Wedding 2007: Getting in Better Shape
by tambee
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4/10: Master Cleanser   17 y  
lots of energy today!
Well, here I am, easily stepping into day 4. I know it seems like nothing compared to some of you Super-Fasters out there who go for months at a time cleansing your bodies. But, I am happy that I am making this 10 day commitment. I would one day like to do a 2 week fast and maybe even a 3 week fast. For now, I’ll just stick to the 10 days. I think my Fiance would think I had lost my mind if I said I wanted to go for 3 weeks without food. Actually, I find it a lot easier to just not tell people I am fasting. Most people just don’t get it. Today is a real turning point for me. Or maybe I ...   read more

3/10: Master Cleanser   17 y  
Hanging in there
Well, I am almost a third of the way there. I feel good this morning and actually had interest in putting on a different outfit and earrings and shoes.... Other than my usual handful of comfortable clothes. Not that my clothes are really fitting much different at this point but I at least felt inspired to put some effort into my outfit and feel pretty. I went to the gym and did 30 min of cardio and a few minutes of arm weights. And stopped off at Whole Foods to restock on the organic lemons. I go through about 10-12 lemons a day. I went out with my friend last night to see her frien ...   read more

2/10: Master Cleanser   17 y  
Good start to today
Yay! Here I am on day two and feeling great. I feel so much better already. Makes me think that maybe I have a food allergy that is causing me to be a little less alert than I should be. My Fiance is allergic to wheat and gluten so we stay away from that all together. My Mom who is Mrs. Healthfood USA (not literally) insists I should cut out dairy. She just may have a point. So, after this 10 days I am going to stay off of dairy and see how I feel. I got a flat tire on the way home from work yesterday and as soon as I pulled over on the side of the road the first thing that crossed my m ...   read more

Day One Down   17 y  
First day was tough
Well, I made it through day one and I have to admit it was not a piece of cake. Sheesh.... it wasn’t even a piece of lemon with syrup on it!! But I did it and am happy that I feel strong and willing to go on to day #2. Yeah, feeling pretty exhausted, cold, and hungry. Part of the problem was that I don’t think I drank enough of the lemonade to kill the hunger. I had 3 x 1.5 liter (Big) bottles and am working on another right now. I remember last time I did this I slowly drank less and less so that by the last couple days I could barely drink 2 bottles full. I work as a Designer and work ...   read more

1/10: Master Cleanser   17 y  
Just getting started!!
Okay, so here I go!!! I am definitely mentally ready for a 10 day fast. And if all goes well I think I should stick with it just fine. I went to Whole Foods last night and bought a bunch of organic lemons and grade B maple syrup. I have a ton of cayenne still left over from the previous fast. I also bought baked tofu and lentil soup for my ”last dinner” last night because that is what I craved so badly throughout my last fast. It’s funny how every time I buy maple syrup and a big bag of lemons..... people at the store and at the check-out always say... ”Ah, you are doing the Master Cleanse ...   read more

Master Cleanser   17 y  
Going for 10 days
Starting from tomorrow I am going to attempt a 10 day Master Cleanser fast. I did it year ago and made it through 9 days. I felt amazing afterwards and now feel mentally ready to face the challenge again. Plus, my Fiance is out of town for work for the next 8 days. This will be perfect timing because I don’t have to worry about buying or making food. So, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep a daily log of my progress. Going shopping for all the ingerdients tonight. Wish me luck!   visit the page

A Few Days of Juice Fasting   17 y  
Starting off today with lots of fruits and water
I feel like I am ready to really focus and start working towards my Weight Loss and Exercise goals again. I slipped a little after my trip to Hawaii and put my goals on the backburner..... out of pure laziness. I feel like I need a good kick in the butt to really stick to the program. So, I am going to do some juice fasting for a few days here and there. I am also going to talk to a trainer at the gym tonight to see if I can get on a progam. Today I am just eating fruit..... watermelon, peaches and apples...... to ease into it. Then, I am going to do just juice for 3 days and maybe thro ...   read more

7/7/7   17 y  
Wedding location is available for our date!
So, after being disappointed about not having a location for the date in mind....... things open up. Apparently, a plantation home with amazing gardens on the coast opened up last week after being closed to Weddings for the past 5 years. Our Wedding planners jumped on it and it is on hold for us. My parents are going over to check it out next week and give them the downpayment. It is a little on the expensive side. But for me the location is everything and I can do without a lot of the other details to make up for it. I am hoping the parents will agree. I really want to get the location ...   read more

Back to Reality   17 y  
moving a little slow today
So, I got back into town late last night. I felt very sad leaving the island and returning to the bustling city. Definitely think that the island pace is more my style. But then again...... maybe if I lived there I would miss it here. I have a much fresher view on life after stepping away from day to day stuff for 2 weeks. Ready to get back in the swing of things and back to my getting in shape plans. So, I went to Maui with my Mom and was able to look at a couple of places for my Wedding next summer. I was more than a little dissappointed that most locations are already booked for the ...   read more

Vacation for a couple weeks   17 y  
Ready for a break
Well, time to pack up the bags tonight and squeeze in one last gym visit before getting on the plane. I woke up this morning and went to the gym before going to work.. and felt to exhausted. Did my half hour run and a bit of weights for my arms. It’s a horrible thing that runs in my family... the ”chicken flapper” arms. No matter how thin.... the older the women get, the flappier the arms. My 85 year old Grandma is incredibly beautiful , thin and fit for her age. But..... I see where my arms will be headed if I don’t concentrate on keeping up the muscle. The last few days I have been ha ...   read more

Eating Light and Insomnia   17 y  
Okay.... first of all.. YAY!!! It’s Friday!!. This has been the craziest week at work. I am a Designer in a corporate environment and they have been doing ”Restructuring” without explaination or direction..... for the past 6 months. It has been CRAZY. My Supervisor got laid off last Friday and now it feels like my whole world (in the office) is upside down. Learning a lot through it all though. Let’s just say that the weekend could not have come any freaking sooner! I am really proud of myself (today). I have managed to loose 10 pounds since starting this blog which is not the number I ...   read more

Hello Running, Buh-Bye Stress......   17 y  
Not only does it help the weight goals...... but the stress is so much more manageable!
So, I woke up this morning at 5am with a lot of stress on my mind from ”restructuring” at work. But the crazy thing was, I couldn’t wait to get my butt to the gym and get on the tredmill.*** Major Breakthrough*** I have been doing cardio every day and 2 times a day this past week in attempts to shrink the waist a little before going to Hawaii for Wedding Planning. One week from today and I will be there! Yesterday and this morning I felt a little piece of me come back that I haven’t seen in probably the past year. Actually it came back briefly when I did the 10 day Master Cleanser last ...   read more

20 days   17 y  
baby steps
I have been having a bit of a hard time getting back into the swing of eating healthy every day... after 3 months of letting it all go. I work a lot (as a Designer) and I suppose that is my excuse. But I feel like I am making baby steps in the right direction. I have gone back and forth with doing a fast and have come to the conclusion that I just need to eat small healthy portions, mostly raw, for a while until I have made some progress. I will do a juice fast sometime this summer....... once I am mentally focused and have gotten some physical results. 20 days until I go back to Hawaii ...   read more

I found this interesting....   17 y  
Wedding Traditions: Fat? or Skinny?
Over the weekend, my Fiance and I caught the tail end of a Documentary on a tribe, which I didn’t catch the name of, in Africa and the families preparation before the Wedding. It was very fascinating and we both sat their with our mouths hanging open because of the different priorities they had. I love watching these Documentaries on Discovery and National Geographic and learning about the vast differences and beautiful ways of other cultures. What really got me was this young girl, maybe 16 and thin by US standards, and her Wedding Goal. In their culture, a beautiful bride is a fat bri ...   read more

4.5 weeks til Hawaii   17 y  
Long Weekend, Long Runs......
So, I have been working out at the gym, running and eating healthy for the most part this past week and a half. I have managed to loose about 6 pounds and really feel like I have turned a corner, mentally. It’ll probably be another couple weeks before I actually see the results. The nice summer weather I am sure has helped with my refreshed desire to get into my short shorts again. sigh... (seems so far away) Based on other people’s Blogs, I have realized that I shouldn’t get sucked into fad diets and should just make a daily effort to eat healthy and work out or run. And maybe do a few ...   read more

Starting Monday   17 y  
Starting South Beach Diet on Monday
I would have started the South Beach today but I need to go shopping and stock up on a lot of stuff which I am planning on doing Saturday. Plus... Cinco De Mayo is this weekend..... and in phase one of the South Beach there is no alcohol allowed. Okay.... excuses, excuses! So... in the meantime I am eating healthy and riding the bike at the gym every morning and trying to work out twice a day. I know that when I do cardio twice a day my metabolism really steps up. Here is my first little motivation that I want to loose weight in time for: In the first week of July I am going back to ...   read more

Getting the Ball Rolling   17 y  
'Gotta start somewhere!
I suppose my primary reason for loosing some weight and getting back in shape is for my Wedding. But I also, would like to feel GREAT again. I have been though cycles of being in average shape to average-good shape all my life. So, I know I CAN do it. It’s just a matter of really sticking to a program and exercising ever day. And alos not overdoing it on teh weekends and over-indulging. I know this sounds like a lame excuse... but I have been working a lot this past year.... weekend, nights.... and have gained nearly 20 pounds which I really don’t like to admit. I also don’t fit in the ...   read more

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