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PMS journal...the tsunami is coming (yup TMI...)   16 y  
yup it's gonna be a grossout
I do not consider menses an inconvenience. I consider PMS to be an inconvenience. I do not bleed like I used to. I now bleed consistently for four days and spot when I ovulate. Iíve talked exstensively about my HPV healing experience and so far Iíve had two negative smears. I keep an eye on the spotting and anything that looks funny. I crave coffee and chocolate around my period and I had one and a half cups today. Now itís past 11 pm and my period is indeed here. Iím keeping these journals so detailed because this is my íjournalí of sorts. My life is an open book (most of the time). I ...   read more

Wound Healing Before My Eyes   16 y  
Fish oil...miracle pill for EVERYTHING
I did a very stupid thing tonight. I bought these wonderful Oneida measuring cups that were wrapped together with a plastic clasp. Of course, I just had to cut it with my very sharp professional cookís knife. My poor thumb... well anyway it took all but twenty seconds, not even for my cut to close up and stop bleeding. I remember when I cut my toe really bad and was bleeding for a minute and had to prop my foot up. I wasnít taking any fish oil or as much vitamin C as I am now. I take at least 2,000 mg of fish oil, three thousand if I lift heavy weights that day or have a stressful day at w ...   read more

Why Poor People eat Bad Food...   16 y  
my ongoing study/personal views on being healthy with a limited budget
Seeing as how finances and not having my own home played a large part in me leaving bootcamp, Iím going to investigate this in depth. As I had explained to one of the ladies in the group, I left to pursue my goals of paying down my debt and getting out of my FILís house. Debt really is evil. Itís why I canít buy myself the very best food and supplements. Even if Iím just eating raw fruits, I still need money to buy a variety. Iíd never join a gym ever but I sure do want to build my own steamroom and sauna. When I lived in da hood, the sistahs I knew had their íprioritiesí in order, that is ...   read more

Edited Message on the Blog Name Change   16 y  
why I changed the name
Well people Iím done with Rawfood Bootcamp. Just as I declared that I would not join a gym again, Iím declaring no more dieting, no more focusing on weight loss. I love to exercise, I love being active and I love my body just the way it is. I have a job that will enable me to lose thirty pounds before next summer just by increased activity levels! As long as I donít shovel more food into mouth than my body can burn, Iíll lose the weight I want to lose. Yeah Iím editing my own message. I was tired and exhausted from work. I just need to focus on getting my debt paid down, getting my hus ...   read more

Celebrated Centenarians-Some Links   16 y  
some info on long life snip- Likewise, few people expect to reach age 101, especially in remarkably good health like Marge Jetton. But Mrs. Jetton is proof that it can be done. She appears to be far younger than her actual age. Her remarkably healthy attitude is almost as noticeable, however. ďIf you canít change it, you better like it,Ē she says. ďMy motto is to try and be happy in spite of your trials. Take it to the Lord in prayer.Ē Another article... Art ...   read more

New Progress Photograph...but not yet   16 y  
new picture of me...about time ain't it??? I'm gonna have it soon. I promise!
My husband is downsizing the picture. The one that is in my blog folder is HUGE. Ooops! I was so excited to post the new pic, I didnít even check to see how it looked. Oh well. Todayís workout 30 minutes of powerwalking 90 minutes of yoga (bikram series)   visit the page

Top Reasons to be Caffeine Free   16 y  
God's gifts to coffee addicts Caffeine Sensitivity Approximately 20% of the population is caffeine sensitive. Even just a few milligrams of caffeine will set off an immediate reaction. People who have no problem drinking coffee all day long simply canít understand how dramatically caffeine sensitive people respond to the slightest bit of caffeine. If youíre caffeine sensitive, you may have any number of reactions to caffeine, but the most common ones are: * Feelings of anxiety, nervousness and irritability * Rapid speech * The jitters * Sleeplessness even though the c ...   read more

cleanse day 3/7   16 y  
shortening cleanse,day 3 notes
No itís not a mistake. I decided to cut my cleanse short in order to eat with the inlaws at Thanksgiving. I wanted to do this cleanse for body/mind purification and getting back to the spiritual center. Itís just important that I be at the table so I donít appear to be standoffish. I have my own opinion about turkeys but I donít preach to anyone in the house. Iím going to prepare a beautiful 100% raw/living foods plate, very gourmet. Christmastime, my sister and I are going to cook vegan/vegetarian meals so good that theyíll actually like it. Anyway,I dreamed about FOOD last night. I al ...   read more

Lemonade Cleanse day 2/10   16 y  
master cleanse #2
I am doing another cleanse. Itís for spiritual/psychic insight, religious renewal and to strengthen the foundations of my new marriage. The much smaller reasons are to cleanse the body and detox from coffee, prepare the body to dive into the field of rawfood nutrition. I really REALLY want to be a herbalist and holistic health education, maybe a naturopathic doctor. Plus, I desire to be a model of health for my patients and coworkers. Something I noted in the MasterCleanse forum: I woke up this morning in a depressed state thinking about money, getting the creditor off my sisterís ba ...   read more

workout logs update   16 y  
some of my best entries
Oct 31- Today is leg day. This is going to be the best day for workouts EVER. Why? Because my husband woke me up this morning with an axiety attack about not making enough money to support a family. Where women are dispairing about being tied down to a home and children, men have no choice like that. They have two choices work and work. I just took a look at my bank account and I donít have any money till thursday and hope/pray that the wedding photographer bank note doesnít overdraw my account! I suppose I could get upset. I started giving in by eating some cooked foods but then I s ...   read more

workout logs   16 y  
workout log catch up!
Oct 12- Yesterday: 10 min rebounding, 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises 10,000steps on my pedo... I dunno I lost the button on my pedo. Someone sellsAvon at work and Avon has a nice little one but Walmart has betterquality and I donít care to wait for orders. A wintermembership for the both of us will cost $360 thatís for six months.Itís $180 for one person. Itís a sacrifice because my orientation justended. However, itís for my husbandís mental health. Iíll see what mycheck is for the next week. Itís going to be big. Iím also going topray for full time at the nursing home or some o ...   read more

workout log   16 y  
my workout today
FITNESS FANATIC Group: Members Posts: 92 Member No.: 39 Joined: 22-May 06 Overcoming the cold air... Tofday my limit was fourty degrees. I was wearing my makeshift sauna suit which has a big tear in the bumcrack cuz these things arenít made for actual use but for rare bouts of guilt over being fat and middle aged. Iíve discovered that the fitness gadet industry is a double edged sword. Why am I bringing this up now? I get up at five thirty now and while I drink my coffee,tea,whatever, I put the tv on and watch fitness infomercials. There are some real garbage products ...   read more

my week...mixed bag but employment is great!   16 y  
week of mixed success
I had a cold this week. I started my new job this week too. I really like it even though it is a nursing home. First of all, it makes me enjoy the stuff of life and want to take care of myself. Itís teaching me of a lot of Christ-like compassion for the defenseless. Elderly people with alzheimers are truly defenseless. Itís amazing how in old age we revert back to a childlike nature. This job is fueling my vision of creating a holistic nursing home that serves nourishing foods,cooked and raw. The cafeteria salad bar is PATHETIC and the cooked food is horrible. I fell off the raw wagon befo ...   read more

Saturday/Menses on Raw   16 y  
journaling time!
Iím enjoying a wonderful breakfast as I write/read here. two bananas 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 1 tablesoon of sunflower seeds 2 tablespoons of shredded coconut 2 tablespoons of oats 1 tablespoon of maca powder Mash and mix together well.... I thought the maca would overpowder everything else but it tastes great. It is a calorie dense meal and these days Iíve only been getting around 1,000 calories a day according to Calorie King. Iíve also got the Breakthrough DVD going for my morning tv watching. Thereís nothing for me on regular tv, not today anyway. Iím going to read and cl ...   read more

food plan/exercise plan   16 y  
morning journal
Food plan: healthy raw vegan breakfast- Renís mueselix- oats-NOT instant one minute oats sunflower seeds-fresh, no salt,no roast fresh pears off the FILís tree-diced up I mixed these together and ate them. Lunch- nectarines Snack- a banana dinner- big salad snack- banana If Iím still hungry, Iíll be nipping on the pears, tomatoes, whatever else I can get from the garden. I am wondering what I will do for winter time when the plants die off. My walk was so good yesterday, I want to do it again. I didnít take a shower last night so Iím feeling a little spartan a ...   read more

food/exercise log   16 y  
good exercise day, good day all around
100% raw vegan and no coffee today 90 minute run/walk- 5 miles Leg workout- 5 minute warm up with some twist/squats with the medicine ball plie squats with 15# dbs Total Gym- 2x12 squat- 50# one legged press- 50# hamstring curl-no weight. new exercise so I did it at a low weight 2x12 reps of each barbell squat- 50# barbell deadlift- 50# barbell roman deadlift- 50# floor exercises- leg lift-front leg lift-side leg lift-back hip raises inner thigh lift leg circles-pilates style 2x15 reps of each exercise Mood diary: Well my husband and I got into it ...   read more

food diary   16 y  
food diary
two bananas two cucumbers with pepper,parsley, nutritional yeast and olive oil two pints of blueberries four pears three apples corn salad 3 cups of herbal tea   visit the page

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