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A Detailed Analysis of Hydro Lock Inside Your Car Engine   11 mon  
Boats are made to deal with water while cars don’t. But, what the water can do to a car? Water can wreak havoc inside a car, especially damaging the engine.
Water can rust exposed parts quickly, endangering the engine in the process. Usually, when a car crosses a puddle, it must deal with water. In the event that water enters the vehicle through the hood, it might have an impact on the engine components. A car may experience hydrolock, or more specifically, hydrostatic lock, under certain circumstances. Although it's generally uncommon, hydrolock can cause substantial damage with an engine's internal parts and, in the worst cases, can even render an engine irreparable. Fortunately, most motorists will never experien ...   read more

Here’s how Your Car’s Engine Oil Get Affected in Those Winte   14 mon  
When it comes to engine oil, it doesn't change except extreme condition, but it can be very cold, especially on those bitterly cold winter nights.
What transpires to water, or any other liquid, during those dreaded winter days? Of course! Many of them transform into solids, or if that is not possible, they may become extremely cold.  Its motor oil thickens and flows less smoothly or not at all as a result of those chilly temperatures. However, this may start a chain reaction that could harm the engine of your car. Cold weather slows down the engine oil’s flow The oil pump does all the hard work required to circulate the oil through the filters and engine components when the car starts. ...   read more

A Guide to Paint Restoration of Your Car’s Exterior   15 mon  
However, oxidation is most severe to turn your car paint into dull and faded. Let’s first understand about the oxidation properly.
Is it possible to keep your vehicle in brand new condition when there are a number of threats present in the environment. However, it is hard to keep your car in a condition that it has just rolled off from dealership, but not impossible at all. Over the years, the exterior has to deal with a number of challenges. These are contamination, oxidation, scratches, and more.  What Causes Oxidation? Oxidation signifies the process of degradation of a car’s paint. A chemical reaction happens to break down the paint over time due to exposure to oxygen, heat, ...   read more

Top Benefits of Getting a Routine Engine Tune-Up – Listed!   17 mon  
The phrase "car maintenance" generally surfaces to your head, once or twice in a year. However, a vehicle might demand you for something else once it has covered certain distance aggregately.
There comes tune-up in action, an exclusive service for a car’s engine specifically. It will certainly help in lowering your auto care and fuel costs, extending the life of your car, and ensuring that your vehicle is performing well. In general, a vehicle might start to feel a bit sluggish in performance after hitting the 50,000 KM milestone. However, you might be amazed with such an outcome even if there has always been routine car maintenance on-time.   While fuel prices do not hesitate to rise, you have to be aware enough to minimize the ...   read more

The Most Common Problems With Having Low Refrigerant Levels   18 mon  
For an air conditioner, a compressor appears to be the most important component. But, a compressor cannot do anything if there is no refrigerant at all.
There is a need to understand the importance of refrigerant inside an air conditioner. Your Car AC  is just a fan without the presence of refrigerant. However, a low level of refrigerant cannot provide enough cooling it might hurt a number of things inside your car’s air conditioner.  How Does Refrigerant Assist In Cooling Air? Air conditioner refrigerants behave like a magical substance to aid air conditioning to make cooling possible. Refrigerant does it work during a cycle of transformation from liquid to gas. It involves several components to pro ...   read more

The Most Important Highway Driving Tips    18 mon  
A few people in this world deny the fact that they do not feel eager to travel on those highways in cars. Highway cruising makes it simpler to find happiness, whether it be on a road trip or a necessary trip to a destination, because it adds a lot of excitement and, of course, fun.
However, cruising on the highway is a fun activity to undertake, though it could be equally dangerous. It requires high-level driving skills to deal with the challenges on the highways.   Mental clarity, familiarity with the car's fundamental features, and knowledge of the rules of the road are the three prerequisites for safe vehicle operation. You must take particular precautions and follow specific guidelines when you choose to drive safely. Both new drivers and seasoned ones should be aware of this.   Take Care of Speed While Turnin ...   read more

Ever Feel Like Your Car Lacks Acceleration Here’s What To Do   19 mon  
However, do you know about the performance? The performance signifies the capacity of a car’s engine to generate acceleration. A car gets enough acceleration that the wheels can move on the road.
It is not surprising that there are many different car types in the world. They differ in a variety of ways, including how they look and how powerful their engines are. Similarly, there are vehicles that vary in performance.       How Does An Engine Generate Acceleration? It seems magical how fuel energy turns into kinetic power. An internal combustion engine does the work of generating power or acceleration. The engine receives adequate air and fuel to perform the combustion process that pushes the piston and generates the acceleration. ...   read more

What’s Causing Your AC Compressor to Fail?   20 mon  
In summer, you cannot imagine a drive without an air conditioner. However, an air conditioner might have performance issues due to low levels of refrigerant while it may have some other issues such as a faulty compressor.
Any fault might lead you into trouble where you have to sweat it out inside your car. If there is a failing compressor, how can you be aware of the situation? Let's first have a look over the functioning of a compressor.   How Does A Compressor Function? The AC compressor usually pumps the refrigerant throughout the system. It stimulates the functioning of the heart. If it does not pump the refrigerant into the system, the air conditioner cannot provide the cooling. Moreover, a failing air conditioner compressor can trigger other failures in the syste ...   read more


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In summer, you cannot imagine a drive without an air conditioner. However, an air conditioner might have performance issues due to low levels of refrigerant while it may have some other issues such as a faulty compressor.… more...

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