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threw out my cooked foods   16 y  
100% simple raw 4 life??? YES
I measured my waist today. It is 31 inches and my thighs are 23. I weighed myself for good measure and Iím 155. Tomorrow I return to Raw Food Boot Camp with a firm committment to myself to lose the rest of my fat. Right now Iíve made it my goal to achieve the fitness I had when I was in Air Force bootcamp and be at the weight I was... 145 pounds and 29 inch waist. Well anyway, I threw out my cereal and condensed milk. I made myself a pot of oolong tea which incidentally gives me a lot of energy. I didnít know it was good for slimming. Anyway, I had four peaches for my afternoon meal. I ...   read more

Wanna Fanta? No way. Not with these ingredients...   16 y  
a mini rant about soda ingredients
Am I alone in feeling that the fanta commercials are the most annoying commercials these days??? BTW, whatís up with the spanish fanta having orange juice and the American version not having orange juice! Spanish Fanta Orange formulation: [3] * Carbonated water, sugar, 8% orange juice from concentrate, acidity regulator E-330 (citric acid), aromas, preserver E-211 (sodium benzoate), stabilizers E-414 (gum arabic), E-412 (guar gum) and E-445, antioxidant E-300 (ascorbic acid) and food colouring E-160a. United States Fanta Orange formulation: * Carbonated water, high fructose cor ...   read more

garden vegetable heaven   16 y  
feeling better today
My FIL handed me the biggest cucumbers Iíve ever seen. Monsters. I have six cucumbers to eat and juice tomorrow. I wonder if itís possible to overeat cucumbers *LOL* This evening is better. Iím about go for a walk with my husband then when I come back, itís leg workout time. No delay tactics. I may do yoga instead. Iíll see how I feel. I love bikram yoga and I really do want to be a yogini in the truest sense. Perhaps I will do a whole series of bikram tonight on my porch. Maybe it will bring a blessing to the house since it seems as if no one cares about praying the rosary, yoga, whatever :(   visit the page

Discouragement Hits   16 y  
what a difference a day makes
The kitchen is done. I mopped the floor yesterday. Felt satisfied and proud of myself. I turn around and realise thereís more work to be done. More work to be done and today I have no motivation to do anything. I was telling my husband that I have no motivation to do anything today and that I donít like to be inside. Tomorrow Iím giving up coffee for a day, I can make it through one day. I wish I had something amazing to say about working out or rawfood but Iím just bumming today and nothing is helping me.   visit the page

Saturday morning smorgasboard   16 y  
workout, food and sex.... yeah baby!
I woke up earlier than expected and so did my husband. One of the best parts of being married is hanging out in bed on a rainy Saturday, talking then doing a little HMMM HMMM B) As opposed to staring up at the ceiling wishing desperately I didnít have to work or some sort of thing like that. Anyway, my upperbody is aching so today is running day (even in the rain!) and working on my abs. Iíve not been as focused on my abs as I should be. Yesterday I had the best salad ever using chickory from my backyard with tomatoes. My workout: warm up: run up and down the backyard hill two tim ...   read more

Quinoa- sprouted or cooked? And other stuff...   16 y  
long day!
I had some quinoa for lunch as a pre-workout power food. I would love to say that I like quinoa raw,sprouted but eh... I just boiled some and I wonder what itís like steamed. There are certain things I donít like raw and I think quinoa and chickpeas are some of those. Anyway, I feel great, not tired and the quinoa with a little olive oil, milled pepper and some grated parmesan tastes like pasta. Lots of fiber, protein,etc. I would want to substitute some vegan parmasean for the dairy product. Iím exhausted after this full day today. I worked my chest, triceps and shoulders then I accomp ...   read more

Day Two-Decluttering of My Living Space   16 y  
my to-do list
CHAOS- canít have anyone over syndrome- What does this have to do with rawfood and fitness? Everything. I canít function in a dirty/cluttered space. Iím starting to read The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer. Iím also following the Sunfood Success book and this is my way of manifesting my dreams. Doing what I love to do. 1. decluttering the futon cushion/tv area Food- 1. tomato and cucumber salads and whatever else my FIL brings in from his garden. Iím not particularly hungry today. Body- 1. five mile walk and leg day- make sure to consume food/juice before workout ...   read more

Two Week Challenge   16 y  
my two week challenge
I am going on a personal two week challenge. I ate a lot of SAD food, well not a lot, but I had some cheese, two cups of coffee a day,protein bars, and today I had a piece of stuffed cabbage with a little MEAT in it. I realise that Iím suffering from a low grade depression. Depression over not being able to deal with the personalities and challenges of my new in law family. Depression over not being pregnant because I thought I was and in fact I was half a day late. Plus I just felt ravenous and wondering where this need to stuff myself was coming from. Anyway, Iím tired of drinking cof ...   read more

Dr. Bob the Ageless Wonder   16 y  
amazing website and end of day wrapup I walked to church. After that, I went for my run/walk. Except my legs started feeling like lead half way through and walked the rest of the way. I did four miles. I think the reason for my slowdown was not enough food. Enjoy the website. Heís amazing! Reading his site made me feel good about walking and lifting weights. I had an apple and a banana and a cup of hot decaf. No sign of a period yet but Iím not crampy or anything.   visit the page

Saturday smorgasboard   16 y  
menses madness all around
I ate four small vanilla wafers and I feel like barfing. I need to sprout my lentils again. Iím thinking of dehydrating some apple and banana slices so I have good things to eat instead of Walmart nilla wafers. Yuck. I had a cheese sandwich which wasnít constructed of the best kind of bread but was better than nilla wafers. Right around my period, I grab stuff and eat it. No more of that. I notice that this time around I didnít spot and I didnít get any advanced cramping. I got a tiny bit of breast lumpiness (from caffeinated coffee probably) and a brief period of tiredness. Today I feel b ...   read more

daily journal   16 y  
food journal and a clipping from a critique of raw veganism
Exercise: day off...slight heel pain and the back of my arms are killing me but it feels good :-) Food: 1.5 cups of coffee 1 cup with milk and tsp. brown sugar .5 cup with Silk soya milk only- no sugar 1 optimum health bar 3 peaches 1 apple 1 banana 1 wheat bread slice w/tbsp. of Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter 1 cup of Yogi dong quai tea- big cup with two teabags 1 berry bagel 1 glass of orange juice and seltzer water - I didnít eat enough today. The berry bagel killed off the vicious hunger feeling I had while on the road. Truck stop food is just disgusting to me now, ...   read more

body measurements   16 y  
my measurements and my thoughts for the morning!
chest 39.5... my husband held the tape but he was more interested in other stuff B) arm- rt arm at the thickest point- 12.5 waist- 31 abs- 35 hips-37.5 thigh-23 forearm-9.5 According to the ideal body measurements calculator from the Sandow Museum these are my íidealí body measurements: chest- 39 arm- 14 waist- 27 abs- none stated... I would like to have a flat stomach. When I achieve that, Iíll be happy. hips- 33 thigh-20 forearm-11 So as you can see, I donít have many inches to lose and gain. I found this method to be more re ...   read more

100% raw for me? or not?   16 y  
laziness or emotional eating disorder? more the first probably...
Iím taking a two week LOA because Iím in a world of confusion and as I expressed to ... I have the least amount of weight to lose and I donít want to ruin it for anyone else. Iím going through a tremendous period of questioning about my weight and whether I want to be raw so Iím taking off to give it serious thought. Iím sticking to my goal of being in a bodybuilding show ( had a great workout today). I want to get over my anxiety of the scale, a requirement for bootcamp! and food obsession. I wanted to let you guys know what Iím doing because I really like you guys. I sent one bootcamper ...   read more

Food, Exercise Journal    16 y  
food/exercise log
Todayís workout: I didnít feel like running today. I went walking with my husband and took some weights with me. When I got back, my mind was dead set against running to the horsefarm and back. So... I decided to do a muscle workout. Chest presses with a cinderblock 40 reps Chest presses with basketball 20 reps Walking with the concrete buckets 25 feets 12-ft rest then 12-ft back around while my husband watched, smiled and said.. ĒAwwww my baby is specialĒ. I march to the beat of my own drum biggrin.gif DB chest press on my makeshift exercise bench (my FILís large fish cooler) ...   read more

Truly Raw Bread   16 y  
daily journal-morning-midday
My sister gave me these ezekiel food for life ísproutedí wrap tortillas. I was inspired to make my own ezekiel bread that is NOT heated in an oven but dried with all enzymes intact. I would also avoid build uo of acrylamides and other poisons. I like the idea of making a life food bread. Iím now further down the road to a life full of health and vitality. Next on the table is getting rid of coffee. The longest Iíve ever gone without coffee was two weeks. When I returned from my honeymoon, I ate 100% raw for four-five days. I seem to be able to go raw for two weeks at a time then I have ...   read more

food/exercise log   16 y  
today's food and exercise log
Today I ran/walked for 4.5 miles. I thought the route I took before was four but no. It was actually three miles. I took a cinderblock and did two sets of deadlifts and two sets of my own version of a powerclean with the cinderblock. A cinderblock weights about twenty five to thirty pounds. I worked out while my husband talked and made notes for his upcoming book íWounds Our Heartsí. Itís wonderful that we have the kind of marriage where we support eachotherís life dreams/goals. Anyway, after the back, I did two sets of bicep curls and two sets of hammer curls with a 15# dumbbell. The f ...   read more

green smoothies and my hardcore gym   16 y  
fitness on a shoestring budget
I found my blender and now Iím committed to having one green smoothie per day, about one quart. I am committed to losing weight the healthy way and not dropping weight so fast, I look like a skeleton OR worse, my skin hangs down and I look like a hag. Anyway, I have a pic of Monica Brant up in my medicine closet. Look at that link. Thatís not the pic but thatís the idea, minus the boob shelf. I rather have small boobs than fake ones. Oh well such is the life of a pro fitness female. My hardcore homegym set up: I resurrected a total gym I purchased over two years ago. It is ...   read more

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