelial cells. alpha-Lipoic acid treatment decreases serum lactate and pyruvate concentrations and improves glucose effectiveness in lean and obese patients with type 2 diabetes. Insufficient glycemic control increases nuclear factor-kappa B binding activity in peripheral blo ...   read more

Colostrum for Diabetes   18 y  
I normally would not sugest a bovine anything but if the research is true and bovine colostrum is identical to human colostrum then this may very well be an excellent means of curing diabetes. I will add more information as I find it. I would only use organic colostrum.
What exactly is Colostrum? Colostrum is the powerful, nutrient-rich fluid a mother produces for her newborn just after birth. Providing a supercharged blend of vital proteins, antibodies, antioxidants, immunoglobulins, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids - Colostrum is literally Mother Nature’s very first, life sustaining superfood. All told, there are over thirty seven powerful immune factors found in properly processed bovine Colostrum. In addition, Colostrum provides eight growth factors which help to rebuild and rejuvenate your body by promoting healthy human ...   read more

Diabetes & Greed   18 y  
Our Deadly Diabetes Deception Greed and dishonest Science have promoted a lucrative worldwide epidemic of diabetes that honesty and good science can quickly reverse by naturally restoring the body's blood-sugar control mechanism. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 11, Number 4 (June-July 2004) PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. Telephone: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381 From our web page at: by Thomas Smith © 2004 PO Box 7685 Loveland, CO 80537 USA Email: Website: ------------------------------------------------------------ ...   read more

Diabetes Cure: By Kunwar Singh   18 y  
There are no Allopathic medicines available in the market that will cure the diabetic conditions of humans but they will control the disorder up to certain levels. The disease is developed due to eating disorders and hereditary. In the first place, I have never accepted diabetes as disease but considered it to be a disorder. The medicine is readily available at home in the form of natural products and you need not to go to market to purchase expensive medicines. To keep the sugar level under control, follow my suggestions and see the difference. Drink the juice of one bitter gourd, one cucumber and one tomato on empty stomach in the morning on a regular basis (drink this juice twice a day if you are insulin dependent) until you start feeling relief and your blood sugar level starts decreasing and continue further for a very long time until your sugar level reaches border line. The sugar level will certainly come down. Eat plenty of cucumber before meal to quench your thrust and to fill
Diabetic patients are always hungry to eat but can not eat all. Avoid banana, mango, custard apple and sweets like ice cream, pastry and cold drinks totally. If you are insulin dependent, even eating rice would be very harmful. You can eat fruits like guava, pineapple, pomegranate, papaya, muskmelon and watermelon. Taking one tea-spoon Fenugreek powder and quarter tea-spoon cinnamon powder on empty stomach, before breakfast daily, would be beneficial to diabetic patients. Regular brisk walking for one hour daily would be the best ideal medicine for diabetic patients. Cut down on non-vegeta ...   read more

Diabetes Cure   18 y  
Let your food cure your Diabetes
Avoiding Margerine and other non-food fats in processed foods is the best preventative treatment for Diabetes The Water Cure is the first place I would start to lower my blood sugar. Gymnema Sylvestre: Diabetes There are other plants, spices, and foods that lower blood sugar. Listen to your gut and find what is right for you. Make your food your cure. I have collected these links on my blog about diabetes. Apple Cider Vinegar for Diabetes D ...   read more

Gymnema Sylvestre: Diabetes   18 y  
In a study conducted by Diabetes Educators, under the protocols established by Diabetes in Control and Informulab of Omaha, NE, the makers of Beta Fast GXR®, Gymnema Sylvestre was found to lower HbA1c from 10.1% to 9.3%
In a study conducted by Diabetes Educators, under the protocols established by Diabetes in Control and Informulab of Omaha, NE, the makers of Beta Fast GXR®, Gymnema Sylvestre was found to lower HbA1c from 10.1% to 9.3% This ninety day study conducted by a group of your peers showed these results in 65 patients. The patients were given Beta Fast GXR® brand of Gymnema Sylvestre (GS) containing 400mg GS leaf extract (standardized to 25%) per tablet twice daily. Patients varied from diet controlled to insulin dependent and age varied form 18 to 73 years old. It is interesting to n ...   read more


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